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Reminder: You Do NOT Have to Switch to Verizon’s New Share Everything Data Plans – Unlimited Data Can Be Kept

We see in the comments that some users are freaking out a bit and are wondering if they will be forced onto one of Verizon’s new Share Everything plans. The answer is no. Let me say that one more time, so that hopefully, it can be the last. You do not have to switch to Verizon’s Share Everything plans. With that said, if you want to keep your unlimited data plan and current minute structure, there are some things you need to know. 

To Keep Unlimited Data

In order to stay locked into unlimited data after June 28 (the day Share Everything plans go live), you will have to purchase phones at full retail price, which could mean paying anywhere from $449 to $649 for a new smartphone. If you choose to buy a phone at the discount or subsidized rate ($199 or so) after June 28, you will be forced onto one of these new tiered plans (either individual or Share Everything).

Your Last Subsidized Upgrade

If you have an upgrade available and paying full price for phones doesn’t sound like a party, then you have 2 weeks to use that upgrade. If you buy a discounted phone today, you can keep your grandfathered unlimited plan. For example, the Galaxy SIII is up for pre-order – you can pre-order and keep your current plan. Verizon confirmed it to us, but we also can confirm after going through the whole process.

Choosing Subsidy Over Unlimited

If you come to the end of a contract after June 28 and choose to upgrade at a discounted price, you will have to leave your unlimited data plan. At that time, you have a couple of choices for plans through Verizon. There will apparently be individual plans that start at $30 for 2GB of data and then of course, these new Share Everything plans. In some cases, it may be cheaper for you to purchase individual accounts than go with a Share Everything. For example, if Verizon is offering a double data promo for individual accounts ($30 for 4GB of data). If that time comes though, you will want to pull out the calculator and do the math to find your best option. To see exactly how the Share Everything plans break down, we have laid it all out for you in this post.

  • Shawn

    well glad i used my upgrade yesterday for the S3 to at least have unlimited for two more years. i rarely use more then 2G anyway but im on a family plan but ill be damned if i pay 500+ for a phone lol

    • FortitudineVincimus

      BUT if the SGS3 does not drop until after the June 28th date – is this still true?

      It was when I did the PO last week, but they did not know new plan dates last week. Since we know the VZW SGS3 is not suppose to come out until after June 28th, did we just get screwed? Or, is the fact we did the PO still lock us into unlimited now like it did then before the new plan dates were announced?

      • Shawn

        you will be locked into the unlimited.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    So even if the new SGS3 I preordered does not come until AFTER June 28th – I get to keep my unlimited data.

    Before this tiered plan info dropped, VZW guaranteed me my preorder of the SGS3 locked me into keeping unlimited data. Now that the info did drop, and the phone is not expected to ship until after the June 28th data, does that change things?

    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      If you selected the $29.99 unlimited data with your order then that is what you will get.

  • confoosed

    My mother in law is on my plan, and she wants an iphone, she has unlimited currently. if i upgrade now i understand she can keep the unlimited, but next time when i pay full price to keep the unlimited can i turn that to 4g unlimited? or do i have to go to tiered 4g?

    • That is my question also. What happens after I upgrade now on contact in 2 years?

      • confoosed

        i know you can keep your 4g in two years, but i am concerned over the 3g to 4g jump at that point…not good……


    LOL. Holy shit, all these questions are starting to sound like that SNL parody on Verizon a few months back!

  • You do not have to switch to Verizon’s new share everything data plans…. You just have to totally change how you’ve been going about everything.

  • DrFrank20

    I am currently eligible for an upgrade now, but my wife is only one year into a 2 yr contract. If I go on the new plans, it might actually save us money because we are on separate individual plans. If I put us both on a new plan, does my wife now have to wait 2 yrs for her next upgrade or will her next upgrade date remain unchanged?

    • I’m pretty sure that her going from an individual plan to a family plan resets the clock, so I’d say yes her upgrade date would change.

  • So if I get the Sam S3 on pre-order and keep my Unlimited Plan… after 2 years when my contract is up… can I keep the phone and keep my unlimited plan after that?

    • Yes. You either keep using the S3 or get a new phone at full price. This is subject to change though at Verizon’s whim.

