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Droid Life Q&A Session: Volume 2 Answers

It’s time for the second installment of our Q&A sessions. On Monday, we asked everyone to submit their second round of questioning for our staff, resulting in tons of fantastic questions from all of you. We have gone through them and have chosen ten that we have answered below.

For reference, you’ll see answers from everyone on the team by their first initial K (Kellen), T (Tim), E (Eric), and R (Ron). We had a ton of fun not only reading through the questions, but answering as well and are looking forward to doing this more often. We hope you enjoy. 

When you’re asked by an iPhone user why he or she should switch to Android, what do you tell them?

K:  At this point, iOS and Android are pretty similar as far as app selection and performance goes, so it really is tough to sell someone on switching. Thankfully I have this big beautiful One X in my pocket that can be pulled out at any time. I don’t want to sound too fanboyish, but the One X sitting next to an iPhone just makes the iPhone look so outdated and tiny. The best selling point for Android is this newest crop of top tier phones.

E:  Customization. There is so much you can do as far as changing your phone to how you want it to look and perform with Android than with iOS. I would list off a bunch of features like changing the keyboard, placing widgets and things like that.

What are your predictions for big Android announcements at Google I/O? Or maybe better yet, what’s on your wishlist for announcements?

R:  Nexus tablet. Maybe an announcement about multiple Nexus phones. Google TV update. Jellybean preview. [email protected] with Motorola hardware.

K:  The big thing has got to be the Nexus tablet from Asus and NVIDIA. After that, I’m hoping we see more on Majel (Google’s new voice software), so that we can stop dealing with all of the crappy Siri kangs in the Play store. I want to see what Google can do with real voice recognition stuff. Hopefully we hear about the multi-Nexus phone plan as well.

Why do you think Android handset manufacturers seem to release a slew of “almost there” handsets? It seems like every device being released is “It would be an amazing device, but…” and pick your feature.

K:  I think this trend is on the verge of dying. At this point, manufacturers realize that they can’t win by pumping out 15 devices each year that all lack something. In 2012, we have seen less devices, but at the same time, they all seem to be pretty complete. One X and Galaxy S3 are total package type devices. By the end of the year, it’ll be tougher than ever to decide which phone because all high-end devices will have it all.

T:  You know, that is a great question. I tend to lean towards the, “There is always something better” outlook when it comes to technology. As far as smartphones, I think it’s just a matter of having something to suit everyone’s different needs. Options. Like K said, I think it will come to an end and every device will look super on paper.

R:  Carriers order the devices. If they want to emphasize one OEM (or OS for that matter) over another they’ll do so with their orders. There is a reason there is still only one Windows Phone on Verizon. OEMs can’t put their devices on CDMA networks without approval and without carrier support in stores and online a device won’t sell well, so OEMs are at the mercy of the carriers.

What features from iOS would you like incorporated into Android.

R:  I really like how iOS puts notifications right on the lock screen. Showing directions on the lock screen is a really nice feature of iOS 6. iOS scrolling physics are still a little better than Android’s and I wouldn’t mind iMessage (or have GTalk integrated into texts).

T:  I don’t really need any features, but I wouldn’t mind a handful of their developers and applications. They tend to have the best games and apps before Android does.

If you could change a few things about Android what would they be?

R:  All OEM enhancements have to be contributed to AOSP. A better tablet UI.

E:  I wish it was a little more intuitive. We, readers of the website, take it for granted but we’ve all gone through the learning curve. It’s not much but Android isn’t the easiest to pick up and understand. If Google took steps in that direction it’d be a truly awesome platform (not that it isn’t already).

Who’s going to win the Thunder vs. Heat series?

E:  I pick the Heat to win in 7 games – They have more experience and I think that this is the year LeBron starts playing like the 3-time MVP that he is during the playoffs. It’s going to be a great series.

T:  Boston is definitely going to win it all – Wait, they didn’t make it to the Finals because of blown calls by refs? Screw this.

K:  I’m going Heat. LeBron seems like he’s heard enough from the media and his haters that he will do everything in his power to shut them up.

