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Wednesday Poll: Upgrading Phone Now, Buying Later at Full Price, or Giving Up Unlimited Data?

Now that Share Everything data plans have started to soak in and most of you understand all of your options, we have a couple of important questions to ask. You know you can keep unlimited data if you’d like, but that means you have to buy phones at full price after June 28. Some of you may not want to save up the cash to do that and will either use up a last upgrade before the 28th or will bite the bullet and give up unlimited data in order to get a subsidized phone later on in the future. We want to know what your plans are. Full priced phones? Use the last upgrade before the 28th? Give up unlimited data? Willing to switch carriers?

Upgrading Phone Now, Buying Later at Full Price, Giving Up Unlimited Data, or Switching Carriers?

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  • Aaron

    You people do realize if you use an early upgrade from a phone line that doesnt have data, you can still keep unlimited. You can also buy the Certified Pre-Owned phones from VZW wireless and they treat them as new.

  • Michael Chung

    If my contract doesn’t end until september and I do an early upgrade after June 28th, will they force me to the new shared data plan? I don’t even have a smartphone yet so data plan right now but I just calculated and it’ll be cheaper for the family to get $30/smartphone rather than switch to the new shared data plans

  • Mancalledsting

    Hey guys quick question. Have the Droid 3 and want to know if I’ll lose my unlimited plan if I try and buy a 4g phone, even if I buy at full price, after the 28th?

    • Full price, no. But if you sign a new contract you can kiss the unlimited goodbye…at least that’s the way I understand it.

      • angermeans

        Your wrong if one goes from 3G to 4g after the new plan takes place you will be forced into the new plan despite if u pay full price. The 3G data plans and 4g have different sfo’s (Verizon’s plan codes) these will become grandfathered and 100% unavailable after the new plan so changing from 3G to 4g you’ll be forced into te new plan as you won’t have access to the unlimited 4g

        • Can anyone confirm this?

        • Aryeh Hersh

          Not true you will keep unlimited since there’s no contract change

  • Right now it’s looking like the new plans will actually save my wife and I about $30 a month, so we’ll probably be switching to them. But when our contracts run out I fully expect to be exploring pre-paid options…considering all carriers who have decent reception at our house. Anyone know any good pre-paid companies using big V’s network?

    • noc007

      Have you factored in that it’s $40/smartphone + the shared data plan starting at $50? So if you have 2 smartphones and share 1GB of data between them it will be (2x$40)+$50=$130 + taxes and fees.

      Between the wife and I, we average 2GB of data per month on 3G smartphones and the 2GB plan is more than what we’re paying now for minutes, txts, and 2 unlimited data plans. I’ll be interested to see how much more data I pull on a LTE phone.

      • Yeh, it’s just two smartphones on unlimited data plans, but my wife uses barely 50mb a month as she’s home all day and on our wi-fi. I use most of the data, but I average around 3gb a month. We have to be on the 1400 minute family plan for calling (no home phone…), so that’s what makes our plan so expensive.

        My other option is to switch us down into a lower minute plan and explore some other calling options (like GrooVeIP to call via data). But I’m not sure that’ll save us much more and the call quality isn’t quite as good (at least in my experience so far…).

        I switched from a 3g phone to an LTE one and my data usage has gone up, but not massively. I can now actually watch videos and stream audio whereas before the 3g connection wasn’t always good enough. But I mainly do web-browsing and email when I’m away from home, so my data usage is not extreme.

        • noc007

          If you’re not using the 10 Friends and Family feature already, it can be pretty helpful in reducing the minutes you use. Half I have set to common work numbers and colleagues. So far this month we have barely touched our minute allotment.

          If you’re calling different numbers all the time for work, see if you’re work is using a VoIP phone system running Avaya, Cisco, or Asterisk. Depending on the version of the phone system and if external connectivity has been configured, there may be a VoIP client for Android. This is definitely something to talk about with the phone admin first before bothering with an app.

      • Lol, you got me thinking again about this and I logged in to do some checking on our usage. I did the numbers right for what the shared plan would cost, but I hadn’t checked how much downgrading our minutes would save…in this case, about as much as switching to a tiered family data plan…something to think about. Gonna rethink using GrooVeIP for calls and maybe just switch down the minutes plan so I can keep the unlimited data….hmmm….I’ve got a couple weeks to think this over…

  • noc007

    How about a sixth option: Using all available upgrades before the change and then will be paying full price henceforth.

