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Google’s Nexus Tablet Already Shipping, Will be Unveiled at I/O with Market Availability Beginning July

According to the newest report out of DigiTimes, Google and Asus’ Nexus tablet has already begun its journey from the factories and is on its way to San Francisco for the official unveiling at this year’s Google I/O. Once it is shown off to all of the press and developers in attendance, the tablet is said to be ready for purchase shortly after in July. And yes, it is being reported that the price will be set at $199.

Due to the low price, Google has opted out of a back-facing camera, but the tablet will feature a front-facing shooter for video conferencing or whatever purpose you may need it for. It will remain WiFi-only and come pre-loaded with Google’s Chrome for Android browser.

Now that we are getting closer to launch and have a better sense of what this device will offer consumers, are you starting to become more excited for it? At that $199 price point, we definitely are.

Via: DigiTimes

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    He gets a pass this year. But I am worried about some things next year. Hopefully the FO won’t sit on their hands again. Small Business

  • Any further info regarding if it will have HDMI-out or not?

  • Kellic

    Meh. I have two tablets and have never used the camera. A camera is more important on a phone that is highly portable then on a tablet, IMHO. Its a nicety, not a necessity.

  • ceim vazquez

    i have a GOOD dlsr camera, anything else is just uselesss compared to it, I want a tablet for what it is supposed to be, a tablet, everything else is just useless

  • Bionic

    Who the hell cares about a crappy rear facing camera? I got news for you people. Need to take a picture? USE A REAL DAMN CAMERA. Or if you are in a bind, use your phone.

  • Would have gotten two of them for my kids but 7″ is bad enough and now no cam on the back. Pass.

  • How come a nexus device is supposed to be the ultimate Android device, and they end up being a cheap pos?

  • No rear camera? Sounds like cheap pos, I’d wait and get a surface

    • Bionic

      LOL, i love how you figure its a cheap POS because of one thing google decided to leave out. You really think google is gonna have their name associated with a “cheap POS” ???

      • their name is on the galaxy nexus…. nuff said

  • Teddy Chen

    I’m going to hold out for Microsoft’s Surface.

    • Bionic

      looks like shit to me but have fun

  • Tay

    Where will it be on sale first?

    • Bionic

      my garage

  • CITYBOY8980

    I hope the front facing camera is a high-res one and not a 1.x MP. HD videocalling would be a great feature

    • Bionic

      some sources are saying its 720p, ill take it

      • PixelDestiny

        The photo uploaded to Picasa was 1280×960 so 1.2MP.

        • Bionic

          WRONG. It was proven to be downscaled (resized) thus the true megapixel count is unknown.

          • PixelDestiny

            Proven? How can you prove that? Do you have a link?

          • Bionic
          • PixelDestiny

            I still don’t see any proof, just blind guesses that they “could” have been resized, I’m betting they weren’t. 1280×960 is a pretty common resolution for front cameras, my Thunderbolt shoots in that resolution as well in fact. It’s 720p in a 4:3 aspect ratio, when shooting 720p video or photos it crops 120px off the top and bottom to make it 1280×720. Considering this is going to be a low cost tablet I think they are just looking to provide the basic functionality that a front-facing camera offers, not going crazy with camera specs.

          • Bionic

            its whatever man, i really dont care about the damn camera.

          • PixelDestiny

            Neither do I, just don’t go calling me out saying my post was “WRONG” in all caps if you can’t back it up.

          • Bionic
      • CITYBOY8980

        720p from a 1 MP camera and from a 5 MP camera look very, very different

  • impatient

    I’ve been saving for a 7″ tablet and finally have enough. I think if I could just see the official specs I could convince hold off wasting my money on something inferior. Damn you money burning a hole in my pocket!

  • BigLa

    Totally in on this. Gonna use it to replace my parent’s Nook running ICS. It’s been laboring quite a bit.

  • MikeG

    Chrome as the built in browser??…..In other words no flash without another browser 🙁

    • ziolion02

      Not a big deal if you think about it. Just pop Dolphin on there. To be honest, I’ve found it to be a much better experience than Chrome on my GNex. Chrome seems to have weird keyboard lags and stuff. While Dolphin is smooth and fast. Also love the pull-in side bar for bookmarks and the gesture support. Very cool feature.