Google Wallet and Google TV: Still have some hope or going the way of Google Wave (extinct)?

R:  Google Wallet might survive, but mobile payments in general haven’t been very successful. It looks like iOS is moving in that direction with Passbook, which might help push mobile payments into the mainstream. I have little hope for Google TV as a portal for TV. I think those content deals are still far away, but I’d love to be surprised.

K:  Google seems fully invested in Google TV, but Wallet, I’m not so sure. The fact that Google is letting Verizon and other carriers dictate whether or not users can have Wallet is beyond me. Can you imagine if Verizon told Apple that the iPhone couldn’t have iMessage?

If you couldn’t pick an Android device, what would you pick? iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phone, or a feature phone and why?

E:  WP7 looks really tempting even though I know it doesn’t have all the functionality of Android. If I had to choose one, it would be Windows.

K:  I picked up a Lumia 900 for a weekend and really grew to like Windows Phone as an operating system. The Lumia itself is a horrible device, but if you pair WP7.5 with the build of something like the One X, it would be beyond beautiful. The app selection is definitely not there yet, but it’s coming along.

T:  I would lean iPhone, but I don’t want to be stuck staring at a puny 3.5″ display until they decide to make a phone built for grown ups.

What was the very first Android device you owned and how long of a time period went by before you rooted it?

E:  The OG DROID. I had it for probably 4 months or so before stumbling upon DL and learning how to get my hands dirty with rooting.

R:  The DROID Eris (which was a bummer since it was rarely covered on Droid Life despite being launched a month after the OG). I never rooted it. Once I replaced it with the OG I got into rooting and ROM’s.

K:  Was the original DROID. I don’t remember the first time I rooted it, but after looking back through archives, I can see that our first tutorial for rooting it was with Android 2.0.1 in February of 2010, just before the 2.1 update because we were scared we wouldn’t have root. Crazy how long ago that was.

T:  My first was the OG DROID. I had mine for about one month before I came across DL and learned the benefits that rooting offered.

What music are you all listening most to right now?

E:  I just bought an album by the dubstep/drumstep artist Figure that I can’t get enough of and I also got the Mumford & Sons album that is really, really good.

T:  Hardest question yet – There’s new Gojira (zOMG, yes!), Waka’s new Triple F Life, and tons more. I’m constantly changing it up between my roots in metal and this new wave of faux-gangsta’ rap music. Who doesn’t like driving down the street while brandishing a nine-milli every now and then?

K:  A whole mix of stuff, but mostly hip hop these days. Newest singles from Kanye (Mercy and Way Too Cold), Kirko Bangz, couple of new Usher tracks (Lemme See w/ Rick Ross), and even some of the new Waka Flaka album. Nothing too out there that you probably haven’t heard of.

R:  I listen to “Call Me Maybe” at least once a day. Outside of that silliness, a lot of Young the Giant, The Format, Regina Spektor, Cold War Kids, Florence + The Machine, and Brooke Fraser.

  • ryanallaire

    Eric, i don’t mind it being tough to pick up an android device and navigate cuz it gives me peace of mind someone would have a hard time jackin my info… and since everyone knows how to use an i*hone, well it’d be easier to do so…

  • Rich k

    Is there a book I can buy explaining and giving directions for rooting. I have a htc resound.

    • angermeans

      Go to xda my friend pretty much my bible for all things root for te past couple years and dozens of phones. If you can think it then someone has posted it.

      Hint: te search is your best friend and do yourself a favor and post as in the right sections for some reason most take to kindly to that round there. Also there is a free xda app in the market.

  • Ron Littley

    Any new updates on the htc droid incredible 4g guys?

    • Ron Littley

      There was a source on one of the forums I’m constantly on claiming not till July, possibly August!

  • I have a question why can’t you just use everyones while name when putting up a answer it’s not like there babes are long and just putting there first letter of there name isconfusingconfusing

  • br_hermon

    Holy Crap do I feel special! 2 of my questions got selected for this session. Thanks DL 🙂

  • Ross Fergus

    Gojira!! yes! so glad someone else has heard of them

  • CaptainHowdy13

    The Jimmy Fallon version of Call Me Maybe is the best.

