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The Droid Life Q&A Session: Volume 2

Two weeks ago, we announced a new feature called the “Droid Life Q&A Session” which gave the DL community the chance to ask our team anything that they had been dying to get feedback on. While we toss out opinions and flavor here and there, we still try to do our best to provide you with straight up news. These Q&A sessions though, through your questions, are a way for us to let loose a bit and you inside the minds of this whacky team.

The idea here is pretty simple. You toss out questions in the comments, and by Friday, we grab a handful and answer them as a team. These could be industry related and about today’s Apple conference and why we laugh the entire time that their execs are on stage, if we think Google I/O will blow minds or be a dud, whether or not you should buy the Galaxy S3 now or later, etc. You could even go personal and ask Tim what he feeds his wolf pup for breakfast, what Eric’s favorite console game of all time is, if Ron has an opinion on Lindsay Lohan driving a rental Porsche and ramming it into the back of a semi, or how I decide to buy Matrix-like green-checkered shirts?

Ask away! Be sure to come back Friday to see which questions we have picked. To read Volume 1’s answers, check out this post.

  • CIPearman

    Is there any chance (no matter how small) that the Droid Razr HD will be available for pre-order by June 28? I’ve been trying to hold out for the Razr HD, but I will be getting screwed by the new data plans if i don’t upgrade by June 28. My problem is that I have 2 basic phones (for kids) that will be substantially increasing in price if I go to new shared data. If there’s no chance, I will be going with Razr Maxx or GS3.

  • Tony Buechler

    2 Unlimited Data Questions:

    1. I have a S3 on order with a local independent VZW authorized reseller. I have paid for it in full $199 but I didn’t sign anything. Do you think I will be able to stay grandfathered in for my unlimited data?

    2. We are on a family plan with 4 dumb phones and my smart phone. If I am able to hang on to my unlimited what will happen we start start upgrading the dumb phones as they come due/start dying. If they stay with dumb phones will that force me onto the new Share Everything plan?

    Awesome site, go Hoosiers! — Tony from Southern Indiana

  • br_hermon

    The Galaxy Nexus is 6 months old, nearly to the day. Before we know it, rumors of the next Galaxy phone will be starting to stir. Do you have any predictions or things you’d like to see in the next phone?

  • EC8CH

    What are some sites with good prices on unsubsidized phones on Verizon?


  • yobdren

    Do you think the slider is a dying breed? With no substantial rumors of a Droid 5, is the Droid 4 the last of the higher-powered sliders that we’ll see?

  • Dominick_7

    Any news on the Galaxy Note/Journal coming to Verizon?

  • sourabh

    Should i buy a SIII right now?? i dont like the one x as its processor is beaten by the snapdragon s4 ,doesnt have a sd card slot and no matter what even 100gb of dropbox storage cant help me and kellex also posted some videos about sense 4on the one x and i agree with his opinion on thinking that sense 4 is slow inspite of a quad-core processor with a fifth companion core.Or should i just wait until june 27 when the Google I/O starts and they release the 5 nexus devices.

  • CapnShiner

    What exactly is holding back Android tablets from beating out the iPad in the market? Common explanations I’ve seen include lack of tablet apps, poor optimization of Android for tablets/poor tablet UI, and inferior screen. I think those are all valid points, especially considering all the budget tablets out there. However, I think the biggest problem is marketing or lack thereof. The only TV ads I’ve seen for Android tablets are for the Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab, Nook Color, and maybe the Galaxy Note if you count that as a tablet. Aside from Samsung’s Superbowl ad and a couple weeks after the game, those ads are/were relatively rare. When each version of the iPad came out, I couldn’t go one commercial break without seeing an ad for the iPad and this lasted much longer. I think more people would buy Android tablets if they knew they existed and if they knew what they can do.

