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June 2012 Rumor Round-up: Galaxy S3 Launch Date, RAZR HD Sooner Than Thought, and Shared Data

After releasing our first ever monthly rumor round-up post in May and attempting to not commit to it being a monthly deal, we are back 1 month later with another. As we get ready for the summer, there are too many interesting stories floating around behind the scenes to not let you in on them. What we have here is information officially released paired with bits of info that have been handed to us from industry sources. Most of it can change with time, but we like to keep you up on the gossip behind the scenes. Enjoy. 

Galaxy SIII Release Date

Well, we know one thing is certain – you can pre-order Verizon’s Galaxy SIII on Wednesday for either $199 or $249 depending on how much internal storage you want. What we don’t know after that is, when you will receive your pre-order or when those on-the-fence customers will be able to fondle one in stores. T-Mobile and Sprint have already announced June 21 availability, but for whatever reason, Big Red wasn’t willing to go that far.

We have heard a couple of stories on this front from a number of sources. Most of them have been led to believe that Verizon’s will also launch around June 21 with the other carriers. That’s a Thursday, and as we all know, VZW certainly loves to launch things on Thursdays. Another source or two have heard that it may not launch so soon though and could push to July. I can’t say that I’m fully buying into a July launch, but then again nothing should surprise us after the Galaxy Nexus debacle. That was supposed to hit stores in November, yet thanks to Verizon’s insanely slow testing and ultra-high quality standards, it wasn’t released until mid-December.


The DROID RAZR HD release date remains a complete mystery to this point. According to our sources, it will either launch towards the end of summer or “sooner than we think.” Yeah, if that doesn’t leave it up-in-the-air, then I don’t know what does. One thing we are pretty clear about are the specs, which should equate to a 4.6″ HD display, on-screen navigation keys, 13MP camera, 3300mAh battery, 4G LTE and Ice Cream Sandwich. From what we can tell, this will be Motorola’s best phone in quite some time.

Why the uncertainty? Well, since Samsung just stole everyone’s thunder by announcing Galaxy SIII availability in June, why would anyone else try to compete? Sure, Motorola has a decent following, but compared to what Samsung is doing these days, it would be device suicide to release the RAZR HD anywhere close to the GS3. Moto is probably making a smart move if they are indeed pushing the device to later on this summer.

Shared Data Plans Launch

They are coming, “this summer.” We still do not know specific details about pricing or data sums, but we know that unlimited data is going away for good and will be replaced by account level tiers. Well, almost. If you want to keep unlimited data going forward, once these shared tiers launch, you will have to buy phones outright at full retail price rather than the much more appealing subsidized price.

I think the biggest question everyone has right now is, whether or not Verizon will try to sneak these in before the launch of the Galaxy SIII to get all of the customers upgrading at a discounted rate. All signs so far point to that not happening. Plus, the pre-order is going down on Wednesday, so unless VZW somehow launches shared data tiers tomorrow, you can lock into your unlimited plan with the discounted price without moving to a tier then.

I don’t have any insider info on this, but I would imagine that we will see shared tiers in mid-July at the earliest. The RAZR HD will likely be the new phone that launches and forces you to buy at full retail unless you want to give up your unlimited plan.

Incredible 4G LTE Release Date

Oh, you forgot about this phone? As did I and almost every other soon-to-be-new-phone-owner. With all of this Samsung Galaxy SIII talk, the Incredible 4G LTE may have a rocky road ahead of it. Verizon announced this little guy back on May 7 without a release date and here we are almost a month later, still without anything concrete.

From what we have heard, there are still some tests being done, so it seems unlikely that it will come in the next few days. It could be here at some point in June, but then it has to compete with the Galaxy SIII on some level. While it will launch at a lower price point (potentially $149), the GS3 at $199 would be worth the extra $50 if you have an upgrade available.

I can’t imagine that Verizon will postpone the launch of this phone much longer though, so look for an announcement with a date any day. In the mean time, be sure to check out our hands-on time with the device from CTIA.

LG Optimus LTE2 With 2GB of RAM

A Verizon-branded LG Optimus LTE2 has been spotted a couple of times now as model number VS930. Potential release dates are anyone’s guess, but we do know that this phone is an absolute beast. It has a 4.7″ HD display, 2GB of RAM, dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, Ice Cream Sandwich, and is LG’s attempt at competing with the Galaxy SIII. We aren’t sure how popular it will be with LG’s name on it, but if the Galaxy SIII and RAZR HD aren’t making you hot, this could be a decent option.

Ice Cream Sandwich Updates (Razr, Rezound, etc.)

