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Galaxy Nexus Official 3-Pin Car Dock Will Work With the LTE Version, Slightest of Modifications Needed

At the beginning of the week, Google started selling official Galaxy Nexus accessories through the Play store, including the 3-pin car dock. Unfortunately for LTE Nexus owners, there was a note attached to the listing which mentioned that these were only compatible with the GSM or HSPA+ variants and would essentially be a waste of your money to buy them. Leave it to the passionate LTE community of Nexus owners to prove that theory wrong. 

According to numerous reports over at XDA, the official 3-pin car dock does indeed work with the LTE G-Nex, but it requires a slight modification. When inserted, the volume rocker gets pinned down and causes some odd behavior, however, if you take a knife or razor blade to to it and scrape a bit away, it apparently works flawlessly. The 3-pin connector charges the phone and the audio-out works as you would expect it to. Oh, it also fits if you have the extended battery and cover attached.

So again, the official 3-pin dock works just fine for the LTE version as long as you have a knife to scrape away a bit of plastic. And from what I can tell, this should take all of 5 minutes. We aren’t talking about accessory surgery here, but a simple scrape job. Happy? Get to ordering.

Mine will be here on Monday and I’ll confirm all of this and will include a tutorial at that time.

Via:  XDA

  • HSanders

    Dremel is preferable to knife.

  • Bizz

    Cant get phone audio to go through speakers when docked. All other sound works fine, just not phone. Any suggestions?

    • imtrevonte

      Did you ever get this figured out? I just got my dock today and it charges fine, the only audio that comes out though is through the phone. I plugged the aux cable directly into my car mount but it isn’t playing through it. So I plugged the aux cable directly into my phone and it works! What am I missing????

  • I took a knife to it but you have to take a fair bit out. A Dremel tool would work much better. I am going to clean up my hack job with a Dremel. The fit still is very tight – when you try to pop the phone out of the dock, you can very easily send it flying.

    The phone only goes into car dock mode if there is power supplied to the dock. In addition, the power button doesn’t seem to function at all when in car dock mode.

  • Anyone actually tried this out yet? Kellen – where’s the tutorial?

  • jonny6pak

    I’m going to make the necessary modifications with a rotary tool. After reading the thread on XDA, some people noted having to trim a bit off the edges as well. This apparently avoids having to press in the buttons every time you insert the phone. I figure I’ll get the cleanest trimming using the rotary.

    I Just ordered mine from Expansys USA. Shipping was free and the total bill was less than using Google. Granted, it’s going to take 6 to 8 days to arrive, but I’m ok with the delay.

  • Just ordered, can’t wait!

  • Anyone try this with a gel case on their phone?

    • Based on the cheap Verizon dock’s size and the pictures posted here and on XDA, I’d say this one is the same and won’t work with any case.

      • Figured. I need to figure out a good way to mount this in my car. The thing I loved most about my Droid X was the simplicity of its car mount. :[

  • JoeC

    Got mine yesterday works like a champ!!

  • Instead of using a knife I’d just try using a mini 3.0mm flat screw driver. Should easily scrape away at the plastic. And it’s a lot safer than a sharp blade.

  • Nice 64 Chevy impala lol

  • BrianWenger

    I’ve been following that thread for a few days now. Order is imminent.

  • pat kerby

    Yea the thing looks good, but the phpne being its side like that sucks since it doesnt flip with the car dock!

    • OreoMan

      Does if you root!

  • Did anyone buy the kick starter version? If so, could you comment and tell me how it is?

    • That project is still in the funding stage, so nobody has it yet.

  • David Hussey

    FINALLY. trigger.pull()

  • Typical Google minion says:

    Leave google alone!!!! They genuinely care about the android community!!!!!

  • mbaldwin85

    Thats all the info that I needed. Ordering in 3…2…1…

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    I would like someone to round up a GSM Nexus (ahem, Kellex) and play with this dock and then see if there is something we are missing with the LTE version aside from a mm on a button. I have a feeling that if you are rocking out with your Gmusic streaming via LTE while using Google Navigation with the screen on full brightness, I bet it won’t charge and might actually de-charge over time. Just a thought.

  • 6 dollar universal is fine with me from ebay ,since thats about what the phone is worth lol

    • MKader17

      I’ll buy your Nexus for $20 right now.

