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Thursday Poll: Buying Your Samsung Galaxy SIII in 16GB or 32GB?

The Galaxy SIII will be Verizon’s first time to offer an Android device in multiple size options, so it’s sort of a new concept for buyers if you’ve never purchased say, an iPhone before. There is a $50 difference between the two choices and we are wondering which size most people would likely choose. Do you need the most internal storage as possible or are you fine with shelling out the cash for a bigger SD card? In the comments section below, let us know why you choose the smaller or bigger option.

Galaxy SIII in 16GB or 32GB?

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  • Sapan Dhora

    Not sure what I am doing wrong here:

    Taxes and Fees :


    Total Due :

  • JB

    It’d have to be a 32gb since google has gimped the SD card in HC and ICS. Hopefully next-gen android games find a work around to be able to put data on the external SD card or we’ll be like the iPhools wiping their devices so their new game will finally fit.

  • 16 + sd… I’ve had my GNex for 6 months and still have 22gb free.

  • SKG

    16 gb for sure… and then tack on a 32 gb micro sd card.. you can get one for under $4 on amazon !! 🙂

  • Bruno

    A 16GB for the wife and a 32GB for me. Plus a 32GB class 10 micro sdcard thanks to Droid Life tip last week for a total storage of 64GB. ;-p

  • Some clarification for people not receiving the $100 discount from 3G to 4G. I just spoke with a VZW rep who told me they are trying to push people in 4G markets with 3G phones to 4G. I’m not in a 4G market, so I don’t get the upgrade. Apparently everyone who is eligible was pre-determined in their system, hence it being applied automatically on checkout.

    Needless to say, 16GB white for me. I’ll root and flash so much anyway everything will be on SD…

    • Max

      Interesting… I live in a 4G market and I still didn’t get it. I’ll have to give them a ring. Thanks for the info.

  • Snowcrash

    Does anyone know what the usable app storage is on 16GB vs.

    • Since Gingerbread, it’s all useable for apps. No ridiculous partitions anymore.

      • Snowcrash


  • tomn1ce

    If I would be buying the GS3 I would get the blue 16gb and get me a 64gb micro sd card. I doubt that I would use the 80gb on a phone at the present time. I have the VZW G-Nexus for about 6 months now and I still have about 24gb available.

  • Guess the intent of the poll kinda failed, its 50/50 lawl.

  • Me! Me! It’s all about Me!

    I’d rather get the 32gb, but I’m sure I’ll get the 16gb. 50 bucks is 50 bucks, especially in this economy. 🙁

    • Jon

      and you can always buy 32 or 64 Gig SD card later. 32 gigs will be way less than $50 for sure.

  • 32gb and then a 64gb sdcard. Why so much space? Because it’s Android and I can. 😉

  • Can’t load apps on an SD card and my Photon is full. Went with the 32. I plan on buying one but that price for a 32 and I needed to add a second line next month any way why not.

  • DroidJ

    How is it the poll is already closed? This article just hit my RSS reader an hour ago.

    Edit: seems to be fixed now.

  • MechaEx

    I somehow managed to get my 16GB for 49.99… Verizon gave me $150 off. Coming from DX.

    • Snowcrash

      How? I’m coming from an old Fascinate and they didn’t give me squat.

      • MechaEx

        I honestly don’t know. They had been offering $50 toward a LTE upgrade for awhile plus I already qualified for an upgrade discount. I think they just merged the two? I’ve also had my DX since August of 2010 if it makes any difference.

        With the upgrade fee and sales tax, it came to $84.99. I can’t complain. I wanted to wait to see the RAZR HD, but felt it more important to ensure I keep my unlimited.

        • Snowcrash

          I shall be giving them a ring shortly… thanks for the info!

    • tomn1ce

      With that discount I would’ve gotten the 32gb and would’ve put the discount savings towards a 32gb or a 64gb sd card….

      • MechaEx

        I’m getting a 64GB card! I never used all the storage on my DX and also make use of cloud storage

  • burkett375

    Have the Tbolt 32GB Sdcard, so gonna throw that in my white 16GB SIII

  • Neither because I’m not buying one.
    But if I was, the 16GB. All my music is in GoogleMusic so I have not real need for anything more.

