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Contest: Win Gift Cards Up to $30 to Spend on Cruzer Lite Cases (Update: Winners Picked)

We aren’t shy when talking about our love for Cruzer Lite’s products that work well with some of our favorite devices. Some of them are cases that will surely bring out the inner Android fanboy in all of us, so we have teamed up with them to bring our readers a nice little treat. We have 5 $30 gift cards, 10 $15 gift cards, and 10 $5 gift cards for winners to use towards a brand new Cruzer Lite case that will help keep their spiffy Android device safe.

If you’re feeling lucky, check the rules down below on how to enter. 


We have our 25 winners! Go check your emails!

Contest Entry:

1. Follow @Droid_Life and @Cruzerlite on Twitter.
2. Tweet the following phrase:


Win up to $30 in gift cards to spend on @Cruzerlite cases from @Droid_Life – http://goo.gl/u7rOq #android


3. In the comments below, tell us why you’re an Android fan.


We will pick our 25 winners this Wednesday, June 20 at 12PM PST randomly from our comments section, so make sure to use a valid email address when commenting. Good luck.

And be sure to check out their entire case collection and Facebook page for more. 

  • Ariel Batista

    I love android, because I am able to customize my android phone to what I need, with the correct look and feel.

  • Smashing_Planets

    Android is going to take over the WORLD! Glasses, phones, tablets, cars, home appliances… its just the start of the revolution. I am fan because I am rooting for the winning team. GO ANDROID (pom-poms up… pom-poms down… now side to side and a super high kick!)

  • SStewart654

    I love android because no matter what your price range you can get a good smartphone that works.

  • Stuart Douglas

    Because I need to protect my Galaxy Nexus and Im a Android fan who works with a lot of iPone users.

  • http://twitter.com/dahem0n dahem0n

    I’m android fan beacuse it’s a really flexible platform and you have a lot of choices.
    Also love the Android mini collectobles so much, I even have a blog just for them!

  • James Murphy

    I am an Android fan because I can have the functionality of a computer in the palm of my hand.

  • calculatorwatch

    I’m an Android fan because I love showing off my robot (on my cruzer lite case) to other smartphone users :)

  • duke69111

    I mostly love android because, if I can dream it, its probably possible on Android. I also have a small part of me that dislikes iphanboys/girls and Android definitively helps with that. I’m not against the iphone, just the stupid cult following that iphone can do no wrong.

  • http://twitter.com/mysticv6 Colin

    I love how customize-able it is!

  • James_C_L

    i love android bc i love freedom!

  • AndrewBuell

    3 reasons Linux tree , hate brushed aluminum and glass devices, and don’t like being told how to use my phone.

  • Jonathan Albarran

    I like android because its open source, and is focused more on letting the user do what they want than just turning a profit like apple.

  • http://twitter.com/LuckySamIAm Samantha Mulliger

    I am a Droid girl because I love that my phone reflects my personality instead of a cookie cutter selection where you merely fill in the blanks. (… cough… @pple…) Plus the developers are amazingly talented!

  • http://twitter.com/Serotheo Simon Yu

    I am an Android fan because I love being able to make my phone.. literally my phone, oh and my cousin let me play with his G1 when that was still new :P

  • http://twitter.com/fromo68 Frank R

    I like being able to download from anywhere and customize my phone

  • http://twitter.com/pokemontez pokemontez

    Android has an awesome support community, great customization, and comes in a variety of flavors ;)

  • eldenW

    I am an adroid fan because I can customize and it has tons of great apps

  • Alchemy08

    cause I’m a android boss

  • http://twitter.com/mwhdev Andy Taylor

    Because Cruzerlite makes cases for android devices…ftw

  • Scotty Brown

    How about this… the next five people that respond to this post with their email will receive a $5 gift card to CruzerLite.com

    Annnnnnd… GO!

  • http://twitter.com/DXHusk3r Matt Anderson

    I am an Android fan, because I want my phone to be what I want it to be. I love the customization. I also can’t bring myself to buy an Apple product. Can’t wait till I get my Galaxy SIII!!

  • gmurphy

    Being able to flash roms nightly. Also, belonging to such a great community.

  • http://twitter.com/GrizTim Tim Hanson

    I am an Android fan because I like to do whatever I want with my “toys”, not what somebody else wants me to do.

  • http://twitter.com/sd4david David

    It’s got all the apps i need….Including “wheresmydroid” for when i misplace my phone!

  • Lakerzz

    Thanks!! Its lakerzz08@gmail.com

  • aj34

    I love android because it is always ahead of the curve when it comes to features.

  • http://twitter.com/BeesKnees2112 Bee Girl

    I am a big android fan girl. Love that you can customize it!

  • http://twitter.com/ChattyKat434 ChattyKat

    I am an android fan b/c there are so many types and sizes of phones to choose from in all different price ranges.

  • fodawim

    I’m an Android fan because I love having the choice between a phone with a HD display or a phone with a built in keyboard. Choice is everything!

  • http://twitter.com/rubadub234 Rob Haltmeier

    big screens for my old eyes

  • robertlwalters

    I am an Android fan because of the community and support they offer!

  • MattSweeden

    I’m an Android fan because of how much you can personalize your phone to make it truly unique.

  • dieringer scott

    Im an android fan because of all the customization and features it offers.

  • http://www.tedpavlic.com/ Ted Pavlic

    I’m an Android fan because I love the customizability and the fact that it’s built on an open-source framework.

  • Ryan P

    I an an Android fan because….the ability to customize and be unique with the OS, searching through the Droid Life website to learn about the new things happening with Android, and interacting with the other Android enthusiasts out there. Plus I love Cruzlite, I have used there cases since i started using Android.

    • Ryan P

      Plus I love the giant screen and beautiful screen resolutions! Love my Gnex!

  • http://twitter.com/GrahamS88 Graham S

    I love Android because of how easily I can customize my phone to suit my needs and wants for both appearance and functionality.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dr.brown David Brown

    Transit directions and Street View… cough cough iOS6 Maps… cough cough…

  • Doug S

    android rocks b/c its user friendly

  • Ps3y3Ops

    I am an android fan because of the open source OS, the community, and customization ability.



  • antintyty

    I’m a fan, because I hate Apple!!

    • antintyty

      I’m a fan because of the #android community!!

  • jbeise

    im a android fan because of the control over my device i can have with android!

  • michael o’brien

    I love android because they are not restricted and tied down like the other competition.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Marley07 Jesse Isaac McCall

    I’m an Android fan because it’s so much more fun to develop applications for community that believes in total customization and giving all of the power to the user instead of a fruit.

  • LittleBiscuit

    I am an android fan because this OS gets the most innovative features first.

  • Collin

    I’m an android fan because it’s not just open, but open source. This allows developers to create features that go beyond the ability of apps, adding to the multitude of features already available on Android.

  • kevslider

    I love Android because it’s the only viable alternative to iPhone. Even if Windows Phone 8 gains momentum, Android will be my platform of choice.

  • Sidra

    I’m an android fan because I love playing with technology and with android, I’m always learning about or experimenting with something new. Plus, it helps me organize my crazy life as a med student and reminds me when I have to be in the clinic or what assignments I have due.

  • Trooper

    I am an android fan for the customization factor. I can make my phone look (and behave how I want within reason)! The community has a big factor as well. Take that Apple fanboys! :D

  • http://twitter.com/ilnek ilnek

    I love being able to customize my phone