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DROID RAZR ICS Update Likely Not Arriving Today, Folks

Last week, CNET reported that the DROID RAZR would receive Ice Cream Sandwich on June 12. Clearly that is not happening. In a tweet from VZW’s support Twitter page, they mention that a date has not been given for the update, which leaves us with basically no concrete idea as to when we can expect it besides the previous “before the end of Q2” report. Like most other updates from Moto and VZW, we can expect Moto Feedback Network users to receive emails about a possible soak test before the update is officially ready, so until we see those, we’ll have to remain patient.

To keep up with ICS updates, be sure to bookmark our official list of dates.

  • Brandon

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  • I received this txt earlier yesterday, ” Free Verizon Message: Your phone will soon be upgraded to Android 4.0. At that time we will remove your Verizon Wireless Mobile IM app because it is not supported on Android 4.0. Please download a new instant messaging app to use IM on your phone. T”hank you for using Mobile IM!

  • Amadeuss

    Free Verizon Message: Your phone will soon be upgraded to Android 4.0. At that time we will remove your Verizon Wireless Mobile IM app because it is not supported on Android 4.0. Please download a new instant messaging app to use IM on your phone. Thank you for using Mobile IM!

    Just now razr

  • ronys

    Ooooh VZW expensive crappy and yet costumer service is the worst let’s be real compared to other carriers what they offer i feel so sad that i choose the moto verizon path!! I am cancelling this stupid contract! And really get your act together you gready Pigs i wish you gwt bankrupted i really do!!!

  • daltinator

    Is anyone else getting sick of this bull shit? Stop saying fake dates stop stringing us along. As much as i hate to admit it, looks like next upgrade will be iPhone. A platform that actually can push an update.

  • BigMac

    I do notice that if I try to manually check for an update, I get an error message saying that “Check for update is not available at this time. Please try again later.”

  • john

    thats right…. this is bullshit we should have ics already but verizon is stalling

  • Jake

    The update probably wont happen until after the Share Everything plans go live due to the fact that Hotspot is not a separate charge anymore. That at least makes sense to me that they would update the phone with a new Hotspot app to allow you to use it for free if you’re on the new plans.

  • RazrFan0311

    i just talked to a verizon rep and they told me that google WILL be pushing ICS today. Google is releasing the OTA in seperate “batch” files and is based on the purchase date of your droid razr. So if u bought your phone on the release date of the phone, then u will get the OTA first, if u waited until now, u will obviously get it last. Verizon can’t release dates yet because of the lack of intel from google to Motorola (not knowing which batch “your” phone is in), so they are on the safe side not “knowing” when the release date is.

    • DavidH

      Complete BS. Not only did what you say is happening not happen, but Google doesn’t do direct updating.

  • equestriancolt

    Does this surprise anyone at all? The update was supposed to happen last month and the month before. The question is why do they keep postponing? Verizon is looking for a new way to make money off of it. Rip off the people some more. Only in the land of America can companies ass rape everyone. The U.S motto should be: Welcome to America Bend Over and Open Your Wallet.

    • Yes, having quality service that you can afford for your smartphone and not getting an update CNET said you’d get instead of worrying about starvation or murder on a daily basis is the equivalent of assrape. I’m so with you on that that I’ll be joining you on your emigration to Iran.

  • DoneWithMoto

    Last Moto phone I will ever own,

    • I hear you man. It’s total BS that Moto and VZW can’t figure out how to meet the upgrade dates that CNET made up. I’m done with both of them, too, because they should follow every rumor CNET reports.

  • Dale C

    Yaaaay another rumored date has come and gone with no ICS on my Razr… Why do I even bother with the rumors anymore…

  • I swear to God I’m leaving Verizon and Motorola after this. CNET posted a completely baseless and unfounded rumor regarding the release date for an upgrade for a phone that works perfectly awesome anyways, and VZW and Moto didn’t adhere to it and didn’t even have the decency to let me know they weren’t going to adhere to what somebody at CNET made up on the spot. This is typical both of them, and I’m sick of being treated like this because I’m a petulant customer. I blame the executive management at Verizon, because they clearly are the ones who did all this, because the new Shared plans Verizon announced today cost more than my existing personal line, but are cheaper than the 4 lines my family has if I combine them into one bill, and they obviously made CNET post the article about this so everyone would think they had to upgrade to these plans to get the new release. I can’t tolerate this BS anymore. Apple is a better company because they always follow the release dates CNET authors make up.