      If you say no then you are either 1) an idiot for not selling at item for over 3 times your appraised value or 2) you value your Nexus more than you say.

      If you say yes, it sounds like we both will be happy.

  • Jake

    will the Desk Dock work with the LTE version?

  • NexusPhan69

    I believe I proved this with simple geometry a long time ago.

  • MKader17

    Too late Samsung/Verizon/Google (whoever you want to blame). This cost me about $10 and at $4 a puck I can add wireless charging almost anywhere


    • Please share. What is this and how can we get it?

      • Jeffrey Young

        He used a pre’s inductive charging coil (found on the back plate) and put it on the backplate of his galaxy nexus. With the correct modifications it can be used this way.
        I tried it, but I found it a tiny bit more cumbersome, while being a cool modification (the plate isn’t exactly flush and if you drop the phone the plate has the tendency to pop off). If it worked better with NFC i’d still go for it, but my tags started to not work properly.

      • MKader17

        I tried to post the link earlier, but for some reason Google was saying the site had malware (even though it’s Android Central).


        It has worked perfectly for me. I have one it my truck and one in my room. I haven’t used NFC so I can’t comment on that aspect.

    • David Hussey

      I had a Pre. This is probably the only thing I miss about it, but I do miss that a lot.

      • MKader17

        If you still have all the stuff its really easy.

    • Gr8Ray

      Well from the looks of that picture, you obviously don’t care about having a clean audio install, and must not have a car with a very stiff suspension. My phone would be flying off that thing before I got to the end of the street.

      • MKader17

        I guess your “street” is a mountain. I have used extra neodymium magnets for a better grip. I’ve thoroughly tested it in my truck and have not had a problem. If I have a problem, I plan to put a rubber grip on the charger to help it out.

        Finally got a pic of the setup at night. AC vent keeps it cool when in portrait orientation.

        PS – I had to do some custom modifications to fit a 2-din screen in my truck. Just one of those situations where I haven’t had time to re-form the dash yet.

  • Speaking of docks for GNex LTE. I got one from you guys that’s the upright desk dock with a charging spot for an extra battery. I like it except that when my phone is plugged in, the touch sensors on the phone go haywire. I can’t even unlock it before it starts freaking out. So it’s basically just a battery charger since it makes the phone unusable while in it. Any suggestions?

    • MKader17

      Did it come with a OEM charger? most of the problems I’ve seen with screens going haywire have to do with using a bad/cheap charger

      • Tony Allen

        My Bionic does this.. with the OEM charger. If I actually pick up/hold the phone, it works just fine.

  • Any word if the Desktop Dock will work with our phones?

    • 4n1m4L

      No, it won’t .

      • I have yet to hear this with any testing to back it up. Have you tried, or do you have a link to someone who has that you can share?

        • 4n1m4L

          I don’t have a link, but I pmd someone on xda who has it and they said they have to use a rubber band to hold the phone in so it touches the contacts. Im sure this could be fixed with a dremmel but half a millimeter is a lot when it comes to plastic


    Mine is scheduled be delivered today! Thanks for the info!

  • Kizipotamus

    What about the desk docks? Do those work with the LTE version as well?


    Why is everyone bitching at Google? Do I think it’s silly that it NEARLY works and would have taken all of 5 seconds to change the design to support the LTE phone? Yes. But it’s Samsung that makes both the phone itself and the dock. Google just provides the software and a place to sell it.

    That said, I might be ordering one.

    $10.50 for shipping…nevermind.

    • ChuckDz3

      expansys. $59.99 (still overpriced) but free shipping. same product

  • Good to know… since mine is already on its way.

  • InfrnalSky

    I’m not sure if this has been discussed yet, but does the audio out work the same was as the Nexus One where it connects the audio over bluetooth, and then connects with a 3.5?

    • Nope, it uses one of the pogo pins to transmit the audio signal.

