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AT&T Announces Their Galaxy SIII – Only 16GB Version Available, Pre-order June 6 for $199

AT&T joined the Samsung Galaxy SIII party this afternoon, announcing to the world that they will only carry the 16GB version of the device and that it will be available for $199. As with Verizon, AT&T did not give us an actual launch date, but is instead allowing you to pre-order it on June 6. It seems a little odd that they are ditching the 32GB version of the phone, however, to make up for it, they plan to release an exclusive red edition of the phone some time later this summer (oooooh!). Other than that, it’s the same dual-core chipset, 2GB of RAM, and Ice Cream Sandwich that every other U.S. carrier will have.

Via:  ATT

  • Umm one question, wheres the Note at? Can I get a Verizon Note before they get rid of the unlimited data sheesh!

  • DAVE

    How long will the pe-order last ? I hate to buy the wrong phone when someting else will arrive in a month just to keep a unlimeted data plan with Big Red. I was hoping for a quad-core and 2 gb ram.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    16GB is fine…my 32GB 4S isn’t even close to filling up 10GB…and that’s with over 800 songs and an ass ton of cydia apps installed..I will purchase the AT&T SGSIII

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Why buy the 32gb for $50 more when you can buy a 32gb card for $25 or less? Point is, with the fact this has micro SD slot… no reason to even get a 32gb IMHO. And I think most companies see that.

  • I’d probably go with the 16GB version either way

    • Trevor

      Me too. The SD card slot is all I need. Any amount of internal storage is just bonus.

      • michael arazan

        Yes Expandable memory FTW, save your money and just buy the memory card yourselves

  • Is it ironic that Verizon has the blue version of the phone, while AT&T has the red?

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      Haha I was just thinking that!…funny how at&t rocks blue yet they’re gonna have the red SGSIII while big red fucks with red but they have the blue version

      • wolfedude88

        You guys do know that AT&T is going to have the blue as well, right? It seems all carriers will have blue and white, while AT&T will have red, blue, and white.

        • stubbX


  • I’m sure red will make up for the extra 16 gbs….

    • SeanBello

      lol unfortunately it LITERALLY might for the folks that go for looks instead of performance.

      • so 16gb’s of extra storage some how gives you more performance? It amazes me when I read some of this crap in comments section. Specially when the phone has 2gb of ram inside of it.

  • Sucks to suck AT&T. Red *might* make up for it, prolly not though.

  • Trevor

    The red could be cool if it’s a darker, classy-type red. Seems more like a color VZW should have though…

    • michael arazan

      Candy apple red?