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If You Thought Share Everything was a Whacky Announcement, Wait Until You See T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3 Launch Plans

I know that Share Everything has sort of taken over the wireless airwaves over the last couple of weeks, but today, T-Mobile almost trumped it when news of its Galaxy SIII launch plans leaked this afternoon. If you were looking for a confusing carrier move, this may be the ultimate one.

Through Verizon, AT&T and Sprint,the 16GB version of the GS3 has been priced at no more than $199 on new contract. Hell, I think even small time carriers are announcing it at that price. T-Mobile on the other hand, had initially decided to hold back on announcing pricing and we now know why. For customers that are renewing contracts, you could pay upwards of $279 after a $50 mail-in-rebate for the 16GB model. So actually, you are paying $329 for a device that every other carrier is charging $199 for, but then you have to deal with a rebate on top of it. I probably don’t need to remind you of this, but there isn’t an LTE network in sight for them either. Crazy.

Also according to the latest leak out of Magenta, their plan is to launch the Galaxy SIII in two phases. On June 21, they will have a limited supply available online and then instore availability through their top 29 markets. Then on June 27, they are hoping to have enough inventory to branch out to other locations. Demand is obviously high, so you can’t fault them for this move.

Via:  TMoNews

  • socalrailroader

    Demand is obviously high, so you can’t fault them for this move.

    Oh yes I can. If a smaller carrier like U.S. Cellular can do better, why can’t big, bad T-Mobile? There’s a reason why they are losing customers, things like this are part of it.

  • fanboy1974

    The S3 must be that damn good for them to price gouge.

  • same thing on the other carriers except t-mobile is more up front. buy the phone from verizon and it ends up being the same price with the upgrade fee and activation fee.

  • Adam Brandt

    does anyone know if the T-Mobile version will have the Exynos (it doesn’t have LTE)?. It should be completely compatible

    • Josh Nichols

      Exynos isn’t compatible with HSPA+ 42, so no.

  • With a demand so strong, I begin to feel that all the talk about Google taking back control of Android is, just talk. It’s no secret that Samsung sells a lot of Android phones, but this type of demand is beyond ordinary. If the Galaxy S3 turns out to be not just a hype, but a true best seller, we could easily see a single device redefining the whole Android ecosystem. It’s possible that a major portion of people buying a new Android phone this year all using a variation of TouchWiz. Brothers, number counts — if more people are using TouchWiz than stock and every other skinned Android “Combined”, the UX will be owned by Samsung, not Google.

  • Droidalicious

    jbi, You are pathetic…

  • cruzfl0w

    Wow, for someone with a business who has an electric bill worth a 6 months salary you are very immature. In fact, you are nothing but some dumb teenager fronting on a phone review website. Please do yourself a favor and get a life, an education, and a good career, because you spend way too much time trolling on this site.

  • AhsanS

    I have till June 28th to upgrade and keep unlimited data, correct? I’m talking about Verizon, by the way.

  • after seeing the drop test on the s3, I would never buy it, its worse than an iphone

  • PC_Tool


    Both Verizon and T-Mobile think they have too many customers then?

    Hey, Sprint… Jump on this. Get a marketing team together, throw together some decent commercials, uncap, extend, and discount. Who knows? You could be the nations largest carrier in under two months…

    • bigdog

      That would never happen sprint as just as shitty LTE coverage as tmobile

      • michael arazan

        Sprints true LTE won’t be starting to roll out till 2013

      • PC_Tool

        Couldn’t care less at this point. More than willing to take a hit in speed.

    • Josh Nichols

      Not with 300 kbps 3G they won’t be.

      • PC_Tool

        Speed != size. If VZW and T-Mob piss off enough customers to the point speed becomes less important than not having your carrier shit all over you, they’ll switch.

      • ive speedtested my friends sprint phone in central jersey and the 3g literally doesnt even get that

  • Diablo81588

    Mental note, don’t move to Tampa, FL.

  • Jorge Guaman

    Time for all of us to start complaining about all wireless companies.

  • Robert

    I get 4G speeds on T-mobile, unlimited phone and text, data is 5GB a month but it is all under $80, no other provider even comes close for the deal.

