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Makers of Shadowgun THD Announce DEAD TRIGGER, Scratches Your Zombie Itch

With the very real scare of zombies going around these days, we all have to prepare ourselves somehow. From the makers of Shadowgun THD, one of the best looking Android games to-date, MADFINGER Games has announced DEAD TRIGGER. You’ve got it all here: guns, zombies and lots of bullets, what’s there to ask questions about?

The game is soon to be hitting Android and the Tegra Zone, the place for games that the Tegra 3 powerhouse processor specializes in. The Tegra edition of the game will feature boosted graphics, ragdoll physics and some more goodies thanks to that quad-core. Hopefully the slow zombies will help with the on-screen controls. The game is set to launch later this month.


  • razrcrazy

    ill deff get the paid version for free can wait 🙂

  • Daniel Seymour

    When it says “android graphics”, somehow I picture that’ll be the same as “iPad graphics”. Wait till I show this off, along with nova 3!

  • Mordecaidrake

    It blows my mind that these good of graphics are available on our MOBILE devices.

  • zhihaoquek

    Chaifire3d please… might pick this up on a GS3…

  • cb2000a

    Don’t we already have enough zombies in real life? Enough already….

    • michael arazan

      Are you referring to that guy who snorted those bath salts and was eating off the guy’s face, lips and ears while being naked? Took officers several shots to stop him because he was unresponsive to the police and wouldn’t stop eating the victim

  • Ios will get it first 🙁

  • QQpayne

    i will be buying this as soon as it releases, cant wait to play it on my asus transformer tf300

  • SD_Scott

    I really need to get one of the bluetooth game controllers… This game looks SICK!!!

    • snowblind64

      Yeah, I was just wondering if game developers will ever find a way to simultaneously move around and shoot using only the touch screen. Shadowgun partially solves this by allowing you to move the sights while shooting but it still sucks compared to a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad. Until then you really need a controller, which sucks because that’s one more thing to bring with you if you want to game on the go.

      • Some developers use an accelerometer so you can aim and shoot. Unfortunately it still doesn’t work that well.

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    I concur, it’s quite ridiculous that Tegra2 is just thrown by the wayside this quickly.

  • New_Guy

    I support madfinger all the way. Buying this as soon as it’s released.

  • Last time someone scratched a zombie itch, they lost a face.

  • Kizipotamus

    I hate how the Tegra 2 is just forgotten by Nvidia and game devs like this. Makes me wish I didn’t buy my Transformer.

    • Hello Kitty

      Most likely they will. Nvidia doesn’t care about their old customers because they want you to upgrade. Why will they support their old hardware? The only reason why Nvidia is in the lead is because they’re the first ones with the most “cores” on a mobile device. TI- OMAP, Snapdragon, Exynos, they’re all faster than Nvidia when going up against core for core.

  • delerivm

    so many FPS games to choose from now….. I’d like more THD games in other genres, like RPG!

  • Ed

    will nvidia abandon tegra 3 like it did tegra 2 when the succesor releases?
    since the tegra 3 release there hasn’t been releases for tegra 2

    • JB

      Tegra 2 can run “tegra 3 optimized” games. Dark Meadows runs fantastically on my Lenovo K1. It’s a sad thing when you have to find a pirated version to play a game. Nvidia is intentionally withholding these games from tegra 2 devices to try and convince us to buy new hardware that we don’t need.

  • Aaron Burroughs

    tegra 3 has SMOKE! nice

  • GuidZilla

    not first!

    • GuidZilla

      ah crap.