  • violator702

    This is just one big cluster f@#+

  • frankandsimple

    I will be caught dead before I give a penny more to Verizon. I’ll continue to buy phones from craigslist/ebay.. .. and when that becomes unreasonable.. I’m switching to cricket or US cellular, or Straight Talk.. or T-Mobile.

  • verizonil

    CALL VERIZON NOW AND COMPLAIN. The manager told me to tell everyone to call and complain before this takes effect. They may change when they see a majority of the people plan to leave!

    • domainThisthat

      in order for this to happen, people need to have proof that they will pay more. someone create a simple calculator website that will show the increase in price for a person.

      • WebFlyer
      • chicagotiger

        verizon did that for you.. we’re going to pay $330+tax more a year… and that’s without changing anything… if we get a new phone that’s an extra $40 each.. sneeze that’s going to cost you as well.. http://blog.couponverve.com/2012/06/12/verizon-wireless-shared-plan-pay-more-for-less-services/

        • day 1 customer

          I used the Verizon calculator & I will pay more with this new plan for my 2 smart phones & 1 dumb phone before taxes, fees & insurance. I’ve been with Verizon since their inception & this is new everything is a crock of shit! I have 3 peeps on my plan & 1 is a teen I have no reason for an everything plan except for texting…..we have never gone over our 700 mins of talk. I will probably leave Verizon once my plans are up especially since I have almost 2 years on 1 line.

        • thajack

          $330 isn’t bad… I just left the Verizon store and my plan would have gone up $50/month.

    • Mashirotenshi

      You’re complaining to customer service, that doesn’t impact corporate decision making. Not to mention that just because you call in, doesn’t mean your opinion gets forwarded on to the ‘right’ people. Usually in cases like this you would have to bombard all venus of correspondence for anyone that can impact it to take note. (Aka have wait times over 30 mins for customer service, 3+ days for e-mail, months for letters)

    • jjt to save the day

      Call Sylvia Thomas [Executive Relations Office] @ 240-568-2185

      Yes this is the real number for the ERO. Also, call the FCC. Flood FCC with calls about this _and_ the new $30 upgrade fee. Verizon continues to ask more out of customers while providing us with less. The only way they will get the picture is through incessant complaints from customers and investigations from the FCC, and of course, fear of losing a multitude of customers!

      Good luck Big Red customers!!! Get pissed and get on it!!!

      • trparky

        I called them asking about all of this and I told the guy on the other end of the line that there is a social media shit storm out there on Facebook and Twitter. Now, he did try and say that we won’t be forced into these new plans but then I said in reply that if that is TRULY the case, it needs to be communicated to the people because Twitter and Facebook are both on fire with angry comments.

      • dragonflyr

        did it … thanks for the number. i got voicemail and left a …. message. it is a real number.

      • got voice mail, left a polite message saying my 12 Years of business will be going to another carrier.

      • chicagotiger

        you mean the FCC chairman and former media executive that just allowed Comcast to quietly start charging for tiered data services ????

      • Guest

        The FCC sets/controls Verizon’s price changes????
        The FCC sets/controls how much data Verizon offers in each of its plans???

        • jjt to save the day

          No. FCC gets a whole bunch of pissed off calls (or rather, complaints filed online), and they get all into Verizon’s shit, causing Verizon a huge PR nightmare and the specter of regulators breathing down their backs… Sometimes these things have an effect on the decisions that companies ultimately make. Consumers must band together and stop bending over for these pricks… that’s what agencies like the FTC are for as well. The reason they get away with it is because WE let them. People say they will leave for another carrier, but Bog Red is pretty cocky! They know that we know their network can’t be touched, so they just keep ramming it in! I digress to your original questions. FCC controls the airwaves. They also take and investigate complaints about anything that falls within that jurisdiction. No, they don’t always come through… but neither does God!

          FTC – http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/consumer.shtm

          FCC – http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm

          Everybody, off your knees and tell the almighty and vehemently pompous Big Red that we are tired of being nickled and dimed and ever-more squeezed by their greedy talons during this recession where folks are already hurting. If they are not careful, they will find they are pricing people out of the market.

          Okay, off my soap box. Happy complaining!

    • Verizon Wireless: Allow customers to keep there unlimited data plans and phone upgrades. http://www.change.org/petitions/verizon-wireless-allow-customers-to-keep-there-unlimited-data-plans-and-phone-upgrades

  • e_droid

    A friend of mine has been considering switching from AT&T to VZW. How would her plan be if she did before the 28th?