  • Jake

    Is it even possible to access the internal storage to sync media from a computer? I never used much of the internal storage on my Droid X just because it wasn’t readily accessible. Seems useless to get 32 gigs if the GSIII is a similar case. Plus you should be able to get a 64 gig microSD for under $50 in a few months… seems like a no brainer to use that money on an extra 64 gigs rather than 16.

  • SurgicalTech

    16gb, with a 32gb card. tmobile, blue color

  • corkis84

    Just ordered the Blue 32 GB. With google allowing maps to be downloaded and stored i might need all the room i can get.

    • Jon

      The maps take up a surprisingly small amount of space. I downloaded much of Los Angeles and it wasn’t bad at all.

  • nightscout13

    SD card’s are cheaper and more prtable than internal storage. Plus if you fry your phone, or get water damage, you can extract the SD card, but cannot extract internal.

  • Jon

    I’ll be buying a 32 Gig SD card to throw in it. Should be more than enough for me and I store about 22 Gigs of MP3s on my phone.

  • Trevor

    For me, a 32GB microSD card should be plenty. And if need be, I can always upgrade it to 64GB (and I’m sure higher eventually) in the future. Any amount of internal storage is just bonus and great for apps and if I ever forget to put the SD card in the phone.

  • Winks99

    I didnt need it, but decided to future proof. Ill be able to put a few movies on there and maybe a second operating system should that dual booting system require some extra space on the phone

    • Winks99

      Meaning…I got the 32gb and will put my 16gb card in as well for the moment…then bump up to 64 when needed

  • Guest

    32GB. I presume the internal storage is faster than an SD card, but I might be wrong.

    • SeanBello

      depends what they used for the flash memory, but more than likely yes. for the cost, it’s unlikely they used a super high class of memory, which would be more expensive than your average memory

  • achaf86

    I got the 32gb white one

  • I know it’s overkill, but the phone was cheaper than I expected it to be, so I went with the 32. Knowing Verizon’s track record on new release prices, I really thought it would start off at $300 for the 16 gig and go up from there, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could get the 32 for $250 and decided to just go for it.

  • Adam

    after having a fascinate for 2 years, no way in hell i would ever buy another galaxy S phone. plastic build and not so good radios killed it for me. having an amazing screen doesn’t make up for all the flaws.

  • AndroidUser00110001

    Where is the option for none of the above, in case Apple has it’s way 🙂

  • SubMatrix

    You guys remember back in the day when 1GB of hard drive space was plenty and you never thought you would need more? then 10 GB? then 100 GB? then 500 GB? then 1 TB? Exactly, and that’s why I’m going for 32 GB 🙂

    Especially if you want to watch media on your phone these days, as HD quality media can easily be a few GB per file.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      also more and more the OS takes up more and more room. I tend to like it all on the phone, more bottle neck from SD card to phone versus on phones memory

      • Glen49

        Less storage requires nore tightly written OS and program code. More RAM, more storage, and faster processors allow programmers to get settle for sloppy caode and to add features that most users will never use.

  • florious80

    16gb is good enough, just like 640kb is enough memory for everyone!!! 🙂

  • Havoc70

    Neither, waiting for an a better phone

    • Snowcrash

      There will always be a better phone coming out…

  • regkilla

    I voted for the 32 GB Galaxy SIII and it tied the poll 288 votes – 288 votes. That’s crazy!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I believe you mean “That shit cray”

  • Neither. I already have a tablet.

  • 32GB VZW GSIII + Brand New Class 10 Samsung 32GB SD Card that DL posted about.

  • Neither

    • Clearly this question wasn’t addressed to idiots such as yourself.

      • Apostrafee

        So anyone who doesn’t want the Galaxy SIII is an idiot?

        • This question is addressed to people who intend to purchase one. Who cares if you don’t?