First off, the best way to keep up with Ice Cream Sandwich updates is through our official list. From there, you will see that the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX are due to receive their updates by the end of this month. Obviously things can happen that can alter that, but as of last week, Motorola told us to expect it by the end of Q2. Cross those fingers that Verizon signs off on every test build going forward.

The Rezound, according to HTC, should receive Android 4.0 by the end of July, however, they will release it as soon as they can, potentially in June.


So that’s it for this month’s rumor mill on Verizon. If you stumble across any other details that we may have missed or if you find yourself in a situation where sharing of information through our tip line would be a fun time, please do.

  • sam

    very very eagerley waiting for the razr hd . I have no interest in this S3

  • NickM

    Going with the S3. Can’t wait any longer for the Razr HD. Now I hear they may wait until the iphone 5 is released. And then another phone will be coming…wait for that…then wait…another one…oh wait….ANOTHER one…….silly

  • Trucker777

    I have been eligeable to upgrade my phone since February and am going to keep gutting it out until this Razr HD comes out..def worth waiting for. I do wish it would be sooner than later though.

  • Don’t forget now: Motorola Devices (the company) is now owned by Google. Will this affect Motorola’s legendary manufacturing? I wonder.

    • GapUp

      Because of the Conflicts of interest between Motorola/Google and Samsung I believe it will lower the quality of Motorola devices in the long run … One thing is Certain…Any New Next generation hardware from the foundry will always be released after Samsung has had first shot at it!

      If Motorola still owned the Motorola’s smart phone division…they both would be fighting to be the first to market, and Moto would most likely beat Samsung in the Quality arena every time!

      As for market Competition and Quality? … I’m afraid its dead between these two! This is a corporate purchase the US Government shouldn’t have allowed!

      Motorola would have been the Best American Company to Compete with South Korea! Now its Dead!

  • stubbX

    Is the Razr HD sporting a Super Amoled HD screen? Cause if not, i bet it’s LCD RGBW Pentile and that makes me a little sick inside. Or does Motorola have a RBG LCD?

  • teh JAM

    Verizon’s “ultra-high quality standards”? Yeah….. right.


  • Thom71gt

    Spoke to a Verizon rep in the store and he seemed to think VZW will release the HD the same time that Apple releases the iPhone 5.

  • wickets

    its a pity about the razr….In the s3 poll 54% said they aren’t buying the phone…..that’s a lot of people to sell a razr to 🙂

  • KRS_Won

    If Moto wants to release their next phone with the fewest complaints and the highest possible sells they will release the RAZR HD alongside a “D5” slider version at the same time. And learn from Samsung and release on all networks at the same time. Maybe come up with a generic name like “One X” or “S III” that way the can have different form factors to keep each carrier happy. (RAZR II? lol)
    The chip needs to spec at least 1.5GHz, wait for OMAP5 or has anyone heard any more on their collabo with Intel? (Wasn’t a phone due out late summer, maybe it will be their mid-range model) Do NOT go below their 3300 battery from the MAXX (it’s thin enough, with a bigger screen, maybe bump up it to 3500 if they want to really have some praise.)
    Moto should include 2GB of RAM. The 13mp camera needs a bigger and better sensor to cancel out any noise, and the front shooter needs to be 2mp. Carry over BT 4.0 and include NFC.
    Oh, and release a black, white, blue, and pink model from the start.
    90% of consumers don’t care about the unlocked bootloader. You don’t even have to root to tether anymore or take screenshots with ICS (which is the only reason a large portion of Android owners did in the first place.) And most video services are broken if you root anyways. Most people just want a phone they have heard about that has a good signal. The people on DL that say they care about the bootloader have already said they won’t own another Moto device because of it, so what’s in it for them? And with today’s processors, even though you aren’t running a ‘true” ROM, most phones still won’t lag. Yes, I do wish that the policy changes, but this is about selling to the masses. Look at Samsung, they had the worst/ slowest updates, and still have the highest Android sells.

  • Adam

    I think the Incredible 4G LTE will launch on the 14th, just in time for Fathers day. If it doesn’t release by the 21st, I’m getting a Galaxy S3.

  • Moto should probably just push the Razr HD back to the point where they can get some OMAP5 chips in there. That way they can at least potentially have the most powerful device on Verizon while damn near everything else is chugging along on dual core S4s.