  • Hmmmm… no. I don’t have a use for a third Android tablet.

  • “starts shipping today” <—words that keep kicking google's ass from WWDC12

  • missmarie

    if it has google play i’ll be happy. I’ve got a kindle fire now and i HATE that GP is not suported.

    • Bionic

      of course it will have play on it, its a damn google tablet

  • bchampnd

    Finally someone had the guts to get rid of the rear facing camera on a tablet.

    I always wondered why companies insisted on putting rear-facing cameras on tablets. It always seemed to me that a high quality front-facing camera could be a selling point for a tablet because tablets lend themselves well to video chatting. A high quality camera on the back just seems pointless because who would ever want to pick up a device with a 7 or 10 inch screen to take a picture or record video?

    • I know it’s funny, but I see people shooting pics or videos with iPads on pretty much every event I go to.

      • Bionic

        those people are idiots

      • Kellic

        Funny, I don’t. Anywhere. And I go to the Mall of America all the time.

    • Its called having options

      • Bionic

        its called its pointless, get off you’re lazy ass and use a real camera that takes pictures 20 times better.

        • putting a decent camera on a phone or a tablet is not an expensive extra, to leave it off,shows they are cutting corners,like samsung did on the nexus,poor camera,poor radios etc etc,,, no quality

          • Bionic

            That would suck totally disagree. Cutting corners would be putting a dual core chip in it. It’s quad core. They chose Asus who is very high quality. Nothing so far makes me think cheap crap.

          • Kellic

            Do you have any concept how much a high quality camera is? You add the glass and the sensor are not cheap.

      • Kellic

        Options are nice. This is true. But this isn’t an option its a requirement when its built in. Its like building in a tablet with 3 slots for SD cards, a PCMCIA card, and has 2 USB ports, all the while jacking up the price $100. Would some use that? Sure. Not everyone.

  • I already have my TouchPad for a cheap tablet. Gonna wait for Microsoft Surface.

  • Icehunter

    I’m looking forward to the Asus Infinity Pad Transformer. It’s probably not worth 2.5 times the price, but it has all of the features I want in a tablet.

  • This sounds just about perfect to me. 🙂 This shall be MINE!

  • jer85008

    Without some great developer support and innovative software, I just don’t see much advantage over what is already on the market. We already know that having the latest version of Android makes little difference to most people, so what’s the big competitve advantage here?

    • RedPandaAlex

      I’d be shocked if it didn’t come with Android 4.1 and some new tablet-friendly features. I don’t think Google has ever launched a new nexus device without a new version of Android.

  • It’s either going to be this or Transformer Infinity for me. Man what a horrible life with horrible decisions to make!

    • bkosh84

      First world problems..

    • Bionic

      big price difference there

  • I think this baby will be mine. At least very VERY serious consideration. Would rather have 10″, but I’m pretty sure I will not jump off a bridge because of 7″

  • florious80

    Coming from a Transformer, I have to say that I can’t wait for the 7in form factor. As much as the 10in providing good real estate for movies and browsing, I think 7 is the sweet spot for portability and fatigue reduction. I was contemplating a Fire before, but since this was announced several months ago, I’ve been waiting.

  • imns

    say hello to my new home theater remote. 🙂

  • GET

  • Frankly, after the unveiling of the Microsoft Surface yesterday, the Nexus has to be dropped to $149 to interest me. I am totally buying a Windows 8 tablet/laptop hybrid later this year, whether it’s the Surface or not, and since I can make money from that, I am willing to pay more for it. The Nexus 7, however, is just an entertainment device. With a large portion of my budget goes to the Win 8 tablet, I have even less reserved for the Nexus.

    • RedPandaAlex

      I’m not saying the Surface isn’t compelling, but at least wait for the announcement before you decide. Google could surprise you.

      Actually, wait for the reviews. There could easily be gaps in the user experience, particularly at launch.

    • Bionic

      its 50 dollars you are talking about, go out to eat one time less this month and there you go.