          • Apostrafee

            Then you should have said that

          • PC_Tool


            Forum cop? The OP is trolling. He gets what he gets…

          • Apostrafee


  • fillyo

    I bought the 16gb and will dump my 32GB SD card, that’s 48GB and plenty of space

  • Nick

    Ordered myself a 32gb Blue version yesterday!

  • m6droid

    Wait, why wouldn’t anyone get the bigger geebees?! DUH! On that note, can it get the wifis and will Walgreens be carrying it?

  • I’m buying the 32 gb version. With all the apps I have on my 16gb Transformer which also has a 32 gb micro sd card, I have begun to run out of space. There is no way to transfer apps to the sd card. As a result I can get as many apps as I would like. I won’t be repeating this mistake on my phone,

  • aran

    $30 for 32gb external class 10 SD card > $50 upgrade for non removeable internal memory

    • aran

      Does anybody know if Samsung is still offering free dropbox storage for purchasing the Galaxy S3?

  • nobody

    Once again, no choice for “Neither”

    • Well it’s a poll for people who are buying the SGSIII, so they have to pick one or the other. Silly.

  • Aryeh Hersh

    Why not 32GB and then add 64GB SD card? Need all the space I can get to store my HD movies and TV shows I watch (i’m anal about not watching SD if I can help it).


      You’re right, freaking AT&T needs to get the 32gb -.-.


    16gb and the extra 50 will go towards a nice 64GB MicroSD 🙂

  • Dx has 8gb internal and a 32gb sd and I’m not close to filling that up so 16gb SIII will do just fine

  • colemanjj616

    32GB only because of the resell value when I’m ready for something new.

  • tonix435

    32GB since I got it for $149…

    • colemanjj616

      Same here $100 discount for upgrading one of my lines from a 3G device to 4G.

      • DigitalEnforcer

        What? WHo is doing that promotion?

        • colemanjj616

          Verizon is doing that promotion it was online and when I called customer service said the promo was good till June 30th.

          • michael arazan

            do you still retain unlimited data if you have it?

      • Rog


        • tonix435

          I still had a new every 2 from a while back…I had the Droid X and bought a Thunderbolt off contract, so I have never used an upgrade since back then…

          • Glen49

            I had new every two from my OG Droid showing $30 discount for months. I called VZW if the discount had an expiration date. They assured me I could easily claim it later this year. But the discount was nowhere to be found when I ordered the GS3. I called and they told me no evidence to support any discount. Told me the discount was just the 2-year contract price.

      • Julian Coronado

        Wait, Verizon is doing it? Im Verizon with a 3G phone going to buy the S3. How’d you do it?

        • colemanjj616

          Just preorder online it will show full price till you get to the checkout screen then the $100 discount shows up.

          • Rog

            Didn’t do it for my 🙁

          • colemanjj616

            You’re upgrading from a 3G device?

          • Rog

            Yea, I’m on a Droid X2

          • colemanjj616
          • David Lutz

            Wonder if this applies when going through Best Buy? Technically I haven’t “bought” the phone yet, just put down a $50 deposit. Assuming the phone comes in before the 30th, I guess I’ll have to ask them about the 3G>4G discount and if it applies. That would be totally sweet as I already got a $50 BB gift card for pre-ordering!

          • Orlando Ayala

            All signs show the release date to be in July.

          • FortitudineVincimus

            I don’t get that offer.. wtf.

      • Snowcrash

        I didn’t get that option… And yes, I’m coming from a 3G device.

        • colemanjj616

          I’m not sure why you’re not getting that option it showed up on any 4G device I selected it’s not even my primary line. I would call and inquire I live in Chicago maybe it’s a Midwest thing.

          • Snowcrash

            Thanks for the info! I’ll give them a call.

          • colemanjj616

            No problem. Here’s what it looked like at checkout. https://plus.google.com/u/0/116478041107255641275/posts/RDhdjfJmPBa

          • Wolfman

            I’m in Maryland. I got a $50 off promotion applied because I was eligible for an upgrade after 2 years. Had the Droid 1 since it’s release in 2009.

