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DROID Bionic 5.9.905 Update Passes Tests, Starts Rolling Out to Everyone

With the soak test now complete, update 5.9.905 for the DROID Bionic has started to rollout to all owners of the device. The update isn’t large, but it should fix some of the 4G LTE data issues that have continued to plague this device for months.

To pull it, head into Settings>About phone>System updates.

Cheers Josh, David, Edmond, Jim, and Benjamin!

  • Tim Arrick

    In all honesty this update has hurt the overall performance at least for me in my area. Prior to the OTA I was having no issues with 4G. Now on a 30 minute drive home, I am likely to lose all internet 4 – 5 times. There is no “handoff” to 3G. Have actually had to put my phone in 3G mode and eliminate 4G all together. As a note, Verizon sent me a new copy of the Bionic to fix the problem. The first day, no issues. Overnight, this OTA loaded and things were back to bad. Overall, love the phone but man the data issues are killing me.

  • JUNO

    am having problems doing that update on my droid bionic. it downloads but when it has 2 shut down and run update. i has a error message .. and it just re boots up normal :/ really pissing me off

  • Gerald Wadel

    My bionic wont update to 905, it downloads it but then says update failed. Do you know what my problem might be?

  • BC

    Since I got this update, I can rarely get 4G to work, and when it isn’t 4G, it might as well be turned off because I get NO DATA at all unless it is 4G. I wish they hadn’t tried to help.

  • GGH – pissed bionic user

    I had minimal problems BEFORE the update…after the update? ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. THIS PHONE IS F’D…GPS is freaking out constant hang ups and lockup ups from various areas. I have had to pull the battery 12 times in 3 days…UGH!! I am about throw this thing under a bridge…

  • mslogistics

    This update, like the last, has not improved my phone at all! I want to love the bionic but honestly these data drops are killing it for me. Might be time to move on 🙁

  • Al_Cool_Dates

    Didn’t notice any real changes but my Bionic is still ticking, update didn’t affect my root or mobile hotspot hacks so a +1 for that.

  • Aunonymous

    5.9.905 didn’t cause me to lose my root! This is pretty cool, not going to lie.

  • Rob

    this update destroyed my phone.. how can i remove it?

  • CubsFan8705

    My phone works a tonnnnnnn better now after the update just got it a few hours ago. I always had problems with 4G dropping out then connecting to 3G and then back to 4G. Its a longg story and I had thoughts of getting rid of my phone. Is Verzion still kicking the 4G users out of there unlimited plan later this year? If so I’m leaving Verzion lol I have been with them for to long just to strip the unlimited plan that I got grandfathered into before they started charging everyone!!

  • bawss

    All these people are having connectivity issues but I haven’t had a single connectivity issue at all with my bionic since I’ve had it….

  • jayman2421

    I hate this update, my phone is really acting weird now, I have loved my phone and the updates have been fine. Now 3g is going out all the time, and when I turn my phone on from sleep it pulls up some app that i had open like 2 hours before and my battery life is significantly worse. Just put out ICS already.

  • opalman

    Doesn’t matter no 4g lte in my area

  • This update sucks…connectivity is worse!!! Cant wait for my Galaxy S3…hope its better

  • RoadsterHD1

    The blue to white and white to blue hand-off went away for me after the update. This issue came from VZ network not our phone. My phone is working great now. I have not noticed any battery drain but.
    Here’s an idea that will give you great battery life. Go to settings>battery& data manager>Battery mode>custom battery saver and click on it’s settings on the off-peak hours (8-5) “turn off data” 15minutes. NOW in the “peak hours” turn off after 15minutes and display <30%
    This will turn off your data any time your phone is not on the charger. Once you start using your phone it will re-establish data and connect you. This will give you better battery life and re-establish a FRESH connection of your 4G.
    It seems, at least for me, that if the phone tries to keep 4G connection and for whatever reason looses it, it will try to re-establish it about three times and then stop. If you are in a bad area you won't see a 3G signal either. Thus, your phone stays in a no signal mode.
    If you do it this way your phone will have a fresh signal re-established and waiting for you when you wake the phone up and start using it.
    What else helps is, and "I've only done this twice since the day the phone came out" remove your SIM card and clean it with and alcohol based cleaner and lint free cloth. Re-insert it and power up phone.
    Give this a week before you think it won't work.