    • Kind of hard to say without knowing what phone she’ll be using, what voice/text she’ll want, and if she’ll be on her own on on a family plan with others.

  • Verizon sells new phones for $750 no contract

  • B-MAN1104

    well when i upgrade i guess im going to sprint

  • teejaycard

    Seriously this is just greedy on their part. I mean they seriously can’t expect to look good in anyones eyes anymore after this. Full retail so we don’t have to pay more for their plans…..THEY STILL GET OUR MONEY! It’s a catch 22. AHHHHH!!!!!!

  • ahhhhhh


  • ksmckay

    I got a nexus and while it is a great phone the signal quality and battery life is terrible for me compared to all of my motorola phones including my Bionic which has been fantastic for me (cept that it is still on GB). Any reason to believe the GSIII will be any better than the Nexus in terms of signal and battery than the Nexus? (I have an upgrade available and was thinkin about the RAZR Maxx)

    • IMO no. Moto will always be better than Sammy when it comes to signal, at least. (ok maybe not “always”, but you know…)

    • mustbepbs

      Won’t know until we get an LTE review.

  • john

    I really hope that everyone that says they hate Verizon, well actually leave. That means more bandwidth for every else.

    • EvanTheGamer

      There won’t be a company if everyone left. That would be insane…if everyone(like 80% of Verizon’s customers) left…wow, that would be insanity.

      • john

        My point is, every person will have some reason to B***H about one thing or another. Life sucks, deal with it. Also, not everyone is going to switch to a different carrier. People just need to grow up.

        • EvanTheGamer

          I don’t complain much, but when greedy companies take advantage of its most loyal of customers, I will complain.

          But yes, I agree, it’s life, deal with it, or don’t, move on, switch carriers, etc.

  • enigmaco

    I’m wondering if craigslist or ebay phones qualify as full retail, that was my plan from the get go. Looks like I’m heading down to verizon grr, Verizon is like a psycho ex girlfriend they just do anything possible to piss you off.

    • Detonation

      A phone is phone. As long as you’re not buying one subsidized via a contract it doesn’t matter where you get it (other than the warranty might not be the same).

      • enigmaco

        One would think that but with business logic it is hard telling what they would do.

        • TROLOLOL

          or Verizon logic…

        • MKader17

          I think people are getting confused with the unsubsidized/ full retail phones. Any phone you buy that is not discounted by Verizon is not subsidized. You can buy any phone that works on Verizon’s network and use it on your current plan as long as Verizon didn’t help you cover some of the bill.

          • enigmaco

            That’s all I wanted to know, basically if Verizon doesn’t have their hands on the lowering of their bill then your good. Thanks for the clarification.

          • Has to have a clean ESN too.

      • picaso86

        Wait… so you tell me I can go on ebay and buy a phone at any price and still keep my unlimited data plan?

        • enigmaco

          watch those prices rise on ebay and craigslist after this….

        • Yes.

      • JustSomeDude

        swappa.com is your best friend now.

  • This is making me rethink my wifi usage. Just out of principal I may start using 4G only to maximize my Data Usage. No more subsidizing phones for me.

    • LionStone

      Hell yea Joe,Use it up! 😉 The only time I pay for wifi is when I fly, other than that, I’m on the West/East coast and covered pretty good in 4G. Yep, just save up some bucks then buy the new phone you want. I believe you can even pay half or whatever and float the rest on your account.

  • Can you still preorder through Best Buy to keep unlimited data?

    • Anthony (BBY Employee)

      Yes as long as its before june 28th. Your best bet is to upgrade to SIII

      • Do you mean as long as I preorder before June 28 or if Best Buy manages to get the phone and I activate service through them before June 28?

      • Alix8821

        I Pre-Ordered at Best Buy on the 5th… So I’m set, right??

    • Does not matter who your preorder through they all use the same system to relay into. You just need to make sure to get your order in and confirm that you keep your plan.

      • But the preorder process through Verizon has you agreeing to the new contract and phone right when you preorder whereas through Best Buy you don’t confirm you keep your plan until you pick up your phone. Best Buy has the release date at June 28 with it being more likely on a date after that. So since you can’t confirm a plan with Best Buy before June 28 should I switch to Verizon?

