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Smule Launches Magic Piano for Android, the Wait is Over

Magic Piano has finally arrived for Android. I think I’ve only been waiting a full year for this to happen, but hey, it’s better late than never. For anyone unfamiliar with Magic Piano, it has been a major success on iOS devices for quite some time. With MP, you download songs that range from Mozart to today’s bigger pop hits such as Bruno Mars and One Republic and then you tap on the screen to the notes that appear on the screen. Think of it as Guitar Hero’s cousin, Piano Hero. It’s a definite blast for any music lovers out there and I highly recommend it. 

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  • kenzie

    not compatible for droid x2

  • macdre900

    Not compatible for samsung galaxy 2 plz make it compatible and hurry i been waiting dorm even to play this game nd thank you.

  • Moth

    Notification ads. Not a chance.

  • dylan84

    Not compatible on the Atrix 4G.

  • Marcus Reid

    I gotta say this is pretty fun. Although you don’t get all of the songs you want to play you have to gather points or pay for them. All in all its pretty good and accurate…well let your fingers do the talking haha.

  • you dont think you have to puch right on the dots… just have to press with your fingers when the dots hit the line

    • never mind… it tells you that you are to far right or left when you do that…. i have the same issue with not being able to hit all 4 dots… and i dont have fat fingers… they are just to close together.

  • The dots are WAY to close together even on a big Gnex screen, there is way I can hit 4 notes at once.

    In the video it shows to roll those chords, but not only is that still hard to do and hit all the notes, but it sounds way worse. You never get to hear a full chord together. I can sometimes hit 3 notes at once, but 4 is near impossible.

    • Jorbo the Borb

      Hey, you know you don’t actually have to hit the dots, right? That’s just telling you how many fingers to use.

      • I know. Even still, just lining up all 4 fingers and trying to hit the screen at the same time just doesn’t work.

        EDIT: See my update above.

      • Ok, now I just feel dumb. I realized you didn’t have to hits the dots right on, but I didn’t realize you could literally just spread your fingers out over the entire screen and come nowhere near the dots. It works fine now, thanks. My only gripe now is that they don’t explain this.

  • mjuliano

    I’m so glad to see this finally make its way to Android. Having played the iOS version, I will say that everything loads much quicker on my Galaxy Nexus and the larger screen real estate is wonderful. But there’s definitely a difference in responsiveness. The Android version if fine, but there’s just the slightest bit of lag that can grow a bit ugly (in faster sequences, it feels like my taps are about a note behind). It’s something you can probably get used to, but it’s just not the instant responsiveness of the iOS version.

    • TheWenger

      I had a little bit of lag also. On something like Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor, that could be quite bothersome.

  • TheWenger

    My wife’s had this on her iPhone and I always thought it was pretty cool. Now I’ll be able to rub it in her face.

    • Wouldn’t her having had access to it for months ahead of time negate any face-rubbing?

      • TheWenger

        Probably 😛

      • He can still rub in her face the fact that he uses an Android and she uses an iPhone. That will never grow old! 😀

  • Spike760

    How is this not available for the Galaxy S II?

    • Smule

      For some devices where we know there are issues, we have restricted installs for now. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S II has audio bugs in the phone itself that make the Magic Piano experience… well, not so magical. However, Android hardware and software are constantly improving so if we are able to support some of these devices in the future we absolutely will!

  • mustbepbs

    Such a beautiful song.

  • ugh dots are too close on my One X, my when it asks for 4 fingers it only inputs 2 =(

    • normmcgarry

      That sounds like a fat finger issue. 😉

    • PC_Tool

      (I love how that formatted…)

  • xFenixKnightx

    Played this game a lot on my 4S. It’s great, enjoy! 🙂