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Droid 3 .906 SBF File Released, One-Click and RSDLite Included for Whichever You Use

SBF files have saved more than a few people’s phones if flashing ROMs gets a little out of hand. It allows you to flash a stock image of the phone in a last case scenario and is always good to have around just in case. The DROID 3 is seeing some love with a new SBF file released, of the .906 firmware build, for download today, and you even get to choose which method you like.

For those who like the safety of a one-click method, you can download the file and let the program do it’s thing while you relax. If RSDLite is more your cup of tea, XDA developer ovelayer has that file for you as well. Either way you use, the SBF will revert your phone back to .890 if you would ever need it. Generally these are good to have around if you are a prolific ROM flasher, so head over to XDA and get the download now.

Via: XDA

  • i’ve started collecting phones, and last night i bought the DROID 1 & 2 (my first Droid was the 3) and so far, the OG isnt impressing, even after flashing CM 7.2. i like alot of the things the Droid 3 improved on and for me Motoblur never was a problem. i rarely got much lag from it either. i do though like the screen and overall size of the OG but I’m hoping I’ll be able to overclock it or something

  • Ulf

    Whats wrong with you guys, … have you ever compared the OG Droid with the Droid 3 side by side? Who would ever want his OG Droid back if there is the incredible DROID 3 ????

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    the 906 update is basically a fastboot in a zip anyhow.. No real need for this unless you need to restore preinstall for some reason.

  • What does it matter? I still can’t root. {{v_v}}

  • There Must Be a God

    Luckily Verizon let me opt out of my 2yr contract if I upgraded to a 4g phone (new 2yr contract) so I sold the D3 and went with the D4. The D3 cost me $150, sold for $180 8 months later. That’s what I call a sticky situation.

  • Knlegend1

    I was lucky enough to find a iphone owner who no longer wanted his Razr. Sold it to me and I have been happy ever since. I couldn’t believe they even put the Droid 3 on the market.

  • Droid3… The worst Tech decision I ever made. I bought you for $200 and 35 days later you dropped to like $50 then a month after that you were replaced and forgotten… But I get you for another 9 months, oh yes I do.

    • KOBALT

      On the contrary…. the Bionic was the worst. I’m happy I was able to get a Rezound for a replacement.

    • Same here. I am suffering. I never used to hate Motorola, or Verizon, but the fact that I had to pay money for this device… it was like paying for nothing. I miss my OG Droid.

  • Kris Cortez

    Droid 3.. you were great for my first smartphone, but now youss just gettin’ borrinng.

  • SubMatrix

    I don’t know much about SBF files; is there a case where you have a nandroid but still need to flash the SBF as a last resort? Or is this more for the case where you dont have a stable nandroid available?

    • SBF’s are last resorts. They scrub every internal partition on the phone back to 100% factory stock. It’s not unreasonable to think that, for example, when you received a refurb phone that the last thing done to it after checking hardware is to use RSD Lite and an SBF file to reflash it, and leave no traces of old data.

      Sometimes if you’re running a custom ROM based on an older software version, and you want to make sure that the phone gets updated correctly (radios, recovery, bootloader, etc) then your best choice is to use an SBF file to do that update.

  • Chad

    I’ve had this phone since launch and it’s my third “DROID” device (OG Droid and Droid X). And it’s still by far the worst! Laggy, useless camera, terrible battery. I’m currently due an upgrade and impatiently waiting for something to put this device out of it’s misery.