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Official DROID Bionic 5.9.905 Update Begins to Roll Out

The DROID Bionic update we informed you about yesterday is now being shipped out to owners. We know it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich, but it does offer better 4G LTE connectivity (which is a plus) and a couple of other random fixes. One of our tipsters pulled the update zip file for all to enjoy, so if you need to open and examine, feel free to do so.

Note: According to Moto’s Forum Manager, this could just be a smaller soak test with larger roll out happening as early as next week. Sorry, folks.

Cheers Benjamin, Dominic, Jim and David!

  • Bruce Pope

    ice cream sandwich music player pop up with this update

  • The update appeared on my Bionic this evening. I let it download and install. Took about 12 mins to install after the download. Everything seems OK. Maintained root access (I had applied the forever root changes a few updates ago) and the mobile hotspot still works. Bring on ICS!

  • RoadsterHD1

    Anyone get OTA update .905 yet? Anyone?

  • hunkoman

    So far this build is rediculous! Worst data performance yet back to .893. This phone is the equivalent of Windows Me! Can’t wait for the Razr HD!

    • RoadsterHD1

      Did you get the official OTA update? or are you rooted?

      • hunkoman

        No and no. I downloaded from this DL post. Was on 904….went to 902…then 905.

  • hunkoman

    Wow signal worse than ever with this 905 build speed tests suck too.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Anyone get the OTA yet that are not soakers?

  • dquicknc

    I received the OTA and installed on my stock Bionic. Don’t have 4G in my area, so I can’t tell how this update improved that feature. Maybe I’ll have 4G next year.

    • Aixa

      Can anyone confirm if the ota is only for soak test/Motorola feedback network? Has anyone else received this not in those?

      • dquicknc

        I think it’s the soak test for MFN members this weekend.

        Doug Quick

        • TB

          I got it last night and I am not a member of anything. My wife has not yet received it though.

          • RoadsterHD1

            How is it working for you? Data 4G ok?

  • ipodmypants

    f’ it, i can’t wait anymore. haha. I wanted to wait to see what other people experienced during the update, but who are we kidding. I gotsta have it. For those that are in my situation:
    Droid bionic
    -stock blur .902 on safe partition
    -custom rom on unsafe partition

    i used OTA root keeper and was able to maintain root after applying the .905 update. Be sure to defrost all apps in titanium backup. ortherwise follow the steps that everyone has already been following.
    ***************copy and pasted from Tucknology @ droid hive***********************
    1.) You MUST start with 5.9.902 system. (Stock, unmodified, and undebloated. However, you can be rooted). Safestrap users: backup, then toggle to unsafe system.
    2.) Download the update onto your external sd-card.
    3.) Power down your phone.
    4.) Hold down both volume buttons, then press power button.
    5.) Select recovery by pressing volume down then volume up.
    6.) At the fancy logo press both volume buttons.
    7.) Select “apply update” and then select the file downloaded in step 1 (Use vol up/down to navigate and power to select).
    8.) Reboot.

  • interstellarmind

    If you are an avid reader if DLife… I have no sympathy for your Bionic words. It was heralded as a dud way before its (d.o.a.) release.

    • interstellarmind

      reader OF DLife*

      • Buy This

        I don’t know what you are talking about dude this phone is pretty rock solid now and will continue to be come ICS

    • Not everyone has the time or money to own the latest and greatest. For many of us, our contract was up and we needed a phone badly. This was the latest Android phone of it’s time of that mobile dead period in 2011. It’s a great phone IMO. Love the ICS roms and battery life all day on LTE w/ the extended. You’re no better than a Apple fanboy Troll…

  • Amazinggg

    What battery app is that he is using in the picture?

    • Benjamin

      Badass Battery Monitor.

  • ozoscar83301

    i saved the file into my sd card and tried running it through recovery and not working, what am i doing wrong?

    • you must be bone stock, with all bloat present and unfrozen, for the update to be applied. You must also apply it through the stock recovery for the update to work.

      • ozoscar83301

        about the only thing ive done to my phone is root, install ROM TOOLBOX and changed some of my icons like “3G”, “SIGNAL” so forth, i followed the steps from above but fails to install, ill keep trying

        • Buy This

          pretty sure modifying 3g and signal changes the framework.res and is whats causing your problem. I would recommend using rsd to go back to 902, then flash 905 in stock recovery, then root with motofail. There is a way to fxz with only the system images so you dont lose data I believe although I would just go ahead with the full thing

          • Correct. I’d advise a full RSD, as its difficult to know which files ROM Manager has made changes to, and it will give you a clean slate to apply the update to, which is always the best way to go. It doesn’t take too long to restore your apps/homescreens/whatever, and is worth it to remove any chance of problems once the update has been applied, imho.

          • ozoscar83301

            i did back rsd to 902 then ran update from stock recovery and it worked,

      • ozoscar83301

        my current version is 5.9.902

  • My bionic is saying that it is up to date. Can we update using the .zip file attached here?