  • Raven

    Geez, the music Q&A makes me feel old. I thought I listened to a lot of different music, from B.E.P. to Chevelle to Darude to NIN to Tool to Zombie, and yet I have not even heard of most of the bands that you guys listed. I like most Techno/Rock/Metal but avoid anything “Gangsta” like the plague. I guess I am going to have to do some Googling to find out who/what they are.

    • JoshGroff

      I stick largely to Metallica, Iron Maiden, System of a Down, Rise Against, Stratovarius, and Dream Theater. Aside from that, I’ll listen to anything else besides rap/hiphop if it’s on the radio on my way to/from work.

  • Aaron


  • trixnkix637

    Ron you get points for Broke Fraser & Regina Spektor (is her new album worth a buy btw?) but what’s with the love being shown to Waka Flocka? Is Triple F Life really worth it?

    • I didn’t realize Regina had a new album! Syncing to my phone now.

      • trixnkix637

        Came out a few weeks ago I believe, let me know what you think

    • I’ve been telling most of the people close to me that Waka’s newest release is his most mature release to date. Full of actual emotion towards the industry he works in, friends/family, and girls who do nasty things for money. I like it!

      • trixnkix637

        Sounds like my bag of beans.. I’ll Spotify it later. Thanks!

  • Westicles

    Someone else listens to Gojira other than me. I knew I wasn’t alone in this world. One of the greatest bands to date.

    • If not thee greatest 😉

      • will bartlett

        WOOO!!! seeing them with slipknot and lamb of god at Knotfest!!! 😀

  • Let’s go Heat!!!

  • Timothy McGovern

    I thought the Mumford and sons album won’t come out until September? Did it leak?

    • Seth Crain

      I think he’s meaning ‘sigh no more’. The play store just had a deal where you could pick it up for $4

      • Timothy McGovern

        Oh ok. For some reason I was thinking it said “new album”. Durr.

  • Andrew Elliott

    Never realized Kellen was so hip hop. Just got a new level of respect for him.

    • Static_prone

      hey do you think he has had is own set of beats headphones for so long. Kellex is straight thug lol

    • sk3litor

      I was gonna say the exact opposite.j/k I haaaaaate rap (except esham) with a “thug passion” but would never judge someone for the music they listen to. Btw “band of horses” anyone?

    • Conartist

      Same. Although, I always think of Skrillex and dubstep when I see the name Kellex

  • zzz

    Does anyone know if you pre-order a GS3 and lock into the unlimited plan again, will you have to pay the non subsidized price on another phone in 2 years?

    • If you want to keep unlimited data, yes.

      • Ron Burgundy

        So you would have to move to the new share plans then? In 2 years that is.

        • Only if you upgrade with a subsidy. The only way to avoid the new plans is to pay full price or upgrade before they start.

          • Dan

            NOT! you can still get the $30 for 2gb plan after the se plans start.

          • trixnkix637

            Yea because 2gb sounds like unlimited data…

          • angermeans

            Not after the 28th you can’t it will be grandfathered just like every other plan and feature

        • stang6790

          You don’t have to move to the new shared plans unless you choose to. You can upgrade with subsidy after the 28th but you will lose your unlimited data.

          • angermeans

            Youll also lose your plan not just the unl data

          • stang6790

            I initially thought you have to change plans but that is not the case. This is copied straight from the Verizon training manual:

            Consumer Plan with Usage-Based Data Feature
             Can remain on their current plans and move within their currentplan set. (i.e. move up or down in minutes).
             Can keep their current plan and upgrade to new equipment when eligible, BAU.
             Should be encouraged to move to Share Everything to enjoy the multiple benefits that Share Everything Plans offer.

