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Planets Pack Live Wallpaper Allow You to View Beautiful, Yet Distant Worlds

I stumbled upon the Planets Pack LWP while taking my daily stroll through the Play Store yesterday. The developer is quite popular and has many other LWP offerings that are highly rated by users, which makes me less weary of spending $2 for a wallpaper app. Well, there were many more options and customizable features than I had expected, making it a definite new favorite of mine. 

On a few of my phones, LWP’s create a terrible lag throughout the device, but I have yet to experience that with this one which is a huge plus in my book. Simply choose which celestial body you want pictured, the atmospheric glow and density, the rotation speed, and you’re done. It is easily the most beautiful LWP I’ve had the enjoyment of watching on this phone. If you’re into exploring new worlds, give it a shot.

Play Link ($1.95)

  • Agreed. This dev is awesome. I’m using his leaf-based LWP now, and I don’t get tired of it. Plus, after a recent update, the backgrounds behind the OpenGL (but very realistic) leaves change throughout the day. No lag. Very little battery drain, so far as I can tell. Big thumbs up.

  • Panicswhenubered

    LWP = Battery –> Rape. It does look awesome though.

  • Jim Davis

    It’s less WARY, not WEARY! I keep seeing this on discussion forums. I think it (and other common misinterpretations of aphorisms) comes from people getting their information and entertainment primarily from non-print sources.

  • rohicks

    Bye Bye battery

  • Gamer28

    I want planet Nibiru 😀

  • vega25

    Looks very impressive, but added a lag on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Also I found that it drained the battery a lot faster in half a day, before I switched to a static wallpaper. The 3D imaging and features added to the juice use I think.

  • What is the clock widget called again? I dont remember the name of it

    • lostsync


  • Glen49

    Also check out Earthrot and its map pack. This lwp shows rotating planets and moons with Nasa imaging. It also includes worlds from Star Trek and Star Wars, including both Death Stars. I have not had difficulty with excessive battery drain with this beautiful live wallpaper.

  • Glen49

    The app “Show Off” in the play store will remove your icons and allow you to view your live wallpaper in all its glory.

  • kristian tzokanow

    It lags on my Galaxy Nexus :/

  • df

    nine eleven? really?

  • Is there any way of using a LWP without using more battery? If so, I will buy this one.

  • Sakina Solomon

    I’m thinkin I want to try these

  • inb4 9/11

  • I’ve never used a live wallpaper that didn’t tick me off by slowing down the scrolling between home screens.

    • T4rd

      On my Gnex, most of the ones I’ve tried don’t have much, if any lag at all. But I still prefer to use static wallpaper just for battery conservation.

      • rodney11ride

        have you actually checked on a daily use of the live wall papers and how much battery they steal? i was curious

        • I was actually thinking the same thing. I have flashed several new kernels since the last time I tried LWP. I will give it a try again and see berfore I purchase.

        • T4rd

          Not really. But I figure any way I can save a bit of juice, I will do it. Rendering a 3D wallpaper like that has to use considerably more resources (CPU/GPU/RAM) than a static wallpaper and I don’t think the trade off for a prettier background that adds no functionality to the phone is worth it.

          • vega25

            I agree

          • JoshGroff

            I use a static wallpaper on my Rezound and LWP on my Xoom, the battery life on a tablet is solid enough that an LWP won’t affect much.

        • HarvesterX

          All Live Wallpapers are going to consume more battery life. To what extent? That is up to how well the programmer(s) have their code optimized. For the programmers out there, they are easy to create by creating a Canvas object and doing all your OpenGL work there. This ease is also why there are LOTS of live wallpapers created with not as much thought invested into performance and battery life as there should be. Live Wallpapers can also be hardware accelerated with a simple flag set from within the Canvas class. Some devs probably don’t put the necessary effort into it. As long as is looks good…and this is made worse when profits are involved. I also have no doubt that there are plenty of wallpapers that do it right (such as the default live wallpaper for the Nexus). And one comforting caveat…if the wallpaper isn’t visble then it isn’t using any battery. They can be nice for showing off your phone or using while on a charger but while my nexus has a 2000-ma battery included I won’t be using them while off the charger and even more so, I’d never pay for one. They are fun to code though and a good starting place for anyone interested in OpenGL development on Android with Java. 🙂

      • Perhaps I’m more perceptive of this lag? I don’t know, but I definitely see it on pretty much all of them, including the ones mentioned in this post.

    • Lakerzz

      I totally agree. I can’t stand lwp’s. They put too much lag on the phone. Are we the only ones this happens to?

      • No, we’re not. We’re the only ones that care/notice. My wife loves her lwp, I can’t even stand to use her phone with it on.

  • 4n1m4L

    Bought the galaxy pack. Looks gorgeous.

    • eagletrippin

      I bought the galaxy pack months ago, they’re awesome. This planet pack looks great, too. They make the best LWP’s…

  • Tsabhira

    I have a bunch of LWPs from this person (these people?). Love ’em all. They have some decent freebies even. Totally worth it. Think the leaves one (came out before the planets pack) is even nicer than this!

    • michael arazan

      I was using moon phase pro app, can be used as a live wallpaper same principle, just got this for a change up, thx tim