        • Brandon

          Right. And if you don’t pick up your phone at best buy they will just put it into their general inventory to sell to someone else, almost as if it’s not your phone until you pick it up and agree to the contract.

          I pre-ordered from best buy to avoid $37 in sales tax, but I think I am going to abandon phone that and pre-order from Verizon online instead.

  • So someone has one main line, a secondary line and a $9.99 “dummy line” on their plan… Does upgrading the phone on the dummy line at a subsidized price force the whole plan into this new crap?

    • ostensibly

      that dummy line just got $30 more expensive a month.

  • CoCoCalypso

    GOD! I sure hope Google starts with their new Nexus program sooner rather than later.

  • so if you buy a new phone at FULL price to keep your unlimited data. . say most new phones are going for around $600 FULL PRICE and $200 for subsidized.. you’re paying an extra $400 which is equal to paying an extra $16.66/month covering a 2 yr contract

  • LiterofCola

    I use a little over 2gb of data a month so I would have to go for the 4gb tier, unlimited call and texts comes with it for about 110.00 a month. And that includes the subsidized prices for new phones. OR I could keep my unlimited data and still pay my 110.00 a month, but pay full retail for phones from now on…..uh-oh.

    • MKader17

      Don’t forget that taxes are not included and possibly insurance if you have it.

  • Worst part is I’m up for an upgrade July 2nd.

    • If you want to upgrade, they may be willing to do an early upgrade. They did for my GNex.

      • Yeah – I’m hoping they might be able to slide it up a few days.

    • Sonny Lion

      I feel you bro I am up on the 30th of June I have already called VZW and complained.

  • Mina Beshara

    Quick question. I have a family plan now with two smartphones and three dumb feature phones. One of the feature phones has an available upgrade now. If I use that to get a new smartphone, say the S3, can i just cancel the data plan and switch that phone to one of the lines with a smartphone, with no penalty?

    • Yes. I did it with my 3rd line when my wife wanted an iPhone.

    • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

      Just transfer the upgrade from the feature phone to the line with the smartphone plan. No need to cancel anything.

    • Mina Beshara

      Perfect! Thanks guys! I forgot that VZ actually lets you transfer upgrades between lines online now.

  • PyroHoltz

    What’s the scoop on corporate discounts? How are they now going to be calculated?

  • Br_d

    You can also keep unlimited data AND get subsidized phones by switching to Sprint, which is probably what I’ll end up doing at the end of my contract as long as they get LTE in my area.

    Yeah, their network is not as good as vzw, but I live in a large metropolitan area, so my coverage should be ok. They seem to be much more consumer-friendly. I like that.

  • John

    Thank you for confirming this. I have thought that was going to be the case all this time. I wish people would quit taking bits and pieces of there statement and blowing it out of proportion. This is pretty good and I wish I knew this before I bought my tablet. I would have bought a 4G model instead of WiFi only. O’well. In my current plan and rate, It would cost my $30 more a month. So I will be staying for on my current plan, for now.

  • Mordecaidrake

    So I can pay full price for phones, but what if someone in my family upgrades because they’re sure as hell not gonna pay full price. Does that switch everyone over to this new garbage?

    • cartisdm

      Someone find the answer to this!!! Just because I upgrade by the 28th, what happens to my contract when my family members upgrade later?

      • Mashirotenshi

        A reply to the same question-
        It only affects the line that you upgrade. If you upgrade your line (extend the contract) when it validates the plans it forces current pricing. Since the other lines are not affected by this validation, only your features would have to be updated.

  • Erick

    I am curious how family share plans are affected.

    Since they count subsidized pricing on the main line, I wonder how they treat the alternate lines when it comes to upgrading phones.

  • Ok…perhaps I am missing something. June 28th is the go live date on this thing. My contract isn’t up until next Dec (2013) and I cannot upgrade until June or July 2013. Am I going to be forced to make a decision on this before my contract is over or is this something that will come up when it is time to upgrade or the contract runs out?

    • steve0617

      Because you are already on an existing contract, nothing *has* to change. However, you can move to the new shared plan if you wanted to, without extending your contract.

