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Tuesday Poll: Under Verizon’s New Share Everything Plans, Are You Saving or Losing Money?

It’s time to bust out those calculators. With Verizon announcing their new Share Everything plans, most of you are under the impression that these aren’t the great deals that Big Red is attempting to lead you into believing. From what I can tell at first glance, these plans will be amazing for families who talk on the phone a lot and text message like champs, yet rarely get on the internet or use data intensive apps. For those like me, that rarely make calls and use free instant messaging services (aka no text plan), but pound the data, these plans are the last thing I would ever choose. Each of our situations are different, so we would love to see what those are.

Let’s do two things here. First, walk through our step-by-step guide of Verizon’s new Share Everything plans and calculate a bill for your account based on these new numbers. And try not to automatically choose the 10GB plan to jack up the price, but look at your last 3 months of data usage to get yourself an average. Once you have done that, compare it to your current bill and then vote in the poll. We would love to know if you would save money, spend more, or stay the same with these new plans.

Would you pay more or less under a Share Everything plan from Verizon?

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  • I’m only saving because I was on that favorite friends and family 2000 min plan with unlimited text on 2 basic phone lines paying $140! I didn’t even have data! My monthly bill after my corporate 10% discount was $145. I was about to switch to Sprint to get the unlimited data. I just hope in being a new data user, I don’t go over the GB usage. I basically needed it for business and email.

  • I did a lot of calculations prior to the change, as we have 3 lines on a family share plan. I still have unlimited data on my line. We were told if we wanted to do any upgrades to do it before the plans changed or we would have no choice but to go on the new plan. As I figured we would need the 6gb package at a minimum for 2 smartphones, and I would be getting less of an employer discount as it only applies to the data package on the new plan, I would be paying more on the new plan, and losing my current unlimited data package of course.

  • B M Woods

    When was the last time a product was rolled out with any company, ever that fit EVERY SINGLE consumer’s need perfectly? You do realize that Verizon is a FOR PROFIT company, just like SPRINT, AT&T, US Cellular and all the other little guys in between, right? You also realize that tower construction, maintenance and leasing on 4G towers is 10 fold what a 1XRTT tower base costs, do you not? What you don’t see on here are the other 99% of Data users, on any network who don’t waste their time nerding it up on forums just like this because they need a place to vent about their up load and download speeds, or that their YouPorn was buffering all day, or they couldnt upload their 400 new photos to facebook in 15 minutes. You people are clearly smart enough to follow up on new technology. So, reading between the fine lines, I know you are smart enough to see that you CAN keep your unlimited plans, albeit in a rather unorthodox route. Knowing this, you probably have done your research on the other major providers. Do you see a trend? These changes are already past the infancy stages in every major provider’s line up. Verizon just so happens to be the first to stick their toes in the water and test the temperature. And upgrade fees? Verizon saved you that $30 fee every time you upgraded over the last 10 years, with the exception of a couple months about 4 years ago when they tried to charge you $15 per upgraqde. You know how long that lasted? Maybe 6 months. And you want to complain about a company “Fucking you over?” Sprint still charges $36 per line to upgrade. AT&T? $34. And you know what else? I’m fairly confident Sprint charges an extra $10 fee per month on top of data plans for 4G phones. 4G that doesnt work in a majority of the markets you are probably complaining from at this very moment. These changes have not even taken effect yet. Most of you have expressed that you are grandfathered in, and a lot of you are rather new in contract. SO why are you complaining? in 20 months when you are ready for your new phone, guess what? Wireless plans change almost as often as half you nerds change your semen stained underpants, around 6 months… So look for the market and plans to look entirely different in late 2013 than they will in a month when these new plans come out, especially with VOIP/LTE coming out next year. As for you jack wagons who use 40+GB a month on a SMARTPHONE… Get a life, you are smart enough to figure out WiFi. You are too cheap to put landline internet in your home and expect the benefits of landline coverage at no additional cost. Unlimited usage on a smart phone is night and day difference compared to a tablet or computer. You are tethering so you can run every piece of electronics in your home from a $30/month smart phone. Yes, you may be smart enough to figure it out, but you are dumb as rocks or as cheap as a Jewish banker if you fully expect to get away with relying on your phone to power your whole life forever. By the way, Yes, I do own a VZW indirect store. No I do not agree with some of the changes. But if you put them into perspective to the competitors, you are out of your mind if you think Verizon is trying to screw you out of your socks. No, we are not out to hold your hand, give you a hand out and tell you that you are more special than anyone else, no you do not deserve a better deal than your next door neighbor Charlie because you pay a day earlier than him every month. Wise up, take advantage of your business discounts, learn how to use Google Voice, Invest in a 4G mobile hot spot before the plans change. Do the things that research oriented people should do instead of complain about things that will not change. You can call the FCC all you want. The changes are legally approved, well within every guideline, and will still be cheaper and more reliable than the rest of the competition, with the exception of Sprint in pricing, but good luck using your phone if you travel outside your zip code on a regular basis. This will be my first and last post on here. Flame away, call me names. It will not change anything that is coming up. And for the 99% of users who use less than 1.5GB of data a month, congrats, you are going to save yourself a lot of money, even if you do not need the unlimited minutes. You want an intelligent conversation with someone who wont be typing with one hand down their pants while Jenna Jameson is dancing on their phone screen, I’ll be happy to help you with your problem. 262-865-7354. I guarantee this call will be more productive than wasting your time bothering the FCC.

