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Google I/O App Updated With 2012 Sessions, One Week to Go!


If you still have the Google I/O app installed from last year, then you should have an update available to bring in the 2012 goodness. All of this year’s sessions are now loaded into it with descriptions, the indoor map takes you to where you need to go, and our excitement just jumped up another level. Did you realize that this is all going down next week? Next Wednesday to be exact. Nexus tablets. Jelly Bean. More Chrome OS stuff. Majel. And who knows what else. They added on a 3rd day for the first time ever, so this is going to be can’t miss tech stuff.

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  • Look at the screeshots closely and you might notice something https://lh5.ggpht.com/18wBlrJvrJnlgIGEwSnW7BBGkpmvBonWProickR4olWRoaf7Bo0EuEYKELDO9JI_ijE

    New search bar
    Every phone time is 25:10

    October 25th launch of new version of android with a screeny of what it will look like?

  • michael arazan

    Can only imagine how much ticket scalping will be outside the event. Even though i’m not in this industry i’d love to go just for fun, uhg i’m such a nerd

    • You could also go for all the free stuff they typically give away too.

  • Ryan

    The screen shot of the widget shows a different search box up top. Early hint of Jelly Bean??

  • Larizard

    My hopeful wishlist:

    1) Chrome for Android losing its beta tag and becoming the default browser for Jelly Bean.
    2) Announcement of the changes to the NEXUS program.
    3) Unveiling of the Asus Nexus 7″ tablet, with full Google Play integration and showcasing Jelly Bean running on a tablet.
    4) Even more improvements on Google Maps and reiteration of the 3D mapping technology announced last week.
    5) and announcement of Google Assistant (Project Majel) as an improvement over Voice Actions, complete with references to Alan Turing’s 100th birthday.

    most important of all:

    6) ANDY THE ANDROID ROBOT TURNS BLUE! Blue becomes the official color for Android instead of Green.

  • Cbaxter

    HOping something with Google Music !!!!!!

  • Anyone check how the IO app looks on a tablet? That should be telling.

    • Jackson

      pretty decent on my xoom

  • Droidzilla

    Prepare for awesome. Eat your heart out, WWDC.

  • Kyle

    So it begins…

  • Diablo81588

    Sweet! Can’t wait!