    Remember sometimes we need to let our phones settle into an update.

    Some people are having good luck with removing the battery and SD and SIM cards, powering phone up completely, and then power down. Re-installing the cards after a couple of minutes and powering phone back up. I did this for the heck of it and no issues yet. Signal is way better than last week when the blue and white hand-off was going on.

    Other people are doing a full factory reset and having luck with that.

    Other people are having luck with going from CDMA/LTE to CDMA only and back to CDMA/LTE. And clearing up all their issues.

    • ninedix

      Jesus who you work for Motorola.

      • RoadsterHD1

        LMAO 🙂 ….. no, just trying to help 🙂

    • Tim Arrick

      I agree with the fact that some people have luck switching CDMA/LTE to CDMA Only and back to get the internet but the problem is that is a bandaid and not the fix. Imagine if you had a car and it suddenly stopped but the only thing you had to do was get out, unscrew the gas cap and then screw it back on to make it work again 🙂 I have a feeling people would be ummmmm a tad frustrated.

  • W.

    Updated last night… honestly my 4G seems worse now than it did before the update. Over all happy with my phone though.

  • unrealford

    This update really made a huge difference. Always have connection now.thanks

  • Bionic owner

    .905 made by bionic data connection the worst it has been since. I bought it on the day of release. Constantly switching blue to white I highly recommend NOT TO DOWNLOAD stay on .902 I wish I still was.

    • RoadsterHD1

      down phone, pull battery, SIM card, and memory card. Leave it for a
      the battery (no SIM or memry cards) and boot up.
      until the phone completely, and you see emergency calls only notification,
      then shut down.
      the battery, and install the SIM, and memory card.
      the battery and reboot.

      • Eric Timothy Moss

        this worked for me…at least it has been fine for the last thirty minutes, which is actually saying alot considering it would drop every cuple seconds before

  • my bionic has been trying to download the latest update for the past week and it never downloads. Its just eating up battery juice…


    What a let down of a phone

  • Kyle Cole

    One week ago, my bionic started dropping 4g like crazy (10+ times a day). Doesn’t matter if I’m at home or work, the symbol goes white, and takes forever to return to blue. Before that, it was very very rare to lose my 4g signal.I hoped this update would help, but it hasn’t. I tried cleaning the Sim card, but no luck there. 3g is solid, but obviously much slower than 4g.

    • Kyle Cole

      UPDATE: I backed up my phone and did a factory data reset, and so far have not had 1 data drop! Hopefully it stays this way! High 20’s mb/s download speed consistently!

      • Kyle Cole

        UPDATE 2: Nevermind, after a few perfect hours, its back to garbage. In trying to access this page, 4g went from blue to white 3 times, taking 3-4 minutes each to reconnect.

  • MattInPDX

    I don’t have any data problems, 3G or 4G. Downloading update now. Forever root worked last update so I’ll see if the phone is still rooted after this update.

    Yup, still rooted.

  • For anyone having problems, I did a factory data reset after everything was set up and have no problems with it now. Before I did it, the browser constantly closed itself just after rendering a page. I have no issues now and my Bionic is better than ever. NOW everyone can start the “WE WANT ICS” comments because this is the last gingerbread build for the Bionic.

  • Niroc

    I feel bad for everyone who said 905 made their 4g connectivity worse because it has improved mine substantially. Maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones.