  • HwyXingFrog

    If it had GPS and a rear facing 5 (or higher) megapixel camera, I would probably take one for sure. But now I will have to wait and see the exact specs before I say I’ll be buying one.

    • RedPandaAlex

      I’d be quite surprised if it didn’t have GPS. I think all Android tablets, even wifi-only ones, have had GPS.

      • Bionic

        they have

    • Bionic

      it has GPS

  • SeanBello

    I’m actually really happy it doesn’t have a back facing camera.

  • Tristan Cunha

    This seems almost perfect to me, I don’t need a back camera (at least not nearly as much as a front facing one) and Chrome is what I’ll be using anyways (hopefully that’s a good sign of Chrome’s role in upcomming versions of the OS).
    Pretty much as long as the specs are average or better, I’ll get one. I don’t need it to blow me away with top of the line memory/cpu at $200, but a nice screen would be a good touch.
    If they announce some kind of Google music hardware or integration and/or [email protected] at the same time this might become my new favorite piece of tech.

    • SeanBello

      @Home would be AWESOME.

  • Edgar

    bigger screen size and id be sold still considering this though. hopefully its a family of tabs and not just a single 7inch

    • Bionic

      it will be, hence the name “nexus 7” instead of “nexus tab”

  • mi gusta ! I for one will pick one up.

  • I really hope its nott just another black slab and there is something unique about this thing…other than its price and jellybean. The iPad has its screen and now MS is doing some cool things with their Surface offering in the fall. I’m sure it will be way better than the Fire and give us all the custom rom goodness we’ve come to enjoy from Google branded devices…I’m just ready for more now. If its Google hardware, then i wan’t some innovative Google design behind it.

  • Now that both Apple and Microsoft have “smart” covers that have secondary uses beyond being a thin cover, I’m hoping Google will supply a similar accessory. I wish I didn’t have to use this bulky case just to have a stand.

  • Slappy Sam

    No loss with the lack of a rear facing camera. I have yet to see a real adult hold up a tablet/ipad and take any worthwhile pictures. If you have your phone with you, you have a camera. If it’s an important picture, use a real camera.

    • florious80

      Never used the back camera on my Transformer. Why would anyone?? (at least not in public)

      I saw someone using the front camera on an Ipad for Facetime on the train….she was holding the slab up at eye level. What a strange sight.

      • stupidllama

        the only useful thing is i think google video chat, if im video chatting with someone and what to show then what im look at i can hit the button and it swaps to the front then back again. and i can easily do without that at that price point, no biggie. if i really need that ill use my phone, but i doubt ill ever need it again.

        • florious80

          I’ve never had to do that, although I can see how that would be quite useful. I can, however, just spin the tablet around and use the front camera to accomplish the same task, just require a bit more effort on my part. So yeah, rear camera is no biggie IMO. I can’t wait for this announcement.

          • I’ve done it with my wife while I was at the hardware store. It was actually quite nice to be able to show her the marble I was buying it and getting her feedback, while she was at the house with the kids.

          • “I’ve done it with my wife while I was at the hardware store.”

            You’re lucky you weren’t arrested! #outofcontextquotes

    • Futbolrunner

      You know I couldn’t agree more. But at my college graduation, you wouldn’t believe how many parents busted out their tablets taking pictures and videos of the ceremony. They looked ridiculous.

      • RedPandaAlex

        I’m sure they’d look less ridiculous with a 7-inch device. I wouldn’t mind having a rear-facing camera, but don’t really care.

        • TheWenger

          I can see a rear camera being practical on 7″ device, but it definitely not on an iPad or 10.1″.

          • Amen! The 10″ tabs are just too unwieldy for shooting home porn!

          • A cheap cam would be good if you want his for a child, which in my opinion anything that you can’t do work on is for. Without the cam it takes itself out of the pre teen market. My kids are always fighting over my wifes ipad and a chea
            p tab with a cam would be perfect. Does the fire have one on the back and the front?

          • quiklives

            I don’t think the Fire has any cameras at all.

          • The fire doesn’t have anything. No bluetooth, no cameras, no volume buttons, no home button, no Google Play store.

