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Pandora for Android Updated to be Compatible with “Upcoming Android OS”

After today’s Pandora update, the app should now be compatible with an “upcoming Android OS.” What exactly do they mean by that? Great question. With talk of the Nexus 7 tablet launching at Google I/O at the end of June along with the newest version of Android aka Jelly Bean, there is at least one answer to consider.

And if they don’t mean Jelly Bean, then what do they mean?

Cheers Travis, Courtney and @ryan_cota!

  • They probably mean ICS – app devs are usually a bit behind 😉

  • It’s not for jellybean. How could they make an app for jellybean when nobody has any tools for jellybean… Come on Droid Life, don’t pull an androidcentral.

  • works fine on my GNex

  • Gr8Ray

    Hopefully it means they are finally making it compatible with ICS. And before you say it works on ICS, I mean the revisions Google made to the Bluetooth AVRCP API in ICS. For example, Play/Pause is not handled correctly by Pandora, and it also doesn’t stop playing automatically on disconnect.

    • NexusPhan69

      And when using bluetooth it has little static noises every now and then that once you notice, make it unusable. Its horrible. I end up using my GFs iPhone when making road trips.

  • DrMacinyasha

    So nothing noteworthy to pull me away from my year-old version that gets unlimited skips/hours and no ads? OK.

    • nope! I’m probably running that same version you are too.

  • paulmike3
    • John

      For the lazy, here’s what paul should’ve posted instead

      “That line just refers to some minor code cleanup that had hard-coded functionality to the current version of Android – Ice Cream Sandwich. This update just future-proofs the Pandora app for the upcoming versions of Android.”

  • SD_Scott

    Probably ICS since most phones don’t have it yet (or ever will)…

    • bullonie

      No… it already works with ICS.

  • jak_341

    I hope its Jelly Bean. Forget Ice Cream Sandwich. That was so 2011. My GNEX must haz Jelly Bean!

  • MikeCiggy

    Hopefully they fixed music quality!

    • TrevorSP

      You can make the quality better in the settings if you haven’t already.

      • MikeCiggy

        Thanks, i meant to say Bluetooth quality. I have a Pandora head unit in my car and I get a lot of crackling from Pandora but no crackling from my GMusic. I didn’t have that checked though. Ill see tomorrow if this helps.

  • EC8CH

    Apparently Pandora didn’t get Kellex’s memo on the menu button 😛

    • blood

      That menu button needs to go. It makes me feel like I’m still stuck in gingerbread.

      • feztheforeigner

        I still enjoy the menu button. It is a dedicated place to put more options. I always know where it is and it doesn’t ever interfere in the ui of the application.

  • 4.0.5 lol

  • There are a few small things that make me hate this app… ugly interface. No status bar or lockscreen controls.

    • Jon

      I hate that there’s no ability to see your play history from the Android app. You could do this on the iOS version.

      • Ya and anything you like you have to view from the browser… it’s stupid. Lazy ass developers

  • The Pandora app is so outdated, they probably mean ICS.

  • ddevito

    means it’s getting demoed on stage with the nexus tablet

  • jeffxallen

    Is there a reason why they couldn’t implement lock screen controls? Does anyone know or are they just choosing not to?

    • I think they’re just one of those developers that doesn’t really care about the mobile app. They made it once, were satisfied with it, and now the only time they update it is to fix bugs. They don’t seem to be interested in improving it or adding features.

      • MikeCiggy

        Which is stupid because I mainly only use it on my phone. And if it had more features i’d be more likely to sign up for there paid account.

      • r0lct

        Probably less ad money in mobile version.

  • It doesn’t work with the ICS, guess they skipped right over it to Jelly Bean?

    • Jon

      It works with ICS, but it hasn’t been updated for ICS. There’s a big difference there.

    • epyon0

      works just fine on my GNex

  • Jack Hoffman

    Maybe they mean 4.0.4 for LTE Gnex?

  • Was Pandora updated for ICS?

    I’m in the UK, so I can’t use it; I would have checked myself if I could.

    • Stephen Zipprich

      It’s been working on my VZW GNex since I’ve had it. However, the app does not have lockscreen controls, notification bar controls, and it still has the menu button that should’ve been replaced a while back. I don’t think that “upcoming Android OS” is talking about ICS.

      • Yeah, it sounds like Pandora have got some kind of early access to Jelly Bean, however infeasible that may seem.

  • sc0rch3d

    it could mean that google set about the ‘new’ framework for apps like in ICS and all future OS’s adhere to these standards. so pandora could have just changed the app so that it works will all future android OS’s

  • Jcopernicus

    This is an update from Pandora, they’re probably talking about Honeycomb.

    • possomcrast1


  • Couldn’t this simply mean they changed/removed the max API version?

    • That’s possible…but unlikely. Most developers don’t set a max version, unless they know there is an issue with that version of the software running their app (i.e. if your app has problems with ICS). This happens very rarely as api’s are backwards compatible.

      To my knowledge no new api has been released to the dev community, but maybe Pandora has a way of getting it ahead of time.

  • RedPandaAlex

    That’s interesting… I didn’t think there would be a lot of new multimedia tools for developers in 4.1. Maybe they are introducing side-by-side apps for tablets the way Windows 8 has them. Pandora would be a good choice for an early partner for an app running in a sidebar.

    /wild speculation

    • RedPandaAlex

      Actually, nevermind. That would make sense if this most recent version was at least optimized for an ICS tablet.

  • gregmr

    4.0.4 FINALLY coming to VZW Nexus?

  • Murphy