  • Biyobe

    Do i need to be running .902 or .904 in order to get this OTA? I’m on .904 and still haven’t seen it available…

    • Mr Waldo

      You need to be stiggity-stock with all bloat unfrozen or it wont work

  • Mr Waldo

    Had no real problems before this update. Since I installed it about 3 hours ago 4g seems to be even faster. Once this gets ICS it will be a beast. With the extended battery it’s just like a Razrmaxx with a slightly crappier screen

  • I was part of the soak and I can tell you truly that I never suffered from the data problems with the Bionic until I installed .905 last week as part of the soak. The data issue has been a huge problem. I don’t think Moto should have released this update. It’s been slightly better for the last two days but before that I could not stay connected to 4G. Turning off LTE made the data rock solid but I was stuck at the crappy 3G speeds. I almost think they need to do another quick update to fix this back before they release ICS. If not hopefully ICS fixes everything and it comes quickly.

    • Loki

      Same experience here. I suspect there were hundreds of comments regarding poor data performance and thousands that didn’t complain so those of us with poor results were out voted. I still think the number with issues was significant. I’ll have streaks where it seems better, then it shows up again and my phone is unusable. CDMA only is much more stable for me as well. Would be nice to get some feedback from Moto regarding why some have issues and some do not. Network? Hardware? Software we’re running?

  • Dime Baggins

    Looks like with this update I lost 1 bar in 3G and 4G compared to 902. I thought this was supposed to improve things not make them worse. =(

  • RoadsterHD1

    I updated 30 minutes ago, It’s 9:05am right now and so far so good. My Blue then white signal problems started 3 days ago and now seem to have gone away at least for now. I will continue to monitor and report.

  • I have one and i’m pretty happy with it overall. Downloading the update now. Frankly, none of the current “new” phones seem to offer any significant improvement in performance or behavior over my Bionic. Aside from the screen, i dont see a difference. ICS doesn’t offer that much IMO.

  • I got this update in the Soak Test when it came out late last week, and it has only made data drops/handovers more frequent. I’m irritated, this is my 3rd Bionic. I called customer support this morning and of course nothing is wrong at the moment but she’s calling back for a follow up this afternoon. I’m ready to dump this phone. Before I got my 3rd Bionic I tried to get them to let me have a different phone but they would only offer the Charge. Hopefully if these issues keep up they’ll actually let me get a different one, otherwise as soon as I can afford something else I’m getting it.

    • I’ve had this phone from day one and now gone through 4 bionics. sadly I feel the best connectivity I’ve had has been the first update. I’ve called verizon and they tried selling me on an upgrade. after I alerted them to the absurdity of upgrading to get rid of a terminally ill verizon phone and reminding them of how I’ve been a more than patient customer of over 10 years they offered me a rezound in exchange. naturally as I am not a fan of it’s heft and sense overlay, I requested a razr maxx. they’re sending me a razr instead despite my complaints that no such extended battery exists to make it comparable to my bionic with the extended battery but they suggested it was the best they could do. oh well, I’ll just convert it myself. long story short, call them back. you deserve better. and to think I used to be so happy with my bionic..

      • They sold me on an upgrade and I actually went with it simply so I could extend my contract with unlimited data. I’m aware I could have thrown a bigger fit, but getting a new phone (RAZR) and having the assurance of my data plan for at least another 2 years was worth it. I laughed when the rep said this would be a one time only offer and I was like don’t worry, I’m not signing another contract after this as I’m not giving up my data plan. I’m selling off my Bionic and it’ll basically come out a wash.

    • Todd

      Same here, mine worked perfect after the first update but drops my 4G on a regular basis since this last update.

  • Mined rooted no rom but keeps failing even when I temp unroot

    • George Davis

      Being rooted has nothing to do with it. You can apply the update while rooted. The important thing is to make sure you are stock with all bloatware in place/unfrozen. If you deleted any system apps or changed config files that will cause it to fail.

  • PyroHoltz

    These aren’t the Ice Cream Sandwiches you’re looking for.

