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Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for the Galaxy Nexus Up for Pre-order

Looking for that extra bit of protection on your Galaxy Nexus screen? Would a tempered glass screen protector interest you? We have seen similar products from companies like Spigen SGP sell well for the iPhone and Galaxy Note, but up until this point, the G-Nex had been left out. Thanks to a member over a RootzWiki who seems to have convinced the company he works for to create a similar product, tempered glass is finally coming.

For those not familiar with tempered glass, think of it as the ultimate screen protector. Once applied, it shouldn’t reduce screen sensitivity at all, but it will help your phone survive a major fall. Spigen’s, for example, is a specially processed reinforced glass that protects against scratches and also increases shock absorbency. We are assuming that this product will be similar to that. Think of Tempered glass as putting all other screen protectors to shame.

His company has opened up a pre-order for the glass protector at $29.99, but if you use the coupon code “NEXUSFTW” at checkout, you can save yourself $5. They expect orders to be ready by late June or mid-July.


Via:  RootzWiki

Cheers @strikeir13!

  • Southrncomfortjm

    I’m interested in this, but I have the Seido case due to my extended battery and it is unclear (1) how this protector attaches and (2) whether it will work with my current case. If anyone has insight into this, please let me know!

  • Eeyore

    It will just break anyways

  • droidup

    The problem with tempered glass is if the edge or corner is hit it explodes and would scratch the Nexus screen. If the Nexus falls flat straight down it should be fine and protect from scratches but also clear normal protectors. Laminated glass like in a windshield would be better but can not make that thin. Not for me..

    • kevinc

      Reading is fundamental:

      “Beveled edge keeps you safe from cracked & chipped edges”

  • EvanTheGamer

    Excellent! May just buy one.

  • This is potentially really neat, but I’m going to have to wait for a hands-on review of it. I bought a Skinomi Techskin for my Galaxy Nexus months ago . . . and I’ve STILL not put it on, as I’ve been loathe to have my phone unavailable to me for anywhere near the recommended 24 hours of powered-off time recommended.

  • Chuck

    Does anyone know if this product will be compatible w cases such as the otterbox? I’m hating the sensitivity of their provided screen protector.

  • Art Holguin

    I was ready to buy but I dont think i will have my Gnex much longer as the GS3 is on preorder.

  • disJo

    Do they offer this for the Maxx?

  • Prime7

    I’m in. My Steinheil Flex has that stupid orange peel effect going for it. I was hoping there would be an SGP Crystal or something, but this looks like the winner.

  • MrEnglish

    My Gnex has no case and no protector and is just as good now as when I bough it. I’ve destroyed every phone I’ve had since the original droid, somehow this one has not had one issue. I think it’s because it doesn’t suck like the moto and htc phones I’ve had, so I’ve never thrown or smashed it. I bought this glass top anyway, just so I can have an opinion on it that’s not based on forums.

    • Liderc

      if you can, let us know what you think of it when you put it on. I might get it if it feels good/doesn’t collect finger prints.

      • MrEnglish

        I’d be happy to. I’ll bookmark the comment and reply when it ships. I’m not sure on delivery time.

        • Liderc

          Appreciate it.

      • ERIFNOMI

        There is a thread over on RootzWiki by the guy behind all of this. He’ll be showing the final product before it ships. Probably of interest to you.

        • Liderc

          Thanks for the link.

      • cswin72

        you should try the screen protector from rearthusa.com (ringke). best i’ve tried yet, no glare, no fingerprints, and the feel is amazing ….almost dry and ‘powder-ey?’ …finger just glides across, no “sticking”. their slim case is beast too.

      • MrEnglish

        I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten that I promised to tell you about the screen protector, but as yet, I have not received it. Yay me.

      • MrEnglish

        Well, I finally got my xgear screen protector in the mail today. 2 months after ordering it. 1 week after putting a scratch in my Gnex. Yea. Murphy lives with me now and his laws suck. Anyhow, if you have a good screen, as in new, then this is an awesome way to protect it without it looking as if there is a screen protector on it. EASY install, the easiest ever. Super clear and I’ve noticed NO change in touch sensitivity. Wish I had gotten it before the mysterious scratch, but oh well.