  • Chewey246

    I just got off the phone with customer service and the gal told me that I could upgrade off contract for now and not go into the share everything plan, but she said they won’t tell exactly what will happen (off contract) until June 28th because that is “proprietary information”. Which I guess I am a little negative now, but that didn’t sound good for even buying off contract in the future.

  • wilson yyt

    my contract ends on the 2nd week of july
    FUUUUUUUU verizon

  • Tommy

    What happens if someone on my line decides the shared everything plan is a good idea? Am i forced into shared everything and loose my unlimited data?


    So, we basically have to pay $250-450 (unsubsidized phone price) to keep our unlimited. Hold on, let me go get my lube ready…

    • Keep in mind most Verizon phones are 299. Its really just $150-$350. Not that bad if you regularly use a lot of data.

      • The average unsubsidized phone price from Verizon is $650. The highest is $850 (hello iPhone!). Tablets can hit $900. It will hurt to keep unlimited data.

        Incidentally, you can blame Verizon’s CDMA network for making them so expensive. Since CDMA is only used in two regions (about 30 countries total and shrinking), a CDMA radio is many times more expensive than an HSPA+ radio.

        • mustbepbs

          Yeah but people will argue that saving money over the course of a 2 year contract with their unlimited data is worth the $700-800 up front. I don’t have that kind of cash lying around, so unlimited data goes bye-bye.

          • Snow02

            If you use 10 GB of data, even buying full retail new devices, you do save a considerable amount of money. Of course, there’s several possible scenarios depending on how many lines you have on an account with the new share everything plans, but at least for an individual account, you save $50/month. Over two years that’s $1200. Minus $700 (on the high end) leaves you with saving $500 every two years.

            Clearly, it makes sense to keep unlimited for even moderately heavy data users. And once you factor in that you can always pick up devices a couple months after release for $300-400, it just makes even more sense. With the increasing amount of services that we’re using data for, I just can’t see jumping off unlimited for anything. I don’t abuse it, but I don’t want to have to think about it either.

            But for the majority of people (i.e., not most droid-life readers), 10 GB would probably be an extraordinary amount of data to use, and therefore subsidized phones w/ tiered data might make more sense for them. The best thing to do is make sure people are informed and let them make the best decision for their situation.

          • mustbepbs

            Absolutely. I completely agree that for people who actually use that much data (and aren’t just taking advantage of unlimited) would benefit from spending the money off contract, which is what I said. I just don’t have that kind of cash and am on really great WiFi 90% of the time.

          • 10 GB of data goes pretty quick when you’re Truck Drivers that must have the data to function out here. And we lost our Unlimited when we switched to the 4G Air card. 1 Aircard and 4 phones…. this is going to hurt.

          • Larry

            If you are a heavy user, it can easily be worth more than that under VZW’s new data pricing structure. Some people use 12-20GB a month, while extreme data users use much more than that.

        • Larry

          That entirely depends on how reliant the customer is on data. If they are using it as their primary source of internet or streaming a lot of media, they’ll more than likely spend more under VZW’s new data pricing structure if they upgrade at a subsidized price and switch to the new shared data pricing. I don’t abuse data by no means, but it sure is tempting to get my moneys worth since I’ll be paying full retail price to keep my unlimited data. Of course I’ll buy it from anybody but VZW if I’m paying full retail price and have the option to drop VZW whenever I feel like it.

      • JSK

        Actually more are 199. The maxx is the only 200+ phone right now outside of the upcoming 32GB GSIII.

        • ljbdroid

          The Rezound and GNex are also 200.

        • My Hubby’s phone, the Razor Max retails for nearly $800…. you get it for $199.99 WITH the upgrade and contract extension. Unsubsidized is going to be the nearly $800 price… NOT the $200.

          • SheilaD

            I recently purchased a Droid Razr (not the Maxx), and without the plan, It would have been $900+! With my plan, I still paid $314. I could only afford it because I got my tax return! I don’t have $900 sitting around to spend on a phone I don’t really need. I work part time in a small town grocery store! I make barely enough to pay all my bills, including my cell phone bill.

          • Common Sense

            Then why do you have an expensive cell phone that you “don’t really need”? It might better serve you to use a feature phone and save that money for more important things.

          • Anthony Wood

            Stick $20 dollars a week in a savings account for 1 year and you will have $1040 for your next smart phone. If you can’t afford to save $20 a week for a year you shouldn’t have a smart phone because you can’t afford it.

