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Monday Poll: Are You Buying the Samsung Galaxy SIII?

Now that the Samsung Galaxy SIII has been confirmed on all of the major U.S. carriers, with launches happening as earlier as June 21, we have to ask – are you buying it? If so, which carrier and why. If not, we’d love to hear what device you are sticking with or which one you are holding out for as well.

Are you buying a Galaxy SIII? Which carrier?

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  • Upsetfemale24

    You don’t have U.S. Cellular as an option so I can’t vote.

  • lesprince

    My biggest concern is the GSIII is a Samsung phone and I am concerned about updates look at GNEX how long it took for 4.04 to get to it without root and it’s a Nexus phone which is supposed to get updated first because of no bloat. Will the GSIII get left behind like all other Samsung phones for example the Charge had awesome specs when released but was forgot about by Samsung and the developer community alike. I really like what I see in the GSIII but my main concern is Samsung’s history with updates and followups. Will it be left behind like he rest? Why does Samsung release awesome phones with lots of potential and just forget about them and move on to the next phone, lack of concern for the consumer.

  • No thanks. I think I’m done with Samsung’s hardware for good. So cheesedick.

  • ryanallaire

    I won’t buy one simply cuz of that ridiculous physical button they put on it, how stupid of a decision on their part…

  • Tim Swann

    won’t buy because it will be locked down tighter than a prude, virgin mormom

  • Darkseider

    Why bother? Granted the 2 Gig RAM is nice but other than that the SGS II, GNex, Incredible LTE and a plethora of other phones from other carriers are all comparable. Unless you are due for an upgrade I don’t see the need to go gaga over this. Seeing that no matter what dual core you have stuffed in it it is still a dual core handset. Quad or bust!

  • knot

    I just bought the 2 like 2 months ago. I know the 3 will be better but I really coudln’t wait for a new phone and I LOVE the 2. The 2 is plenty enough for me.

  • Colin

    I have Verizon.My “new phone upgrade” doesn’t occur until February 2013.I currently have a rooted HTC Incredible 2 running ICS cm9.I only use about 1.8gb or less per month on my unlimited data plan.
    I want to hear your advice/suggestions on what to do, upgrade now at full price on a better phone? Wait until February?

  • Troubled_Asian

    Aside from the processor and ram specs, this phone just isn’t very compelling. The physical styling is fugly, and it has a skin… need I say more? Also, you know Verizon and all the other carriers are going to load this phone with sooo much bloat. Hopefully, Google will come out a really cool Nexus phone soon that will work on Verizon’s network, and will have Jelly Bean.

  • JulianZHuang

    i need to wait for the new iphone first and compare before buying it. htc incredible and galaxy nexus didnt offer what i wanted.

    i need a phone that feel solid, feel heavy, long battery life.

  • Scott Hartman

    I’ll be waiting until the next Nexus device thank you very much. My GNex is more than sufficient in the mean time.

  • NathanDomier

    Yes, on Docomo. and they still offer unlimited data, wohoo!

  • it seems like you people dont like new phones am i right? it can a super phone and i bet you will still stick your POS phone wont you?

  • BP1234

    Have the original Dinc. Been due for an upgade since Feburary. I believe I will be getting this.

  • I will buy one only if is global from Verizon

  • Destroythanet

    For those with unlimited data who are eligible for an upgrade now, getting this phone is the obvious choice.

  • hoef

    Honestly can’t decide, my girlfriend is ready for a new phone but her upgrade isn’t due untilafter shared data ends, I’m thinking of putting my vzw gnex on Ebay, getting us a couple gsm nexi and going to tmo

  • Michael

    Not enough of an upgrade for me to drop my nexus. I’ll hold onto my g-nex until the next nexus phone is released…not going back to a skinned android experience again.

  • Greg

    If you can keep unlimited do so. I could have bought my current phone outright and kept unlimited data. I made a terrible mistake and didn’t. Now I only have unlimited in home area. When on roam I can’t really use navigation and things needed for travel. I would have been money ahead to have bought outright. Sux when on the road. Can’t use features I have for fear of racking up terrible charges. BIG mistake. With things using up so much data these days it’s not smart to keep unlimited in any way possible. I saved a couple hundred dollars and severely limited my ability to use the useful travel apps. What a mistake. Can’t go back now.

  • Greg

    I would love to buy one but the only carrier in this area with decent service in rural areas doesn’t seem to be offering it. They have come out with the iphone 4 and are still selling the X2. Is a shame the most up to date android is the X2. When stuck in an area like this you sure only get what they offer. Good ole southern KY. Bluegrass Cellular sux!

  • Destroythanet

    The North American GS3 will have the same processor, graphics, and LTE chips as the North American HTC One X. In other words, it will have very good performance with awesome battery life: http://www.anandtech.com/show/5779/htc-one-x-for-att-review/3 .

  • H2Oyeah

    I am a little surprised at the amount of No votes. Granted I bet those votes would change if there was a option to vote “No, unless the shared data plans are released just after SGIII release”

  • InyRules

    I’ve only had my current phone for about 4 months so I’ll have to pass on it. Frankly, I’m a bit disenchanted with Samsung smartphones. My next upgrade will probably be an HTC or a Motorola if they start unlocking some boot loaders.

