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Google Maps Update Rolls Out, Includes “Local” Tab With Zagat Ratings


This morning, the Google+ team announced that they were including a new “Local” tab to help you discover hot spots around you or to read reviews of places that your friends had recently been. They mentioned Android integration in their announcement which appears to have come moments ago via a Google Maps update. If you cruise into the Play store, you should have the update available. After updating, you will find a new “Local” choice in the main menu drop down that takes you to a landing page to decide what it is you feel like searching for. From there you can check out local businesses, read reviews, and of course, see Zagat scores. 

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Cheers Scott!

  • webby

    How do you revert to Google maps two updates back, so I can get street names back?
    Someone please inform.

  • Downey

    Hey Kellex, will you reach out to Google and find out what is going on with the profile and contact pics no longer showing up on Maps or Latitude. I am not the only one, this is a problem for many of us. It is being talked about all over the Google forum but yet know one has an answer and Google has yet to weigh in on this yet.

  • gottheguds112

    Also renames ‘Places’ application link to ‘Local’

  • br_hermon

    For all those interested In the Street Names bug, I just found this, posted from google.

    Basically, it’s a bug with 6.6 and later on 4.0.2 ICS. Seems as if once we get our 4.0.4 update, this should no longer be an issue.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      this kind of stuff is why I am still on 2 versions ago Maps.. no busted issues and less stupid useless social networking aspects – and I can actually drive and navigate – you know, like it is suppose given it is called “maps”

  • Oscarmeyer

    This does not correct issue with street names on Galaxy Nexus….

    • realfoxm

      My nav has been super flake lately. Most recently, every turn I took told be to stay on I-95 south for 8 miles. (I hadn’t been on 95 at ALL)

  • br_hermon

    Isn’t this just a souped up and more advanced “Places”? And I won’t be updating until Google fixes the Street name bug. Too bad… Hope its soon!

  • lulz

    does this fix the no street names during navigation that forced me to uninstall updates from maps?

    • rals

      Did this only break on 4.0 devices? It works well on my wife’s rezound.

      • br_hermon

        It broke on mine, GNex Stock 4.0.2. I uninstalled updates to get it back.

      • Radgatt

        I think this is only impacting stock galaxy nexus devices. It works just fine on my transformer pad tf 300

    • webby

      This is all that I want to know about the update. Kellex??

    • Oscarmeyer

      It did not correct issue on the Nexus 4.0.2

    • user01

      also wondering this…it’s made using navigation dicey recently.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Heck no.. no reason to “fix” anything when instead, they can just shove in more bullshizz “social” features making it less and less everyday a true map and navigation app. puke

    • Mack

      Surprisingly I haven’t ran into this issue yet.

    • DrAndyRoid

      Nope I still have that problem on my Nexus. Has anyone else tried to use SVOX, Ivona, or another voice for navigation? Doesn’t seem to work on 4.0.2 either.

      • michael arazan

        It does that because the phones are still on 4.0.2, when the updated 4.0.4 comes out, i’m hoping it will work. People with 4.0.4 don’t have this issue from what i’ve been reading

        • DrAndyRoid

          Just updated to 4.0.4 and it in fact does not fix this problem. The no street name problem is a Maps related problem which Google has addressed and says they are working on a fix.

  • Tripod4

    If Goog bought foursquare (unlikely) and integrated it with Maps, Places and +, I’d find myself using + much more often for check-ins, deals, recommendations, etc.

    • Brian Stein

      They definitely have plans for a foursquare competitor.. Just check in to somewhere using latitude! It gives you points and has a leaderboard on your phone.. It just hasn’t been unleashed yet.

      • Tripod4

        Definitely – it just goes back to the same problem Kellex referenced in the post – still not a large enough user base. This is a huge step in the right direction though, with Zagat integration.

  • KleenDroid