        • Liderc

          Thanks for reporting back, appreciate your time.

          • MrEnglish

            Well, that didn’t last long. I dropped the phone from about 2 feet on my desktop and the screen protector cracked down the middle. Contacted support to see if it should be that brittle, we’ll see the results. All in all, at this stage, cool concept but not very hardy.

        • Can you see the scratch on your screen through the tempered glass or is it covered up?

          • MrEnglish

            Well you certainly can’t feel it but it is somewhat visible I would not use this protector cover up scratches. It certainly makes the face of the phone a lot better than was before. I just wish I could’ve gotten it before I scratched the phone.

  • 11knives

    wonder if this will hide a scratch. I have one small 1/4 inch long scratch on my screen and I just kills me that it’s there.

  • if it’d get rid of my scratches, i’d love it!

  • “Compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE & GSM”
    It’s too bad Samsung can’t learn a lesson from the 3rd party accessory manufacturers and make things universal for both phones.

    • Liderc

      The screen’s are the same on both devices. They just put that there so people know it’s supported.

  • Donnie

    Bought one, can’t wait.

  • MikeKorby

    Any idea on if these would actually INCREASE the sensitivity at all?

  • RJB

    What is the link to buy this protector?

    • David

      Look for the word “buy” at the end of the article.

    • RJB

      Duh, Thanks….

      • David

        No problem.

  • yellowcanary73

    I always thought tempered glass when broke goes into small square pieces So it won’t cut you the picture on their website looks like it splinters which could cut you.

    • NexusPhan69

      That picture really confused me. Why are they showing their product already broken like that?

      • To show you that it won’t shatter into a bunch of little pieces when it breaks, kind of like a windshield on a car. It says so right in the description on their site:

        “Our shatter-proof design keeps both you and your screen safe from cuts and scratches. When suffered major damage, the screen protector will crack and not shatter much like a car’s windshield.”

    • MikeKorby

      The other day my glass table broke. It had tempered “beaded glass”. Believe me, the beading glass still cuts you. So does anyone have any suggestions for getting blood out of carpeting…

      • windhunde

        Hydrogen Peroxide will work better than anything else.

    • Jonathan Berry

      It’s like a car’s windshield. If it breaks, it cracks but stays together.

  • InyRules

    This is very tempting. While my XO Skin is staying on like a champ, the orange peel look and the finger nail indents are getting out of hand. Also, when it gets dirty, it gets f-ing filthy.

  • sahilm

    I’m never good with size comparisons. I know the site lists the thickness, but can anyone tell me if cases will still fit properly?

    • Droidzilla

      There’s a twss in there, I just know it . . .

    • It’s only 0.4 mm thick, that’s very thin……..twss. I would think any case would work just fine, but you’d just have to try and find out.

  • EC8CH

    Thanks but I don’t need glass on my glass. I’d rather someone sell a pogo dock for something less than the crazy price of $90.

    • 4n1m4L

      99 with tax and free shipping. Just ordered mine today.

      • EC8CH

        I want one, but I’d feel dirty buying one for that price knowing the GSM version is $35 cheaper.

        • InyRules

          I’m with you on that one.

          • 4n1m4L

            Yeah, but after the time and effort spent sanding it, and having it look like fido’s ass because the paint is gone I wouldn’t feel satisfaction.

          • InyRules

            I don’t want to sand paper anything… I just agreed that there isn’t any justification for spending so much on the LTE dock when they can clearly make the almost identical dock and sell it a lot cheaper.

          • 4n1m4L

            It requires a micro controller to tell the phone to charge in AC mode instead of USB mode, which an lte nexus uses a lot of power while running, and the audio the phone outputs is spdif, so that needs conversion if you want to use normal speakers

            They aren’t as simple as they seem

          • 4n1m4L

            sorry, i didn’t understand your point. Yeah, if they can make something almost identical but cheaper… what gives. probably because the rest of the world uses the gsm sized docks.

