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Angry Birds Space Updated in Play Store, 10 Delicious Utopia Levels Added

Attention disgruntled avian lovers, there are ten new Utopian levels ready for you to devour in the Play Store this morning. One of DL’s favorites, Angry Birds Space has received another update from Rovio to include a new Utopia planet that includes ten food-themed levels. Popcorn, pretzels, and other yummy treats fill these levels, which should make for some interesting gameplay. Go munch on it and let us know what you think. 

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Cheers Victor!

  • Davros

    and this is still not available from amazon why?

  • dinooooo

    Angry Birds Space just passed 100 million downloads!! It’s a great game that I’ve been hooked for quite a while. It’s exercise for the brain while I’m having fun! This is the best kind of game to play. Looking at their food planet stages, I think I won’t be bored at all for a pretty long time!
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  • Does anyone know what the new tally next to the number of stars you’ve accumulated in each world (underneath the black feather)? On all the worlds I’ve completed, I have 3 stars for each level (e.g., 90/90), but now there’s a little black feather on the right-side of the world showing a 0 for each level (e.g., 0/30). Did they go back and add something else you have to do? Does it represent how many levels you received 3 stars on on the first try? Does it have something to do with the creepy eagle things that they added that you can buy more of if you’re having trouble on a level? (edit: it does)

    Here’s a photo of what I mean — see the black feather on the right:


    The 0/30 below the feather.

    I found the explanation on the Angry Birds wiki here:


    It’s pretty lousy:

    “If the Mighty Eagle is used to pass the level, no stars will be awarded. Instead, the standard scoring system will be replaced by a ‘Destruction’ meter. Depending on how much damage the Eagle causes to the Pig’s structure, this meter will fill up to a maximum of 100%. Scoring a perfect percentage ratio will award the “Total Destruction” feather next to the level’s icon on the stage select screen. In some scenarios, the default birds will have to be used in conjunction with the Eagle to get 100%. If he is used in an incomplete level, the user will have to wait 1 solid hour to use him on any other incomplete level. The player can actually enable him without waiting by completing the level he/she used it on without using him again.”

    So you can use the Mighty Eagle on levels you’ve completed, and if you get total destruction, then your destruction meter goes up by 1 for the world. Even though your Might Eagle’s get replenished after an hour, the whole thing seems like a scam to convince people to buy more Mighty Eagles. I guess these people have to make money somehow.

  • Stewie

    Oh well, I don’t care if this becaomes an Amazon Rant…
    Ok, I understand Amazon, that you want to have a miniture Vetting process for your appstore to mainatin a quality level of service to me, the user.
    But this is a major Developer, one who released their game to you first before the play store, and even when THEY release an update, you still have to do your little control game on it?
    Personally I don’t care about AB’s, but the vetting is a bit ridiculous … to me it’s the same as all the security companies warning me about what I might put on my phone.
    I’m a smart individual and know what I’m grabbing in that regard towards my device, I check permissions versus what it is, etc. Be smart stay smart and you won’t run into trouble.
    so let’s get on the ball for those who might want this update!

    • Hear, hear. I now regret buying it from Amazon. Sure, it was nice having it a few hours sooner, before even knowing that the Play Store was going to have it that day as well, but now it’s been nearly two days and this update still hasn’t hit their store. What the hell, Amazon?

  • I purchased this over a week ago from iTunes app store and these levels came with it. Great levels -especially the popcorn effect!

  • feztheforeigner

    What the hell?!

    • EvanTheGamer


  • i have the option to buy the Danger Close levels on my bionic for $0.99

  • EvanTheGamer


  • No Homer Simpson…?? 🙁