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Monday Poll: Are You Buying the Samsung Galaxy SIII?

Now that the Samsung Galaxy SIII has been confirmed on all of the major U.S. carriers, with launches happening as earlier as June 21, we have to ask – are you buying it? If so, which carrier and why. If not, we’d love to hear what device you are sticking with or which one you are holding out for as well.

Are you buying a Galaxy SIII? Which carrier?

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  • shehippie

    I will get it only as a last resort to keep my unlimited.
    I already have the Rezound and Maxx. I am actually hoping something with a 5″ screen pops up before they start the family share!

  • Jake

    If there is a good chance for working AOSP roms on this phone, then I would certainly spring for it. So far things have been pretty frustrating with the Samsung Droid Charge, however.


    Staying with my GNEX running AOKP and loving it. Just got the pin car dock modified and it’s working great!

  • lux143

    im confuzed…how is this even worth getting over the SgS2? its not…my cell is beast, other than a tiny screen increase and a different cpu…whats the point? none. bah…thought this was supposed to be quad. ill be sticking with Sgs2 for sure. ( anyone with a Gnex or Sgs2 will be keeping them over this lets be honest )

    • wow

      You don’t think it’s an upgrade because you are an OGRE and don’t take time to look at the details.
      Screen: 4.8″ vs 4.3″, but that’s not all. resolution is bumped from 800×480 to 1280×720. That means you go from a crappy 218ppi to a very nice 306ppi. The screen is bigger and SHARPER
      Processor: 1.2 dual core vs 1.5 dual core….faster. 45 nm vs 28 nm….more efficient, less heat, BETTER BATTERY. A15 instead of A9. the processor DESTROYS it on the benchmarks and actually is pretty much equivalent on the benchmarks to the quad-core Exynos
      Ram: 1gb vs 2gb….ability to have more apps open…they won’t auto close down if you do too many things at once….you can watch HD video WHILE you are texting or emailing on the huge gorgeous screen. you can never have too much ram.
      I will stop at those three things because your OGRE mind is still grunting the mantra: NO QUAD CORE?!?!!? ME BASH!!!!! ME KILL!!!!!! ME CRYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!
      Life is hard to enjoy when you JUMP to conclusions all the time and are too lazy to do research….

  • lilcal70

    i will pick it up on Verizon since my xperia play got stolen & i have an upgrade..i honestly think Verizon’s 4G network is amazing where i live in socal..the last time i ran a speed test with the 4G it was 10.43down & 20.something up..I’m looking forward to that combined with the new snapdragon CPU..droid razr is seriously a nice phone i love Motorola but I’m going to switch it up..i had the droid x forever but i envy this s3 😛

  • I have my rooted Thunderbolt which I love but I’m jonesing for a new phone. Just not sure this is my next phone. I started with the OG Droid, then TBolt… feel like I should try different hardware again. Thing is, I’ve seen a little of the Samsung with the Fascinate and I don’t necessarily like the UI that much. I have a love/hate with Sense as it is. I’m on verizon and I know my window of upgrading at a discount AND keeping unlimited data is closing.

  • anyone heard any specs on the razr hd?

    • Android1997

      Check the other 3 phones motorola debuted in china, they should have the same processor

  • Unfortunately, I am still on contract until April 2013, therefore buying an SGS3 isn’t in the best interests of my wallet at this time. And I’m looking to get off Verizon regardless.

  • fanboy1974

    I agree with waiting for the next Nexus but there is one catch. Verizon may have tiered data at that point and we might not even have a Nexus device. It’s very important that I keep my unlimited data and not pay full cost for a phone. I can’t believe I’m saying this but to be locked into another 2 year contract with unlimited data does not sound bad.

  • Trevor

    It’s definitely enticing, but after dealing with the crap reception on my GNex, I’m going to wait and read some reviews about this phone before jumping on it. I’d also like to see what the Razr HD has to offer, but I’m betting it won’t be 2GB of RAM. I do like the look of the GSIII (I feel like I’m in the minority here), but I’m not a fan of a glossy backplate. Matte finish all the way!!

    • does your have the mic cut off problem too?

      • Trevor

        Nope. Not yet anyway. I get some random screeching when on phone calls though. And I just don’t have reception in areas I used to with my Droid X. It’s a great phone other than that though. Well, I’d kill for more battery life too.

        • i have great signal, its just that after talking for around 3 minutes, no one can hear me lol, doubt I would ever buy a samsung phone again,was hoping it would be better after the updates, but no such luck

          • Trevor

            Wow, that sucks. Not much of a phone when it’s primary function is lacking. I’m assuming you’ve tried factory resets and everything? That sounds more like a hardware issue than software anyway, but I would definitely try everything before giving up on it.