            Consumer Plan with an Unlimited Data Feature

            Option 1: Switch to a Share Everything plan–Unlimited data feature/ plan is removed automatically–Purchase the equipment with a new2-year agreement, if upgrade eligible
            Option 2: Stay on existing plan set– add a usage based data package (i.e. $30 for 2 GB) to current plan–Purchase the equipment with a new2-year agreement, if upgrade eligible

            If a customer still wants to keep the unlimited data feature, additional device upgrade options are available, including:• Purchase the equipment with a month-to-month agreement• Purchase a certified pre-owned device from a store only• Provide their own equipment

            I also contacted Verizon and received this reply:

            I have thoroughly reviewed the new shared data pricing. It is completely optional if you want to change your plan to the new shared data pricing or keep your current family plan. If you would like to keep your current family plan, then when you upgrade your data plan, it will change from unlimited to 2 gigabytes for $30. Everything else about your plan and others on your plan, will stay the same. Of coarse, you can change over to the new shared data pricing and everyone will receive unlimited minutes and text and share from one data allowance. However, if you’re going to keep four flip phones on your account, then that may not be the best for you unless the lines with the flip phones will wish to start using data. However, it’s completely optional if you want to change your family plan or not. Only thing that will change will be you moving from unlimited data of $29.99 to 2 gigabytes for $30.

  • burntcookie90

    Ron, have you seen Young the Giant in concert??

    So damn good, same goes for Cold War Kids.

    If you like the format, I’m sure you’ve listened to the first Fun. album?

    • I actually saw Young the Giant in concert when they opened for fun. (back then they were called The Jakes). Both put on a great show. Obviously I only like fun.’s first album and the first three songs on the second album. I have some family members who used to go to church with CWK too. I’m hoping I’ll get to meet them at some point.

      • burntcookie90

        I met CWK in Atlanta late last year, really chill guys, same with the guys from fun.

        I’m always flippy floppy on whether the jakes ep is better than the young the giant album…

        • Agreed. I wish I could get the EP on rdio… 🙁

  • Michael Franz

    awww….and i had some good questions… =( lol Great read as always

    • Submit again next time! There were so many to choose from! 🙂

  • Aaa

    I thought the Finals was the Spurs vs Thunder, but Westbrook is trying to show up Lebron/Wade or something with all his driving to the basket, regardless of what’s best for the team.

    • Aaa

      (and missing…)

    • EricRees

      Yes. My biggest problem with the Thunder is Westbrook. He just can’t defer to KD like he should. He might cost them a few games, he certainly did last night.

  • Aaa

    I don’t want google to waste their time on voice software… 🙁

  • El Big CHRIS

    OGDroid FTW!

  • Im seriously thinking of upgrading from a thunderbolt to a galaxy s3, pro’s, cons? Should I?

    • Unless you’d rather wait for a different phone, do it. GS3 is much better than the TB. I’d prefer the Inc 4G myself, but to each his own.

    • sk3litor

      I was thinking the same exact thing. I love my TB but id really love a gs3 with another 2years of unlimited but the fundage just isn’t there

  • jcorf

    Ron, let’s just stop with the Call Me Maybe Nonsense

    • Never.

      • EricRees

        I second this. As soon as I saw Ron’s response I should have said that I listen to it all the time as well.

      • jcorf

        Haha. I hear it at least 7 times a day on the stupid radio station that plays at my work.

      • I was gonna post a picture but I guess we can not do that anymore so link below.

        • slmhofy

          I just messaged him

      • rdearth53

        Hey Ron! Have you ever given Fun. a listen since The Format broke up?

        • Yep. I saw them live after their first album came out. I don’t like their second album, though.

    • Don’t Call Me

      Its my ring tone. True story. It’s a catchy ass song!

      • SKG

        damn you all ! its now stuck in my head by just reading these responses!! haha

  • tbaybe

    aweosme guys 🙂

  • “I wouldn’t mind iMessage (or have GTalk integrated into texts)..”
    are you talking about some sort of google voice / talk merge? That would be wicked pisser.

    • Exactly.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      You just became my hero for saying “That would be wicked pisser”

  • These Q&A’s are awesome. Makes us realize that you guys are just like us, only a lot better writers.

  • Call me maybe!

  • Jon

    Love these Q&A’s …keep em coming 🙂

  • Android1997

    Yes my question was picked 😀