  • nsauce7

    I am a loyal multiple times a day reader of Droidlife and I have to know, what is is the focus of the two sites (droidlife and an.droidlife)? I was under under the impression before droidlife was focused focused on the DROID brand and android life was android everything else. Obviously this isn’t the case.

  • cyrausthevirus

    how is the new 4.0.4 IMM76k wking for you on your Nexus ?

  • Alex Mosqueda

    since the beginning of android what OEM would you say has been the best up to this point? by this i mean who consistently (more or less) produces top notch products in your opinion.

  • TimXer

    Never rooted…what’s the big deal??

  • Mike

    Why is everyone against the hard buttons? My only two android phones have been a Droid X and a X2 and I personally love the hard buttons cause i actually know when i am pressing them. Also, what are some reasons other then the hard buttons not to get a SGSIII?

  • J Ridd

    Why does the droid-life app still force close on ICS? It has been like 6 months, and an update or too.

  • RBI411

    Not 100% Android related, but what do you guys think of Project Smartglass for the Xbox 360? Seems to open of quite a few new avenues.

  • Shawn

    Do you think I should wait for the RAZR HD to come out to upgrade or are there rumors of another big Moto device coming out (I have an X, and not a samsung fan so galaxy doesn’t really appeal to me) that I should hold on and wait for?

    • I am in the same boat. I can upgrade my X in August and want to know if I should wait or if I should get the HD.

    • I’ve been Moto all the way for a long time now, but I’ve got into rooting and flashing new roms (Thanks DL, I’m now enjoying ICS on my DX) and can’t argue the Dev community that the SIII is going to have. Not to mention the 2GB of RAM, the fact that the RAZR HD is rumored to not include an NFC chip (according to the comparison posted here http://www.droid-life.com/2012/06/05/comparison-galaxy-s3-vs-incredible-4g-lte-vs-galaxy-nexus-vs-razr-maxx/) and lets not forget about my unlimited data that I need to lock myself into for the next 2 years.

      Maybe if Motorola would do something about this bootloader nonsense, I’d stay on board.

  • KreeTerry

    what rom do you think is the most unique? ive ran everything and im really looking for something different to hold me off until the next paranoid android release

    • KreeTerry

      and something else i though of: do you like the switch to blue in ICS? if not what color do you prefer? been trying out different color variations in theme chooser and find that green actually looks decent.

  • Mark

    I really liked my Verizon Galaxy Nexus but after 4 of them switched to the Maxx. The phone was virtually unusable as a phone in my rural /semi rural area due to poor radios. Since this is a pretty well known issue with Samsung phones why have they not fixed this? How can a company make such nice phones but continue to use poor radios?

  • paul_cus

    Do you think any other Android OEMs will try to break into the American market soon?
    Panasonic, Sharp, etc?

  • turbomkt

    Why isn’t Droid Life optimized for phones?

  • Mr Waldo

    What kind of cars do you guys drive?

  • Android1997

    If you couldnt pick an Android, what would you pick, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phone, or a feature phone?

  • Geoff

    Why is your site not built to dynamically scale to mobile devices? Seems like a mobile version is long overdue.

    • hkklife

      This x 100! It’s far, far overdue. Don’t waste resources on a DL app. Just give me a nice, clean, mobile-optimized page. AC and Androidandme have pretty solid mobile sites but their content PALES in comparison to DL! Please do this, guys!

    • cobjones

      They have a mobile site.. The toggle is on the bottom of the page.

  • Thoughts on Linaro?

  • edmund jones

    What are your expectations of the next Android OS (JellyBean)?

  • WIth the GSIII being released in the same form world wide, do you think that cases and accessories for it will be widely and cheaply available as they currently are for the iphone?

  • Who’s going to win the Thunder-Heat series?

  • Which of you use google music and why (or why not)? Also, if you do use it do you think that they should incorporate a play que (ala winamp, audio galaxy etc.) where you can start listening and then add to the que without interrupting what is currently playing. And if you agree that this should happen, is there any way that we can get the developers attention and ask them to add this feature?