  • Dave Sampley

    I cannot install this OTA…it just fails after the reboot. No information other than “This update has failed”

    I am running 902 and have not installed a ROM or anything but I do have Root.

    • NAM37

      Me too.. Root, but no ROMs and I’m failing.

    • VZWIndirect

      Did you rename any files when you rooted, especially otacerts.zip?

      • Dave Sampley


    • Benjamin

      If you’ve removed/frozen any of the bloatware, it needs to be back in “stock” form. You can still be rooted, however.

      • Dave Sampley

        Have not removed any of those…Wanted to for many many months now but wanted ICS before I started to clean it up.

      • NAM37

        That could be my problem. I think I removed some of those… and I really have no idea how to put them back.

        • Buy This

          fxz to 902. problem solved.

      • Dave Sampley

        Mine keeps saying Assert Failed when you hit both volume keys at the same time during the update it shows the logs. I had Rom Toolbox installed and only used that to install a theme to change my lock screen to show a new picture…gonna try to reinstall Rom Toolbox and remove that theme.

  • azndan4

    Yay legendary Motorola radios and build quality

  • Nick

    Sweet, some more bloatware. This update comes with Google+.

  • Luke Grissom

    I don’t think this update has helped my Bionic much at all in the signal department. If anything, it’s made it worse. The 3G to 4G does switch more quickly though. Fortunately my Galaxy S3 will be here in a few weeks so I won’t have to worry about such things for much longer.

    • Diablo81588

      Don’t hold your breath.

    • I am in the same situation, but I hope its not worse…

  • Gary Patrowicz

    moto sux

    • JoshGroff

      So does your mom.

  • Dane

    4G signal while sitting on my couch went from 2 bars to 3G only. Not happy.

  • Buy This

    Been running this with eclipse 3.0 for about a week. Seems to give me stronger 4g outside but weaker in my house. The hand-off between 3g and 4g is noticeably smoother and faster.

    • Diablo81588

      Agreed. Data is still not perfect, but until Verizon finishes the LTE rollout, it won’t be. Transitions are vastly improved though. I don’t care what phone you have, if you say you never have data drops with a Verizon 4g phone, your simply lying. It’s unfortunately the network, and no update is going to make it perfect.

  • Drew56

    This device is a mess on 3G it has constant data drops and such. On 4G it’s nearly perfect, and hopefully this fixes the last few problems. I don’t think I’ve seen a phone have so many updates as this one, Motorola messed up with the release, but they have really supported it and made it a much better phone.

    • OG Droid was right up there with updates. Had 7 seperate OS builds in its lifetime. Motorola is pretty good about supporting devices, at least “high end” devices.

    • fauxshizzl

      I have just the opposite problem. Mine can’t hold a 4G signal to save its life. I have full signal as far as bars are concerned and still have to toggle airplane mode about a dozen times a day to get it to connect at all. And when it loses 4G it takes about a full minute of no signal to do a hand off to 3G. I hate this phone.

      • I don’t know what happened between the last couple ota updates but I’ve gone from not caring at all about the various nexi and razr maxx HD pluses to dreaming nightly of being able to navigate around LA without feeling like throwing my brick of a useless phone to a homeless man in exchange for their loose change to save up for a s3..

        • Laki S.

          I’m the same way; I loved this phone from day one up until maybe a couple weeks ago and now I’m anxiously awaiting the RAZR HD. I haven’t had any issues with my phone or anything, I just think I want something “better.” It’s like this phone could’ve been great, and it’s a good phone, but it’s kinda lackluster now.


    No ICS, no bueno.

  • RED

    I manually installed this a few days ago. Haven’t had a steady LTE connection since. SWEET! FML……

    • T Hall

      Me too. It seems worse than the prior ones. I hate seeing the 4G symbol turn white right when I need it…

      • hkklife

        I posted my obsetvations here several times since the 905 update was pulled from Cheesecake. Other than smoother handoffs from 3G to 4G and fazter airplane mode on/off, I really feel that this update is a step backwards from 902 . Sure, battery life is better than 904 but reception seems worse. I can probably make do until ICS arrives or I get my SGS3, whichever comes first.