      • Plus add on the amount of money you will save over 2 years (For me it is over $500 more money and would require me keeping tabs on my data usage to have shared)

    • Dude, I paid $710 for my GNex off contract. Apparently I have to do that every time I upgrade now ಠ_ಠ

    • After my s3 gets outdated I’m switching to GSM carrier. Yes I will be capped on data, however no overages. Also, if I am going to be paying full retail price, I might as well have access to any phone/tablet that I want w/ very limited carrier restrictions, faster software updates generally, and less bloatware amongst other things.

      • You could switch now. Switching to something like T-Mobile’s Value plans allow you to purchase phone upgrades any time during the contract you want, provided you’re willing to pay for it (and it won’t extend your plan contract).

      • Kevin McDole

        That’s what I plan on doing when my Rezound lives out its life.

    • jjt to save the day

      They’re not gonna let you use any lube!

    • Emilio_Buttsextivez

      I’ll pay unsubsidized to keep unlimited, For those of us that tether for free, I don’t really have an option.

      • You won’t be tethering for free much longer… Just sayin…

        • Emilio_Buttsextivez

          These are days I don’t want to think about…

        • Holy Grail

          You don’t know what you’re talking about….Just sayin…

        • Actually, the Share Everything plans all include free tethering. You just don’t have unlimited data to swim around in. Not that that’s really better…

      • Larry

        Verizon is going to piss off a lot of unlimited data plan customers and make them less likely to upgrade phones when they are eligible. For me, who hasn’t ever taken advantage of the unlimited data plan, I’ll just make it worth the full retail price I’m going to pay with the option of dropping Verizon whenever I like. So cheers to Verizon.

  • frankandsimple

    so I guess it’s good bye to subsidized phones.. and hello to Craigslist and Ebay. If it wasn’t for the horrendous fees that ebay is now charging.. (double slam with pay pal and ebay both charging us).. Ebay would have been my first choice.
    But these days, I find craigslist to be much better.

  • Seth

    This is such bull Verizon. There is no way in heck I will be paying 600 for a phone to keep my unlimited. I would truly love to leave Verizon out of spite, but there is no where else to go. Guess I don’t really have a choice. My middle finger is staring straight at you Vzw.

    • frankandsimple

      Look at T-Mobile. I tried them for a month and honestly, they are very good. Plans are cheaper.. coverage (as long as you are in metro areas).. is pretty good.. and they have some good phones too that are easily unlockable.
      Their HSPA+ “4G” network does not suck battery juice as much as LTE.. and the speeds are very very good too. (in the 7-12 Mbps range).

      • Seth

        Thanks for the reply Frank. When my contract is up next year ill be sure to look into T-Mobile. Hopefully their 4g coverage expands a little more through out the country.

        • frankandsimple

          They do advertise that their 4G coverage is the largest in the nation. But obviously they are referring to their HSPA+ coverage… which is actually in more places than LTE I believe.

  • Evan

    What if we want to upgrade a 3G phone to a 4G phone (without subsidy), will be be forced to change plans ?

  • Champion1229

    How would this work? My family account has three different smartphone lines all with unlimited data but we all have different upgrade dates (one next month, one in november and one in january)…..would we all be forced into it when the first person upgrades?

  • Nibirur

    This is crazy. I use a minimum of 20GB (regularly 50GB) just streaming Netflix and Podcasts all day at work. There’s just no way I’m losing my unlimited data, specially sense I don’t make that many calls, and use free texting services.
    Oh well, I usually upgrade phones every 4 moths anyway so that’s not a big deal for me, but I will miss those subsidies.

    • Can’t you just connect to wifi and prevent that? Or… work?

    • kretz7

      Yes, what you just wrote is crazy.

    • mustbepbs

      Well..yeah. Since you’re used to paying out the nose for smartphones every 4 months, what’s the difference? Just keep buying phones off contract. Are you just stroking your bank account or something?

