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Case of Apple V. Motorola Gets Thrown Out of Court, Apple Shot Down Again

The judge in the case between Apple and Motorola was never really a fan of the whole thing to begin with. Multiple times he berated both sides, telling Apple “frivolous” and “untimely.” Motorola didn’t have it easy either, Judge Richard Posner called Moto’s claim ridiculous. Apparently, Posner had enough and today, 2 days before the trial was set to begin, he tossed it out of his courtroom.

Posner, who apparently has a reputation for cutting through legal run-around, rejected both of the damage arguments from Apple and Motorola and isn’t interested in hearing any more of the case. The suit between these two was shaping up to be one of the biggest patent debates to-date. Maybe this is a sign that the patent wars should start coming to a close.

Via: CNNMoney

  • PC_Tool

    Nothing was decided here? Apple certainly didn’t “lose” and Motorola certainly didn’t “win”… so Apple can simply come up with a new case, re-file and start the whole circus again, probably with a judge who, compared to Posner is an idiot??

    I really don’t think Posner did anyone but himself any favors here….

    (…or am I totally misunderstanding what happened here?)

  • kidheated

    Woohoo! Go Posner! It’s Your Birthday!

  • Android

    I agree, let’s end all these stupid patent wars and put the money into innovating technology

  • Destroythanet

    Good. I’m no Apple hater, but even I’m tired of this crap.

  • kevin

    For a moment i thought this was the case between apple and samsung about the galaxy s 3 and got so excited…


    Fall back apple get off everybody jock no one but lazy people wants your 3G crap anyway.

  • nightscout13

    HAHA Crapple is going down……..

  • john

    Cases get thrown out all time, that never really stop/discourage anybody.
    In the case of Oracle vs Google, now there’s something that might (though very slim) make them think twice, but business will go on…as usual.

  • MicroNix

    Now if all the judges started telling everyone to pound sand, we’d finally be getting somewhere.

  • Havoc70

    HAHA Bite it Apple…see what i did there ? lol

  • Aaron Fredricks

    serves them right.

  • yarrellray

    This is as usual with apple afraid to innovate and just step up there game. Always trying to slow everyone else down bunch of cowards. Anybody walking around with this sad pack of junk iphones are a bunch of losers also…

    • Mike

      Did you only read like half of the story or something?

      • GF1 Fanatic

        Be nice Mike. The only reason Motorola sued was to counter sue Apple, which is a very common defense strategy.

  • asdfasdf


  • Jigga_Z

    Posner is revered in his field, and I’m not at all surprised he tossed the case. I hope other courts will use his decision as precedent for all of these others patent cases. Not that all patent suits are without merit, but clearly things are getting a bit excessive here.

    • Tristan Cunha

      It’s good to hear that this is coming from a respected judge and not someone everyone thinks is crazy. Hopefully it’ll set a good precedent.

    • tgom222

      Judge Posner is probably the most respected non-Supreme Court member of the judiciary. The only reason he hasn’t been nominated for the Supreme Court is because some libertarian view points.

  • VinMessina

    Might want to update:

    “But according to a source in contact with Apple’s lawyers, Judge Posner has given them one last chance. Apple argued that there ought at least to be a formal hearing on their request for injunctive relief, and the judge has agreed to consider their request.There will be no jury trial, but if the judge buys Apple’s argument, the hearing would begin on Monday.”

  • Wolfman

    Bueno! Eat IT Apple! Samsung Galaxy S3 coming to my hands soon, and you can’t stop it!

    • elmotactics

      You realize that the SAMSUNG Galaxy S3 is not made by MOTOROLA. Apple is still suing Samsung.

      • Oopsies

        Musta forgot the announcement on Droid-Life about how Apple and Samsung are looking to settle that out of court.

      • Wolfman

        hah! Or the last sentence in this short article! “Maybe this is a sign that the patent wars should start coming to a close.”

        Some people just want to kill a person’s spirit…