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Google’s Nexus Tablet Already Shipping, Will be Unveiled at I/O with Market Availability Beginning July

According to the newest report out of DigiTimes, Google and Asus’ Nexus tablet has already begun its journey from the factories and is on its way to San Francisco for the official unveiling at this year’s Google I/O. Once it is shown off to all of the press and developers in attendance, the tablet is said to be ready for purchase shortly after in July. And yes, it is being reported that the price will be set at $199.

Due to the low price, Google has opted out of a back-facing camera, but the tablet will feature a front-facing shooter for video conferencing or whatever purpose you may need it for. It will remain WiFi-only and come pre-loaded with Google’s Chrome for Android browser.

Now that we are getting closer to launch and have a better sense of what this device will offer consumers, are you starting to become more excited for it? At that $199 price point, we definitely are.

Via: DigiTimes

  • Business Research  

    “Rooty Toot Toot”, the name itself suggests that it must be fun to watch the animated story. educationmagazines

  • Business Research  

    He gets a pass this year. But I am worried about some things next year. Hopefully the FO won’t sit on their hands again. Small Business

  • Any further info regarding if it will have HDMI-out or not?

  • Kellic

    Meh. I have two tablets and have never used the camera. A camera is more important on a phone that is highly portable then on a tablet, IMHO. Its a nicety, not a necessity.

  • ceim vazquez

    i have a GOOD dlsr camera, anything else is just uselesss compared to it, I want a tablet for what it is supposed to be, a tablet, everything else is just useless

  • Bionic

    Who the hell cares about a crappy rear facing camera? I got news for you people. Need to take a picture? USE A REAL DAMN CAMERA. Or if you are in a bind, use your phone.