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Motorola Qinara Press Image Appears, Like a RAZR HD But for AT&T

Remember the Motorola Dinara? That was a code name, we first outed all the way back in July of last year, for a phone that was set to be the next big thing from Motorola. The picture above is said to be it, although, we aren’t sure if the source got the codename right, as we have seen an AT&T HD Razr-esque device from Moto codenamed the “Qinara” as of late that better matches up to this picture.

Either way, this is likely what your DROID RAZR HD on Verizon is going to mimic, aside from the RAZR HD having a more RAZR look with angled edges. This phone reportedly has an HD 720p screen, Ice Cream Sandwich with MotoBlur, and on-screen navigation keys. From that benchmark we saw in April, we also know that it has a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor inside.

I have to admit that this version of Blur looks very pretty. Check out the slight transparency to the nav bar and keys so that you can see the wallpaper. How nice of a touch is that? If the RAZR HD follows in these steps, prepare for something amazing.

Via:  The Verge

  • Andrew Davis

    I like the design of this UI better than my GS3’s touchwhiz.

  • Android One Eight Hundred

    Looks great Motorola. Really. Now please release a Droid 5 with this please. It’s almost been 6 months, so I think it’s about time.

  • Wasn’t really impressed with what Motorola has done so far, but this changes my mind. If the RAZR HD looks like this; transparent nav bar and all, consider me sold.

  • moto dude

    To bad Motorola can’t release a replica of that awesome hTC EVO 4G LTE

  • its a great looking phone,wonder if it has the big battery?

  • bakdroid

    I am glad to see all this hate towards this new Blur on ICS. Seeing as it is almost completely stock ICS. So basically everyone on here is hating ICS. Guess its time to throw the GNex in the trash. Such hypocrites on this site….both the writers and the commenters.

  • jak_341

    Give it up Motorola. No one is going to buy this hideous looking phone. The phone is bad looking and Blur is terrible. The GNex still can’t be beat, even 6 months later. The GS3 will even beat this. I really wish Moto would be kicked out of the Open Handset Alliance. There is no place for locked bootloaders and UIs anymore.

    • bakdroid

      Troll fail troll

  • hkklife

    Late to the party and smaller screen than the SIII and likely only 1Gb. Will the ICS Blur, revamped webtop and superior radios + battery life be enough to save it?

    We KNOW the SIII’s confirmed specs. Will Moto carry over expandable storage? Will it have 16 or 32Gb internal storage or options for both? MicroHDMI out? 1 or 2Gb RAM?

  • Destroythanet

    Why does Moto love bezels so much?

  • chris125

    Looks like a larger ATRIX 2

  • Kierra

    I like the look of the UI…alot

  • Nick

    Hmmm, glad I got the GS3….



  • blackcatroad

    That clock widget is not from Moto or part of Blur. It’s a skin for “One More Clock Widget” available in the Play market (now)

  • Murali Ponnaluri

    I’m glad that Blur is not as intrusive as before. But Why can’t they globalize the brand through the different carriers? In my opinion if Motorola wants to get their fans back, they should introduce the Razr HD to not just Verizon, but Sprint and AT&T. They should stop these stupid names and get on board with Samsung. Make one really high end device, and capitalize on the iconic name of the Razr.

    I swear, I am a Motorola Solutions employee, and this is embarrassing that they are doing things this way.

    • DrewNusser


    • michael arazan

      Its a “droid” razr though, the name was licensed from lucas, so they can’t use it for any other carrier other than verizon. Maybe they could remove droid and call it just razr, which is fine, but verizon gets these phones exclusive with contracts and licensing with motorola for their style of branding, hardware, software, and so on, in order to not have these phones on other carriers to get customers in for these vzw only devices.

  • Dave

    I agree, Blur on here is minimal (which is best), actually looks nice, and is as close to stock Android UI we would get outside of the Nexus lines.

    Hopefully it’ll be close to what we get in the Razr HD on Verizon.

  • Corey Foltman

    This has probably been said multiple times already, but… TRANSPARENT NAV BAR WHAT!?!? I have been wanting that from day one of being rooted…

    • YourFriend

      Hell yeah dude, I was never a fan of the pitch black nav bar and had always wanted a transparent one that was similar to Windows 7’s Aero UI

  • Alexander Garcia

    Now this looks BOSS!!! I’m really liking what I’m seeing from Motorola lateley =)

  • Michael Johnson

    Needs less bezel, for sure.

    I hope the RAZR HD is this, with an IPS LCD display, less bezel, and the 3300 mAh battery in the MAXX.

    Also, when inside apps, do the notification and nav keys still have the transparency to the wallpaper? Do they go black instead?

  • paul_cus

    Design looks kinda pedestrian, but it’s nice that AT&T is going to offer it. I want that clock widget on my RAZR.

  • looks pretty nice

  • DontBeConfused

    Personally, I would have preferred less bezel. But its still a great looking phone. Too bad Moto and Verizon couldn’t get their act together in time. S3 is already preordered. Unless they pull off a miracle and announce something before the S3 releases AND before the new data hits, im sticking with Samsung on this one.

  • Boblank84

    I wonder how the performance is w/ the navigation and status bar transparency. I know on the gnex I loose quite a bit of performance after adding transparency to those items.

    • Dave

      Well I get the feeling they would optimize the software a bit to allow for transparency in the status and nav bar. At this point in the game, there’s no excuse to release a high end phone with poor performance on the UI.

      If not, then they should opt to leave it out.

  • MotoRulz

    That transparent Nav bar is sweet..

    • El Big CHRIS

      right? We need a mod like that for the GNex

      • sc0rch3d

        the more black the better for battery life….pass 🙂

        • OhAaron

          It has a 3300mah battery. I don’t think battery life is going to be a problem. 😛

        • Doesn’t that depend on the screen type?

  • azndan4

    Hooray for ugly blurred out Motorola icons!

    • LiterofCola

      Jump off a bridge

      • Josh Nichols

        Oh no.. someone on the internet who doesn’t share your opinion!! WHAT EVER WILL YOU DO????

        • LiterofCola

          He’s a troll, which is why he got that response.

  • RadicalPie

    I also do not like the app name under the apps in the dock

    • paul_cus

      Yeah, me neither.

    • Dingus

      agreed, nav bar and on-screen buttons look beautiful, but blur is still ugly

  • RadicalPie

    The thing I am holding back on is amount of ram and screen technology.

    • Josh Nichols

      Probably a 720p AMOLED. With pentile. Probably 1GB of RAM

      • stubbX

        i have a bad feeling about the screen tech. maybe lcd pentile

  • Tom

    Let the bezel comments commence.

  • May want to fix your header, it says Qinara, not Dinara.

  • look at all that disgusting motoblur

    • Boblank84

      i’m not a big fan of blur in the past, but that looks very non intrusive.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Go watch the videos of the New ICSBlur then come back… and not complain. I personally can’t wait. Moto did a fantastic job with updating blur. Don’t bash just to bash.

      • no, blur will forever be terrible for me. i watched it. still awful.

    • RadicalPie

      The clock widget is really cool actually

    • ocdtrekkie

      ICS Motoblur (and to a degree Gingerbread Motoblur) are actually pretty refined. They don’t change Android’s appearance much, and do add some additional customizations and features you can’t do with vanilla.

  • Liderc

    Now that is looking better Moto, well done.