    • Google

      No you don’t. Thanks for making up the story but you are lying. The average Netflix movie uses about 150MB of your data plan. That is about .14GB. So for ever GB of data usage you would need to watch about 7.14 moves to make up 1GB. So according to your “minimum of 20GB(regularly 50GB)” you would need to watch a “minimum of 142 movies(regularly 357 movies) per month. The average movie is about 1.5 hours(sitcoms are less but so is the data usage) which translate to a “minimum of 213 hours of movie watching(regularly 535.5 hrs). 24 hours x 30 days per month = 720 hours per month. Or maybe its mostly podcasts which are even less data due to their lack of video(assuming its audio podcast, if not the above applies). Thanks for playing.

      • I was going to reply, but you just made it pointless… haha

        LOL 20-50GB…. *sigh*

  • Are they MAKING us buy a full retail phone to keep unlimited, or can we buy a used phone (ebay)?

    • JohnPA2006

      You always have the ebay option, provided the phone you get has a clean ESN.
      Just bought a used Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus and activated it onto my existing plan on Verizon, I am keeping my unlimited.

      • BigFonz

        Is there a way to check ESN’s prior to buying a phone off ebay or craiglist?

    • you can use any phone you like (with a clean ESN) as long as you dont use the upgrade they provide.

  • Alberto Hamade

    I still don’t understand what happens once the first person of our 4 person account comes time to upgrade.

    • frankandsimple

      If that 1 person upgrades with a subsidized phone, then he will be forced to take up the 30 dollar for 2 GB data plan, or share everything data plan…

      The others will still be on whatever plans they are currently in.

      If that 1 person does NOT buy a subsidized phone.. then nothing changes.

      • Are you sure about that? I mean, the $30 data plan won’t exist anymore will it??

        • frankandsimple

          click the “laid it all out for you” link in the article above. You’ll see.

      • Frank

        What happens if that one person decides shared everything. Does that affect everyone on the line?

        • JDHokie

          If that person is authorized on the account to make that decision, then yes, it would affect everyone. I think.

        • frankandsimple

          The shared everything is in addition to anything that you might already have.. although one would have to be crazy to take shared everything and STILL keep their individual data plans.

      • From the sounds of it, if one person subsidizes the upgrade, the whole plan changes with everyone in it.

        • TROLOLOL

          Ah, collective punishment – the punishment of a group of people as a result of the behavior of one.

      • Alberto Hamade

        this makes sense. I hope this is what it comes down to. thanks for the reply

  • I am on a family plan and I am the only one with data at the moment. If someone else upgrades their phone does that get rid of my Unlimited Data? If so is there a way for me to split my line off the family plan (I am not the main number) and keep my Unlimited?

    • as far as i know, if you split off from whatever plan you’re on now, you’ll be off of unlimited.

    • tommy


    • kworkman

      you can do a line assumption and keep your plan just as it is but i would do it soon

  • Spencer Hartmann

    Can they force you off once your contract expires?

    • Can they? Yes. Will they? Probably not. The current statement from VZW is that you only get forced off your unlimited package if you get a subsidized phone. In a couple of years they could easily change that since your contract period sets the limits of how long they are required to let you keep what you have (as the word “contract” implies).

  • What will happen if I want to upgrade one of the “dumb” phones on my family plan to another “dumb” phone? Will that also need to be purchased at full retail in order to keep the unlimited data?

    • a “dumb” phone with unlimited data? Are you sure it has unlimited data and not just unlimited talk and text. I could have sworn unlimited was only an option on smart phones

      • mustbepbs

        Reading comprehension. He’s not talking about his dumb phone having unlimited data, he’s talking about his smartphone having it. He’s asking if he upgrades a dumb phone, will it affect his smartphone unlimited data. The answer is: nobody really knows until it happens or Verizon divulges more info.

      • I have 1 smartphone w/ unlimited data on my plan and 2 “dumb” phones with no data, I meant will I loose my unlimited on the smart phone if I upgrade one of the others.

  • Yitz

    Kellex – any updates on the incr 4G? Will it really be out by the 21st???

    • Dill

      If it is not out by the 21st then I am going to preoder the S3.

      • Yitz

        I hear you but I’m not ready to hold a 5″ tablet to my ear every time I need to make a call….4″ is what I want and I hope it’s before the 28th.

  • Edward

    Hopefully someone can answer this for me. Example: family plan with 4 smart phones + 1 basic phone. I know for sure I do not want to lose my unlimited data, so I will continue to buy off-contract. But what happens when a family member upgrades with 2-year contract price?

    What happens to the family plan?

