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Nexus 7 Tablet Takes Photo, Posts It to Picasa for EXIF Viewing Fun

Is this the first publicly posted camera shot from the upcoming Google Nexus 7 tablet? It could be. According to EXIF data for the photo, the device is made by Asus and is certainly called “Nexus 7.” The legitimacy of the photo is also backed a bit by the fact that the photo appears to have been taken on Google’s campus and that the man responsible for it is friends with all sorts of Googlers. Yes, you could fake this stuff, but we have seen phones outed like this for years now.

Most of the tech world is fully expecting this device to be announced at Google I/O next week and then released shortly after at around $199. So far, we saw the Nexus 7 appear in a benchmark, cruise through the FCC, potentially show itself through leaked press images, and get the nod from an anonymous Asus rep.

Everyone ready?

Via:  Picasa | The Verge

Cheers Tio!

  • Cam

    And…the image was pulled.
    Every time I see a news story about the Nexus Tablet I try to find a way to justify buying one. At 7″ though, it’s just not that much larger than my GNex.

    • moelsen8

      yeah but i really feel like 7″ is the sweet spot (go ahead, that’s what she said haha). i have a xoom and an htc evo view 4g i picked up on firesale in the winter and i sadly haven’t picked up the xoom much since. it’s just too unwieldly. the view’s size and weight makes it perfect for light, casual, one-handed use. i almost wish i would’ve waited and got the samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 that’s going for $250 new. but anyway, that’s why i’m so excited to see what this one will be like.

      • michael arazan

        I’ve read a few rumors that there maybe a 10′ tablet that may sell for 300-400$. I’d like a 10′ version of this tablet with a keyboard dock.

  • gorkon

    Sigh….blah blah blah…..worst kept secret this Tablet is….

    • Google is doing it on purpose!

  • ddevito

    hope its a front facing camera. A rear camera on a tablet is redonkulous

    • I use the rear all the time in my work, so I do not concur. However, given the resolution of the picture and the fact the picture is of the ceiling, I think you are safe 😀

    • moelsen8

      i like having both. i’ve taken some random shots with the rear camera on my tablet.. you never know when you might be using it and need to take a quick picture. most of time it’s not really needed, but it’s good to have when it is.

      • ddevito

        I guess….but in any case my smartphone is always available whereas my tablet is not.

  • moelsen8

    can’t lie, i’m really excited to see what this thing looks like and am already thinking about getting one, even though i have no need for it whatsoever.

    • Bionic

      Same here, i dont need a tablet, but I do need a new main music player, i dont like using my phone for music. So I think a 7 inch tablet for music and reading is perfect for me.

      • I’ll use it for everything except calling!

  • mbaldwin85

    At least it wasn’t Instagramed

    • moelsen8

      i’m so sick of instagram i could puke. sure, you can make some neat novelty pictures… but it’s getting annoying now that every picture i see has some stupid border or theme to it.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Google I/O next week! Woo!

  • Bionic

    At least we know it has a camera now. Many people were saying google was gonna axe it to save on cost.


    How long until people rage at the 1280×960 resolution?

    • r0lct

      I wish that was the screen resolution.

      Seriously though since that’s probably the FF camera it is just fine.

    • If that is the front camera, then that res is great. I personally don’t care about a rear camera on a tablet, so… no worries.

      Still wish it was a 10″ screen though.

      • Bionic

        they will make a 10 inch once this one is well established

        • You have absolutely no proof to back up that statement, so why state it as fact?

          • Bionic

            I didnt say it was fact. But it makes sense for them to do so. Besides, why name this tablet the “Nexus 7”. The name itself implies that they are considering other sizes. “Nexus 10” “nexus 8.9”. If not, I believe they would have simply called it “the nexus tab” and left out the 7.

      • TheWenger

        It would make sense for the front facing camera on a tablet to be higher resolution. That’s the one you use for video chat.

        • Also look at what is pictured in this, the ceiling so either someone took this upside down or FF Camera.