  • eszentric

    While I agree it is quite frustrating riding this rollercoaster in wait for such a highly anticipated update, it’s not like we are otherwise stuck with a piece of worthless trash in our hands. The RAZR, though currently equipped with the relatively outdated Gingerbread OS update, is still a superior, and extremely functional and reliable piece of equipment. Do yourselves a favor by letting go of an issue you have absoluely no control over, and get back to appreciating and enjoying one of the best smartphones out there.

  • Keith Campbell

    It’s true that it was only a “rumor” that the update was today… but the reason people are so hungry for the rumors is that official communication has been practically non-existent. They don’t want to look bad by having to revise the “official” schedule. But this just looks worse.

  • Nick P.

    I knew this would happen they did the same thing with I had my thunderbolt and now with my Razr Maxx. And know I will have to give up my unlimited data if I don’t want to pay full price. I regret to say this but my journey with Big Red will sadly come to an end.(Sprint here I come)

  • scream

    You have to go to verizon to get the update. Just go in and they will ask you for the secrete password. ” I scream for ice cream” and then hand them your phone and they will update it.

    • Jhokur

      That’s not why you’ll be screaming.

      • michael arazan

        They lure you in for an ics update, then you come out with a soar ass

  • I realize that it was just a rumor on CNET and all, but there’s no way that Vzw/Moto didn’t hear about it. The least they could do is deny the claim, as to not get everyone worked up about it. I figured since there was no denial of it, that it could very well be true… Guess not

  • MotoDude

    Something tells me the Razr phones won’t be getting ICS until after Razr HD comes out because you know Verizon will be marketing the fact that it has ICS as one of its selling points.

  • drinksprite


  • MikeG

    Banner news day for Verizon :-/

  • MkVsTheWorld

    The writer at CNET just had it backwards is all. Verizon Wireless had an Ice Cream Sandwich today after explaining it’s new Data Plans.

  • SON OVA B*(&# I’m pissed for the 140th time

  • droid

    haha razr owners. its been really fun trying to get ICS. you guys are gonna have a great time trying to get jellybean

  • guttatae

    I could care less just give me my G3

    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      Moto ICS runs great on the Razr 🙂

  • Well, I was looking forward to this, because my shiny new, still-in-the-box Droid 4 would probably be close behind, and I’d like to jump straight from my CM9 Droid 2 to at least vanilla ICS on my Droid 4, don’t want to downgrade to Gingerbread.

  • JohnG

    Wow – You all need to get a life. It’s only a software upgrade. If your Razr did not work as advertised when you bought it, that would be a reason to have a meltdown. But dear lord, it’s only an awesome phone the way it is!

  • Wayne Farrell

    I’m happy to wait for the perfected release. I never really expected it today anyway. I’m currently running ICS 4.0.3 on my Razr Maxx that leaked back in March/April
    for a soak test and then pulled rather quickly. I think it works great… it will be nice to see
    what 4.0.4 has in store other than international roaming capabilities.

  • JD

    Sad plus tax. I love my RAZR, and i’m very patient…..but i’m getting very impatient.

  • B

    June 28th – Shared Data
    June 29th – Razr Maxx HD
    1 day before Armaggedon – Razr/Razr Maxx gets ICS

  • YankeesRule

    What do you think is going to happen first? Droid Razr gets ICS, or the iPhone/iPad gets iOS 6?

  • bsturk

    Wouldve been nice if Verizon or moto would have shot it down before the day of

    • BlueLetter

      They never told anyone it would be today, why should they have to shoot it down?

      • bsturk

        They knew somebody was saying it. They also knew people was believing it also. Im not worried my phone works

        • BlueLetter

          Maybe, but who was that source? We’ll never know. All I can say is that these rumors from “sources within” have a pretty crappy batting average if you ask me, so it’s nothing to hold your breath over.

      • yarez3

        The original CNET article did say that the writer “got in touch with a source within Verizon”

        • BlueLetter

          Yeah but that doesn’t really mean anything. It’s impossible to even verify

  • DKHman26

    If their servers can’t handle the load, just release the update to the public and let us download it ourselves… Why should those of us who are early adopters/rooters have to wait any longer just because VZW’s servers suck?

