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Google Translate Receives Visual Makeover, More Languages Added

Google Translate received an update yesterday afternoon that introduced a more ICS-inspired UI (meaning no menu button). It now matches up to the rest of Google’s apps as far as looks, but the Translate team also tossed in more languages for your traveling needs.

Have you had the opportunity to use this in the wild? I have yet to, however, running through an entire conversation with someone who doesn’t speak English, and being able to understand each other thanks to this app sounds incredible.

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  • James VanDieren

    Enter “Choose My Side” in English and translate it to Afrikaans. Be sure to listen to the audio preview. But not loudly at work or anything.

  • YOUhin

    I saw your app,WOW its almost the same as what i have ,Iā€™m a student and let me share to you what I have right now. I have this app on my iPhone called speechtrans got it from itunes that let me communicate with people with different languages.this is the website http://speechtrans.com this app help me to my language class.and also eliminate language barrier. i hope this will help student like me because its a great help for esl student, for me its consider a educational tool . and thank you so much for posting this app its big news , because allot of people is experiencing language barrier in the web. i will leave a feed back on the app once i try it thank you

  • Mei

    Just tested the handwriting recognition software, it’s really good. Hope Google will incorporate this in some writing software as part of Jelly Bean experience in upcoming weeks.

  • LionStone

    We had an International student from Korea and GT helped a lot even though he spoke good English. I use it quite often to surprise my friends in Europe with simple phrases in their language and they get a kick out of that.

  • wickets

    the handwriting part of it is astounding too…bravo to the people that made this app

    • sushah23

      It might be an indication of being available as standard input in JB!!

  • kuboo99

    “Necesito una cerveza” and “Donde esta el bano” are the two most key spanish phrases.

  • Phil

    Im sure apple will find a way to sue google over it

  • Jared

    WHEN WILL GOOGLE FINANCE GET AN ICS OVERHAUL!?!? Or shoot, I’d be happy with a GINGERBREAD OVERHALL. It looks like its from Android 1.6. There are no good stock apps! GAH!

  • ddevito

    Conversation Mode in this app is awesome, yet of course Google doesn’t advertise it much.

    If Apple had this they’d win a nobel prize.

    • LionStone

      Funny how that is huh? šŸ™‚