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Ice Cream Sandwich Build 3.14.605.10 Leaks for the HTC Rezound

Another Ice Cream Sandwich build has leaked for the HTC Rezound, this time as version 3.14.605.10. It appears to be a minimal update over the last one (fixes SMS issue, data widget, and removes caller ID app), which is a good sign, as that likely means they are getting closer to it being a finished product. HTC told us to expect it in either June or July of this year, so when we see minor tweaks and no new radios, we start to get excited. The file and instructions for flashing can be found at the source link.

Via:  DownloadXDA

Cheers claydos66!

  • medicad73

    I have tried numerous times to download this and it keeps saying its a invalid file when I goto open it. Anyone help?

  • Brettski

    If you install this leaked version, is there a way to get get back to stock when official OTA update comes out?

    • RobMorris

      If you don’t do anything with this, then you should be able to install the ota directly

  • JeffDenver

    So has anyone installed this over the old leak? Is it worth upgrading to?

    I have the 2nd leak installed (from May 7th) and my Rezound already is pretty awesome. So I need to know if it will be worth the effort to download and install.

  • Buckoman

    And yet the more powerful Rezound gets left with Sense 3.x while the mid-range Incredible 4G runs Sense 4.0 amazingly.

    • Xsoldier2000

      I’m running Sense 4.0 right now…..check out Newts Onexxx rom, he cracked the RIL for it.

    • nicotinic

      The Rezound is not more powerful. S3 vs S4

      • The incredible is not ground breaking either, instead of a s4 1.5 they gave it a 1.2. I’m happy with my Rezound. its going to take more than a crappy knockoff of the name incredible to cause me to upgrade.

        • JeffDenver

          I am a Rezound owner and I love it…but the Incredible is significantly better. Even with a lower clock speed, it is much faster (the S4 is that good). The Rezound has a larger (and better) display, but thats it.

          And for me, thats enough. The display is a big deal to me. I can’t live with less than 720p anymore. But the Incredible 4G is a great phone.

        • nicotinic

          I’m sticking with my Rezound too… But even at 1.2ghz the S4 smokes the S3 at 1.5ghz.

    • JeffDenver

      The Incredible 4G is better in every way except the display.

  • SCP

    I cant get this to install whatsoever, i followed the instructions and it does nothing

    • ozo012

      Are you bootloader-locked and unrooted?

  • can we please get a leak for the Thunderbolt. it could be a steaming turd for all I care as long as it has a workable RIL

  • Damon

    where are the instructions i do not see them?

  • micro21

    Hoping for a price drop on this phone in the next 2 weeks. Still stinging from missing out on the $50 sale.

    • JLO

      I paid $299 for the Rezound in December. Count yourself lucky. It’s still an amazing phone

      • tkoft

        Hah, suckers! $0.01 on Amazon Wireless! They always have great “penny phone” deals! Given, it was black friday, but still…you should consider Amazon Wireless for your next smartphone.

  • Sobr0801

    I’ll stick with the last one.

  • Rebased roms showing with the new leak to

  • walmes27

    Yea yea yea whatever same damn story you been saying for the past few months i dont nt believe it

  • ohiobuckeye7

    Sweet! Downloading and installing now. The previous leak wasn’t bad but I kept intermittently dropping 4G. Hopefully this one is better.

    • zhp pilot

      Shouldn’t be any different with respect to data. Same radios, same kernels. Only three things in the change log.

      • MLSchleps

        Which is why I’m sticking with the last leak and waiting for the official release.

  • ryan81192

    ICS is being pushed out to the htc rhyme right now. Surprise to me because I thought that my razr maxx would get the ICS upgrade way before the rhyme.

    • storm35x

      Is it really being pushed to the HTC rhyme right now??

      • ryan81192

        No I was mistaken it was an old update and the person who told me was wrong. Sorry to get your hopes up! I thought that it was weird since I havent heard anything about the update for that phone recently.

  • This is good news as my wife’s new Rezound arrives Thursday and the faster I get her on ICS the happier she will be with her new phone

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      I thought the same thing when I bought my wife a Rezound in early April.

      Good luck to us all is all I can say….