    • I don’t know, I’m a big fan of OMAP chips, and can’t wait for the OMAP5, but the S4 is no slouch. Honestly, at this stage, if it has ICS then an S4 is plenty of power behind the OS. I just want that 2GB of RAM, more RAM = better in Linux, always 😀

  • lzealot

    I think I’d have to disagree with you Kellex. If Moto was smart they would want to get their HD to the scene as soon as possible. Moto probably is, if I had to bet Verizon is holding them up yet again. The SGS3 is looking to be a hot ticket item and many potential Razr HD customers will end up with a 2 year contract with an S3 since they will be tired of waiting for the HD to show up. Anyone know what SoC the Razr HD is going to have? I haven’t seen anything except the possibility of a 1.5 Dual core snapdragon, if they’ end up putting in the 3300 MAH battery I almost wonder if it will have the same SoC as the Razr/Razr Maxx. If it does I’m glad I stuck with the qHD Razr Maxx. I don’t think the SoC of the Razr Maxx has the power to handle a full HD screen even if they try to overclock it some more. Also the 13MP camara scares me. If the sensor isn’t much much bigger it will probably have lots of noise in the shots in low light conditions.

    • hkklife

      I hate to say this but it serves Moto (and Jha) right for being so late to the party throughout 2011 and 2012 and for stumbling so badly with most of their hardware efforts since the DX.
      While I’d love to have a RAZR HD’s battery, build quality, and battery, that 4.6″ screen is a tad smaller than the ancient GNex and with onscreen virtual button it will “feel” considerably smaller than the GSIII. I also have a feeling the Samsung’s 8MP camera sensor will trounce the noisy, huge images generated by the RAZR HD at 12 or 13MP. Choice of 16 or 32Gb + microSD slot is a huge win for storage options too. A shame TouchWiz blows in comparison to ICSBlur.

      RAZR HD should have come out a month or two BEFORE the GSIII as VZW and Moto’s parting gift to their grandfathered unlimited users. Otherwise, I agree with the above comment that everyone who is eligible will be locked up with a GSIIII and will pass on the RAZR HD. I know I will…and hoping and praying that Samsung’s radios are better than they have been in the past.

      • BlueLetter

        I can’t be the only one thinking that the gs3’s screen is TOO big can I? Sure its not a streak or a Note but still…
        And yeah that camera is definitely going to suck

  • fanboy1974

    The incredible 4g is dead on arrival. HTC should have copied Samsung and released their flagship unmodified on all carriers at the same time. Samsung is not playing around. Moto, you suck again.

  • Hocky

    I can’t keep waiting for this Razr HD. Personally, I have no interest in this SGS3 and just wish to see more concrete information about the Razr HD.

    • CelticBrewer

      Amen. Motorola is shooting themselves in the foot over this. I rather have the HD, but I’ve been waiting long enough. I vowed to get the first one that came out, and that appears to be the SGS3.

      • CelticBrewer

        and so it has been done. The SGS3 has been pre-ordered. Sorry Moto- too late to the gate. I would have preferred the HD.

  • thunderbolt520

    When I spoke to a salesman at a Verizon store, I was told the gs3 will arrive on June 21, the 22nd at the latest.

    • Mapekz

      Ignore what the sales people tell you. They only know what we know, which is whatever the blogs are tipped to believe. I’ve asked multiple sales people when it came to the T-Bolt and the Nexus and they knew less than me.

      You’re better off just preordering (assuming the device comes in the color and capacity you want) and getting your mind off of it entirely until they tell you to come in to pick up your new phone.

      • KevinDub

        Agreed. I was in a Verizon store two days ago and the salesman there wasn’t even aware of the Incredible 4G LTE. He had honestly never even heard of it’s existence. That’s something that should really concern HTC.

      • thunderbolt520

        This salesman has sold me my last 3 phones, he’s pretty knowledgeable. He said they will know for sure on Wednesday when they will get them when they can order them for people, also said that they will have both colors, both 16 & 32 gb. Also said that they could be back ordered.

  • so the razr and others get ICS by july, then 4 to 5 months later Jellybean comes out and theyr are left behind again,,,,damn

    • Mapekz

      That’s why Motorola and HTC are dead to me unless they release a Nexus each later this year.

      • Big_EZ

        If you go by past update time Samsung worse than Motorola and HTC

  • derek533

    Where the heck is the Galaxy Note aka Journal Verizon?! Seriously, not a word has been said about it since it was rumored back in January of this year. There are many among us who are waiting patiently, but getting antsy. Hurry the heck up!

    • Stew

      It was a rumor… not an announcement

  • Whereiswaldo

    I would release the Razr HD with or soon after the GS3. There are a lot of folks sitting on the sidelines with an old phone waiting for (and desperate for) a new phone. Once you buy a phone you cant generally get another one so you will loose a lot of potential buyers to the GS3 if you wait too long. Apple is going to lose buyers to the GS3 and the Razr HD unless the RAZR HD release is near September when the iPhone is released. Then many will wait for the iphone.

