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Verizon’s Viewdini Available Now, Because Tiered Data and Streaming Video Go So Well Together

A week ago, Verizon introduced us to their latest video streaming portal called Viewdini. For 4G LTE customers, this app is essentially your one-stop shop for all things video-on-the-go. While away from a TV, Viewdini allows you to browse through content from all of your favorite spots including Netflix, Comcast XFINITY, Hulu Plus, TV networks etc. and then tells you if the content is free to consume or if it will cost you. You can then choose to watch it and the app will redirect you to the proper website or app for consumption.

While I’ll admit that the app looks nice and is easy to navigate through swiping gestures, doesn’t this seem like a direct slap in the face to anyone on a tiered data plan? Streaming video is the #1 data crusher, so what better way to force you to that 2GB limit than by recommending you stream a bunch of content. /s

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  • sporttster

    The biggest problem with Verizon being a public company is that they are always in a race to satisfy their shareholders, even at the expense of their customers. Yearly profits have to continue to increase or the CEO is out on his keister, so we the loyal customers get rate increase after rate increase. Whether it comes in the form of a direct increase or forcing more and more into higher and higher tiers, it’s still the same-more $$ out of our budgets. I’m looking at Virgin Mobile for my daughter. They’ve got unlimited data and messages and 300 mins talk for $35/month….

  • lovehate

    I’m pretty sure that verizon’s unlimited is going to suck ass once this goes through they’re going throttle the hell out of it


    Everyone should go and flag this app as inappropriate for forcing customers into tiered data plans and then offering an “exclusive video app” to cause the customers to pay more. If everyone flags it and the app gets removed, this would be a huge slap in the face to verizon!

  • LOL…this is an EPIC FAIL waiting to happen. With shared data service, who the hell is gonna use this service?

  • trevorsalienarms

    What, is this really just dawning on anyone? Of course they’re going to push streaming media while increasing the costs to access more and more of said media. Business 101, give them the camera, sell them the film. Whether you agree or disagree, right or wrong, it will make them money and that is and always has been the bottom line.

  • sway

    F u verizon, suk a dik!

  • JakeS41

    Kellex +1 for the title of this article!

  • MrEnglish

    Just in case VZW might stumble upon this thread, let me just say…..YOU’RE MORONS. That is all.

  • RazrRamon

    What are the odds that this will be bloatware on future OTA updates and phones?

  • J Dub

    I need more info on where tiered data is going to go into effect. I also need more info on the SGS3 release on VZW. I am liking the thought of the S4’s 28nm process and the LTE on die. Both mean might get decent battery life while on LTE. I have a feeling the 2 will coincide.

  • Shankster

    I am going back to a dumb phone. Verizon can keep their data.

  • Chuckers

    Stupid now holds a majority stake in today’s society and therefore large companies are trying to market more to stupid. And hey, why not? Makes them more money. It just hard to sit back and watch it all unfold.

    Common sense is becoming endangered.

  • Sunking

    Wow! What country do you people live in? A corporation’s business is to make money. They will give you products to use that will make them money. You do not have to use them. Why criticize a company for finding new ways to sell their product. That is called marketing. Every company does it. Verizon just happens to be very good at marketing. Use the app, don’t use the app, it’s your choice.

    • jak_341

      An up arrow for you kind sir or ma’am. People seem to forget they have choice.

    • brando

      Yea but I’ve always had an issue with companies that flat out lie to their customers. Verizon Exec: tiered data is designed to drive data usage and charges higher. Yet marketing paints the picture of tiered data being the best thing for me since sliced bread. I don’t know about you but I don’t like paying significantly more for something and getting nothing in return.

    • Brian Barcus

      I live in a country where the government limits the number of competitors in the market. That means I, as a customer, have only two choices, pay the price charged by the government sanctioned companies or do without. If this were a free market and not company offered the service we wanted the complaints would be harder to justify.

  • Derp

  • They call it “Viewdini” because it makes money escape from your wallet.

  • Andrew

    4.0.4 paranoid android here. Not working as well

  • Raven

    Despite being on Verizon my Droid 2 Global gets “This item is not compatible with your device.” Yet HBO GO and MAX Go and Crackle all work just fine. Oh well, I guess I don’t get to waste any of my unlimited data with this app.

    • mike

      the app is for LTE only

  • Lawrence_Hart

    I can’t download the app. I get the message “Error processing purchase. [DF-BPA-09]”

    I have a GNex running AOKP build 38.

  • red014

    GNex 4.0.4 not working here… The device model or operating system is not supported.