    • I don’t have any official answer but, if Verizon does not allow mixed options, you could split the shared phones to their own plan. To make that a good deal you would really have to need that unlimited data.

    • JDHokie

      My (uneducated) guess is that if all 4 phones have unlimited, and one phone owner upgrades (at subsidized price) – they would get a tiered data package (2 GB for $30). However, if they’re an authorized user and decide to change the entire family plan to a Shared Everything plan, all phones would be affected. Basically, everyone on a family plan has to be on the same page regarding upgrades.

  • I’m going to make my SG3 last as long as possible.

    • MKader17

      Yes. No.

      • Maybe?

        • MKader17

          ??? That totally replied to the wrong thing or you ninja edited your post lol

    • Br_d

      It sounds like you can keep unlimited as long as you don’t get a carrier-subsidized phone, so buying a used phone and activating it should be ok. But I would verify with a vzw rep before purchasing, just to be on the safe side.

    • the contract breaks as soon as you use your subsidised upgrade. otherwise you’re ok. you can get a phone from ebay or craigs list.

  • King of Nynex

    I like that Verizon promised to give customers “plenty of time” to pick the option that fits them best. By my watch “plenty of time” is 16 days. Thanks for the heads up, Big Red.

    • I also like how midsummer to them is June.

    • while i think 16 days is actually suffiecient time for you and me. there are plenty of people that wont even hear about these changes until they go in to the store or dial 611.

      • JDHokie

        Yep. And the Verizon rep isn’t going to be upfront with them when it’s time to upgrade. That’s my biggest peeve in this – the information isn’t widely available to average users.

      • King of Nynex

        Exactly. I don’t expect VZ to be sending out flyers detailing what’s going to happen to unlimited data this week.

        • Fattie McDoogles

          That’s not true. This is far more cost effective for Verizon and most of their users. We have to remember that WE are the minority user. WE make up the 1% on each carrier. This is great for most carriers and most customers. I am a heavy data user and I am seriously thinking about switching because it will save me almost $100 off what I’m currently paying. That’s with the $100 10 GB plan

        • SheilaD

          I only heard about it because there was an article in my local paper that I happened to see at work. Verizon SHOULD have informed all of their subscribers.

    • kretz7

      You knew this was coming for a while.

      • But he didn’t know the details, or when. Hard to make any type of decisions when you have no facts.

        • hkklife

          Agreed 100x. At bare minimum, they should have announced this 30 days prior to it actually taking effect. I am seeing a lot of PO’d folks on FB, Twitter and various forums today! I was expecting the shared plans to kick in close to the 1yr anniversary of tiered data plans (July 6th) so this came as no surprise to me other than to see HOW much more I would pay under the pricing terms of the new family shared plans.

          Personally, I bet Samsung forced VZW’s hand to release the GS3 in line with the other carriers…otherwise, we’d have seen VZW sit on the GS3 just like the RAZR HD and use it to try and force users into giving up their unlimited plans.

    • Mashirotenshi

      Their hand was forced. Too many news agencies kept pushing the rumored plans, too many people were asking about it. Meanwhile, AT&T gets more time now to come out with better ones around fall while VZW takes the heat.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        This is so true. But that good thing is VZW will be able to match or counter AT&T’s prices by the spring. So by this time next year we will already have better options. And it will only continue to get more affordable from there.

    • Yeah, wasn’t it alleged in the media/online recently that vzw was switching to Shared data/plans because ‘customers asked for shared data plans?’ I don’t remember receiving an email, a paper document in mail or asked to participate in any survey about this shared data crap.

      “Customers have told us that they want to share data, similar to how they share
      minutes today.” **

      ** http://www.droid-life.com/2012/05/17/verizon-statement-on-unlimited-data-will-let-you-know-of-policy-changes-when-we-get-closer-to-shared-data/

      Dunno who these customers are. Do these customers know who “they” are?

      • ThatGuy

        Just because you didn’t ask for it doesn’t mean that customers don’t walk into stores all over the US every day and ask if they can share data like they do their minutes. It happens all the time in the stores.

      • Why you no have shared unlimited data verizon!?!?!

      • Why would anybody want to share 2GB when they already have unlimited. I don’t see the logic here. I pay more for my 1 10 GB than I do for 4 unlimited plans.