    • Aaron Fredricks

      exactly, plus a lot of people aren’t completely satisfied with the GS3. so if Moto can announce a [surprisingly good] device and get it on Verizon’s shelves soon after the GS3, i think they’d be able to snag at least a little bit of Samsung’s Verizon market share.

      not to mention, Verizon will totally throw the GS3 to the side once a new flagship moto is on deck.

      • MicroNix

        The Razr bootloader will never be unlocked. At least with Samsung there’s a chance.

        • Whereiswaldo

          The razr HD without a bootloader, if stable, doesn’t bother me. My major gripe with the razr Maxx is the unsightly screen. Motocast and Smart Actions are useful and would gear me towards Motorola. However, if the battery on the GS3 doesn’t completely stink like the GNex I will get it unless I know the Razr HD is coming out soon.

    • I totally agree. If you tell me the Razr HD is coming along with the GS3, I will buy the Razr hd. If we get no info about it before the GS3, then they could lose my business if the GS3 makes me happy. I mean yeah the launch sales numbers will be lower, but only because it’s competing with another phone. They need to consider the fact that they are eating into samsungs profits though.

      • Buford Tannen

        I’m in the same boat, I want to take it over the galaxy but I can’t wait until “the end of summer” – I got a cracked screen right now….

  • GapUp

    As we all know Samsung is Googles biggest Android smart phone manufacture. That being said, Google/Motorola will most likely always be late to the game with new hardware etc. Its a shame…Google could if not very CAREFUL, WILL DESTROY Motorola’s former Cell division!

    This is the True reason for Google’s Razr HD delay….You can expect delay’s from Google from here on out! So lets see here ………..We the Honest hard working Consumers getting screwed again! …… Thank GOOGLE !!!

    • Wait, what? This statement makes no sense. Google WANTS competition in Android. The more competition, the higher the adoption, the more ad revenue. Especially if the rumors of iOS cutting out Google Maps is true. Having one of your subsidiary companies in a bad financial position does not sit well with investors.
      Not to mention, if Google wanted to kill off Moto’s Cell division, why would they put one of their executives with a proven track record for increasing sales and market share at the helm?

      • GapUp

        Justtyn, Google purchased the Motorola cell division, did you not hear about this?

        Google is the Developer of Android!

        Google is now in a position to compete with Samsung, and now currently competing for smart phone sales….You get it now?

  • Ken

    i have already started the process of jumping ship from Verizon to sprint. my upgrades are too far out and the wife’s DX1 is not doing so hot. so new customer to sprint gets Galaxy Nexus for $49 thought Amazon. 2 will be dropping in my hands tomorrow 🙂 12 year customer from Verizon gone just like that!

    • Stew

      You’re going to go to Sprint’s crappy 3G network? LTE won’t be turned on for the first batch of cities for weeks. And they don’t have WiMax in their LTE phones.

  • jak_341

    Yay for another Motorola Razr phone with a locked bootloader, bloated and buggy UI, crummy screen, and no customer support!

    • Capt. Crunch

      What are you talking about? The screen is going to be awesome, Motorola’s UI is the best for ICS and my experience with customer support has been great. With Google as their parent company the bootloaders will soon be unlocked.

      • Mapekz

        Bootloaders won’t be unlocked unless the device comes unlocked or Google officially comes out with something.

        There are a lot of points as to why Motorola will start making better devices and software, but they are moot until they actually go ahead with those plans. Seeing is believing.

    • Mudbone

      Still waiting for ICS on my RAZR…..grrrrrr

  • donnydon

    Please explain to me why ANYONE on verizon would be excited about a samsung device. EVERY samsung device on verizon has been garbage…. between the fascinates horrible GPS and the NO POINT of The Charge…. and the GALAXY NEXUS horrible battery, shotty reception… slow updates… ummm why would Anyone get a S3? Even with Blur Motorola is the Best DROID offerings on VERIZON.

    • mustbepbs

      You’ve got some solid points (am I really agreeing with this guy?), but the S3 looks like a solid device, and it’s going to basically be the same all around the globe. If it’s bad on Verizon, it’ll be bad on every US carrier.

    • Michael Forte

      Because Moto locks the bootloader and Samsung doesn’t. Simple as that.

      • jak_341

        I agree 110 percent.

    • Samsung doesn’t have any DROIDS anymore so I’d have to agree with you that Moto has the best DROID offerings.