          • ERIFNOMI

            You might want to look into getting an XACT-O knife. I bet it makes short work of that plastic.

      • moelsen8

        ouch. that stings. i want one really bad but there’s no way i can justify that price (until the day i just say F it, that is). why the hell haven’t these appeared at verizon or amazon or wherever for cheaper. you’d think a third-party manufacturer would have started making them by now too since the samsung one has been out for a few months now.

      • ddevito

        crack your screen and pay $50 to get it replaced.

        • 4n1m4L

          oh, we were talking about the pogo desk dock. its 99 with tax, but they ship it for free.

  • Its an adhesive

  • Patrick Flanigan

    how does it stay on my screen? I know the plastic ones have some sort of magic spell cast by a velco wizard, is it the same with the glass too?

  • glass on glass just doesnt seem like a good idea..

  • Kisuk3

    Was really hoping Spigen would do this given their stellar reputation but ill still be checking this out. Reg screen protectors feel wrong and peels to easy. Thanks Kellex

  • Id like to have one but it seems like a gamble for $25. I’ve never used something like that it depends on user experience whether I get one or not.

  • GSAI

    Think I’ll buy one of these and some NFC tags!

    • NexusPhan69

      Thats exactly what I did today. I was ironically enough looking at NFC tags yesterday before Samsung debuted theirs. I figured it was a sign.

  • harryeballs1234

    Too bad it didn’t come with gorilla glass to begin with. Everything cries cheap on the Gnex.

    • You do realize that the GNex does have an unnamed brand of fortified glass, right? And that the only difference between fortified glass and Gorilla Glass is the brand name, right? That’s like saying “Too bad you didn’t give me a Kleenex” when someone hands you a pocket tissue.

      • fartbubbler


      • Philip A. Kaiser

        The crack.across the bottom of my Gnex screen.indicates quite differently. As a matter of fact, due.to the useless curve, when my phone fell face down, it didn’t shatter or anything, it just split and made an edge to edge crack. Almost as though I scored a piece of glass and then snapped it. Still works though.

        • PC_Tool

          “The crack.across the bottom of my Gnex screen.indicates quite differently.”

          No, actually. It indicates a crack. It says *nothing* about the type, manufacture, name, or durability of the product itself.

          Please, people, stop making the most basic logic fails.

          I’m sorry you dropped your phone, Philip, but it really doesn’t mean squat regarding the type of glass used.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Agree. See my next comment.

        • Fortified glass, or Gorilla Glass if you will, has NEVER advertised itself as being “crack proof” or even “crack resistant”. If you drop it, it’s going to break. FG merely adds a layer of protection against scratches from common items such as pens/pencils/keys.

          Anything with a high grit level WILL scratch FG, including Gorilla Glass by Corning. Certain types of dirt, especially sand, WILL scratch the screen if rubbed into it. This is why people complain so much about getting scratches on screens with fortified/Gorilla Glass, because they don’t use screen protectors and the dirt/grit/sand that ends up in the bottom of their pockets scratches the screen.

          By the way, I’ve seen many phones with actual Corning Gorilla Glass get scratched in this way. It has NOTHING to do with the brand of fortified glass used, and everything to do with how the user treats his or her device.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Both true. The crack is my fault, but as a former droid X owner, I can attest that my X took more than a few falls without ever having it fail. I also never worried about scratching it. The Gnex scratches really easily and tgat is disappointing also. I kinda jumped on the anti Gnex wagon pretty quickly, but I am honestly a little let down after coming from such tough devices like the Droid Razr, Droid X, and Droid.

          • PC_Tool

            disqus blows.

            Stupid comment duplication. Die, disqus….die.

          • PC_Tool

            I’d chalk it up to nothing more than bad luck. Any fall can break any phone if it lands just so…your G’Nex apparently landed just so. (…and trust me, I know that sucks..)