  • thatdroidguy

    Keep your Samsung anything, i will wear my Droid X down till it’s on life support and wait for what’s behind phone door #1 at Google Mobility.

  • asdfac123

    I got to upgrade my phone with this phone. This would be my last upgrade the phone without losing unlimited data plan thru VZ. If I wait longer, I will lose my unlimited data plan

  • Nick

    Yes, for a couple of reasons. The first and foremost reason is that I think this is my last chance to lock myself into an unlimited data plan. The second reason is a very simple reason. I really like this phone. It has really, really good specs and is going to be really popular, so it will be future proof as it sits, but if I combine all of the custom ROMs and what not that I am sure it is going to have, it will be a great phone through out the entire two year contract I have it for. Sure I’d love to see what Motorola brings to the table with the DROID Razr HD, but my unlimited 4G data plan is just too good to give up.

  • major52

    keeping my Gnex…may flash the TWICS add-on later

  • Motorola Quad Core will make webtop with Motorola LapdDock 500 Pro more powerful and use full.

  • Wait for Motorola Quad Core because release end of June 2012 at Singapore.

  • Totally sticking with my Galaxy Nexus as well. Love the 4.0.4 update, especially all-day event showing up in my calendar widget now. My first smart phone and I’m still in love with it. Just wish the battery lasted longer (stock battery)

  • the voice

    So I think its safe to say the sg3 is a bust almost avoiding droid life cause of it as the poll can show no one wants anything to do with it, I’m only checking in case something amazing happen s for Verizon I’ll wait for the maxxx HD mainly for the slightly bumped specs and that amazing battery

  • Herb

    Im sticking with my battery…..(DRRRRROID RARZ MAXXXX)

  • Master O’Disaster

    If the GSIII had quad cores (Euro version) on VZW and a 3300 mA battery (like the RAZR MAXX), I would have bought one. Instead, we purchased a RAZR MAXX last Saturday.

  • Forgot US Cellular

  • ManBearPig618

    If it had been quad core Exynos for the US, I’d be looking at it seriously. But because it’s not, no reason to move from my GNex just for incremental upgrades.

  • Is the SGS3 really that much of an upgrade from the Maxx or Gnex? Seeing they are throwing dual cores in them in the states?

  • Alseddiq

    I believe there is a bug with this Poll. When using Chrome browser, it selected ”
    Not buying one” for me automatically. I had to open the page in Firefox to cast my vote.
    I think this explains why “Not buying one” has most votes.

  • TheWenger

    Not enough of an upgrade over the Nexus to justify spending money on it.

  • ddevito

    Only Nexus for me, thanks

  • tomn1ce

    I’m not getting the GS3 only because I just got the G-Nexus in December and I think that it could hold the fort for about 2 to 2.5 years….

  • slpbird

    Penny sale

  • slpbird

    Amazon penny sale is all I have to say.

  • Sudouser

    Never buying another non-Nexus Android phone again.

  • slpbird

    I will wait for Amazon to have the s3 on a penny sale then consider purchase. I own my phone number on Google voice so that will come with me and 350 to break contract is still cheaper then full retail.

  • eric815

    This poll is one of the best ever! Forget the fact who is buying ornit. Just look at what carrier they chose! Never has 1 phone been released on all 4 carriers at the same time. It just shows you strength in numbers who the most desired carrier is. Verizon cremated the competition

    • Onlooker

      This site is targeted at Verizon users, not all Android users, so that’s to be expected.

    • InyRules

      The first Galaxy S phones were released on the big 4 carriers.

  • Azn_Android

    To be honest this phone is only good for those on Verizon and T-mobile… I think AT&T users would be better off with the one x and the sprint users with the Evo 4g LTE

  • kervation

    I’ll pass. Got the GNex and an upgrade coming in November. The new Nexus devices as well as the quad cores should be out or soon to launch at that time.

    • florious80

      The only thing is that by November, if you use an upgrade, you may lose unlimited data. Unless you are already on tiered?

      • kervation

        I know, that’s my dilemma. I have unlimited data right now but I know that will change when I upgrade. I just may consider purchasing one for full retail to keep my
        unlimited data.

        • florious80

          i plan on doing the same when my upgrade comes at the end of the year. But since I’m pretty satisfied with the Nexus for now (and I can ROM it to something else), I think I may just wait until something really good comes along (like the next Nexus) and pay full retail at that time to avoid losing unlimited.

  • tony31lv

    Im on verizon. Anyone know if i can buy from samsung directly and not have to worry about verizons awful update delays and lack of support?

    • Josh Nichols

      Not if you want to use it on Verizon.

    • florious80

      The update delays has nothing to do with whom you buy it from, but with the carrier since they need to approve the updates.

  • Sticking with my One X on ATT for now. If I were still on Verizon I’d probably upgrade from my nexus.

    • Josh Nichols

      ATT is getting this too, but don’t worry it’s basically a One X with a different body and screen.

  • Ben Kafka

    My Gnex is gonna hold me over just fine until there’s a Nexus built by Motorola.