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Thursday Poll: Buying Your Samsung Galaxy SIII in 16GB or 32GB?

The Galaxy SIII will be Verizon’s first time to offer an Android device in multiple size options, so it’s sort of a new concept for buyers if you’ve never purchased say, an iPhone before. There is a $50 difference between the two choices and we are wondering which size most people would likely choose. Do you need the most internal storage as possible or are you fine with shelling out the cash for a bigger SD card? In the comments section below, let us know why you choose the smaller or bigger option.

Galaxy SIII in 16GB or 32GB?

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  • Sapan Dhora

    Not sure what I am doing wrong here:

    Taxes and Fees :


    Total Due :

  • JB

    It’d have to be a 32gb since google has gimped the SD card in HC and ICS. Hopefully next-gen android games find a work around to be able to put data on the external SD card or we’ll be like the iPhools wiping their devices so their new game will finally fit.

  • 16 + sd… I’ve had my GNex for 6 months and still have 22gb free.

  • SKG

    16 gb for sure… and then tack on a 32 gb micro sd card.. you can get one for under $4 on amazon !! 🙂

  • Bruno

    A 16GB for the wife and a 32GB for me. Plus a 32GB class 10 micro sdcard thanks to Droid Life tip last week for a total storage of 64GB. ;-p