  • dmascle

    Can’t wait for the I phone 5. “F” Moto and Droid.

  • Diablo81588

    The iphone 5 is already out, called the 4s..

    • Lord_Vader1941

      Good god, someone who doesnt have their head up their arse sees the schema too. +1 to you!

  • picaso86

    I don’t know what to do with my Razr anymore since ICS is not happening right now….

  • Tac32

    verizon and motorola did NOT give a release date..Cnet was the only one that gave a release date, now why the hell would we all get so upset becasue Cnet was wrong? Cnet has nothing to do with the phone, all they do is right stupid reviews for shit

  • microdot

    I am speachless. This will be the first time a date was giving for an ICS update and it did not happen on that day. So disapointed.

    • evltwn

      It was a rumor to begin with. VZW & Moto never came out and said it would come out on the 12th. That was CNet who claimed to have a reliable source.
      There will be a soak test before it’s available everyone. Those emails haven’t even been sent out to soak testers yet. Wait until those get sent out.

      • microdot

        sense the sarcasm

  • Roland Bechtel


  • Alf

    KidRippa beat you to the punch!

  • Ron

    Don’t care anymore can’t wait for my contract to be up so I can get the hell away from this

    • feetz

      Agreed. I’m doing the same. Shit phone on a shit carrier.

    • Me too, im done with Verizon’s bullshit.

  • This is getting rediculous! WTF

    • SeeScottRock

      Yeah, this is getting diculous again!

  • KRS_Won

    Lol, Well damn, i tweeted every Verizon and Moto account besides VZW support this morning.

  • Things happen in sequence… email sent for Soak Test… Soak Test… Official OTA… No Soak Test, No Official OTA.

    • mcdonsco

      Quick question…if you have a razr serial # registered with moto and you have registered for the feedback network…would you be in the soak test, or only maybe?

      • only maybe. They specifically state that you are not guaranteed a spot in any software testing.

  • No kidding… and since there was not a Soak Test announced or leaked, then there was not going to be an official release on this date.

  • LOL

    “RAZR Will get ICS either when JellyBean comes out, when your contracts run out, or never, whichever comes last”

    • JMoto

      Moto and Verizon are horrible now. I will never go with another Moto phone. There are so may false promises and they are sooo sloooow to release updates. In my opinion Moto went from the best to the worst mobile device, as far as quality and updates. Back to Samsung?!?!

      • Diablo81588

        Yeah, Samsung is a perfect example of quick updates and build quality lol…

      • Build quality is still miles ahead of Samsung, as are updates. Let’s face it, NOTHING on VZW has gotten ICS except the GNex. I for one blame VZW. They still have 2 weeks to roll out the update before we get to call them liars. ICS was a massive update for every manufacturer, so its taking a long while to get it all right. Hell, HTC wasn’t even able to get Sense 4.0 on their older hardware, if that tells you anything.

        • Liderc

          Miles ahead? My father has the Maxx, it’s not even close to miles ahead in build quality. His first one’s screen cracked just sitting in his pocket and the Kevlar back piece is more flimsy than my Nexus plastic “junk”.

  • this is a travesty. this is a flagship phone? really? if they had any shame, they should be embarrassed by this. but we know that’s not the case…

  • Matt Gondek

    They couldn’t get the update out because it seems the entire board of directors got lost while laughing their way to the bank

  • Androidfan

    Cyanogenmod and AOKP seem to have no problems getting very good stable releases of ICS out on many of these devices, yet Verizon does not seem to be able to get it done. Why is that?

    • zizzybaloobah

      Because Big Red would rather sell you a new phone and switch you to their fabulous new Share Everything plan…

  • chau

    Everywhere says before.the end of q2, so before the 30th ….I hope

    • Lord_Vader1941

      The road map clearly indicates “starts Q2” no where does it indicate our RAZR’s will have ICS by the end of Q2. So it can start the soak tests the very last day of Q2 and they will still be accurate. I want ICS just as well as anyone else does, but let’s be realistic.

      • mustbepbs

        Yeah guys, let’s be realistic. I mean, ICS code only dropped last November. They need more time!

        • Lord_Vader1941

          Dont get me wrong, i’m just as anxious and adjitated as the next guy about the ridiculous delays, but people are getting worked up because it didnt get pushed today. Every is seeing what they want in these “soon” hints from VZW and Moto, not what is actually being indicated.

