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100 Floors App for Android, Unique Puzzles to Spend Countless Frustrated Hours On

I came across 100 Floors in the Play Store and I’ve been spending most of my afternoon trying not to become extremely frustrated with it. From the looks of it, it was just a simple puzzle game where the object is to solve a puzzle and use the elevator to advance onto the next floor. Well, it’s a tad bit harder than that. The puzzles are actually quite difficult at times and there’s no instructions or hints on how to solve some of them. Makes for some intense gameplay.

To get an idea of just how hard this game can become, do a quick Google search of 100 Floors. Results come back with hundreds of walk-through videos helping people beat this game. Folks must have become so flustered, the makers even published an official ‘Cheats’ application to help users. Give it a go and let us know if you think the frustration is worth it.

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  • Solved the first 40 in a few hours, just waiting for an update to play more levels…
    I’m good with puzzle games, hah.

  • GnexFloor

    I emailed the developer regarding the nexus compatibility, and they fixed it quickly – can now play on the GNex, BUT, it turns out there’s an issue with the accelometer preventing you from completing level 21, so don’t be surprised if you get stuck there, it’s impossible on the GNex. The devs are incredibly responsive and open, which is nice.

  • Josh Nichols

    If you want something similar except a lot harder and on the internet..
    http://notpron.org/notpron/ is “the hardest riddle available on the internet”

    I’ve only gotten up to 60 something on this before rage quitting

  • Not compatible with the galaxy nexus…nice lol It’s compatible with my Moto Droid X tho!!! 🙂

  • MrEnglish

    Got stuck on 22 before i had to stop and go back to work. That one snookered me, at least till after work.

  • Ive been playing this for about 2 weeks now. it is frustrating beyond belief lol. But there are only about 40 floors completed. but granted im only on floor 17 so might take a while for them to keep adding more.

  • Keepfiring

    Anybody remember notpron?

    • balthuszar

      i still attempt that every once in a great while…

    • Josh Nichols

      damn I JUST linked to this before I saw your comment haha

  • Joe

    not sure about hours, i went through it in about 45 minutes. it only has 40 floors/levels.

  • sk3litor

    There is an app to help you along the way. You get hints and two actual answered. But use them wisely

    • sk3litor

      The app is called 100 floors guide. Look 4 clues on each floor and remember you can use certain items from diff floors

  • Downloaded this the other day. I can’t figure out Floor 15.

    • Apostrafee

      that was a hard one

      • Yeah, I’m stuck on that one right now. No help though. I’ll get it!


    I beat all of the levels, and actually at the moment there are only 40 to play through. However, it is both fun and frustrating. It took me a few days to beat all of them.

    Word of advice: it’s usually not just about touching the screen somewhere, sometimes you have to shake the device or turn it upside down!

    • Kato

      thank you

    • Homer

      I found 2 other similar games enigm and enigmon little more difficult but not free.

  • dsass600