    • jak_341

      The GNex is the best phone available. Period. It is the iconic Android phone that the other manufacturers can only dream of making.

      • tomn1ce

        If its the best how come my OG Droid rear speaker is better then the G-Nexus’ rear speaker….?

    • i agree, i dont give a rats ass about the bootloader, just give me a phone that works

    • D3 user

      because this is the first GALAXY S device to hit vzw. GS and GSII are great phones, and we finally get a taste of it. galaxy nexus is not the same device

      • Stew

        The Fascinate was the Verizon variant of the S. and verizon skipped the S2 for the GNex so technically the GNex was Verizon’s S2.5

        • hkklife

          The GNex, as far as its lack of a microSD slot & horrible camera, was a step back from the GSII, to be honest.

          • Stew

            besides the processor, screen, stock ICS, ICS in general, etc.

          • KRS_Won

            yes, but most people will admit they bought the GNex for ICS and software updates vs. hardware.

      • Snowcrash

        Why does everyone forget about the Fascinate? Well, except for the guy below me… 😉

    • REALLY? Why is that?

  • Time to start saving for full retail! Unlimited Verizon data FTW!

    • cjgm86

      if i buy at full retail, i keep unlimited data?

      • rlorenz


        • cjgm86

          Sorry im not well informed about it, my contract ends in 2 months, so instead of renewing the contract, i buy any phone at retail price and i keep my unlimited data?

          • shdowman


          • rlorenz

            If I were you, I’d try to get in there this month and see if they’ll bump you to a new contract early. If you’re upgrading 3G –> 4G, you’ve got a better shot at that. If they do, you can upgrade AND keep unlimited! I did this at the beginning of last month, and my official upgrade was supposed to be the first of this month.

          • true they will do about anything to keep a customer

          • That’s only IF the new family shared/tiered plans are out by then. If you can sneak your upgrade in before they roll out the new pricing structure, then you’ll still be good to go, even with a new contract & that will give you at least 2 more years of unlimited data. 🙂

        • if i buy a SIII and keep my unlimited data what happens when the rest of my family share wants to get phones in august at discounted prices… will i lose my unlimited data? Can I sign a contract with unlimited data then get ousted because of my family share? oh the uncertainty!

  • My contract is done in mid July. Hopefully the RAZR HD will have been released by then because that’s what I’ve been eyeing for quite some time!

  • Michael Forte

    Wondering if that RAZR HD will have 2 GB of RAM. If that thing had an unlocked bootloader as well, I’d seriously consider giving up my G-Nex.

    • An unlocked bootloader would be nice, but the devs have been having their way with Moto’s handsets even without it. If we get root & something similar to safestrap on the RAZR HD, that’s more than enough for me.

  • mustbepbs

    Glad I’ve got my upgrade in December. It’ll be nice to see how 2012 pans out. Lots of heavy hitters already this year.

    • Just say goodbye to unlimited data (assuming you don’t already have it)

      • mustbepbs

        I actually had to give it up when I had to sell my GNex to help pay for a new car. When I was on the phone with customer service, she was trying to put the unlimited data plan on my old Intensity 2. When I told her I didn’t want a data plan, she paused and was like “We don’t offer unlimited data anymore..are you sure?”

        Sad day. I spent hours getting it, fighting with CS.

  • Butters619

    If Moto was smart they’d make sure to pack 2GB of RAM in that Razr HD. I’d get that phone in a heartbeat.

    • azndan4

      My friend gave me his Motorola Atrix to use for when I’m traveling. The wifi and bluetooth were broken. Google “Motorola Atrix wifi error” and you will see that this is a widespread hardware defect. My Droid X had a defective screen and my Bionic had a broken volume button. So much for Motorola build quality.

      • michael arazan

        My og droid has never had a problem and I’ve dropped that sucker 20 times at least from 3 feet, and the glass is perfect not even a scratch, and it still runs great, i use it as my alarm clock and music player still, cause my gnex had volume issues before the update finally fixed it.

        • Joe

          I had the OG droid and it is totally different from the DroidX. The OG took a beating as you say and held up great… until I took it jet skiing, it did not like the water haha. But my DroidX has serious software problems since 2.3 update, and resets don’t help. Also has a 3 eraser head size patches of dead pixels and more are starting to show. The phone is not even 2 years old at this point. I am highly disappointed in it, but am still on the fence about the Razr HD. I did purchase a Samsung laptop and it has been amazing so far so I may give the G3 a shot. It certainly looks promising!

      • Butters619

        I owned an Atrix before my One X. My hardware was fine.