    I took advantage of their $100 off the contract price of a LTE phone even though I”m only a few months into my current contract. Got the D4 for $30 (free plus their BS upgrade fee). The D3 will go to the wife when she wants to switch. I’ll be buying used or save my money up for a new off contract. Hopefully this will get some of the retailers to knock some more bucks off the non-subsidized price (I’m looking at you Amazon).

    • second party retailers typically mark up the off-contract price of a new phone. Verizon will always be the cheapest route if you’re buying full price! Well, unless you manage to catch a new unopened one off of ebay for the cheap and activate it in your local store.

  • fanboy1974

    I’m crying inside because I love my Verizon Nexus but if I don’t act fast I will be paying full cost for a phone this fall. No phone is worth $600 plus when your monthly payments are exactly the same. Plan is to sale my Nexus and use the money to buy a S3. The one time in my life I don’t mind being locked into a 2 year contract w/unlimited data. Maybe in a year’s time Verizon will see that they screwed up with this plan and will offer larger data packages or reduce the cost.
    The Samsung S3 is the only choice in my book and should have a very huge following from the mod community. Fast S4 processor, 2 gigs of ram, better camera and removable memory are solid upgrades when compared to the Nexus. My only reservation is the bootloader. Hopefully Verizon did not influence/screw up that.

  • brando56894

    I’ll be paying full price so I can keep my unlimited data, I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while but haven’t had the cash to. Another perk is not being locked into a two year contract.

  • sonicyoof

    Hopefully buying my next Verizon Nexus for $400 on the Google Play store.

  • ShangTsung702

    You will not lose grandfathered Unlimited plans just for an upgrade even after the Share Everything plans are in effect. I called to upgrade my phone and the operator basically yelled at me because this was misconstrued by “the media” (whoever that may be *cough*).

    Anyway… I even got them to give me an early upgrade. I wasn’t due for an upgrade until 03/13, but I asked for it and they said “yeah sure! we just need to extend your contract.” Big whoop… I got new customer pricing and a new contract term and kept my unlimited data. I’m good to go, and so will all of you.

    “Share Everything” is for people who want to share. For those who want to keep Unlimited Data and share anyway, there is FoxFi. 🙂

    Also, don’t forget about the 5 Nexus devices coming out in November, that will be available via Google Play. This will dramatically reduce the cost of our Verizon devices. Everyone needs to just calm down. 🙂 Us grandfathered folk are good to go. 🙂

    • angermeans

      I’m telling you despite what you heard that rep is very very wrong. You are far from good and if your on a family plan now you better make sure no one on that acct upgrades at a discounted rate or you will be dumped into the new shared plans and lose your unlimited data despite your two yr contract you just signed.

      • Aryeh Hersh

        Not true at all. Where do you get your info from? Vzwsupport on twitter explicitly stated that tiered data and nationwide plans will still be available if you want them. They are only forcing you to shared data if you have unlimited and upgrade. If you have tiered already or switch from dumb phone to smart phone then you can stay with current pricing structure and keep tiered data and an any lines with unlimited will not be forced off.

        • yes. This is exactly how their policy states on big red’s site too.

  • Jake

    Poll only lets me pick one. I’ll both redeem my last upgrade before 6/2
    8 to get my wife on a 4G unlimited plan, then we’ll pay for unsubsidized phones after that.

  • They actually did give us tethering for free. That has to be ok with some people right? RIGHT???

    • Tethering should have been included the minute they first introduced Tiered data. I pay for a certain amount of data I should get to use that data on whatever I want. What I want to know is if you stay on your old unlimited plan if you can now “legally” tether.

    • Br_d

      It’s a trap! Tethering eats data like no other. They want you to go over the cap. $$$$

  • I have the promotion 4GB plan, what would come of that… Will I need to buy at full price as well to be able to keep that?

  • I think my phone bill was already large. Now if I also have to buy phones at full price, I’d rather go GSM prepaid. Better phones, cheaper rates.

  • Fluke

    good bye Verizon hellow AT&T, blearghhh , guh I threw up a little.

  • missing is ‘will be buying used from here on out’.

  • Kierra

    You ppl don’t have tablets or laptops?

