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Gorilla Glass 2 Featured in the Samsung Galaxy SIII

Were you disappointed when Samsung mentioned that the Galaxy Nexus did not have Gorilla Glass, but some other “fortified” type of protective display product? You won’t be with the Galaxy SIII as Corning has announced that their new Gorilla Glass 2 will be on the year’s most anticipated Android device. This next-gen Gorilla Glass is 20% thinner than the previous version, yet equally as strong.  

Here is the statement from Corning:

We are pleased to offer our customers the thin elegance and refined style of the GALAXY S III using Corning Gorilla Glass 2. New Corning Gorilla Glass 2 is an ideal solution for Samsung’s high-quality smartphones, enabling a superior touch experience and a lightweight and slim design, with the damage and scratch resistance consumers have come to expect.

Gorilla Glass 2 demo from CES:


Via:  SammyHub

  • Heather

    Gorilla glass sucks!

  • Ron Jeremy

    Gorilla glass is garbage.. Look at all the issues with the RAZR’s screen cracking with light abuse or just all on its own… Someone F’ed that up

  • bassman418

    Well I’ve had my Gnex since December and not a scratch on it. On my thunderbolt I eventually got fine scratches noticible in the sun. But nothing at all on this Gnex.

  • Typical Google minion says:

    I said that gorilla glass was stupid and pointless when I found out that the galaxy nexus did not have it, just like I said that cameras wasnt only about the megapixels. I will continue to lie about the fact that my galaxy nexus takes terrible pictures and the screen is scratched. Now that the gs3 has gorilla glass, I think its cool again.

  • just got a crack in my GNEX last night 🙁 … really wish it was like my OGs glass cause that phone was damn near unbreakable.

  • Thank God. The glass on my Nexus is crap.

  • This makes me sad. I had my OG droid for 2 full years and it has no scratches. My gnex on the other hand has 2 large ones and several small ones. I was spoiled by GG and IMO it is the only feature I want on my gnex.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    G2 on the RMHD!!

  • teevirus

    It may sound dumb but this is the one final detail that makes me want the phone (assuming the US version will only have dual core processor). I had my Original Droid Incredible for 2 years and dropped it several times without major damage to the screen. I’m not sure the DInc had gorilla glass but whatever it has is strong as hell. My Verizon G Nexus has a major gouge from a fall after 3 months.

  • Lakerzz

    Sweet…two scratches on my Gnex, and didn’t have one on the whole life of my Droid X. Gorilla Glass FTW…

    • Go Lakers, that is all

      • Lakerzz


    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Multiple scratches on my Gnex and yesterday I dropped it. If fell a whopping 2 feet face down. Did it shatter? Nope. But, due to that lovely curve in the screen, it split right right across the bottom. A perfect, clear, hairline crack right about where the display area meets the buttons. Dropping it may be my fault, but the scratches are insane. I too was a Droid X owner and I had never even had a single scratch, let alone multiple.

      • michael arazan

        What is the name of the glass on the Gnex? I was reading about Gorilla 2 when it was at CES in Jan this year, Twice as thin and twice as strong. My og droid had the original, dropped from 2-3 feet 20 times or more, never had a scratch yet.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          To be honest, I don’t know. I know they claimed it was something special but I think they sacrificed quality to get that curve in the screen.

      • Lakerzz

        I failed to mention that I am on my 2nd Gnex. The 1st one fell from 6 inches, (I exaggerate), and the it cracked across the whole screen long ways. Albeit, its not as annoying as my buddies shattered Iphone, but still annoying none the less.

  • EC8CH

    Gorilla Glass Gorilla is not impressed.

  • sc0rch3d

    i already have 2 scratches on my gnex ::sadface::

  • Why would I care if it’s 20% thinner?

    • r0lct

      Lighter and better viewing of the image?

      • Better touch screen sensitivity and clearer picture 🙂

        • snowblind64

          You do realize that the touch screen digitizer is above the glass not below it.

          • teevirus

            Not a tech person but doesn’t seem like it would matter which
            is in front of the other as long as they are both in front of the actual display.

          • snowblind64

            The digitizer is on top of the glass, it would not work at all if it were under glass. Doesn’t matter if the glass is .01mm or an inch thick. Touch sensitivity is a result of the digitizer design, implementation, sampling rates, etc. not the thickness of the glass.

          • Corning’s statement not mine :p

    • calculatorwatch

      Yeah, why not make it 20% stronger and equally as thick? I guess cause that would be more expensive to produce.

      • New_Guy

        Why would you want thicker glass if you could have the same strength out of smaller dimensions, along with more flexibility

        • calculatorwatch

          Hmm, well the thickness of the original never bothered me, and since Gorilla Glass is all about strength it seems stronger would be better. I guess if the increased flexibility makes it less likely to shatter then I’d support that though.

    • New_Guy

      Why wouldn’t you care?…

      Who doesn’t want thinner, lighter weight phones? Should also make it more flexible, which is what Corning is shooting for.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Nice. Really looking forward to some US launch details . . . but more importantly some leaked pics.

    • I know I’m going to want this phone over my GNEX.

      • John

        Not me. I’m still perfectly content with my gnex

      • snowblind64

        Honestly the only thing I would want from the GSIII is the SOC and camera. The GNex is a better looking device in my opinion.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          SOC and camera is the entire phone. Looks are subjective.

        • I use cases on my phones, so I only see the front of it. I honestly don’t care what color it is.