  • Currently four smartphones, three on unlimited data, other 2GB, 1400 minutes Family Share. Average data usage all phones last six months 4.7GB, peak one month 8.3GB = $267.09 monthly access charges. With Share Everything 8GB, monthly access will be $240, a monthly savings of $27.

  • This is a great idea for them. I love my unlimited plan for my 2 lines. Now I have to worry what im using?. This is ridiculous. Im very upset at this. Im definitely going to go over the 10gb amount. Now im looking at my bill going from $180 to about $250!!

  • You know, I was mad at first because they didn’t come out with a simple package plan like they did with Family Texting. But now, after I figured everything out, I’ll be saving $30/month on our 3 smartphones w/ 6GB of data. We use WiFi a lot, so we’re lucky if any of us goes over 1.5GB in a month. Depending on how it goes I might even be able to go down to 4GB and save more.

  • on the cheapest option with far less service..unltd data-vs-1gb..id still be paying $6 more per month. if discounts applied to access line only then would i save a little bit of money. but for $10 hardly worth the trouble of having to think bout my data usage each month.

  • Gasaraki

    If I move my family plan to the shared data plans, I will be paying $30 more a month for the 4GB plan. No thanks…


  • middlehead

    With two phones on my plan and only one a smart, I’d being paying less up to 6GB data. Depending on how this shakes out, I might actually switch when my contract comes around again.

  • dying droid x

    Hey everyone,

    I am wondering what would happen if I upgraded my droid x to the gs3 and kept the unlimited data and then after share data goes live we up grade my wife’s smart phone. Would we have to divide our account, my phone on unlimited data and a voice plan and hers on the new shared plan?
    For what it’s work both of our phones are ready for and upgrade.

  • Guest

    Our bill for 3 smartphones and 1 feature phone is about 170 before tax. Even if we dropped all our smartphones and got minimum data it would cost 170 with this plan.

  • John Marion

    And Verizon is Wringing their greedy little hands after viewing this poll. They basically have a monopoly. They know that most families individual plans overlap. Thus making it very difficult to decide on a transition time to switch to a competitor. (this is true for any carrier though) So once emotionally or financially locked in, “Hey, let’s SCREW um”. Plus the fact that we all stayed locked in on the promise of grandfathering unlimited plans, there should be grounds for a class action lawsuit.

    • John Marion

      Best bet. Buy Verizon stock NOW!!! With all the money you make on the stock sky rocketing, you can make your phone payments with free money.

  • paul_cus

    I’m keeping everything the way it is. I’m the only one on my family plan that uses data. All the other lines are feature phones. It would cost at least $50 more a month to share 4gb with people that don’t even want to use it on my plan. I’ll just buy off contract for my line and the rest of the plan can use upgrades to get new feature phones. I’m glad I don’t have someone itching to get a smartphone the next time around, it would ruin the whole plan. I’m going to hold onto unlimited data as long as it’s possible.