    • 4n1m4L

      It uses the middle pin for an in it signal then spdif

      • MKader17

        It’s a digital output? That would make it worth the $54 for me

  • Patrick Flanigan

    Glad to hear this since I ordered one from expansys a few days ago and I’m waiting for it to arrive. Any word on a mod for the pogo desktop dock? I really don’t want to shell out 90 for the verizon version

    • 4n1m4L

      Ditto. And the pogo one requires a little dremmel work to fit correctly. I’m going to wait for the $90 to be back in stock

      • Patrick Flanigan

        if that’s the case then i will just wait a little while longer for someone other than Samsung to sell it, im sure everyone else will mark it down. It is so ridiculous that they sell the verizon dock for $90 but google sells the regular one for $54

        • 4n1m4L

          Actually I talked to the guy who runs accessory king and he claims all of his sources won’t stock anything for the g-nex because its near end of life

    • Expansys has it for like $54 now

  • This has me way more excited than a phone accessory probably should

  • MrEnglish

    54 bucks and I have to mod it? I’m going with NO. Weak updates, weak accessories, just plain weak and not what we’re supposed to get from a flagship device.

    • I wouldnt consider the Gnex a flagship device. It’s a google phone, built by samsung, for the purposes of developing roms. If you want a sammy flagship, galaxy S2 (now S3) is the way to go. The Gnex is a no-frills developer phone.

      • What exactly are the frills of the S2 and S3?

        • All the glory that is TouchWiz =P

          Once you load them with a ROM it no longer matters, though, so just different specs.

      • Gr8Ray

        I agree, more along the lines of “Reference Design” than flagship.

    • cphilano

      I agree with you on this. Despite views of the contrary, this phone was touted as a flagship phone, so it should be treated as such. Verizon passed on the SG2 for the Nexus remember?! This phone was never advertised as a reference deign phone.

  • LionStone

    In my 64 Impala…

    • OreoMan

      So I’m not the only one that was looking at the car in the background instead?

      • LionStone

        Hah, yea I wish it was a Lytro so I can see it better. Had some good times in one of those.

  • kevintufts

    Still can’t get myself to pay 54+ bucks for something so simple. Let me know when its 20 like it should be.

    • JoYu

      Add $10 for shipping…

      • archer

        and another $5 for tax

        • T4rd

          For a total of $70!

    • 4n1m4L

      Its not that simple.

    • If this was the Verizon shell dock I’d agree, but given that this will provide charging and audio in a configuration I don’t have to fiddle with everytime I dock my phone, I’d be more willing to say even $60 is worth it.

  • desiman26

    That’s pretty pathetic that Google couldn’t sell a version with the slight modification.

    • Angryunibrow

      Why are you blaming Google when Samsung designed the phone and accessories?

      • desiman26

        Alright. I give you that. There’s more blame on Samsung. But since this is a nexus phone (A flagship phone for Google), Google could put some pressure on Samsung to make the slight modifications (knowing there’s a market for it there)

  • tyguy829


  • Greyhame

    Google couldn’t even allow for that slight modification to the car dock chassis to try to appease CDMA owners? I’m sorry, but that’s weak.

  • I don’t get it. If all it took was this slight mod, why wouldn’t they put a little recess in the plastic so it works with all versions of the Gnex. I swear, do designers of products not use their brain?

    • Liderc

      Agreed. This was a simple fix before production started.

    • Im pretty sure this happens to the GSM models as well, unless their volume key is .25mm higher up than ours is.

      • It is

        • Cowboydroid

          I’d say that’s pretty reprehensible on Samsung’s part. They’re either supremely incompetent as designers, or they deliberately went out of their way to make life difficult for Verizon users.

          Regardless, this will be my last device with Verizon. It’s stock devices from Google from now on.

          • Larizard

            i’d say they’re just incompetent designers. look at the SGS3 and touchwiz and you’ll understand what i mean

    • Gr8Ray

      I wouldn’t be surprised if these started rolling out for the CDMA versions soon too.

    • Or maybe they use their brains to feed company greed $$

      • panicswhenubered

        That doesn’t make sense in this case. It would be more expensive for a company to produce two distinct versions of the dock for a GSM and LTE phone. The same reasoning applies to why lots of different GM cars across different branding labels contain a lot of the same components.

  • You’re late

    • Could you share how you went about doing so without having to cut away?

      • Super easy to do

      • Ok, just took all of 10 min to do (including finding my Xacto knife and going out to the car to get the dock. You can use a paperclip to pop the button out from the bottom. Then just whittle away about 1mm on the “down” side at an angle so that it bevels and does not touch the button. Now I have a working vol down key along with a perfectly functioning pogo pin car dock.

  • Andrew

    Of course it does, because I just bought the plastic one this week. Oh well, at least I get to play with NFC tags now.