  • Tay

    I’ve had my transformer prime for about two months now. The first month it was perfect and I loved it. During the second month, it just started freezing and crashing out of nowhere. I reset the tablet and is working fine, but I fear it will start crashing and freezing again. With the nexus tablet coming soon, I wanted to hear an opinion on if I should sell my Prime and go ahead and buy the Nexus Tablet.

  • gator

    Have you herd anything else about google offering nexuses on the play store in the future?

  • with the latest top tier phones (One X, SIII and Razr HD) using the S4 processor with the built-in LTE chip… does this level the playing field with regards to Motorola almost always having the better radios/reception when compared to other phones?

  • Peebis

    I wana know when my razr will get ics, since an article claimed it was coming tomorrow but have heard nothing since.

  • Raven

    If a non-techy friend is thinking of getting an iPhone because they are falling for all of the hype, how do you save them from this desolate fate by convincing them to buy a decent Android phone instead? What are the best feature arguments for someone that doesn’t know or care anything about rooting and roming? Which current Android phone would you most recommend to a non-techy person? I am currently thinking the RAZR MAXX.

  • Kisuk3

    Regarding the new shared data plans.

    What if a year from now my Gnex suffers an “accident” and when I go for a insurance replacement Im told I can no longer get a Gnex and am given SG3 instead…is my unlimited data secure? Is this a legit loophole?

    • austin

      Lol that’s funny

    • Trust me when I say they keep a lot of replacements, when my dad broke his OG droid a couple months ago they still had replacements.

      • Kisuk3

        You may be right for the OG but I suspect for Nexus, given its smaller release that this could very well happen. Assurion runs out of replacement phones all the time.

  • kidheated

    I’m running a completely stock G-nex on 4.0.4 and though I love vanilla Android, there are a few things about the handset, that do make me want to upgrade. As stated below, the lack of a sdcard is huge. I have had to wipe my phone a few times for whatever reasons and to repopulate my data manually is infuriating. Also the camera is terrible, particularly in low light, which if you think about it, is every situation in which one would want to have a good photo memory. 5mp?! Seriously?! Form factor is another issue, but more in terms of relating to extended batteries. Why is it a phone is never built with a high count extended battery that enables the device to remain slim? Every phone with an extended battery transforms from revolutionary to masonry. I feel like phone developers are no better than building developers, always looking to cut corners. Coincidentally, if the move for Android is away from hard keys, why isn’t the whole front of the phone usable screen real estate? This would be good, cause then we could have bigger/better screens in a smaller form factor. Sorry for the rant. My main question, taking into consideration the above statements, what would be the best move? GS3 or wait for the 5 Nexi in the fall/winter?

    • geedee82

      Your Gnex concerns are certainly valid, but there is a couple points I’d like to touch on: I wipe my Gnex’s internal memory a lot too, but it never touches my data, its partitioned to work just like an SD card so that a wipe doesn’t delete your personal stuff, like photos and music, I’m not sure why it does that on mine and not on yours, maybe there is a setting your missing or something? So the lack of an SD card really doesn’t matter to me at all, I much prefer just using the micro usb cable anyways, I hate dealing with those little teeny tiny sd cards. Also, I know the camera is not the best, but I really don’t think its as bad as people make it sound, as long as I’m not using it in a low light situation (like you said) my pics always come out fine, I have some great ones even, I just make sure to focus first. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cell phone camera that works well in low light. And you know as well as I do, as well as everyone else does, that mega pixels don’t mean sh1t. You really can’t blame the bad quality of your low light photos on the megapixels. By only making it a 5 mp camera, they were able to make it snap the photos super fast. In fact I prefer less mega pixels, all these new digital cameras with 10-12-14 megapixels are just insane to me, the size of the pictures is way too big and they just take up way too much space, and there is literally no difference in the quality of the photos unless I plan on blowing them up to a freakin billboard size. So I always go in to the settings and set the megapixels to the lowest it goes so my pics aren’t taking up so much damn space.