            But it’s still a nice little device.

      • flyinggerbil

        parents are dumb.

      • The same thing happened at all my daughter’s recitals/concerts and at her elementary graduation. I was quite surprised by the number of people who were using their tablets. They were mostly ipads, but I also a transformer.

    • Ant

      depositing checks just got harder though

      • Bionic

        use ur phone

    • The rear facing camera is handy as a scanner for storing documents. My Xoom’s camera captures documents more clearly than any of my phones. But you’ll never see me using the tablet for a family photo, that would be silly.

    • Travis Baughn

      you know I personally think its a great idea to have a rear camera…

      my dad posts lots of things on ebay with his tablet, no need for 2 devices

      what about craigslist same thing… many people over look the advantages of having a camera on a tablet

      • Bionic

        because tablet/phone cameras blow my left nutt

      • Huh… hadn’t thought about that. That’s some good use.

    • DGferretface

      I use the rear facing camera on my tablet for check depositing and taking pictures that I can quickly jot notes onto for Evernote. I could live without it, but it’s nice that it’s there.

  • bananatroll

    now all they need to do is give us a motorola nexus phone by christmas

    • But don’t let Motorola design the aesthetics. I don’t want an ugly brick phone in my pocket.

      • bananatroll

        good enough for me! as long as moto goes for the usual durable materials they use nowadays, I’m happy. But it will prob be sammy anyways. I guess I’ll keep my razr until either motorola makes a nexus, or verizon stops replacing it.

        • I’d like to jump on the “motorola makes durable stuff” bandwagon, but I’ve known too many motorola android phones to fall apart and stop working.

  • SD_Scott

    I like the idea of cutting the back camera to get costs down but I’m hoping the 10.1″ will be top of the line in the hardware dept. Would be nice to have a tablet for “new” owners and one built for serious tablet users.

  • nsnsmj

    As much as I’ve been wanting an Android tablet, I’m gonna have to pass, at least for the moment. I’m completely sold on the Windows Surface tablet, the Intel version to be specific. That coupled with the keyboard cover is a perfectly capable laptop running a full desktop version of Windows.

    I hope Google is doing more than just getting a cheap tablet out there (which is not a bad thing, just not enough). They need to wow people. Though to be honest, Android tablets currently aren’t bad at all, they just need more apps.

    • +1000 for the Surface Pro!!!

    • The iPad currently has too much momentum to try and goes against it directly, I think. They needed a market segment they could dominate, and the 7″/affordable tablet is definitely a good place to start.
      Remember, MS is the only one trying to merge the tablet and the laptop. And we all know that for now, its going to be very expensive to get one of any quality.

  • If they do a 10″+ version, and the specs are comparable w/ current Android tabs (Transformer, Galaxy, etc) It’ll replace my laptop. If it is more as I suspect, just a mid-level tab, I just can’t justify it.

  • Bionicman

    definitely excited for this. got my mom a kindle fire for mothers day and was immediately able to see the benefits of a smaller tablet in the house. $199 is a nice price. hopefully we’ll see some neat accessories for it as well and maybe some tablet-only features? hmmmm

    • WF

      Do you mind sharing some of the benefits of the smaller tablet? Thanks

      • Bionicman

        well portability for one. I have a transformer now and while i love it, its still a pain to lug around sometimes. plus my wife isn’t too keen on using it but something smaller would be ideal for a non-techie such as herself. oh and i have 6 people in my household so they’ll be less fighting for a tablet 🙂

  • Any bets that Chrome for Android will come out of beta that day?…

    Actually nevermind, Maps Navigation isn’t even out of beta yet, and it came out in (November?) 2009.

    • Was thinking the same thing. We may get the full Chrome we always wanted at IO.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        With Flash? No Flash, not interested.

        • John Davids

          I wouldn’t put too much value to flash these days. Its going away very soon. Adobe already killed it in the mobile sector last year.

