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Adult Swim’s Monsters Ate My Condo Released on Android

Adult Swim has recently published another game onto the Play Store called Monsters Ate My Condo. It has been a big hit on iOS (like every other game that finds its way onto Android) and it is a blast to play. The game is sort of all over the place in terms of the overall goal, which is perfect for people who can multitask while also looking at extremely bright colors for prolonged periods of time.

Condos drop from the sky in various colors. You then feed the monsters the matching colors, while also trying to put three condos of the same color together which earns you points. There’s a lot of other stuff going on, so give it a go and let us know what you think. And don’t worry, it’s definitely worth the $1. 

Play Link ($.99)

  • Matt

    I agree, RUA on was tossed to us and never kept up with. Even when they first had put their games on mobile (iOS) they had that ending line to their spot “If you don’t have an iPhone…well you can go !@#$ yourself” or something along those lines. They favor it and always will. I’d rather be in with Windows Phone and not have it than be treated like second rate. So they will never have my money.

  • michael arazan

    jeez, if you didn’t have epilepsy before, you definitely will have a seizure after playing this
    : p

  • Same as everyone else, I will never give them my money after RUA got left in the dust like it did. I used to love playing that game on my SG 1

  • Sirx

    Jumping on that RUA bandwagon. Doesn’t work in ICS, and hasn’t been updated to say otherwise. I’m not sure who at Adult Swim Games thought they could just toss some ol’ busted leftover port of their popular iOS games (*cough*BattleheartbyMikaMobile*cough*) and we’d eat it up and throw money at their prostitutes, but no! Ok.

    We are a legitimate ecosystem over here and we deserve legitimate effort from your company. If you feel it is not cost effective to give us apps and games that reflect that effort, then please just save yourself the money. I know I am…

  • Chris

    No fix RUA… no buy MAMC.

  • I picked this up a few days ago. Its pretty fun. I played for 30 minutes without realizing it.

  • Jason Purp

    When are they updating Robot Unicorn Attack? No way in hell I’m buying this until I find out about RUA. This could very well end up just like that one.

    • In all honesty I doubt they will fix RUA since they now have the sequel out on FB and the Adult Swim website.

    • justincase_2008

      Yeah the fact they never did any updates shows they just tossed it out there then didnt care. So why give them more money?

    • Anthony Armando

      this. i have “reported” it since the gnex was released. called them a bunch of tools on twitter about a month ago.

      not giving them any of my money.