          • FortitudineVincimus

            I live in CA and no such offer. 12 years on VZW and on 3G phone. I called them and it seems it was for “new” customers only and only “online” and they claim it is not available. I pushed the issue and they sent me to customer retention and they still said.. no. But offered me 1 month free. Jeez if I don’t qualify who does?

            So, BB has the $50 Phone Freedom which makes a 32gb $199. VZW for me would be 249 – $30 – $40 so $180 for 32gb so I might do that and cancel my BB.

            And BTW, if you do BB or VZW get ready for the $30 “upgrade fee” those f***er rat bastards.

          • colemanjj616

            I’m not a new customer I used one of the upgrades on my existing family plan. I have no idea why they would say that. https://plus.google.com/u/0/116478041107255641275/posts/RDhdjfJmPBa

          • FortitudineVincimus

            I have an upgrade available also.. no family plan. and I get $30 off.

          • DJyoSNOW

            Hoep that works, cuz I was electable for that prom… Until I upgraded they told me the promo was discontinued and I was allowed the one final credit. I am which was never given to me.

          • If I remember correctly the $100 promotions were regional, of which I did not qualify 🙁

          • When I called customer service that’s what they told me 🙁

          • DJyoSNOW

            My question was so there is a $30 fee. So how about the $20 for signing under the 2yrs… Does it equal $50? It would not surprised me one bit.

    • SugaShane

      How did you get it for $149?

  • kevin

    Assuming apple does not screw us over on this phone (and for some reason i get the feeling it wont get delayed) then im getting the 16gb model. I mean if i ever get close to the limit ill just pop in the micro sd card that came with my droid bionic lol

  • PC_Tool

    Get over it…

    • DroidorDie

      hes got a legit point

      • PC_Tool


        Not really…

        • DroidorDie

          when they do a poll that states are you interested in this or not and more than half say no id say thats a valid point there is 10% “droid” related stuff on here now and 90% generic android

          • PC_Tool


            Somebody call the Wahmbulance! This site is not run to this user’s specifications and he needs a cookie STAT!

            Here, take a gander a the site title, and mull it over a bit, would you? Thank you ever so much.

            “Droid Life – An intense Android news community bringing you the latest in phones, rooting, apps, and reviews..”

  • PC_Tool

    16GB. With a 64GB SD card, it’ll still beat the storage of the One X. :-p

    (That was a joke about the recent “pamphlet” released by HTC, guys….wipe the spittle off your lips and settle down…)

    • Don’t forget that each S3 came with 50GB dropbox for 2years as well.
      And came in 64GB variant (if Samsung going to make one).

  • jjrudey

    Is there any other phone that does storage like the Galaxy Nexus yet? I didn’t like it at first, but after using it, it seems to make more sense.

  • Xeneize480

    Nice to see a clean and nice article. I hate those negative articles.

  • AlexKCMO

    I couldn’t justify a 32 GB version when I can have an SD Card. No reason to. Apps on internal, Music, Photos, etc, on external.

    • 16gb internal, $20 for 32gb + 50gb free from Dropbox .. and saving $30 !! #NoBrainer

      • AlexKCMO

        Honestly, I have so many 16GB cards lying aorund, (I just got 2 replacement Rezounds, both with new SD Cards), I have no reason to even get a 64 GB. Either way, they’re so cheap and I’m sure I’ll pick up a 64GB on black Friday for $10 this year or close to it.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    With microSD I was going to do the 16gb, but with the $50 Phone Freedom from BB, I used that to cover the cost to go to the 32gb


    WTF Really didnt you just do a poll on this stupid phone? the majoirty of your readers were not planing on purchasing it if i recall….

    • Yea, but that one was about teh pretty colorz! O.o

    • PC_Tool


      It’s not like you had to click the link, amirite? It stated exactly what it is in the headline.

      Bitter, much?

    • mustbepbs

      Get used to it. It happens with every hype-beast phone that comes out on every Android site.

    • that comment sir… what a idjit…

  • Howard Hedger

    Gotta love the SD Card 🙂 16gb for me + whatever I want to slap in there. All the space I need