          • RedPandaAlex

            I wouldn’t underestimate the power of technological inertia. There’s still a lot of content trapped in Flash. I really wouldn’t surprised if Chrome for Android eventually had Flash baked in rather just being a separate plug-in, just like on the desktop. I think it’s going away, but probably not for a couple years.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            I’d say a decade at the minimum. Flash isn’t going away any time soon. When everything on the web is HTML 5 then it’ll be okay. So many websites are completely built on flash can’t view them without it at all and that’s a pain in the ass.

          • Bionicman

            android’s hardware and software has gotten so good with Flash, its maybe about %80 of where a desktop is. I find very few websites with Flash that won’t work on my Transformer. and i guess for me I visit a lot of websites that still use Flash so it would be really convenient to have it in mobile Chrome.

    • Bionicman

      with flash support! anyone….anyone?!

      • RedPandaAlex

        It’s not impossible, since Flash is baked into Chrome for PC and Chrome OS.

        • Bionicman

          i guess it’ll never truly replace the built in android browser then boooooo

      • not a chance

    • RedPandaAlex

      I’d give it about a 30 percent chance. I just hope there are still performance gains to be made and maybe better syncing of things like apps between PC and Android.

    • r0lct

      Chrome will likely be standard in JB and will remain an option in ICS.

  • thecharrr

    Kindle Fire is going to get hurt by this

    • I think that’s the idea. Dominate the low-end market before Apple can get into it with theirs, push the Kindle aside like the bastard child that it is (its a nice device, but Amazon destroyed the software), and then use that base to move up and challenge the iPad.

      • John Davids

        Very much this.

    • realistic

      no they won’t, other phones/manufacturers aren’t hurting at all by the Gnex. it’s all about advertising and marketing. Google isn’t good at connecting with the user as Amazon is so I expect this tablet to be like every other Android tablet

      • RedPandaAlex

        I’d be surprised if this wasn’t in retailers in addition to being sold through Google Play. But yeah, Google refuses to spend money on advertising Android for some reason. Probably because carriers and OEMs do it for them.

      • thecharrr

        Google Nexus is in a well carved out phone market, while the tablet market is relatively new, especially at the $300< price point

  • Shipping already? YAY.
    Wrong choice of words I believe

    • Out of factories, not to buyers….

      • Whenever I hear shipping, I usually associate that with out to consumers. Just saying 🙂

        • How could it be, it hasn’t been released or announced yet. 😛

          • Exactly, which is why I said that it was the wrong choice of words…

          • Chuckers

            The words fit, given the context. You’ll get a lot more out of your reading if you take into account the context instead of skim-assuming.


          • zion

            You’ll get a lot more out of these posts if you don’t get so butthurt every time someone makes sarcastic comment at a post you yourself admit should have been said differently. Lighten up, man. The guy was just playing with you.

        • Liderc

          That’s because you’re stupid.


          • I’m not the only person to say that. Android Police also tweeted:

            @droid_life Shipping, eh?

            So don’t be a troll.

          • Liderc

            The tablet hasn’t be released yet, ergo it can’t be shipping to buyers. Shipping, within this context, means it’s being shipped from the manufacturer already. Use your brain.

          • If you read the first part like myself on your phone where it doesn’t give you the full headline, it looks like they were trying to say that it is shipping now to consumers, as that is the context “shipping” is usually used in for tech blogs.

          • Its being shippe from the manufacturers to distrabutors to store until release date

  • markgbe

    i’ll be in line for this. Hopefully i can purchase from the play store

  • Yes, i can’t wait to go buy it, hopefully they don’t have a shortage

  • Trevor

    I’m ready to buy as long as the specs don’t completely suck. I’m hoping for decent screen resolution and at least 1GB of RAM.

    • High DPI, as in > 300 = No
      At least 1 GB of RAM = Yes

    • I actually am glad they did not put a back facing on this because that means more money can go into the other components and more likely that the specs will be at least decent.

      • Hmm, does it mean more money goes into other components or simply that it helped get the price down to $200?

        • Both I would have to say for they have to find that perfect mix to get the price right and the specs the best.

          However I do not expect this tablet to be groundbreaking in specs, just in specs per dollar.

      • Trevor

        I agree. The only purpose of back cams on tablets is to make you look funny as you attempt to take a picture.

