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Verizon’s Galaxy SIII Will Get Global Roaming Later Via Software Update

Just like the RAZR, RAZR MAXX, DROID 4 and Rezound, the Samsung Galaxy SIII on Verizon will receive an update later this summer that will give it the power to roam globally. The device has the radios inside to support global roaming, but for whatever reason, Big Red is not giving it that ability out of the box. We don’t have exact details on when these updates will happen other than “summer” so try to be patient.

Via:  PhoneScoop

Cheers Trevor!

  • thajack

    Got to prioritize pre-loading of the bloatware first. The software to make your phone fully functional will come about eight months after the one year anniversary of the phone.

  • LegalAmerican

    I don’t understand how a phone that isn’t even released can’t just be capable of doing this. It’s like they want all phones to be outdated now before they’re even released. Freaking get these devices up to par and lets release some awesome phones instead of always putting a little black mark on each and every one right from the start. Verizon is getting so effing annoying with this.

    • Josh Nichols

      Yeah, it’s not as simple as enabling the radio on the phone. They need to setup authentication so one SIM card can authenticate on LTE, CDMA and Vodafone roaming. which will probably require customers to get a new USIMx2/CSIM UICC’s.”

  • Verizon has just been an innovator. This global roaming facility seems like a superb venture by them. Thanks for unveiling the brief details here.

    • peeyourownpants

      because they’re the only ones who need it. everyone else’s 3g plays well together. this isn’t innovation, it’s catch up

      • Josh Nichols

        Sprint and US Cellular need it too.

        China has CDMA carriers as well.

        Also I’m sure when you have the largest LTE network you’re allowed a little bit of slack.

  • DX OG

    As this is the official phone of the Summer Olympics in the global roaming country of England, I’m guessing that they’re shooting for the software upgrade prior to the Opening Ceremonies.

  • I wish the galaxy nexus was global capable. Would really help me out in a month.

  • WHY.jpg

    Translation: you’ll get the update within 3-8 months, if we feel like it.

  • Futbolrunner

    Now when the global roaming capabilities are unlocked, does that mean that if I were to go overseas for the summer I could take out the LTE sim, insert the new sim and activate it through the new company?

    • cbkcc1

      that is the rumor.

  • marballe

    Verizon + Update + Later = Give me your money now, and we will pump an update out when and if we feel like it

  • achaf86

    Does anybody know if a microSD card will be pre installed with the galaxy S3?

    • In the hands on from gsmarena it showed it doesn’t unfortunately but I’m sure u have one laying around!

  • Chris Gustafson

    The VZW Galaxy S III supports SVDO, like the Rezound and ThunderBolt.

    More importantly, it likely supports a lot more GSM/UMTS bands than were mentioned in the FCC report.

    • Trevor

      That would be cool about the GSM/UMTS frequencies. Being a true global phone makes the GS3 even more tempting.

  • yarrellray

    Can’t help but laugh at this Verizon can’t even update STOCK DEVICES properly. They haven’t even updated any other device to ICS and now the Galaxy S3 will launch with ICS 4.0.4. It’s a sad conclusion that the Galaxy Nexus launched December 15 2011 with 4.0.2 and most of those are still waiting for 4.0,4. Verizon HAS NOT UPDATED ANY HANDSETS TO ICS now another device will launch with ICS from Samsung with no help from Verizon when are people going to see VERIZON SUCKS ROTTEN EGGS….

    • Chris Gustafson

      When are you going to stop changing your mind and and allegiance to carriers? You damn troll.

    • dan4patriots
    • chris125

      Thought you were switching to tmo dick? You have been crying about the same thing for months. If you can’t follow simple steps well shame on you.

    • Josh Nichols

      See? Anyone can type in all caps. Not everyone can be right though.

  • BSweetness

    I previously read that the delay in enabling the GSM radio on Verizon’s LTE devices is due to changes that Verizon has to make in their system and network in order to properly authenticate, log, and charge users for international roaming. The process is evidently somewhat different than the process was on previous global phones. This would play into Verizon’s line that the feature would be enabled on the Droid 4 after “network enhancements” were made.

    • Chris Gustafson

      Yeah, it’s not as simple as enabling the radio on the phone. They need to setup authentication so one SIM card can authenticate on LTE, CDMA and Vodafone roaming. which will probably require customers to get a new USIMx2/CSIM UICC’s.

      Plus they need to make sure the phone doesn’t work on other US carriers. Bastards. Lol

      • chris125

        Yeah don’t want you unlocking it and going to another carrier.

  • John

    Give it 2-3 weeks and the dev’s will have it working flawlessly

    • Josh Nichols

      ..This is not something you can hack into a ROM.

  • CHRIS42060

    Considering Samsung’s update history “late summer” left off the rest they meant “late summer 2013”

  • chris125

    Why can’t they just enable it from the start.

  • So I guess I sent this in and then suffered memory loss /s

    • Trevor

      Either people don’t get the joke, or they just really like to thumb down your comments, right Trev?

  • QuadNexus

    so whens the next quadcore phone thats compatible with LTE coming out *ON VZW?* /sad

    • FortitudineVincimus


      there are none now. not for VZW.

      There a few companies like Nvidia that have it in the works and I think Huawei made a chip that can as well IIRC.

      • Josh Nichols

        There are none for anyone in the US.

  • ChrisTraeger1

    Would have been awesome to have this on the Gnex. I’m guessing an unlockable bootloader might have something to do with that.

    • chris125

      Pretty much every Samsung is easy to unlock the bootloader.

      • ChrisTraeger1

        True. I guess people can be expecting some real dev support down the line.

        • chris125

          I think this will have a lot of support since all US versions have the same internals( minus the radios) Can’t wait to see what the dev’s come up with to take full advantage of the 2gb ram.

    • BSweetness

      It’s not possible on the Galaxy Nexus because, unlike the SIII and several other Verizon LTE phones, it doesn’t have a GSM radio.

      • Josh Nichols

        Technically it does as LTE is natural progression from GSM..

        • BSweetness

          Technically, it doesn’t have a GSM radio. Technically, it has a LTE radio. Sure LTE stems from GSM, but the two are so that different that you still need a dedicated GSM radio for GSM usage, and the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have a GSM radio. It’s like a parent and a kid – the kid is a natural product of the parent, sharing several similarities, but the kid is not the same as the parent.

          • Josh Nichols

            I never said it was the same thing?

    • Chris Gustafson

      Yeah, unfortunately it doesn’t have the radios to support it.