    • Diablo81588

      What is “4G” speeds?

    • “I get 4G speeds on T-mobile” I don’t understand the punchline of this joke…?

      • Josh Nichols

        HSPA+ 42 is plenty fast.

  • achaff86

    Does this mean that verizon will be releasing the gs3 on the 21st or the 27th? Lol I can only dream!

  • Diablo81588

    I feel sorry for TMobile customers. They already have crap coverage, now they have to deal with paying more for phones? Normally you get what you pay for, but in this case, your getting less. Smart move Tmobile.

    • Diablo81588

      Dude your on fire! A little birdy told me we won’t be seeing you for much longer “around these parts”.

      PS. I live in the 4th largest city in the US. Verizon coverage is unmatched.

      • Diablo81588

        Silly troll. You’re being throttled.

        • Diablo81588

          High as a kite? Or just immature?

      • Josh Nichols

        Except in the fourth largest city your coverage on pretty much all carriers will be about the same.. And if it’s not your city must suck. I have Verizon BTW.

        • Diablo81588

          Did you not read my last sentence? Verizon coverage is UNMATCHED. There is no carrier in my area that comes close to the speed and reliablity of Verizon. I got stuck in a 2 year contract with ATT and was FURIOUS. My friend has Tmobile and hates it. Another friend has Sprint and never gets above 300kb/s download. Verizon is the only carrier that has consistently proven themselves to be reliable for the past 10 years that I’ve been a customer.

  • not as bad as shared data

  • bchampnd

    We can laugh, but they’re still going to have the device at least 2 weeks before Verizon customers…

    I guess 4G and a few extra bucks and not having to deal with mail in rebate make it worth the wait.

    • Diablo81588

      But HSPA+ IS 4G right?!?!?! Hahaha..

      • Diablo81588
        • Diablo81588

          No way in hell. Haha.. On a side note, that test was done INSIDE!

      • Josh Nichols

        LTE is’nt 4G either as has been defined..

        • Diablo81588

          HSPA+ is upgraded 3G. 3.5G if you will. LTE is a completely new network technology and is more 4G than that deceiving crap from Tmobile.

    • Immolate

      Two months might be a game changer, but two weeks? I can do two weeks standing on my head. I’ve ordered my SGS3 from Verizon already, and if I can bear the thought of a bunch of Euros having a phone before I get it, I suppose I can handle AT&T customers getting their 16G models sooner and Tmo customers getting their over-priced model sooner. So far, no bad news from Sprint? Other than waking up the next morning and realizing you’re still on Sprint?

      • doode that made me laugh cuz jus at the end of last month i left them god customer service might be great but im paying for cellular service and it was just atrocious 🙁 so i jumped ship to VZW im hoping the july BS isnt tru but i got mine thru BB and they told me 21st-28th they will be gettin them in

    • Josh Nichols

      No, 29 of their major markets will have it before Verizon.


    This is wherein lies the problem – once the big guys like Verizon start raising the prices, the little guys start following suit. EVERYONE was up in arms at the Share Everything news threatening to switch to a cheaper carrier, but they will soon no longer exist. EVERYONE will either decide the savings is not worth it and will rather not bother with switching carriers. EVERYONE’s bill will increase a little and will be upset. And unfortunately, EVERYONE will be okay with it.

  • Buur

    This does not seem like a well thought out plan. “Hey, my contract is up… should I renew with this small network that has terrible coverage or get the same exact phone for cheaper from someone else.” Not really a tough call.

    • Allen Byrd

      Lololol, yeah.

    • Apostrafee

      You must work for TMO

      • Droidalicious

        I find it funny how you immediately assume you make more than him. You must be a very important person. You probably just moved out of mommy’s place last month and work as a dishwasher at Mcdonalds. I definitely can’t see a professional business owner trolling with dumbass comments on an Android website.

        • MikeKorby

          McDonalds has dishes now…?

          • Droidalicious

            I never worked there but I would hope so…

  • Jackson

    That’s fucked up if you’ve got an upgrade i.e. your contract is up they’re gonna practically put them selves out of business lmao

  • Trevor

    Silly T-Mobile.

