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Android App Updates: NOVA Launcher, Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR, Facebook, Tumblr and Total Commander

When Friday rolls around each week, we tend to see a bunch of app updates hit the Play store as teams finish up projects before heading into the weekend. This week is no exception, as new releases of Facebook, Tumblr, Adobe Flash and AIR, Total Commander, and Nova Launcher all showed up within the last 24 hours. Most of them were released to squash bugs, but with apps like Nova and Tumblr, we get some new goodies to talk about. 

Nova Launcher gave users the ability to change the theme (accent) color throughout, brought widget overlapping, more icon theme support, faster widget loading, and improved performance. Tumblr introduced a new photo viewer design, faster image loads, and visual enhancements. Adobe AIR’s page mentions having stylus support, but Adobe’s app pages are rarely up-to-date so it’s difficult to tell if that is new or not.

Oh, and a couple of days ago, Google Wallet saw an update that introduced support for “new device form factors.” Whatever that means.

Play Links:  Nova Launcher | Tumblr | Total Commander | Flash | AIR | Facebook

  • Hothfox

    Overlapping widgets was keeping me with Apex, but I’ll give Nova a try again now. I liked that it had talk notifications with that Telsaunread thing.

  • Cain Gantt

    Hey guys, just a heads-up: if you’re interested in experimental features in Nova Launcher (or any teslacoil app), head to the settings and hold volume down.
    Just a reminder, I’m not to blame if something gets broke, and neither are they.

  • mbaldwin85

    blah blah Go Celtics!

  • facebook just keeps getting worse, takes forever to load,and this one is no different

  • I ran the nova launcher 1.2 beta for a few day. It was sluggish. Let’s see if this released version is any better. Added features are too tempting.

  • “New device form factors” means it’s ready for Google-Asus Nexus Tab

    • Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Travis Stanley

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • Nova is late to the party on themes and overlapping widgets…I supported nova forever, but now I am hooked on Apex.

    • michael arazan

      every time i try to use nova, apex, or go after a few hours of using it slows down the phone. Anyone ever had those issues?

      • RobMorris

        yea, it was painfully slow on the homescreen scrolling to me. Even with apex I could never get the sweet, smooth spot that you used to have with launcher pro and the likes

  • kaufkin

    beautiful Widgets too.

    • Mike

      And HD Widgets