  • Rich

    Just upgraded to a RAZR MAXX on Amazon Wireless for $199.99 plus $40 bill credit and kept unlimited data. $99.99 for new customers too, great price for a cracking phone. Would have liked to wait for the RAZR HD but didn’t want the hassle of selling on eBay and unlimited data more important.

  • Tony Romano

    No way will my wife let us pay full price for phones. I really don’t know what i’m gonna do. She uses 1gb and I use 7.

  • Owewil3225

    I would just like to thank Droid life for knowing what the shared data plan if about.cause I just called Verizon and the rep said he has no info on shared plan pricing or if I can keep my unlimited data if I upgrade after the 28th. They so dumb

    • angermeans

      They are In the middle of training them it takes a min they are nit allowed to state an opinion without proper training. You upgrade after the 28th at a subsidized rate you will be forced on new plan and lose unlimited data believe me

  • duke69111

    Retail price for me. Here’s hoping Google’s Nexus’s swoops in to save the day.

  • duke69111

    I am curious what the difference in use is between 3G vs 4G. Verizon always quotes that users use less than 2GB’s, but that is based on 3G users. What are 4G users consuming on average?

  • Scott

    I’ll pay full retail price. The bad news is that I’ll now be a couple of years behind in terms of phone releases. Based on the cost of subsidized phones now running at $299 anyway, I should be able to grab something for not much more without the contract. This is unless Sprint mans up within the next year and half, builds a decent network, and at least acts like they care about customers. Then I might make the jump when the contract is up.

    • Don’t worry, Im doing the same. I’ll be a bit behind but at least I’ll have my unlimited.

  • jg

    I really don’t know what to do? I have a maxx, my wife is do fot an upgrade that i was going to use on RAZR Hd. We pay 200/month and use 13-15 GB a month. I watch Verizon videos, direct tv,hbo go, espn, and nfl network on breaks at work. They don’t even make a plan for me…

    • angermeans

      Yes thy do Verizon has 20 and 30 gb shared plans (albeit more expensive near $10 per gb plus 40 per smartphone) unless you use around 15 on each line ten yes you will drastically need to change your usage

  • EBay, CL, or swappa. Never buying again from VZW.

  • Maggs

    I can’t upgrade my 3rd line (Droid X) until after August and Verizon won’t let me do an early upgrade. Should I just add a line to pre-order the SIII and then shut off my 3rd line when the contract is up? This is confusing!!! I have 3 smartphones (Maxx, Iphone4s, DroidX) all on the unlimited plan but reading these comments when I am finally able to upgrade the X, then we must change over to the shared plan??

  • Sully

    So Unlimited minutes eh? can I start using my voice mins as a dial-up modem to get unlimited snail-speed internet?

  • I call total BULL*HIT on people saying they will pay full price…the phones are averaging $600+

    • steve0617

      Let’s say you are a power user and use 6 gigs of data a month. (Cetainly there are those that use a LOT more than that). 6 gigs a month is $80 for the data alone, whereas you’re paying $30 right now for unlimited. (I’m ignoring unlimited minutes/texts in this example). $50 a month difference. Multiply x 24 months is $1200. New phone (your example) costs $600. Subsidized phone costs $200. So you’re paying $400 more for the phone, but *saving* $1200 over a two year contract or a difference of $800 over two years.

      If I was using that kind of data (or more), I’d buy a full retail priced phone too.

    • Erick

      Phones these days are getting close to laptops. With capabilities getting greater and greater with each new release, it’s not unheard of to consider it akin to buying a laptop. And frankly, we’re spoiled in the U.S., since asian countries pay $1000 or more for their phones

    • jg

      Not to mention most countries don’t subsidies phones

  • frankandsimple

    Without a doubt, switching carriers is it for me.

    I am stepping back a bit and trying to understand why I took VZW in the first place. It was because of their network reliability mainly… then came LTE and then the plethora of android phones.

    But since the past 2 days I’ve been researching all prepaid options and seems like Straight Talk is really worth a look.

    firstly, you can bring your own GSM phone.. and I am interested in GSM now because a. I travel internationally and b.. the choices in GSM phones are several times more than those limited to Verizon.

    Also, I am tired of the pre-selected options that vzw makes available for us. I want to try windows phones, I want to try sony xperia S etc.

