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Thursday Poll: Motorola Owners – Are You Using Smart Actions? Which Ones?

One of the top selling points for Motorola’s current lineup of phones has been their Smart Actions app. For those not familiar, think of Smart Actions as an app that tries to help streamline your life, make tasks happen automatically, and potentially extend your battery life. In a lot of ways, it’s like Taskr or Setting Profiles in that it allows you to set up profiles or activities that trigger actions on your phone. Leave home for work every day at 8AM? Smart Actions may recommend that you have it automatically turn off WiFi and launch Google Maps. When you arrive at work, Smart Actions could recognize the location and toggle WiFi back on help save battery while you are away from a charger. Make sense?

We want to know if the Motorola users in the building are taking advantage of these though. Have you found any of the Smart Action recommendations to be helpful? Is your battery lasting longer? Is the app annoying? Answer the poll briefly, and then tell us which actions you have found to be most beneficial in the comments.

Are You Using Smart Actions?

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  • Steve Miller

    Smart actions does not save commands. Does not save anything I try to set it to do.

  • ecl

    When using the location trigger, I would like it if they would make an option, after leaving the location, such as church, that the phone would automatically switch back from silence/vibrae to sound.

  • asleep – based on time, location, motion – puts phone on silent except for vip callers and sends text message to missed calls and texts saying that they’re not getting a response til morning unless they know how to reach me in other ways.

    at home on wifi – based on picking up home wifi – changes wallpaper, turns off gps, turns ringer down

    bt headphones – based on picking up bt headphones – launches music app

    car – based on docking in vehicle nav dock and charging – 100 percent ringer, wifi on gps on, launch nav app, 0% – 100% brightness depending on time of day.

    in meeting – based on outlook calendar meetings – sends text that i’m in meeting and will return the call / text when I am able…

    traveling – based on nav dock and charging, mon-fri – sends text to missed calls texts that based on phone sensors that I am traveling and will return call / text when able…

    all of the battery saver / reminder ones. Operationally, Battery life is less than 8 hours between some charging source ( I use my phone heavily – Droid RAZR)

    I’ve yet to do much real world testing of this but so far so good. I’m attempting to stick to stock apps on this phone unless something else just blows me away.

  • Jim

    Only one I keep on is data off while wifi is on, and sometimes I use battery extender. nothing else is really useful.

  • mike

    Smart actions is a great concept but not enough unique options

  • russel5150

    I use the battery extender.

  • lzealot

    I’d have to agree. The vote doesn’t really help much since there’s no way to tell what type of phone or whether or not you have the app. I have the maxx and I don’t use smart actions. As a shift worker my schedule changes week to week. Also, the battery life on this phone is great. I haven’t found a need to conserve juice.

  • not on my Atrix….

  • Scott

    Battery saver if it goes below 10% (which it never seems to get to that point b/c the battery lasts all day), WIFI connect to home network instead of 4G and music player loads when headset is plugged in.


    I use it.. It does more than just save the battery. Auto texts for missed calls, airplane mode for school, and other functions for specific times throughout the day…

  • nmhdt64

    of course, i use it, it’s the only way to have my RAZR make it through a full day of light use in 4g land…and even then, it struggles

  • If it counts, Im using the ported Smart Actions from the Razr on the Bionic that DOES NOT work.
    I really wish it did cause that would only make it better.

  • Anon

    If Smart Actions worked properly on the Droid Bionic, heck yes I’d be using it.

    Sadly, the side-loaded apk has issues. It’s a slick, well thought-out app though on the phones it runs on. Rumor (from Moto’s forums) is that when ICS comes out, the Bionic will get it.

  • jorelkilcullen

    Smart Actions are awesome. I dont use for battery savings but for other things, for example:

    put on desk dock on nightstand-silences all calls and notifications except the select few i decided i need to hear from at anytime of day or night, also auto opens alarm clock so i can set or turnoff alarm, and dims display all the way

    when unplugged ringer set to go to max and turn on vibrate

    put in cardock-turns ringer up starts up pandora turns off wifi and turn on bluetooth

    gps location when arrive at my local golf courses- silences all calls and notifications and turns off vibrate

    my recommendation is if you have a newer moto phone set aside a few minutes of your day to set it up and save yourself from manually adjusting settings all the time

  • realfoxm

    I used to have a motorola device. then i took a gnex to the knee. trololo

  • mfox223

    I am a Razr Maxx user and I set up different Smart Actions at work, home, and church. I have different ringtone volumes and backgrounds and don’t have to worry about a loud call interrupting the preacher man. The battery life has never been an issue-just a decent app.

  • sporttster

    Test…this isn’t posting my comments.

    • sporttster

      Strange..guess third time’s a charm…anyway, still having issues with the Suspend bug. It’s draining my phone 50 to 60% when I sleep. The phone is just lying there inert.

      • sporttster

        AHHhhhh…so, can’t post links, huh. That’s why my posts didn’t post. How does one post a link to something now?

  • Mr Fox

    I love the sleep action – no ringers/vibrations between 10pm and 6am when the phone is charging and the display is off.
    I wish there were a reboot action. like m/w/f at midnight, reboot.

  • Chuck Podrasky

    Love the sleep smart action to silence all unwanted notications while letting the VIPs through.

  • Jack Coleman

    I love it, silent a school, silent at church, launch zplayer when the cans go in.

  • squain

    I really like this feature. Its saves me around 30% battery life, not like I need it though but fun to play with. I do hope they build off this as more combinations would be nice.

  • bangpowboom

    I find it pretty flawed since it relies on constant wifi connection for location triggers. It kills the battery. Just more bloatware on a locked up moto phone.

  • havok

    I use it, I have the normal Razr, and I use the battery extender with, gps off, background sync off, bluetooth off, wifi off, and the trigger is when the display is turned off, it gives me 3x more battery life. so I use it quite often.

  • dont even know what they are, I have a nexus, but that might change soon, so ask me later

  • Raven

    My wife and I have done similar things with our Droid 2’s for a long time with a combination of Juice Defender to manage turning data/wifi on and off and an app called Sound Manager to control ringer volumes based on various schedules. Now that my wife was recently forced to upgrade to a Droid 4 because of a little accident with her Droid 2 I may have to check Smart Actions out on her phone to see if they are any better for her than the combo of the other 2 programs.

  • I don’t use smart actions because I’m smart enough to no longer own a Motorola phone.

    • dude the maxx is the best phone out

      • MooleyBooleyTroll

        No sense barking up the tree of ignorance.

        • well maybe you will get smarter someday

  • h4xed

    I would use the GPS smart action but it’s only based on wifi location… 🙁

  • Chris

    I downloaded the apk for my bionic and it never did anything. Maybe I’m missing something but i tried setting up actions and they never worked…

  • I use the Work, meeting, Home and NightTime actions, would like to see more granularity and more ability as far as the actions and triggers for it.