      I think the GSIII would be the perfect phone if only it had on-screen keys, I see absolutely no use for hardware keys anymore after owning a Gnex.

      • kidheated

        I hear what you’re saying, but partitioning doesn’t work with factory wipes. Also, having the sd card is just convenient and it’s not like there isn’t enough room to fit one in every phone. The removal the sd cards is just a ploy to feed the need for cloud storage and monthly payments. It’s the same principle as with gasoline and diamonds. As far as the megapixel thing goes, in this age of pinch to zoom, everything gets blown up huge. Even though I know good pics are more about the light sensor, etc., if the standard count is 8mp across the board, backtracking makes no sense.
        In the tech world, once the bar is set higher, there is no reneging. You are either the future or you’re the past. If I’m shelling out the (full price) dough to keep my unlimited data plan (thank you Verizon… not) and there’s a choice between 2 G-nexi of the exact same build and price, except one has 5mp and one has 8mp, you better believe I’m taking the 8. All day.

  • Doug

    How do I get a job like yours blogging about cool new phones and features all day?

    • RobV

      I was thinking this when tim made the crew. I listen to metal music and love android phones too. Why not me!?! Lol

  • zmberven

    Despite whether or not it is “good” or “intended”, the fragmentation of Android exists. Do you see it being an issue in 2-5 years?

  • Knlegend1

    If you could change a few things about android what would they be?

  • Why does the Droid Life Android app suck ass? 😉

    Pardon the directness but I didn’t want to sugarcoat what everyone who has used the app seems to be thinking. Droid Life is one of the the best technology blogs on the web. This team “gets it”. However, the app on the very platform that is evangelized here is absolutely horrible. Just read the comments in the Play Store. I would much rather use the app on my phone but end up navigating the desktop site (clumsily and slowly) in the Android browser instead because the app is so terrible.
    Will there ever be a Droid Life app worthy to bear the same name as this awesome site?

    • Yea, we will definitely answer this for you. Stay tuned.

      • JustTrollin69

        I am actually looking forward to a response to this. I personally don’t think the app sucks at all, a little change in UI is always fun for me, but there is nothing that bothers me about the current UI. The only thing that irks me is that I noticed that not every post on DL shows up in the app, or at least they do hours later. Why is this? I use the browser too just so I don’t miss any of my beautiful Android news from my favorite team.

        • I’ll just answer it now.

          The app sucks, that’s for sure. A company who makes them for free made it back in the day and we just haven’t messed with it since. We aren’t developers, so we don’t have the skills to make it good. We rely on this company who from what we can tell, has way too many apps to update and expanded way too quickly to create quality ones anymore.

          We thought we were going to have the ability to create our own app from Google Currents, but for reasons I think we can all understand, they took that ability away and are forcing everyone into using the actual Currents app. At one point during the beta trial period, we had an actual DL .apk that could be installed on its own. It was awesome, but again, they axed that idea.

          We would love to have some awesome app, but these things cost money and take a lot of time to do. At some point, we may consider it again, but we mostly like people to come to the site where you can actually comment and enjoy the experience. We know it can be slow, but there is a mobile version that can be toggled down at the bottom.

          • geedee82

            Is there any way to make it default to the mobile site when using a mobile device? I only ask because sometimes its a pain to let the desktop version load first when I’m on a 3g connection.

          • I use the Currents app everyday just to check DL. IMO, its not bad at all, and since its been updated, editions of all your blogs sync WAY faster. Yes, you can’t actually comment in currents, but the layout is visually appealing, easy on the eyes and matches the site perfectly. I think its awesome you guys were able to be apart of Currents…hell I probably would have never downloaded the app if I didn’t hear about it on DL.