  • RaptorOO7

    I would be paying about the same but losing unlimited data on my smartphone which I typically use about 1-2GB a month at the very high end. Now we have two MiFi’s and a couple of dumb phones and may add a Tablet as well. All of that would be $250 with 10GB of data which to me is likely a break even on what I pay now except I lost unlimited data. So I will need to account for an extra 2GB of data for $10 making the total $260 plus taxes so that’s what $290-300 so NO SAVINGS AT ALL.

  • So here goes. I have 4 phones on my plan (3 smart and 1 feature). Of the 3 smart phones 2 have unlimited and one 4GB data plan. I also have 1400 TLK & TXT Share plan. Here is how it breaks down.

    1400 TLK & TXT = $100 (with 15% military discount 83.50)
    feature phone 9.99 + tax =14.45
    smart phone 1 9.99 + 4GB data $30 + ins $6.99 + tax = 51.44
    smart phone 2 9.99 + unlimited data $30 + ins 9.99 + tax = 54.43
    smart phone 3 9.99 + unlimited data $30 + ins 9.99 + tax = 51.88

    Total = 255 ish

    New plan
    3 smart phones $40 each = 120
    1 feature phone = $30
    6 GB of data = $80
    ins on 3 phones = $30
    tax = $20??

    Total = 280

    So i lose my unlimited data but get unlimited talk and text (i barely break 300 min), and i pay about $30 dollars more.

  • 216monster

    Ill be saving money!

  • djsquid10

    Well free skype on wife from now on lol

  • What I love is we are required to have a Verizon range expander to use our phones at home. Basically we have to connect their device to our home network connection. The worst part is anything used on our phones is still considered their data unless it is on wifi on the phone. So with these new plans VZW would charge me for using my home internet connection. Yeah, I think I will pass.

  • Granpa

    Here’s a novel concept for people who say the have to buy a subsidized phone because they can’t afford one otherwise. Save up. Save up. It’s easy. You know months ahead when the new smart phones are going to be released. Put some money aside, every month, skip on that fast food a couple times a week, save up and by the time it comes out, you have the cash to buy it without subsidizing it and you will end up saving yourself a lot of money. Folks from the “credit era” just don’t know how badly they are getting it in the rear. Saving up is how our parents bought their cars, houses, and everything else before the era of credit ruined our economy. I will have the next Nexus phone. They are saying November release, well that gives me plenty of time to save up. Do it or take it in the butt for another two years.

  • Jeres88

    I just did the calculations, I’ll be saving around $40 a month. That is even not including the 15% discount that I have. (old $207 with discount. New with 4GB $160 without discount)

  • shareddataisokwithme

    Really, I think most of the people that read and post on Droid-Life are the people that need unlimited data. The other 95% of the country that does not read/post Droid-Life probably will see a cost savings. Most of the customers that I deal with (yes im VZW employee) they do not exceed 1GB per month. So for them, these plans might be ok and it will help them justify buying little Johnny that iPhone that he has been begging for. Maybe little Johnny is ok with turning cellular data off and just using his iphone with wifi.

  • So lets see how this works for me…

    Right now I have:
    Talk & Text Plus Data 1400 min Family Share Plan w/ 5 lines (all smartphones), Unlimited Text and Data & 10 F&F
    Base price for first 2 lines = $139.99
    + (3x) Additional line (@ $19.99 each) = $59.97
    = $199.96 TOTAL for everything (before tax and fees)
    We currently use about 8 GB between us, but my mother is learning her phone pretty good and that might go up, so lets say 10 between us all.

    Under their new plan:
    5x smartphones (@ $40 each) = $200
    10GB of data for $100 on top of that.
    = $300 Total.

    And this doesn’t even take into account my 8% corp discount cause its so messed up now on what it applies to and what not.

    So…. WHERE is the so called savings in these plans? We need to start mailing dictionaries to VZ HQ with the word “savings” highlighted in each one so maybe they’ll learn it. (Not getting my hopes up.)

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Isn’t it A) 9.99 per additional line, and B) how much are you paying for data for each line – if its 5 lines with unlimited thats $150 so $139.99+29.97+149.95 = 329.92. So you’d save on cost if everyone uses less than 10gb total

      • It’s 9.99 per line for voice and 9.99 per line for data for the Talk & Text Plus Data plan.