          • its funny how all 5 have had the same problem

          • Trevor

            That’s just messed up. Bad luck or something.

          • I guess, god I hate to call customer support again and go through the changing of the phones again

  • fanboy1974

    Right now my Nexus has no problems and I’m still digging it after months of use. But I was really holding out for a Verizon branded Galaxy Note or HTC equivalent. The S3 does trump the Nexus in every area except one; the Nexus is stock and the bootloader is fully unlocked. If the S3 is fully unlocked and has custom ROM’s within a few weeks of release I will get it. I should still be able to get $250 to $300 for the Nexus which will cover the cost of the S3. And let’s not forget Verizon’s plan to screw over people with unlimited data plans. This could be my last phone I buy at the discounted pricing. So for everybody else this phone would take the number one spot at Verizon. Verizon Nexus owners have a little more to think about.

  • inboy81

    Screw Verizon they are the greed est bastards alive or dead. If you take Verizon’s side you need your head for stupid.


    I have an upgrade sitting for the last month waiting for a phone. This seems to be the last chance before the tiered plan to save my unlimited. I’ll get the phone and then decide if i will use it or give it to my son and keep the Gnex.

  • Android1997

    Hey guys i was getting this, but verizon is giving me a chance to upgrade tonight insted of a new Fascinate and i need to know really quickly, Droid 4, or Razr maxx??

    • soremekun

      Razr maxx

    • IntlGrizzly

      Razr maxx

    • maxx, best phone out there

    • Android1997

      Thanks guys, im just saying droid 4 because i do love the keyboard, and havent had any good keyboard options when my upgrade came (2 weeks after droid charge came out) thanks alot for helping but can you just answer if they keyboard is good on the maxx?

      • there is no slide out keyboard on the maxx,

        • Android1997

          should have worded that differently. i know that lol but the on screen keyboard

          • you will get used to it, and that battery is awesome

      • Snowcrash


  • IntlGrizzly

    Still hanging on to my Droid X…only a few more months though

  • if best buy gets it. gotta love those no interest payments and reward cards!!

  • jslafarr

    The gs3 is sick. Doesn’t look better IMO than the gnex…but anyone grandfathered in on the unlimited data for verizon can wait it out and buy the phone thru another source and avoid the shared data plan.

  • John

    Not a big fan of knockoffs.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I’m holding on to my Bionic till the OMAP 5 quad core processors come out on Motorola phones. My Bionic is running perfect since the day I got it. No worries.

    • Diablo81588


  • i will but im buying unlocked, no more contracts for me

  • SeanBello

    I can’t have that with a physical home button…I just can’t go back to that.

  • Ruben Ali Fuenmayor

    No thank you, ask again when the next Nexus comes out. Verizon better pick it up.

    • SeanBello

      there won’t be any carriers involved, thank god.

  • LiterofCola

    Stickin’ with the Razr. With ICS coming soon, I could wait until next year for a new phone.

    • Liderc

      “soon” heh..

      • LiterofCola

        Keep that screen capture handy, because you’ll see it soon.

  • eddieonofre

    I will get the Droid Razr HD before getting the SIII mainly because Moto has always impress me with the durability of their phones. I have owned the OG Droid Droid 2 and Bionic and so far they haven’t let me down the only reason I changed was I dropped me OGDroid in water (twice), I lost my D2 at a bar, and I broke my bionic trying to over hack it (Moto send me a replacement for free 🙂 ) I want a Motorola Nexus!!!!!!!! Nexus Razr MAXX HD anyone?

  • Can i Just open up my Gnex and stick an S4 chip in there. Adding an extra gig of RAM wouldn’t be bad either.

  • Count me in for the next Nexus, which hopefully has a little better camera. GSII US variants are still on gingerbread. Late updates just aren’t my thing. Sorry.

  • paul_cus

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Stephen D

    Nope. Still very happy with my Nexus. The GS3 has no appeal to me at all.

    • Larizard

      the hardware design was an instant turn-off for me, but the software functionality is great (except for the UI aesthetics). Stock Android ICS is as beautiful as it can get.

  • Asmodai

    I’m one of the two people on the planet apparently who actually like to have a physical keyboard. Currently have a Droid 2 and will be upgrading to whatever has ICS and a physical keyboard first. So I’ll probably end up with the Droid 4 in Q3 unless something new comes along before then. Other things I’d consider are a Verizon 4G Asus Padfone (give up the keyboard for tablet) or a Sony Xperia Play 2 (give up the keyboard for a built in physical gamepad) if they have ICS.