    Secondly, I do NOT need LTE is what I’ve figured.. I don’t need 15 Mbps to check emails or chat or watch youtube videos or stream music. In fact.. all of this can be easily accomplished without much trouble on Verizon’s (crappy) 3G network is what I’ve discovered.. AND Straight Talk’s 3G spectrum is basically a piggy back on ATT’s.. which is several times faster (up to 6 Mbps)..

    That is plenty sufficient for me in terms of speed.. and I won’t have to deal with battery sucking vampire that LTE is.

    Their coverage is wherever ATT is.. (which is pretty much everywhere).. and you just can’t beat 45 dollars unlimited everything.

    I’ll be saving about 720 dollars per year with this move.. so it’s good bye VZW for me.

    • Yes, I think I’m switching to Sprint (SGIII, they are having a deal waving $36 equipment charge) or Virgin (HTC EVO 4G) & now, thanks to the discussion here, I’ll look at Straight Talk as well. I’ve got 2 original Droids and been able to upgrade since mid 2011. Almost jumped to the Nexus sev month ago, but I wanted to wait until this fall (when many cool phones seem to be released). However, I feel this change is forcing me to do something now- I don’t trust Verizon any more and can do without the anxiety of these “surprises”…5 or 6 people at my office have smart phones on either Sprint or Virgin and are very pleased.

  • vega25

    Hold on, why isn’t the option of “Do nothing. Keep current set of phones, and therefore current plan with VZW, for as long as possible” on this vote???

    • frankandsimple

      because people who visit Droid LIfe or other mobile phone blogs are not the kind to hang on to one phone for more than 6-12 months. 🙂

      • lonz77

        Really? I’m still rockn the original droid. Time to finally move on though. Looks like I will probably be pre-ordering a GS3 unless some other choice materializes before the 28th. BTW I got the original droid on the first day they went on sale 11/6/2009.

  • Larry

    How about ebay? 🙂 Generally meets in the middle of full price and retail.

  • steve0617

    Don’t anybody forget that you will have about six days from when the SGIII is released elsewhere to decide if you want it from VZW in order to save your unlimited. You don’t *have* to preorder it right now before you’ve gone into a Sprint/TMob store to play with the thing first. If you like it, great. But if you hate it, you’ll have to pick a different current phone or lose the unlimited assuming you’re using an upgrade rather than full retail.

  • I have the unlimited data plan and I’ve been holding on to my Verizon Wireless phone upgrade since March. I was going to hold out for a quad-core phone device but with the recent changes by Verizon regarding ‘tiered plans’ and ‘share everything plans’ and whatnot I decided to jump on the Galaxy SIII now instead of waiting. I just logged off of the Verizon Wireless site after pre-ordering the 16GB Galaxy SIII in blue — Upgraded from DroidX. The process was quick, easy, and mostly painless — but in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia they charge sales/use tax on the full price of $599.99 instead of the discounted price. Ouch [bassturds!].

    I changed nothing at all in my 2-line services plan (one smartphone and one standard feature phone). I just pre-ordered the SIII. The entire process where it is mentioned indicated that I keep my Unlimited Data plan for $29.99 with the device upgrade and 2-yr contract renewal.

    After this — we’ll see. Verizon has irked me now and again over the last 16 years with them but not enough to dump them for another carrier — yet. That may change at the end of these next 2 years.

  • still annoyed

    You forgot the option to have a different family member upgrade and then take their phone, while canceling their data

  • Eric

    Figured this would be a good place to ask. I’m really not digging Verizon now with this shared tier data. I actually pre-ordered through best buy to find out later they announce the june 28th new plan tiers. I can drop the pre-order and order from verizon before then and keep my unlimited but there are other phones not eligible with unlimited data on this account. As I understand it, if you don’t care to pay full retail and pay for the subsidized phone, all lines are then turned into the shared data plan.
    What’s a next best (or better after this fiasco) company to go with, releasing the samsung g3s if I just drop verizon?

  • mcdonsco

    I tend to wonder how many people hanging onto their unlimited data plans actually USE enough data to need to keep it?

    I’ve always thought I use a ton of data, but in looking at these plan changes and my current plan I found I rarely go over 4gb’s with the most ever being around 6GB’s.

    So for me, I’ll be changing to the new plans as it will save me $160/month.

    With two smartphones, one basic and one laptop data card account I currently pay $370/month which on the new plan would be $210/month. Even if I go over the 6gb data by 3-4 gigs without expecting it (and thus getting dinged the higher price), I’d still be saving over $100/month.