          • CapnShiner

            And you haven’t reached out to the DL community for this why? Surely some of the readers of this site are developers or know developers. If the community comes together on an open-source DL app, I bet something amazing could happen.

          • Thanks for the answer… I had a feeling it was something along those lines but it is good to get some insight into how you were hoping to handle it.

    • cobjones

      Use the mobile site.

  • droidian1441

    What was the very first Android device you owned and have you ever considered moving away from Android to a Blackberry or Apple device?

    How long of a time period went by before you rooted your phone for the first time?

  • I have two questions…
    1) When you’re asked by an iPhone user why he or she should switch to Android what do you tell them?
    2) Why do Android manufacturers release so many phones so close together? I understand that everyone has different preferences and likes different types of phones, but I think the big players Moto, HTC and Samsung could learn a little something from Apple in how they release phones.

    • I really like that first question!

      • Michael

        Yep sounds exactly like what HTC and Motorola does. Remember Certain devices are branded and contracted for certain companies, then they make similar phones almost copied for other companies as well with out breaking their contracts with other companies. Which is why you see similar phones released soon after each other on different carriers in that past.
        But I’m Sure one example would be for verizon and like Bionic, Razr, Razr maxx, Alleged Razr maxx dev phone, And Razr hd in 9 months.

  • br_hermon

    Google Wallet and Google TV: still have some hope or going the way of Google Wave?

  • On a PB&J……Crust or no crust…..that is my question

  • EvanTheGamer

    What are your favorite apps of all-time, and why?

  • droid

    What are the odds of google selling nexuses contract free on the play store

  • br_hermon

    What music are you all listening most to right now?

  • austin

    What is your solution on how to handle Verizon’s family data plans but still get to upgrade without full retail cost?

    • AlexKCMO

      eBay. I used to do it while in contract and wanted to upgrade. You don’t pay full retail, but not upgrade cost, usually in-between. People use their upgrades and keep their phones and sell the new phones via eBay, so as long as you reach what they payed, you usually make out pretty well.


    Do you think that the DROID RAZR HD will make it out before the shared data plans?

  • EC8CH

    Is Droid blogging a full time gig? If not, what else do you do to pay your Verizon Wireless bill?

    • WAldenIV

      On that note, how about a quick bio on each contributor to the site? I’d like to know where everyone is from and what they studied in college, if anything.

  • What is the average amount of time Ron spends on 1 blog post; from initial concept to publishing?

    • It depends on the post. I read a lot of tech news, but not all of what I read influences what I write. For longer posts I’ll usually spend about 15 minutes outlining it, then about an hour writing it, then take a break, then rewrite it. Sometimes it takes longer, though. I’ve had some posts written in an hour and others written over 4 or 5 hours. Total time for each post is probably somewhere around 3 or 4 hours on average including concept, research, writing, editing, talking through the argument to myself, recording, etc.

  • EC8CH

    What was the first Custom ROM you ever Flashed?
    What was the last Custom ROM you flashed?

  • Tristan Cunha

    What’s your predictions for big Android announcements at Google I/O? Or maybe better yet, what’s on your wishlist for announcements?

    • Michael A.

      And What Would You Want To See in the New Jelly Bean? If it was just you that Google asked, hypothetically.

  • LiterofCola

    When do you believe that Andriod devices will all finally be sportin’ the same Android version (i.e. ICS, Jellybean), if at all?

  • What features from iOS would you like incorporated into Android.