    • Yes. It is only going out to the MFN soak test members at the moment. You should be able to download the attached file, place it on your internal SD card, boot into stock recovery apply the update.

      • Thanks for the info! I’m pretty new at this, so how do I do that? I read the article on here before about how to bring up the bootloader menu, but what do I do from there to apply it?

        • 1. Use Vol Down to highlight Recovery, then Vol Up to select.
          2. When the screen with an Android and an ! inside or a triangle comes up, press Vol Up and Vol Down at the same time to bring up the Recovery menu.
          3. Use Vol Down to highlight the “Apply update from SD Card” option, press Power button to select it.
          4. Use Vol Down to highlight the “Blur_Version.5.9.902.XT875.Verizon.en.us.zip” file, then power to select it.
          5. Use Vol Down to highlight the “Okay”, press power to select
          6. The update package should install itself, then reboot your phone. The first boot after the update will probably take 5-10 minutes, so don’t get nervous if the Bionic Eye is on the screen for a while. It’s just rebuilding the cache, which is wiped during the update process.

          • Thank you very much! Your info was a ton of help!

      • FYI, I’m still on factory root, with my only mod is the GO Launcher EX installed

      • The confusing thing is that soak tests ALWAYS go out to a number of randomly selected devices, as well as people who are actually part of the soak test. So you don’t necessarily have to be part of the soak to get the OTA during the soak test period – you just need to be lucky.

  • Buy This
    • Agreed, an excellent write-up Tuck’s done. I’d suggest downloading from another mirror or site though, as the one he links to is really slow.

      • Buy This

        I BELIEVE the dropbox link from this site is the exact same file. I didn’t double check but if so it is way faster. My first boot took a while after flashing the 905 update. I was prying off the back cover when it finally came up. I am charging now after making and unsafe side backup, then i will switch sides. I think I will restore the 902 safe eclipse backup then reboot into recovery and wipe and install 905 eclipse. If anyone has any questions check that thread or holler on here?

        • It is the same file, just a different source. The one Tuck links to was cheesecaked, the one above is the official OTA copied out of /cache before rebooting to apply the update.

          • Buy This

            Got impatient so I toggled to safe, wiped and now I am flashing eclipse 3.0 with no boot in between. I think it should be chilly chill and hopefully, I will be up to date soon. Also IDK if this will help anyone besides me but I got bootloops when I tried to toggle back the first time. you need to make sure your original system and backup are all in the spot they were when you first made them. I went back and restored everything then moved the safestrap folder back to internal storage and it worked immediately….and as I am posting this I just successfully booted the lasted 905 based build of eclipse. Huzzah.

  • cop216

    Mine is showing device is up to date ( 5.9.902 ). No update is necessary at this time.

  • al brown

    voodoo kept root for me

  • SomeoneWithABionic

    Looks like it is still in the soak test phase – at least from now and throughout the weekend.

  • Daniel Clifford

    Pretty sure this is just for those who signed up for the .904 soak test. Not a public roll out yet.

  • hunkoman

    Can we flash zip?

  • ozoscar83301

    can the bionic be updated if the phone is rooted or does it need to be unrooted first,

    • hunkoman

      Can always update. Question is is root going to hold.

      • Benjamin

        This is my zip file that was uploaded. I’ve maintained root after flashing it.

      • You can always ensure root is kept using OTA Rootkeeper from the Play Store. Open app, protect root, apply update, open app once update is complete, and re-root if necessary.
        That said, the motofail root method still works on 5.9.905 to the best of my knowledge if you happen to lose root.

    • ozoscar83301

      where do i save the file to install it?

  • bizda

    Anyone know if the old forever root method will still hold up? or is OTA rootkeeper needed?

    • ipodmypants

      OTA rootkeeper worked for me on the last update. super easy/quick. I’d love to know if someone uses it to keep root for the .905 update …

      • Benjamin

        I’ve updated to 905 and still have root. I have forever root and OTA Root Keeper installed.

    • skeetch79

      I was rooted on 902 and used Voodoo OTA Root Keeper to back up root, temp unroot and then restore root after the update was complete. Everything was successful, now rocking official 905 OTA with root.

  • Do we know if this will remove root? Or has a dev already rooted it?

    • That is the stock update file, non-rooted.

      • hunkoman

        So this zip can be installed?

        • George Davis

          I just installed it. Copied to SD card, without renaming file, then rebooted into stock recovery. Chose file and upgraded. No problems. I also kept root, but I have Forever Root installed.

  • Peter

    Isn’t your link to .902? Isn’t the update to .905?

    • ocdtrekkie

      If I recall, the zip file is named for these, the name of the build you’re updating FROM.

      • ipodmypants

        100% correct

    • Guest

      Motorola always labels update files as the version you are coming from not going to for some reason

    • Dude

      Moto names their updates based on the last version.

    • skeetch79

      Motorola names their updates with the Software Version you are coming from not going to.

    • droidlifer4life

      Update files are named based on current version on the devices.