  • Butters619

    I’m still in my return period for my One X, but I love this phone. (and I’ve never been too thrilled off Samsung devices)

  • thesaber2000

    Keeping the gnex for along time 🙂

  • KRS_Won

    I’m waiting to hear more on what Moto’s next phone will be.

  • Shadowcell

    I was going to hold out for the Droid Incredible 4G but this is a much better device. I think Verizon has the weirdest business strategy. Since CTIA (nearly a month ago) we haven’t heard a peep about the new Dinc release date yet they are so inclined to take up on pre-orders for the SIII. HTC must be pissed.

  • I’m waiting to see what the next iPhone has first…that should be an option on this poll too

    • I told my wife to look at the new iphone and the razr hd,then dicide which one she liked best, but I doubt really that that iphones battery will be anything close to what she needs

      • I personally want the SIII but at the same time I’m curious as to what the new iPhone will be like. That’s when I’ll buy it

  • Lye

    Still holding out for a phone that fits in my hand.

    • Azn_Android

      You must be a midget.

  • runway500

    GNex all the way

  • wifes job gives her a phone,shes a manager and gets blackberry on sprint, so you can guess how unhappy she is,wants a personal phone and i’m leader toward the razr hd

  • steve30x

    Ill wait till Moto starts pumping out these phones like they always do around July every single year and go from there.

    • Josh Nichols

      Yeah if you want a device that will be EoL and replaced two months later, sure.

    • I’m hoping that Moto shows something soon, as there’s been precious little leaking out since the D4 hit. At the same time, I’d rather they take their time with something fantastic, like the first quad core (OMAP5) with their own LTE radios (at least first in the US), and an RGB SAMOLED 720p screen. That would definitely push them ahead in hardware at least. And if the ICS leaks are to be believed, their software is gonna be pretty killer.

      • steve30x

        I hear ya..im so spoiled with my current Rezound’s HD 720p LCD non matrix screen its hard to go back to anything..Hopefully Moto changes that with a LCD 2 screen and faithful battery like the Maxx..so what if there updates and bootloader are unpredictable, i want a fast, great battery, beautiful screen display and screen size to use the phone and enjoy it longer. Not to mention there build quality and radios and voice are top notch from Motorola.

  • DanWazz

    Sticking with my Galaxy Nexus. I enjoy the form factor much more and the only spec that I would rather have is the S4 chipset.

  • littleperry04

    galaxy nexus for life…crazy thing is a year ago it was OG DROID for life.

  • Carelesshottie1

    I was planning on getting the gs3, but then a good friend of mine recommended the Droid RAZR MAXX and I haven’t looked back since. It is quite the improvement from my og Droid which barely made it through the 6 hour school day and if you forgot to charge that phone it would be dead come morning. This phone lasts me about 1.5 days with heavy usage and having the screen on automatic brightness.

  • Palmer Nyako

    Bought the SGS2 Sprint variant 8 months ago, still is perfect for everything and anything available on the market.

  • C-Law

    I may consider replacing my gnex for one but ONLY after reviews confirm there will be no weak signal when compared to Motorola phones

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Benn putting off a new phone and still pushing my OG Droid.

    This seems best choice around now.. that VZW will get that is as there are better phones coming but VZW won’t get them.

    The one I want to hold out for and see is the HD RAZR MAXX – it is about the only thing that could sway me of this.

    But this OG Droid is sooooo slow (even with custom ROM and OC’d) given the pathetic amount of onboard memory, I just NEED to move on ASAP.

  • Liderc

    The only phone I’d replace my Nexus with is the HTX One X with on screen buttons, or the next Nexus.

    The SGSIII looks awful and the performance increase isn’t worth anything. The battery is slightly better, with the camera being it’s biggest improvement over the Nexus.

  • bgeek1

    I’ll go with verizon if I get unlimited 4g but AT&T if I dont.

    What happend with verizon anyway? When I switch to them from AT&T I got unlimited data, yearly contracts, NFL mobile was free and now even with nearly doubled profits of $4.65B they seem more like apathetic wireless than verizon wireless.

  • Wolfman

    Buying on Verizon. Because, in Baltmore, MD it’s unquestionably the best service around. Was on Sprint from 2000 to 2009 and lived through their downfall of late-arriving texts and calls not coming through.

  • Guinnkevinr

    Waiting to see what the next Nexus phone(s) will be.

  • Markuz

    Nope! I love my Gnex!! But i do HATE VERIZON!!!

  • Eric Huber

    holding out for the razr hd