    • balthuszar

      should edit this to read “what features from ios that werent in android to begin wtih would you like in android”

  • I own GN with 4.04 stock. but batter life suck. so what can i do beside the usual turning off 4g, GPS, Wifi, blue tooth. i get only 4 hours of my GN with normal use.

    how about battery calibration?
    what is the best way to charge your phone? keep charging it the phone or wait until it dies to charge it?
    Any recommendations? PLZ

    • EDNYLaw

      I don’t know if you want to keep stock, but with a GNex I can’t see why you would. I would definitely try out some different ROMs and kernels. Right now on my GNex I’m using either Axiom Patient Zero by Droid Th3ory (based on AOKP) or Hybryd by DHO (based on Patient Zero) with Francisco Franco’s latest nightly (R185 as of right now). My battery life easily lasts over a day and I regularly get 4+ hours of screen on time. But it depends what you’re doing as well, I seldom play games but I read a lot (emails, forums, web, etc…). As you’ll discover each phone is different and while my phone loves Franco kernels and I can run the overclocked GPU and I can undervolt the 1.5 Ghz slot significantly, some cannot do any of this, I also found that my phone doesn’t like Imoseyn’s kernels as it makes the temp skyrocket.

      Do some research, head over to XDA or Rootz and play around. Since the GNex is a developer’s device it’s nearly indestructible and can be brought back from basically any state of bricked so long as there’s no physical damage.

    • geedee82

      4 Hours with normal use!?!? Man that is awful, something is definitely wrong with your battery if that is truly the case. My dad and my sister have completely stock Gnex’s and with 4g off they can go an entire day easily, with normal use, even with 4g on I think they can get close to a day. Somethins up with your battery dude.

      However, if you really want to get the most out of your phone and have amazing battery life, you should definitely take EDNYLaw’s advice and rom that bitch. I can cosign everything he said. I am also running Hybryd and I’m on Franco’s Milestone 4 kernel right now and I’m getting the best performance and battery life I have ever seen. It’s really easy to do man, you should check out some of those sites like Rootz and XDA. And you should look into getting a new battery, or atleast try calibrating the one you have first, but the extended battery is definitely worth the 20 bucks.

      • EDNYLaw

        FYI I read up on some battery tech from some website (anandtech I think) and the manufacturers say for max battery life (ie not the charge length but how long the battery will last in terms of years and numbers of charges) the best thing to do is charge it every so often, don’t charge to the max and don’t completely drain it. Keep it between 40% to 80%. That being said, I always charge mine at night and it goes to 100% though I very rarely completely discharge it. Franco’s app also has a battery life extender so you can set the max charge capacity to whatever, default is 96%. Read up and enjoy the hell out of that Nexus!

    • CapnShiner

      Juice Defender Ultimate would probably double your battery life.

  • android

    With Verizon announcing family share data plans and the end of unlimited data, I have 2 questions. 1. what percentage of the populationis on unlimited data as of right now? and 2. is Verizon doing this for profit or to redirectthe cost of growing data traffic?

    • MrWill

      +1 for is it really greed or data groth, since they made it so that eventually they will only be a 4g network by not selling 3g anymore.

      • CapnShiner

        I think the goal is actually to stop using “2G” first. VoLTE is being developed and tested already. Once the technology is dependable and stable enough, I think calls will all be VoIP and there will be no more calling plans, only data.

  • What kind of features would you like to see incorporated in JellyBean?

  • John

    Do you guys use voice commands much?
    (like long search button press cmds – note to self..nav to…send txt to..etc)

  • AlexKCMO

    Why do you think Android handset manufacturers seem to release a slew of “almost there” handsets? It seems like every device being released is “It would be an amazing device, but…” and pick your feature. Every time it doesn’t seem like an odd voice, but a consensus among readers.

    Galaxy Nexus missing an SD Card slot
    RAZR unlocked bootloader (this one is a bit more obvious).
    Galaxy S III and hardware buttons.
    Inredible 4G and crappy screen resolution (compared to the Rezound).
    The list goes on.

