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CyanogenMod 9 Nightlies Hit the Galaxy SIII, Stock Android Available Right Now

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is the most anticipated phone of 2012 and is likely to make a huge splash in the States when it launches later this month. It stands to get a few more followers now with the announcement that CM9 for the device is already available for download, for the unlocked international version that is. Knowing Samsung’s fairly open approach to Android though, we would be shocked if the U.S. versions weren’t running some form of CM within a week or so after release.

There are only a few bugs to be spoken for at this point:

  • FM Radio: currently not supported, try Spirit FM from market
  • Camera: using LED flash causes FCs on some phones.
  • Waking the device up using volume keys might not work because the device is sleeping too deep and doesn’t recognize key presses.

If you’re one of the lucky people to have the Galaxy SIII in your hands already, the download is available for you now at the source link below.

Are you going to keep Samsung’s new Nature UX or flash a custom ROM when you get yours?


Via: XDA

  • mjsplicer

    People keep the skinned stuff? How droll

  • interstellarmind

    First thing I’m gonna do, when I get mine several days late from VZW, is root and ROM it to stock (will definitely try to get my hands on the nature ux came app, though).

    • interstellarmind

      Cam *

  • Amenemhat1

    Nice to see GSIII getting some CM9 love, but can we get a CM9 G-Nex stable version already?!

  • Ken Bosse

    First thing I will do once I get this..if Verizon releases it anytime soon

  • PC_Tool

    Any word on whether the SIII keeps track of the number of times the unit has been flashed, like the SGSII’s did??

    Kinda surprised there’s been no mention of this…

    • Ionut Costica

      It apparently does. Head on to xda-developers and read some of the posts there… Though they did make Triangle Away work with the new ROMs.

      • PC_Tool

        Figured as much. Thanks for the reply, I’ll look into it. I pre-ordered one for my wife and while she doesn’t mess around with rooting and flashing I figure it’ll be good to know this stuff if she doesn’t like it and we end up swapping.

  • Casey P

    Just pre-ordered my S3…and this is the best news of the day. I’ll give myself 24 hours of the “out-of-the-box” experience to test it, but expect I’ll be on CM 9 by about hour 12…

    • Jon

      Yeah it’s always good to test for a bit, so you have a baseline experience, before you go installing other ROMs.

  • AhsanS

    Should I preorder this for $199 or just get the G-Nex for $149? Damn all of these options. 🙁

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      depends on what phone you want…. 50$ isn’t much of a deciding factor.

    • J Dub

      This for the better battery life you are almost sure to get.

    • SKG

      remember to add on the $30 upgrading free in the factoring !

      • Jon

        Oh and the tax they charge you which is on the full price of the phone before it’s discount and not just the $199.

        • SKG

          ah yes those fine print charges !! damn !

        • xbr360

          They only charge you tax on the full price if you live in a greedy, broke state like California. We don’t pay sales tax on the full price here in NY. Our state government is not that greedy or broke…yet

    • Jon

      I had the Gnex for two weeks. I had issues with calls getting garbly, and a few times I was talking yet the other person could not hear. The speakerphone was also terrible. Like no joke, terrible. A big deal for me I realized. It came with 32 gigs, but no external sd card expansion slot so that’s your max. Battery life was terrible as well.

      I returned the Gnex and pre-ordered the S III. It will have a better camera, processor, double the RAM, bigger battery, bigger screen, screen is reported to have more natural colors than the Gnex, external SD card slot that will handle up to a 64 Gig SD card.

  • AOKP would be sick on the SIII

    • PC_Tool

      …if it had on-screen keys. 😉

  • Darlin Gil

    massively upgrading from my OG Droid to the Galaxy SIII…..it just seems like the new developer device, All i ultimately care about is the fanboy support and by the looks of it, the S3 will have it…..also keeping Nature UX until i get bored, then i will go stock (might last a week or so haha)

    • SKG

      dude same here.. going from 256mb of ram and a 550mhz processor to a dual core 1.5ghz and 2gb of ram should be quite awesome!! haha

  • Deeter

    Debating on getting the 16gb SGSIII or keeping my Nexus. I am not a heavy rom flasher like i was with my OG droid, but want a phone with better signal than this nexus. Also, taking pictures and video of the kids is subpar on the nexus in my opinion. But man, nothing beats un-molested stock android. Any suggestions? I am open to hearing anything. i am probably going to put my pre-order in on the device here before the 28th…..

    • Deeter

      Also, I want to use the 4G tether via wireless tether, so i am assuming this phone will be rather quickly rooted, and what about the bootloader? locked? would like to know the freedom is there if needed….

      • m6droid

        If you’re seeing this phone with CM already, then it’s been rooted…

        No locked bootloader on this baby. That’s been known for a couple weeks now.

        • SKG

          that is the main factor im leaning towards on the S3 instead of waiting out for the razr HD .. the unlocked bootloader !! 🙂

  • And the SGSIII just became a viable purchase.

  • NemaCystX

    Has it been proven yet if every Galaxy SIII is the same in size? unlike the fragmentation we got with the Galaxy Nexus? the Galaxy SIII could end up being widely supported, almost as much as the iPhone in regards to accessories.

  • Droidzilla

    Some chode gave this phone a 1 star rating on Verizon’s site. I hopped on and gave it a 5 star one, just to even it out. If any of you have the time, and feel so inclined, you should go show it some love (though I understand if you don’t want to review before having the device; I’m not even getting one, but I had to counter the hater).

    • NemaCystX

      Probably an iPhone fanboy or an apple insider. I wouldn’t worry about bad reviews, if it pans out like its been going so far, the Galaxy SIII could be the largest Android launch in history since its the first time EVERY carrier got the same device like the iPhone is being offered.

      • It will be the biggest Android launch for sure, no question. It’s too bad about those physical buttons though, what a shame. Could have been a perfect phone.

        • NemaCystX

          More Screen real estate 🙂

          • A bit I suppose.

          • PC_Tool

            Physical buttons take up space too…that could be given to modifiable on-screen keys.

        • SKG

          im sure if you press on the home button hard and frequently , it should recess into the phone over time 🙂

  • It’s going to be bittersweet leaving my Droid X (the first and only android i’ve owned) for the SIII.

    • J Dub

      Pretty sure you won’t be looking back anytime soon.

      • LightNfluffy

        Only thing I’m concerned about with the GS3 is its build quality. I’ve dropped my DX so many times – I’m amazed how resilient it is.

        • SKG

          same goes for my OG Droid that I’ll be upgrading from .. while I’ve dropped the OG droid countless times, nothing has happened to it, not even a scratch anywhere!

          • michael arazan

            same here, dropped my og droid 1 20+ times on all different surfaces, not a scratch on phone or screen, built ford tuff, lol.
            And is that a real bug? “Device sleeps too deep?”

    • mjsplicer

      Right there with ya

  • Samsung is so good to us.

  • I had this phone for weeks!!! You don’t! Hahaa suckers

    • JoshGroff

      Cool story bro.

    • SKG

      no one cares 🙂

  • sc0rch3d

    1 of my fave features on my Nex….using the volume keys to both wake and control music