        As has been the case since launch, the Bionic remains one major OS update away from greatness!

    • Never Buy Motorola Again

      Mine is definitely worse as well. Way to go, Moto! I don’t need a working phone!

  • Does anyone on DL even own a Droid Bionic? Where’s the news about today’s much awaited Max Payne release?

    • Laki S.

      I have one and I’ve been pretty satisfied with it, but if we’re gonna be honest here, I have been tracking the news about the Razr HD….. I’ve had my Bionic since day one and haven’t had any of the connectivity issues as some other folks, but I’m about tired of the crappy battery.

      • Drew56

        Highly recommend the extended OEM battery. You can find one with the door on amazon for $25. It gets rid of the annoying hump and my battery life averages around 25 hours high useage and I’ve managed to get up to 32 on low useage.

        • JoshGroff

          With the extended, I was averaging 36-42 hours on Eclipse 2.0 with moderate-heavy use before I switched to the Rezound back in May.

        • Sackdaddy

          How does switching to the extended battery get rid of the hump? After seeing your comment, I went to Amazon to check them out and everything had the hump. If there’s a way of getting better battery life without the hump, I’m very interested.

      • RED

        I’ve had the Bionic since day one as well, but have had major data dropping issues since day one too. i’ve had 2 or 3 replacements with continuing issues. Very frustrating, but i’ve been patient ( 9 months now) and just praying the ICS update helps the situation. I’ve had some ICS ROMS and i love it…… but if things don’t work out, I will definitly be in line to buy the RAZR HD at full retail. What do you think, $699? $599?

        • VZWIndirect

          Just wait 30-60 days after launch and you can probably pick one up on Craigslist or Ebay for half that. I am snatching up regular Razr’s now on CL for around $200 in mint condition.

          • RED

            Dang. Maybe i’ll try and find a RZR MAXX …..

        • Laki S.

          I’m willing to pay that kind of price if it lives up to the rumors. I’ll wait a month or two after release, though, just so I can hear about any possible issues. One of the things that irritated me as an early Bionic owner was all the issues that people were complaining about and the fact that Moto moved on so quickly from it.

      • Diablo81588

        Buy the extended. It’s only 25 bucks from Verizon and doubles battery life without making it too thick.

    • BlueLetter

      I’ve had one for a couple months. I’ve had some data issues in low coverage areas but its been spotless in my hometown. I get a consistent 17mbps down, at my office in the next town however I’m lucky to see 1 bar of 4g. However there isn’t a non-motorola device in the office that can even see 4g in that place.

    • Diablo81588

      Who cares about max Payne?

  • Dustin Murphy

    It also seemed to have changed the notification icons of the default mail and corporate sync client to a red and blue respectively. A nice little refinement.

    • Dime Baggins

      Really? Mine stayed the same. After I read your post I updated and was looking forward to this. Darn it!

      • Dustin Murphy

        I would post a screen shot for you if I new how to attach to this post. They’re kind of nice. The ONLY difference is that I used the file that leaked out BEFORE the roll-out and applied it myself…but it is supposed to be identical.

  • moelsen8

    what battery app are you using on the left in the notification bar? looks like it’s one that doesn’t need root?

    • I believe it is Badass Battery Monitor or something like that

      • moelsen8

        awesome thanks.

    • Benjamin

      That’s my screenshot, and yep, it’s Badass Battery monitor. Love that app.

  • Jim

    I disagree with …”but it should fix some of the 4G LTE data issues that have continued to plague this device for months.” It was pretty decent after the first update and rock solid after the second update. This update just speeds up the handoff from 3g to 4g when you move into a 4g area. It wasn’t bad before, it is just better now.