    • hkklife

      -Rezound should have had a 4.5″ screen to really flex its 720p muscles.
      -LG Spectrum is hobbled by LG’s weak UI and only 4Gb of internal storage
      -Droid X2 shipped with too little RAM and a piss-poor screen & camera
      -Droid 3 was also under-spec’d with RAM (no ICS is even more depressing than no LTE IMO)
      -Droid Charge had too little internal storage (thus no ICS) and poor build quality
      -G-Nex had weak battery, audio output and doomed to no support from VZW & Samsung
      -RAZR & MAXX should have had 4.5″ screens and/or waited to debut with ICS and virtual buttons. Way too much wasted bezel space and they are uncomfortably wide
      -Bionic was just doomed to failure by too many delays and buggy software. If it ever gets ICS, it could still be the sleeper budget device to get, especially if you need a removable battery
      -Xyboards were doomed by no microSD slot, no wi-fi versions, no B&M retail presence other than at VZW stores
      -Galaxy Tab 7.7 is also doomed by no wi-fi versions and stuck on Honeycomb
      Honestly, if the radios and battery life are decent, the GSIII looks like the first-ever no compromise LTE device on VZW.

      • AlexKCMO

        Hardware buttons on the GSIII. Personally, I don’t care, but Kellex has mentioned he’s not a fan of them. It looks like the GSIII will have the black bar of doom issues because of it.

        • No black bar it has an option key, but still I can not stand hardware keys after having on screen.

          • KreeTerry

            yes i love them as well, had to do a run through on my dx to sow my mom how to use it and i was like “these buttons suck!!!”

      • gkinsella2

        “G-Nex…doomed to no support from VZW & Samsung”
        Why is this a “con”? This was designed to be a developer device, and that audience has rooted/ROM’ed the device. AOKP and CM9 are continually providing updates to ICS. I understand the Nexus program is supposed to be updated directly by GOOG in a timely manner, but it makes me laugh that people are shocked this isn’t happening. If you want quick OS updates, you’re gonna have to rely on the hard working independent developers, not GOOG/VZW! This argument needs to go away, at least for the GNex.

      • CapnShiner

        You’re forgetting that the GSIII in the US will have a dual-core Snapdragon whereas the international version has the quad-core Exynos. They all have a pen-tile matrix screen too.

    • bsnarles

      I have yet to understand everyone’s gripe about the Galaxy Nexus missing an SD Card slot. 32GB is enough space and internal memory allows for a more secure phone. No one can access data on my phone/SD card without first unlocking it. Anyone can pull data from an SD card if its removable.

      • AlexKCMO

        First of all, it comes down to “Different Strokes”. I don’t worry about someone grabbing my phone. I’ve never lost a personal phone in my life. Work phone is another story O:-).

        If I don’t have an SD Card and I drop my phone, if I can’t turn my phone on, bye bye pictures (full res versions, obviously scaled downs are auto-uploaded to G+).

        If I can turn it on but the screen is cracked, I need to spend a good amount of time transferring data off the phone. As is, I can pop my SD card out of Rezound (albiet, it needs to be turned off) and into my Transformer and view my pictures.

        That’s the gripe and what stopped me from getting the G-Nex.

        • Glen49

          Low resolution camera and no removable storage stopped me, too.

      • CapnShiner

        If you’re worried about the security of the data on your SD card, encrypt it. My concerns about not having removable storage are 1) for rooting and installing ROMs, factory resetting/reformatting is a common occurrence and removing the SD card means it can’t be reformatted by mistake 2) an SD card allows files to be transferred to a computer without plugging in the phone 3) data transfer is faster without the USB bottleneck 4) with Titanium Backup and a removable SD card, switching devices is a breeze

    • austing

      I have always wondered that to, why don’t they listen to consumers on what we wan ?

  • ufmd

    If you haf to switch out a gnex fpr any
    android phone currently available on vzw,
    which one would ypu go for, and why?

  • Michael Franz

    What is the one feature of Android you would like to see used more?
    What is some software/hardware enhancements readily available or concept that you would like to see Android take advantage of ?

  • Now that WWDC is over, do you think Majel or whatever google calls it, will surpass the hype that siri already has?

    • If Google gives it APIs you can bet on that, dev support makes a product.