          • mustbepbs

            No, they’re holding to the Q2 announcement, and Q2 is rapidly coming to a close.

    • Lord_Vader1941

      The road map clearly indicates “starts Q2” no where does it indicate our RAZR’s will have ICS by the end of Q2. So it can start the soak tests the very last day of Q2 and they will still be accurate. I want ICS just as well as anyone else does, but let’s be realistic.

  • Detonation

    Sadly enough I would not be surprised in any way if June 30th comes and goes and there’s still no update.

  • andy

    Maybe VZW should stop working on ways to rape there customers (aka there new limited plan) and instead give them what they want ICS……

  • LiterofCola

    boners…I have been noticing that my 4g keeps turning off and I revert to 3g…..been happening all day. Related? Who knows.

    • stubby0011

      I have been seeing the same thing on my phone today as well.

  • .209 here i come.

  • MisterFrancisco

    This is SO unlike Moto/VZW to delay an update O.o

    • hkklife

      Moto was doing SO well back in the days of 2.1 and 2.2 updates…but starting with their entire round of buggy Gingerbread updates to their 2010 handsets (Droid X, 2, Pro etc), they have been getting worse and worse. A shame, really as BlurICS looks so sweet.

      And VZW also seems to have fallen apart when it comes to getting on the ICS bandwagon. If I walk into the local VZW store right NOW, the only active device they are selling with ICS now is the GNex which is the exact same situation as it was 6 months ago! Xoom LTE is getting ICS rolled out right now but I have not seen a Xoom in the stores in months. All their new hardware is stuck in limbo (RAZR HD, GS3) and everything else is stuck on GB/HC/Froyo.

      • Droidfan

        My Droid X and Razr Maxx came with Gingerbread loaded. I have not had a single crash of either of the phones over a period of 21 months. I had very few issues of the Droid X being laggy, other than when I was in the browser, and mostly only video stuff.Hell, my ripping fast desktop can be laggy in with some internet video. The Razr Maxx is awesome. I have taken it into my local VZW store and matched it up to the iPhone 4s. Smoothness, speed of processing, video play…the Maxx loses nothing to the 4s. And when you are on LTE….kicks the iPhone to the curb.

        • Except the Iphone actually receives software support, unlike anything from motorola/Verizon.

    • They didn’t delay anything, it was a baseless rumor that the update was happening today

      • MisterFrancisco

        Very true but I’m also getting this feeling that we won’t get the update before the end of Q2.

        • michael arazan

          People will be lucky to get ics by the 1 year anniversary of the razr.
          Seriously, they should just dump ics and update all the phones to jellybean as compensation

  • I don’t really understand why CNet would report a date if it isn’t so? No offense, but I generaly trust cNet more than most blogs. I wonder if something happened to the build they planned to release?

    • John

      CNet isn’t ALL THAT anymore. They were about a decade ago though.

      • Truthfully, I was surprised to see them post such a specific date and fully believe that it was legit. We all know on this site that these dates come and go so quickly and move all of the time.

        • Liderc

          Probably a new writer who doesn’t know anything about updates.

      • potto

        True – a lot of CNet’s best left right around the CBS buyout. I don’t even go to the site anymore.

        • Lord_Vader1941

          Guys, let’s be realistic here.
          This was entirely a factless article, I saw that as soon as I read the Cnet title “Verizon says June 12th”, then saw the second sentence “A source at Big Red “. Verizon didnt say diddly, his janitor friend who works for Verizon said June 12th. That ALONE should have raise a flag in everyone head.

          • paul_cus

            Exactly. I stopped paying attention to “specific dates” awhile back. It’s not the end June yet, so whatever. I’m disappointed it’s not here yet, but I’m not surprised.

    • Kinglo

      The gsm version dropped today in Brazil

      • hpbaxter

        did you have a link?
        or some pics on new webtop or others intrsting infos?

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  • June 29th that would be standard Verizon wouldn’t it? Isn’t that why we haven’t seen any new phones released or set up for order (except the gs3 because Samsung forced the issue)

  • Verizon is too busy popping the champagne in celebration of the new group rape plans…

  • potto


  • N8shon

    No surprise here

  • frankandsimple

    that sucks. coz I’m sooo used to getting timely updates from Motorola/Verizon.