    • Brent Stewart

      And an SD slot is a MUST. I refuse to rely 100% on the cloud for my media.

  • moelsen8

    very excited for google i/o here. this will probably be my next impulse buy.

  • im not sure. with a 7″ tab it would be easier to take pics with than a 10″ tab. i’d pay $249 if they included a back camera. having said that, this looks like a great entry device for new tablet users.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    i’ll be on it. Automatic buy. Don’t need a rear camera on a tablet…. Front is necessary though so I’m happy they have it (im looking at you kindle fire) . . . really excited about this, hopefully the design is stellar.

  • Jackson

    That’s a tough choice I do use the camera on my xoom it’s just nice to have but I probably will get it

  • Not to sure if I should get this or wait for the Surface 🙂

  • SecurityNick

    I really really really wish they’d make a 10″ version. I understand why they’re wanting to hit the 7″/$200 market, but I think there is a very real and needed Nexus tablet in the 10″ space. I have enjoyed my Xoom, but I think I’m getting near ready for an upgrade and I’ve made a decision to never by a non-Google Experience device.

    • This.

      • Apostrafee


        • Us

          • Jeff Tycz


          • C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

          • Michael Johnson


          • Greyhame

            And Them

          • summit1986

            …and after all, we’re only ordinary men.

          • Timothy McGovern


        • Futbolrunner


        • Willard Potter

          All your base are belong to us

    • RedPandaAlex

      I’m with you. Can’t justify a 7-inch tablet when I have a 4.5 inch smartphone. I’ll probably just wind up waiting for the next generation or hope that some manner of nexus padphone comes out soon.

      • r0lct

        I thought that way too until I got my Fire running AOKP. While I bought it more for the wife, I find it has utility for the price.

        • What is AOKP?

          • r0lct

            A very popular custom ice cream sandwich rom

          • Derrick Rayburn

            Android Open Kang Project

      • TheWenger

        My thoughts exactly.

      • DaveTea

        I thought the same thing until I picked up a Kindle Fire when they were $139. I find the 7″ screen to be just about perfect for my use. After spending a lot of time with the KF I actually now don’t think I would want anything larger…perhaps just thinner and lighter. Main point though is it might not seem like a large difference in screen size on paper but for real use its way larger than my Galaxy Nexus screen.

        • Diablo81588

          Agreed. When measuring diagnally, the size goes up drastically. It might seem that 7″ isn’t much bigger than a smartphone, but it’s actually quite a bit bigger.

        • Jroc869, Cool story bro

          you are absolutely correct. I messed around with my wifes kindle fire and and found it to be the perfect size for easy use. 10″ tablets become a little more awkward to handle.

      • nah man, for couchin’ it and random mobility the 7″ is perfect. Gives you comfortable full screen web usage and video playback from lap. This is ideal.

    • martyjones

      You’d think they’d have a 10 by Christmas, at least

    • SecurityNick

      Maybe time for a poll for what you’re dream tablet would be, Kellex? Here’s mine:
      HD Screen
      Front Facing Speakers (why do they put them pointing out the back?!?!)
      Micro USB (that is also the charger)
      Micro HDMI (either directly on board or through min-Display port)
      VGA connection support through some means without having to connect 7 cables to make it happen
      Front Facing Camera
      OH, and good accessories for them. The Xoom accessories stink.

      • unidentified

        The other thing.

    • I think it this tablet will sell well, then 10″ will follow.

    • Bionic

      They will make one once this 7 inch gets establshed. Otherwise why call it the “nexus 7” instead of “nexus tab” ? The name implies they will make other sizes.

    • LanceMiller

      Word has it that Google will have 5 items for sale by the end of year on Google
      Play, one of which will be an upscaled phone & a 10″ tablet.

  • r0lct

    Finger on the virtual trigger.

  • htowngtr

    Score. I’m totally in on that one. I imagine it’s pre-order after they announce it for shipping in July.

    • Now I’ve got to try and hock my Galaxy Tab 2 7″ to get this tablet.

      • you want to dump it to get a stripped nexus? maybe you better rethink that