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Amazon Wireless Offering Up the Galaxy Nexus For a Penny, Limited Time Offering

It’s never a bad time to be on the hunt for your next Android device. Anyone who doesn’t own a Galaxy Nexus and reads this site probably knows how the DL community feels about this phone, always referring to it with mostly high praises in comparison to other Android devices on the market today. Sure, the camera may be a little iffy at times and the radios could use some work, but it is still a completely stock Android experience that performs like a total champ.

For a limited time only, you can pick up this device on a new two-year agreement through Amazon Wireless for a single penny. Not a bad deal, especially if these upcoming Galaxy SIII and RAZR HD devices aren’t exactly to your liking. You can check the deal out by simply following the via link below.

Via: Amazon Wireless

  • l k

    In my house on Verizon we have had the D1, D2, DX, Fascinate, Thunderbolt, and Gnex. I had problems with the Fascinates gps that took me 20 min to solve. The Thunderbolt was the only bad experience. I’ve been on 3 out of the 4 major networks. Sometimes I run custom roms for weeks and the same for stock software. The only big problems I’ve had was updates and we can all agree that’s android as a whole. I see dam near every android phone that comes out get called a pos on plenty of popular android sites and forums. I think there usually are few out of the many that have problems and the rest of the every release phone bashers are the bandwagon type. If that describes anyone please dont try t cuss me out its not an insult. On the issue of refurbished phones I think its a problem with the majority of phones from what I read with each phone release. I guess I am super lucky to have good working phones everytime I switch up. My only bad case was when my D1 broke and I kept getting refurbs untill I was sent a new phone. Well to be honest it was kind of bad wit the Thunderbolt. I remember when the Android community was solid and people were cool, but these days are all insults on forums and pissing contests with the phones. Lol my wife just said ill get super flamed for this and she’s probably correct.

  • l k

    How does my post get taken down when it was absent of profanity, insults, or name calling? It was appropriate for any age group

  • l k

    I must be one lucky son of a b…. between me and the wife we had the D1, D2, Fascinate, DX, Thunderbolt, Bionic, and Gnex. The Fascinate had gps problems witch I fixed in a few minutes (rom). Well the Thunderbolt did take forever to get fixed , but other than that my experiance with these phones has been as good as it can get if you dont count waiting for updates. Every phone we had in this house gets trashed real bad on these sites and forums
    accept the D1. I think Every phone has some duds cant avoid it it happens. but hearing piece of shit for every android phone that comes out it kind of silly. Somtimes its the same people complaining release after release. Like I said I guess my house is really really lucky or there are no good android phones out threre if you read the sites and forums. I think there are few issues and allot me to people that jump on the phone bashing bandwagon.Hmm i wonder if anyone has a major chart for return rates on android smart phones since the D1 that would be nice to look at. Im no novice either Ive been down with android since the T-Mobile G1. Ive been on Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon in that order. I run stock for months and sometimes roms for months at a time. Id like to think I know what Im talking about. Im laughing right now because my wife just said i will get my ass flamed up for this one.

  • Any rumors of the Droid Razr HD having NFC???

  • azndan4

    Motorola fanboys have taken over this web site lol.

  • nwuknowme

    whats going on with all this cattiness among men(assumption) about a phone?

    • its just the way we enjoy life lol

  • EC8CH

    Now sell the LTE G-Nex Pogo Dock Amazon… and my money is yours

  • florious80

    Tim, I think you need to add “new customer/line only”. This does not apply to any upgrading customers. I think existing customers gets a $50 discount only.

  • shehippie

    Always remember, you get what you pay for….

    • John
    • I don’t understand this statement… so you don’t believe that anything should ever go on sale?

      • shehippie

        I dont believe the phone is even worth a penny. I had three…worst phone I ever owned.

        • only 3 ? i’m on my 5th

          • shehippie

            Instead of a 4th, they offered me the Rezound! I jumped on it!

          • i’m thinking on trying to get a maxx, you would think that after 5 I would get a good one,, I dont think there are any good ones, can believe how people worship this thing,and get so offended when someone says bad things about it,,, kids

          • mikesuds

            Dont know what’s wrong with your (5) Nexus’ but I’ve had only 1 and it’s been flawless. So there’s at least one good one.

          • wanna trade?

          • Mine still sucks even after the great update

          • shehippie

            I think you would be happy with the Maxx, I really like mine. Just imagine, you can actually talk on the maxx! :p

        • That’s unfortunate! I’m sorry that happened to you. I got my Nexus back in December and it hasn’t given me any issues. I am glad the Maxx has been awesome for you though! Woohoo!

    • Also remember, you’ll be paying out the ass in monthly fees.