  • EC8CH

    “Video is better on 4G LTE”…..

    *VZW CEO laying in a bed of money rubbing $100 bills all over his naked body*

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      Well at least we’ll be rid of him soon then. Money is terribly dirty and paper cuts likely. Infection coming his way.

      • Hah was not expecting that as a response. 😛

      • AE35

        Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead

        Anagram: A Damned

        • michael arazan

          anagram: Dead man

    • kdn102

      It’s not the CEO who is laying in money! OK, he’s got a single bed…compare that to the share holders…they’re all filling their mansions with king size money beds. A CEO (in a publicly held company such as VZ) has one and only one job…make money for the share holders so they keep their money in VZ.

      • duke69111

        Since the OG Droid was released, the stock has gone from a low point of $25.43 to current price of $41.64.

  • WF

    Serious question: when/why do you guys watch movies/tv on your phone?

    • I do Netflix every morning and evening on my commute. It’s the only thing that keeps me from canceling the service. If Amazon Prime instant video ever gets to my phone, Netflix is gone.

  • Nelly547

    App doesnt’ work on Liquid 1.4 ROM on GNex. Does it work for any rooted users?

    • Liquid Tom on the Thunderbolt doesn’t work either.

  • EC8CH

    Pushed out as unremoveable bloat in an OTA update from Verizon in 3… 2…1…

    • Coupled with “Remote Diagnostics Tool”

    • FortitudineVincimus

      root solves all things evil like this

      • EC8CH

        This is true…

        The superuser icon should feature the lord and savior Jesus Christ instead of a pirate/ninja/android 😛

    • New_Guy

      Ha! Nice call =).

  • SamXp

    So this is the added value they provide? An app that simply redirects you to websites that actually provide added value?

  • Illinipoke

    My company just hooked up with the “GOOD” app to allow us to sync our work email/calendars to our personal phones. The carrier has to send a code when you connect via good to the company’s network. For every other carrier this works perfectly fine with any of their data plans. Verizon however will not send this code unless you subscribe to one of their “corporate” data plans….which you guessed it, are only tiered plans. For me to use this “GOOD” app I would have to drop my grandfathered in unlimited plan in favor for a more expensive, limited data plan.

    The customer service lady was cool though, she explained right up front that it would be a bad move unless I really really needed the service.

    I really hope in a year when our plans expire that someone out there has decent coverage and a decent plan/price.

  • Guest

    I’m not going to lie, this is awesome.

  • Steven Roy

    This looks like the greatest thing since charging for each text.

  • Havoc70

    As stated in an earlier article, they want you to stream because they want to force you to upgrade to the next tier, this is exactly why they are doing it.

  • user311

    Title is perfect, Verizon is like a bad parent telling their fat kids that they need to go on a diet but then taking them by the hand to an all you can eat buffet. Its nice that you have the option to keep unlimited data, but it will cost you an extra $400 every time you want to upgrade you phone. $400 to upgrade vs tiered is really a lose lose situation for its loyal customers…

    • BrianWenger

      It’s more like a parent telling a kid he needs to fatten up and taking him to an expensive salad joint where you pay per topping.

    • EC8CH

      The obvious ways the wireless companies (VZW ATT) are squeezing more and more money out of their customers and trying to explain their actions in press releases as somehow necessary from continued customer service is really quite grating.

    • oneofthenewguy’s

      It’s a lose lose for all there customers. I grow weary of grandfathered customers believing they’re Verizon’s only customers.

      • 1LoudLS

        no one ever said that grandfathered customers were the only customers big red has, however as the name grandfather implies, they’re are some of big red’s oldest and therefore some of their loyalist customers. there is a reason they’re not call grandchilded customers.

        • New_Guy

          …and as we all know, the role of the grandparent is to spoil the grandchildren so I’ll ride this gravy train until it can be riden no more!!!

  • Matthew

    Just adds to the reason that when I am forced out of my unlimited data plan that I’ll probably go month to month with one of the non contract services that do offer unlimited.

  • Oh and does it work over WiFi? If it does I don’t even understand what’s the problem.

    • thinkaboutit

      Don’t have wifi everywhere….

      • Well because the only thing to do while driving is stream movies, right.

    • Brian Barcus

      For a lot of people, possibly most of Verizon’s customers, reliable free WiFi is only available at home where far better tools for watching streaming media exist. Even at my office, the WiFi is only for business use and inadequate for streaming media if a business need arose. And for everyone other than the driver in a car, streaming media can be a great thing except that per GB pricing of data kills the value.