  • I think Verizon put them up to it. This is how they plan to keep us from jumping ship due to the new data plans.

  • Teddy_Ruxpin

    And here I was, ready to dump Big Red for TMO this week. What a joke.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    At that price IMHO I would just buy it out of contract which is about $549-649 for the 16GB models. It’s hard to swallow when competitors are advertising their MUCH prosumer prices. Come on TMobile, I want you to succeed too, competition is always good.

    • capecodcarl

      At that price I’d just buy an unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus from Google Play for $399.


    So let me see if I understand this, T-Mobile is going to allow you to pay $130 more for a phone, and sign a new contract with America’s Worst Network. Damn, who is supplying all the drugs to these wireless carriers lately?

    • michael arazan

      Just tonight i saw that t-mo commercial with the girl on her bike going matrixy faster than another guiy on his bike saying how fast their LTE is, F-ing sad that 50% of commercials are allowed to lie to viewers and it’s not illegal to do so.

      • Jason

        That commercial has nothing to do with LTE… It is advertising T-mobile’s 4G (3.5G), which, when first release, was the only 4G network around and very fast. While it is still fast, Verizon’s LTE is faster. Therefore, they are now advertising it as the “Largest” 4G network, which is accurate, because anywhere that T-mo has 3G, has the potential to get up to the 3.5G speeds, vs these LTE networks, which are only in specific cities. Where I live, I am able to pull down ~8Mbps almost all the time. Therefore, when it comes down to it… Who cares if they don’t yet have LTE… they have the fastest nationwide 3G service…

  • k.sae

    somehow vzw doesn’t seem as gouge-y

    • DeathfireD

      I beg to differ. Verizon used to credit my account every two years for being a loyal subscriber. This was their “Free phone” special. It started at $50 4 or so years ago. Then went to $30 until this year when they totally removed it and now CHARGE the loyal subscriber $30 when they want to upgrade their phone. This, along with the shard plan bullshit, are gouge-y.

  • LoLwut?

  • Derkk

    I just left T-mobile after being with them 4 nearly 10 years. This is no surprise. They are failing miserably. Their network is horrible. Instead of expanding their existing footprint, they are upgrading their current markets to LTE. I can’t get beyond G service when I leave the city areas. Sorry T-mobile. This is America. We are huge and we need a huge network. You charge a little less than AT&T, but your footprint is less than 50% of what theirs is.

  • T4rd

    Lol @ paying half of the full retail price while still locking you into a contract. Straight retarded…

  • Behold, the vast migration of the consumer away from the wasteland known as T-Mobile. Fare thee well, brave travelers!

    • ice

      I don’t get the t mobile hate. I find their costumer service to be excellent, their plans affordable, and their coverage to be great everywhere I travel to. Charging more the galaxy 3 is a little odd to me, but they just had a sale where I could upgrade my plan and get a htc one for free. So you win some you lose some.

      • 1ofdakoolkidz

        I don’t think anyone hates T-Mobile, you have to actually be relevant for someone to hate, but all this arguing about how it’s affordable and good in your area I could say the same thing about Boost, or Virgin mobile, or Metropcs!

        • michael arazan

          I dislike t-mo, if you are not in a city or venture away from a major highway more than a mile or two you lose coverage here in the midwest. My phone broke 11 months into having it and they told me they would not replace my phone even though it had a 1 year warranty, and it was just a basic flip phone sony erricksson. Then they took away my 50 free text a month. Then they offered me a new text package with my minutes size on a month to month promo they started and charged me $60 to break my contract and get this new month to month. So i paid the $60 to break my contract for the month to month in jan 2010 and ported my number to verizon and got the d1 and stopped my t-mo account. I’ll never go back, and that was just one of the problems i had.

  • gokusimpson

    Haha WHAT?

  • sc0rch3d

    are they shortening the contract length or giving another incentive (like free data for 3 months)?

    • Brando

      comes with free lube…

      • Jonbo298

        At least T-Mobile will give you lube.

  • lets make “they’re pulling a verizon” happen

    • paul_cus

      Haha, love it.

  • Guest

    They’re Verizoning their customers.

    • Josh Nichols

      The phone is $130 more. The source code will be released, but the price won’t be dropping.