            There is plenty to justifiably complain about regarding the G’Nex. I really haven’t seen enough of an indication to feel that the glass is in that camp.

            I don’t use a screen protector, and my G’Nex is clear and scratch/crack free after multiple drops. Thankfully, I am not around sand, so I don’t have to worry too much about Micheal’s horror stories. 😉

            (…or maybe mine always landed just so…so as not to break?)

          • Tyler Cameron

            The Droid X has some kind of rubberized plastic on all 4 corners. It’s hard to break its glass without throwing it on the ground, face down.

        • triangle8

          I also have a crack or a scratch on my GNex. I have no idea where it came from. But I’ve had 4 other devices with gorilla glass that have never had a scratch, so I do think that gorilla glass is better than the GNex’s fortified glass.

          • TacticalChunder

            I actually have a handful of small little scratches in my gnex screen, and it drives me nuts. I beat the crap out of my original droid and never had scratches, and in 6 months, I’ve scratched up my nex screen. I’ll keep an eye on on what people think of this product, but hope it works better then the plastic film protectors.

    • Liderc

      The Razr has “gorilla glass” and I’ve seen more cracked screens on them than any phone since the Iphone 4.

  • WilliamKu

    would really like to see how this looks on an actual phone.

  • Liderc

    I’ll have to see what people say about it. Lots of factors when dealing with screen protectors.

  • r0lct

    thinking of getting this and dumping my case and adding this. I hate cases but need something for the glass. While I hate cases I hate explaining to my company why they need to pay the deductible when a phone breaks even more

  • Andrew Wegand

    order processed!!

  • Kyle

    I got a screen protector the day I got my nexus in December. It does need to be replaced. I will think about this.

  • noway

    Does it have an anti-fingerprint coating? Deal breaker if not. I go screen protector free.

    • See my previous comment lol

    • r0lct

      website says: ”
      A special coating keeps contaminants such as fingerprints, oil, and grease extremely minimal and creates an easy to clean surface that can be simply wiped clean in one pass.”

  • I had to rip off the damn plastic protector the other day – they just get to a point uselessness and become impossible to clean.

    I am all in on this.

    • I did the same thing. It just became too dirty and it started to peel up.

  • Only this piece of glass wont scratch. In the thread he mentions that hardness is measured as a 1-10 scale. The screen protector is an 8 on the scale which means it will be much harder to scratch than the normal screen on the phone and also has a coating to resist fingerprints and oil, etc.


    Yo dawg, I heard you like to put glass on your glass…

    • sc0rch3d

      had to put my glasses on to understand that

  • moelsen8

    damnit… must resist impulse buy…..

    • r0lct

      resistance is futile

      • moelsen8

        the coupon makes it more difficult.. grr

        • r0lct

          all the cool kids are doing it

          • moelsen8

            the pressure was too great. i cracked. oh well. my screen protector is starting to look hideous these days anyway.

          • r0lct

            yeah, my verizon screen protector is starting to look messed up, so I used that as an excuse as well. Plus with this and without a case I can now talk myself into the car dock. 😛

          • moelsen8

            that’s funny.. the other tab in my web browser is opened to the google play device store. i keep checking it.. one of these days i’m going to pull the trigger on the landscape dock and some sandpaper.

      • resistance is voltage divided by current

        • r0lct

          you mean equals, not is, right?

  • Droidzilla

    Hardened glass on top of hardened glass? Screenception!

    • droid13

      Hahaha nice!

    • JSK

      Yo dawg…

      • We heard you like tempered glass so we put tempered glass on your tempered glass. That way you can protect while you protect.

    • InyRules

      +10 Internets for you, good sir.

    • On top of clear plastic.*

      • 4n1m4L

        Its glass. Just not gorilla glass

      • Kobby Laast

        The Galaxy Nexus has tempered glass which is what gorilla glass is. Gorilla Glass is just a brand name.

        • nicotinic

          There’s a difference between “plain” tempered glass and Gorilla Glass. Watch the videos on YouTube.

          Also check forums on the scratches the GNex is prone to receiving without extra protection.