      If you don’t understand the problem it is only because you haven’t thought it through or have a very limited base of experience from which to think about it.

  • Meanwhile on NTT DoCoMo with a data plan like those tiered ones you can use DoCoMo’s streaming services (along with services provided by their partners like WOWOW or TBS) as much as you want, and these services won’t cost you anything.

  • John


  • nex

    Your title of this article says it all. Verizon is turning into every other carrier, or worse.

    • hkklife

      Worse than the other carriers by now. The ONLY things they have left in their favor is the admittedly superb network and of course the grandfathered unlimited LTE data which will start going away very, very soon.

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        Or will it? If I stay with VZW (only an if at this point) i’ll likely buy full price phones to stay unlimited. and continue to do all the fun things i didn’t do until they removed the unlimited like stream on lte instead of wifi and tether and such.

        • How many times are you willing to pay full MSRP for a CDMA/LTE phone, plus ~100/month, to keep that Unlimited plan?

          • AnotherAndroidKid

            That i’m not sure yet.

            The whole CDMA thing for me is a major problem and part of the reason i am only IF on staying with VZ. I travel enough to need a travel phone but not enough to drop full price on a gsm one.

      • KleenDroid

        Which will be even worse for those of us that got into the $10 per month per line for unlimited data. So not only will be get screwed by forcing us into a limited tiered plan but probably also force us into paying the entire $30 per line. That’s 5 whamies and slaps in the face for those of us that have 5 lines. But then again maybe our savings of the $20 per month on data could apply to paying full price for our phones. None of this has hit me yet but when it starts affecting me I will giver serious thought into leaving Verizon for good. I don’t even care if it ends up costing as much elsewhere. This is not the way to show appreciation to customers that have been with them since Cellular One with our bag phones.

    • But… they are out to make money as as business. It does suck… but that is the goal for them. I can’t really blame them for looking to make a profit.

      • e_droid

        There’s a difference between making a profit and nickel and diming customers.

      • I don’t blame them for wanting to make money. I blame the government for selling exclusive licenses to spectrum so that the market remains uncompetitive.

        • EC8CH

          they have to license spectrum, but it the leases should come with strict regulations that protect the interests of the general American tax paying public. And those regulations should be vigorously enforced.

      • Chuckers

        No problem with a business trying to make money. My issues lie with the deceptive marketing schemes and monopolistic charge increases.

        • EC8CH


          and in addition with their leading role in opposing net neutrality it seems obvious Verizon is eager to exploit their position as a leading mobile isp at the expense of their customers and a open and free internet.

  • Therefore, I shall download this app and stream as much content as possible, whether I watch it or not. I will use enough data on this app to account for 6 people who can’t use it because of their tiered data.

    • smoothy

      in the past 2 days i have used a certain ‘tether’ app as my main source of internet. I have in less than 48 hours downloaded 9.283 GB of data. THANKS VERIZON!

      • guitarshredder87

        And this is the reason why it’s blocked and that unlimited data is gone. I honestly don’t care cause I’m on unlimited data and tether too but people who are exteme and boastful about their tethering is what messed everything up.

        • Chuckers

          You sure Verizon is not just a munch of money hungry goons? I’m putting my chips on that one. But if you think people who pay for unlimited data and then like to share that they are getting their monies worth are the problem then obviously you’re not playing with a full deck.

        • J Dub

          What messes it up is the board of directors at VZW. They sit down and look at data that points to growth of mobile streaming. Music, movies, videos, and phone-to-phone gaming. They say “We should charge per GB now so that in 2 years when everyone is streaming everything we can make bank.”

          • sporttster

            Problem with that is it’s going to scare away a ton of subscribers. I’m not paying anymore than what I do for my current unlimited data plan. It’s just not worth it. I use about 12gb’s/month, give or take, streaming my Dish network remote app. I’m paying about $75/month for it. You think I’m gonna pay more than that, you got another thing coming! I’ll go back to a dumb phone before they rape me! $75/month is ENOUGH! PLENTY for them …..for what I’m using-a measly 12/15gb/month. I use alot more than that at home and pay less!!

        • duke69111

          I completely agree. I don’t have a problem using a lot of data, but 9+ gb in two days and then bragging about it is just dumb. When they completely take away our unlimited plans and we have no way at all to keep them, its people like this, who use 75 – 100+ gb of data a month is who I am going to blame.

          As a side note, I wonder if this app will work on wifi?

          I just installed and clicked to try impractical jokers and it asked me to install the Xfinity TV Player. What a joke.