    • Yeah, I wasn’t sure either, but I agree with those who mentioned that data usage history might not be a great predictor. Without unlimited data, I picture myself paying a huge penalty for watching a Netflix movie or for something running in the background or grabbing the phone away from the kids watching a cartoon…I saw this just over 3 min vid that convinced my to try & keep unlimited data:

      • mcdonsco

        I agree with them too, but $170/month savings is $170/month…I can either save over $2,000/year based on previous/current use or I can dis-regard those savings on an assumption that I *might* start using data in a way that requires an unlimited plan.

        I’ll take the $2,000/year savings.

        And that’s not including the savings of the phone upgrades themselves, 4 lines (I’m adding my data card account to it as well) at around $500/pop, that’s another $1,000/year right there.

        So a total savings of $3,000/year.

        I would need to use upwards of 25GB’s/month to hit a point where I’m no longer saving money and currently I average around 4GB’s/month with a “heavy month” being 6GB’s – the chances of me hitting 25gb’s in a month, is pretty much nill for at least the next few years.

        Additionally, those gripping their unlimited data plans will VERY LIKELY find themselves without them in the months or years to come anyway. VZW doesn’t HAVE TO keep honoring the unlimited data plans, they can (and will) kill them at any time of their choosing. All they have to do is say, when you’re contract is up whether it’s expiring or you’re using an upgrade, either way, you cannot renew unlimited data on the new contract. PERIOD DONE.

        I suspect however as we move forward that unlimited data will become the norm…They went through the similar processes with text messaging and now everyone has cheap unlimited text charges…While I realize the resources to allow billions of text messages on the network each day is very different than allowing massive data loads, everything historically gets faster and cheaper over time. I’m quite sure we’ll find ourselves in a very near future where the average Joe consumes gigs of data a day and pays only $30/month or so for that use.

        Again though, if you actually use a lot of data now (8+gb’s/month or more?) and/or are on an individual plan, then I can absolutely see doing everything you can to keep it, makes fiscal sense. But for me, with my use and my current family plan, it makes WAY MORE sense to switch and give up unlimited data.

  • Pegleg

    We have two smart phones on unlimited data and not about to give that up just for a subsidized Samsung. I’ll wait and pay full price for the Razr Maxx HD when it hits.

    • LionStone

      Heelllll yea…now your talking Pegleg! Or whatever else that comes out…choices.

  • I wonder if VZW would pull something like this if Sprint and Lightsquare are up and running. VZW and the “government” runs FCC, something smell in here…
    In any case, whatever float your boat.

  • Android1997

    I had my upgrade in Augest, but just decided to throw my Samsung Fascinate at the wall to see if i could get an early upgrade for it. Well i got grounded for a week but it worked and got an upgrade, so i got a Razr Maxx on sunday and im so happy with it 🙂

  • Lucas Gorski

    at the moment, i’m very happy with my galaxy nexus so i won’t be upgrading anytime soon. when/if i want to upgrade than i’ll probably pay full retail price or buy a used phone.
    i might consider switching carriers, but Verizon has very good coverage in my area so i’m going to really have to think it over.

  • jamisles02

    My plan is since I pay for only my phone, the shared plan is worthless to me, so I’ll fight with Verizon being a loyal customer for 12yrs (13 when I’m up for a new phone) & see where it goes.

  • KRS_Won

    Just upgraded to a MAXX last month. Great phone. My next phone will be bought at full price. Hopefully a Motorola Nexus that’s CDMA/GSM/LTE from the play store. (Motorola Nexus RAZR HD MAXX Plus, lol.)
    But seriously, all of Moto’s latest phones have been world-capable. Wouldn’t it be nice if they made another Vanilla Android, and sold it in the Play store. Not because Google bought them, but because there’s that rumour of 7 Nexus devices at the launch JellyBean.

  • ranlil

    Most will laugh… My Bionic runs great so I’ll keep it till it dies, or I get tired of it. Then I’ll buy from ebay or whatever. That is until my contact is up and unlimited disappears.