  • well I thought the update would help, but mic still cuting off, if you are in a store for 30 minutes to an hour , the only way to get 3g or 4g signal is to reboot, nexus is still a pos

    • goatodoom

      If you say so.

    • KleenDroid

      You should ask one of your buddies that has more abilities to help you with it. I know you don’t understand what I mean, but if you ask around or do some reading you may surprise yourself. I’m not saying that you are not having issues, I am suggesting you spend a small bit of time to help resolve your issues.

      • issues? the mic cuts off during calls, has nothing to do with abilities, nor does loss of singal and having to reboot to get it back

        • KleenDroid

          You see you don’t understand and you just proved my point. I used to have your same issues till I took matters into my own hands. But never mind… you seem perfectly happy being unhappy.

    • Sirx

      Think I just got my first mic cut off a few minutes ago since the update. And my phone has rebooted completely at random twice.

      KleenDroid, please stop being a troll, as the kids would say. I have the mental ability. You know what I don’t have? Time. I don’t have the time to spend every few evenings installing new ROMS and Kernals and radios and so forth. Simply because I have other things to do. And people who do not have either the time or the inclination to get into all that “You shouldn’t have even bought a Nexus if you weren’t going to root it” BS that I keep seeing here shouldn’t have to suffer with a subpar product. And that’s what this is.

      It’s not supposed to be a “Developer’s Dream” or a “Completely Stock Experience”. It’s supposed to be a dodgamn phone! If it fails even that most primary function then it IS a failure.

      • lot of those people who worship this phone need to get their head out of their asses,, well said Sirx

        • l k

          Mine works just fine and my friends Maxx works fine too. Im not sure why everyone on this site is in a pissing contest about the phones they carry.

  • noGnex

    Performs like a champ… If you don’t need to actually make calls and you have a power source nearby. This is a developer phone and a toy. I would not recommend this phone to anyone who needs a reliable smartphone. Traded my Gnex for a Maxx and couldn’t be happier. Solid build, radios and battery life.

    • KleenDroid

      Couldn’t be more wrong. I have none of those issues and my phone lasts till evening till I need to plug in. But the phone does offer many abilities that require a bit of mental ability that might not be the best fit for some. But who knows… every phone has some duds and I am sure the Maxx is also a wonderful phone. I am happy that you are now happy.

      • noGnex

        Yes, you are on a forum preaching the mystical abilities of a phone that only special people can understand. Mental indeed…

        • special people? now thats a laugher, people to made this phone rode the short bus

        • KleenDroid


    • i’m looking into doing the same, after 5 dogs in a row, i’m done with this turd,if a phone cant make calls its pretty much useless

      • noGnex

        I have been very happy with my decision to trade to get the Maxx. There is definitely a difference in screen quality (Gnex over Maxx), but reliability (radios/calls) and battery life more than offset that difference for me.

        • well so far the only good thing about the nexus is the screen, I believed the rooters when they said the new radios in the update fixed everything, but that doesnt seem to be the case,

          • Liderc
          • Its sucks to be anyone stuck with a nexus, mine keyboard is even lagging again

          • Liderc

            uncheck spelling correction in language and input, it doesn’t do anything, fixes the landscape issue.

          • michael arazan

            1 word, swiftkey

          • As I stated before, you always have to do things to a nexus to make it work like it should work right out of the box

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    I strongly encourage anyone interested that this is a great phone. I’ve had 5 smart phones: Droid, Droid X, Droid Razr Maxx and iPhone 4S. And it’s better than any of them overall, except for the 4S, which I would basically give them a tie, except for the fact that the batter life on the Nexus is horrible and really good on the 4S, which is the main reason that I traded the Nexus and got a 4S. Although, I have to disagree with the statement in the post about the camera. The camera on the Nexus is the best camera on a phone that i have personally used.

  • thats exactly what its worth

    • Joe Luck

      Thats exactly what your opinion is worth

    • KleenDroid

      Every phone is worth a penny in the hands of someone that doesn’t understand what they have.

    • tom mabe

      thats exactly what your opinion is worth

    • EC8CH

      Hey look guys… Joe Buck!

      He hates his Nexus.

      Tell me if you’ve heard this one.

      • yor beloved 4.0.4 did little to fix this turd

        • EC8CH

          sorry it didn’t help you, but you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself…

          You are a bit annoying, but I’d never call you a “turd”

  • I personally think buying on the Play Store for $399, no strings attached, is a better deal.

    • pubasnacks77

      Well not really considering the one from the Play Store is GSM only and won’t work on Verizon’s network

      • John Burke

        It not working with Verizon is a plus for me

      • Networks aside. I’d much rather be on a no-strings-attached plan which I can opt out of at any time than on a 2 year plan that I’m tied to.

  • New customers only