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NVIDIA Announces Their TegraZone Player Choice Winners, No Surprises Here

Last month, our friends over at NVIDIA held their first annual Player’s Choice Awards to determine which Tegra-optimized Android title was the best of the best of the best, sir. Major titles such as Shadowgun, GTAIII, Dark Meadow, and many others were up for three top titles – Best Graphics, Best Gameplay, and Best Overall. We had many of our own readers vote, so let’s get down to it. 

And the winners are…

Best Graphics: Shadowgun THD

Best Gameplay: Grand Theft Auto III

Best Overall: Grand Theft Auto III

Well, Rockstar’s GTAIII basically swept it. Shadowgun had little to no competition for best graphics, but I wouldn’t have been shocked if Dark Meadow had somehow taken the Best Overall title. It’s a fun game and is actually a lot easier to control on a mobile device, unless you happen to own a Bluetooth gaming controller. If you haven’t checked any of these titles out yet, this is a good sign that you might want to get on that.


  • HarvesterX

    Both games listed have played wonderfully on my Nexus, that I’d love to actually play them with a Tegra just to enable all the extras. (Well GTAIII is a bitch to control until you get used to it but controls have nothing to do with this AFAIK lol)

    • baldypal

      I hear ya! that sniper rifle on GTAIII is ridiculously inverted. Haven’t been able to get the package on the ship yet. Mission failed!

      • HarvesterX

        Oh Lord that’s not the mission where you have to be control the remote control helicopter is it? I can’t remember it’s been soon. I I just remember that I was ready to throw my mouse and keyboard across the room on the pc version. I don’t think it is though thinking back. I believe that had to do with explosives?

        • baldypal

          Not quite that far into the game. I’m stuck at the point where 8 ball has to place the bomb on the ship and i cover him from the roof of the harbor storage unit. up is down/down is up. left is left/right is right. why would up have to be down? it would be so much easier if up was up, you know?

          • HarvesterX

            Yeah I remember exactly which mission you’re on now. They did make some rather questionable control schemes in the game and never bothered to optimize it for touchscreens and accelerometers. Come on, if many parts were a pain in the ass to complete using a mouse and keyboard (including this one) then what makes them think it would have been any easier on a damned touchscreen lol. Only thumbs down I give the port. Complete lack of any optimization what so ever for the new device being ported to. Keeping the legacy steering buttons from the original that nobody used as they were steering using they keyboard in the first place? Really… If I had a physical keyboard it wouldn’t have been an issue. This complaint aside, I guess they stayed true to the original in making certain missions artificially harder by using a half assed control scheme lol. I never got that far on the phone version as it doesn’t like the dpi set to 280 and I really didn’t feel like rebooting each time I wanted to play considering I beat it so many years ago. I’m still waiting for Blizzard to jump aboard now that they finally finished DiabloIII and give us a DiabloII LOD port (or even better, Diablo III itself). This type of genre would port over so easily to a handheld device. The first computer I played DiabloII on had far lower specs than the Nexus and played it flawlessly. Considering also that it was written in Direct AND OpenGL it should make the port that much faster to pump out.

  • Jake

    Im glad those are the only two games I bought for my ASUS Transformer!

  • it is implying it will happen again in a year. Stop being pedantic.

  • Guest345

    1st Annual? It never happened before. ::Pet peeve::

    • That means first of more to come….

    • cmonnats23

      Youre an idiot