  • eric815

    Option 1 and 2.should be offered combined. I plan to use 2 upgrades now and buy retail going forward

  • Sixhammers

    Sorry guys a little late to the poll, going forward I have no issues paying full price for my phone to keep the unlimited. However I doubt I will ever buy a phone from Verizon again…. As a side note, for anyone on a family plan. Note: (And someone may have already addressed this issue) if one changes…. you may all be changing… “beware the upgrade”. Personally I am still wondering which customer (and I mean that in the singular since Sanjay) thought shared data plans beat unlimited. Did Verizon really hope to put some sort of positive spin on this scenario?

  • over my dead nexus.

  • Josh Flowers

    Verizon Strategy: remove unlimited data, promote certain phones which will provide higher gain for the company by offering “keep unlimited data” promotions. This promo will roll around every so often and people will buy any phone Verizon deems allowable—even if Verizon knows its crap. People have already made a fuss over losing the unlimited data (myself included), so they know this strategy has & will work.

  • hkklife

    Just extended with a GSIII so in 2 years I will see if it makes more sense to keep on going month to month or jump ship. Depending on how the S3 holds up, if if a Note-style device ever comes to VZW, I may do an upgrade in a year or so if I see a good deal on Ebay or CL on a used one.
    If they pull any funny business while i’m in the duration of that contract, then I’m outta there. If that’s the case, I’d get an unlocked Note (preferably a next-gen Note 2) and go with T-Mob or Straight Talk SIM plan.

  • ntxct

    Can someone make sure my math is correct here… situation: 4 smartphones: 3 GNexses and 1 Blackberry. All on a family plan with 1400 mins and unlimited data. Currently, on average the cumulative data we use is about 750mbs…. (home wifi, office wifi… etc) The current bill is 270 a month (after taxes). My question, is my math correct that if we switch to share everything at 1gb, it will be cheaper per month? 40×4+50=210 210<270, so any downside for me and my family?

    • steve0617

      If you *truly* only use 1 gig amongst four phones, then you’re exactly right. Your math is right, unless you have to pay the extra $15 for the Blackberry corporate email stuff. If the Blackberry is just picking up gmail or AOL, then you’re smart to switch. And then you’d still be saving $35.

      • ntxct

        That’s what I was thinking… Im the “power user”, its mom and dad that have the other GNex, Mom uses around .010 GB a month, Dad .025, and the sister’s blackberry runs through her gmail…. even if we go over by 1gb, the $15 a month addon is still cheaper than the $270 we pay now. Now if the home internet got bandwidth capped, we may be screwed but thats a different story…

  • Matt Gondek

    Option 5: Run my GNex into the ground
    Option 6: Hope the Mayans were right and I won’t have to worry

  • possomcrast1

    So if you’re contract ends you can’t just keep the same phone?

    • vega25

      Yes one can!! And I’m super annoyed that Droid Life isn’t highlighting that at the end of the day, all of us have the option of keeping our phones as they are, and not have to be forced to do anything. I confirmed with @VZWSupport yesterday. I have a Galaxy Nexus and my partner a Rezound, and we don’t see any reason to change our phones in the future. So our plans will stay as they are! (In my case, the new plans increase the monthly access charge by $30, so I have no intention to change to them.)

      • steve0617

        However, because you’re off contract, VZW could eliminate the unlimited for you. Not saying they will, but there would be no agreement locking you/them into unlimited data for you.

        • vega25

          Fair point, @steve0617:disqus. But for now there is nothing I am required to do. And if and when they do decide to eliminate the unlimited for me, its at that point that I’ll have to make a decision. Since the monthly access charge is higher for me under the new plans, I am saving money every month that I’m not moving to the new plan.

          • steve0617

            Exactly the same for me. I’m a single line, one device and simply do not need unlimited minutes and texts. So changing now doesn’t make sense for me either, unless I want the lock in the unlimited.

        • vega25

          One can of course argue that we won’t know if the ShareEverything plans will be offered in the future. At least we know for now what we’re getting. What if the ShareEverything plans become this golden window of opportunity, and 2 years down the line everyone who moved to them in 2012 rejoice because its the people changing plans later or new customers who turn out to be harmed the most. Well, to all that, I would say, we’ll see. For now, I’m saving about $40 a month, which I’m very happy about, and expect to do so at least for another 18 months.

      • possomcrast1

        Good because I’m still happy with my nexus. I won’t be jealous of any phone until the next nexus is announced.

      • udispyn

        I don’t plan to upgrade I have the Razr Maxx, just waiting for ICS and global, and I’m good