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Chameleon Gives an Update Via Kickstarter, Shows Off Widgets and Smooth Layout

Chameleon has taken to the ever-present Kickstarter to get their project up and running, and has another update with how things are coming along to whet our appetites. These are the guys behind the Blackberry Playbook’s UI and they are taking a different spin on Android tablets and their interfaces. Their latest video shows off the selection of their widgets across their easily dividable interface. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds can be added and moved around very easily, and look good while doing it. The project is still pretty far away from their goal on Kickstarter, but you can get the application itself for as low as $5, or more if you’re looking to donate to the project. 

Are you impressed with this new take on Android tablet interface?


Via: Kickstarter

  • MKader17

    I really just wish I could get widgets like this.

    I would Love to have one that shows both my email and my gmail and can easily switch between the 2 (or 3) Weather widgets are great, with a clock and everything.

    I know I can get those now, but I want something that takes up edge to edge real estate between widgets.

  • I can’t find the download link

    • Story should probably be updated to say that you CAN’T get the app until august…


    wait, so the estimated delivery for the app is aug 2012 in the play store or if i donate i get it in august?


    companies are offering their ui skins for free, now people are paying for them?

  • Remember kids: When your mother tells you that you must not get a tattoo because you won’t get a decent job, you can now show them this video

    • sc4fpse

      He’s soliciting donations on Kickstarter. I would be a little hesitant to call that a “decent job,” but to each his own.

  • Michael Johnson

    Love it!

    I made a post on The Verge about why I think Google should buy this project/team.

  • David Becker

    $50,000 to build this?
    Not very revolutionary..

    • Abu Laloque

      even Cyanogenmod can made a whole rom for free. i rather wait until the app available in play store to justify my buying

  • I have been looking for a way to make my home screen more than just an app launcher, while still having a clean look and this is the only thing coming close to fitting the job.. I was going to wait till it officially came out to try and get it, but getting early access now sounds too good to not do!

    • Nayners

      Agreed. I’m excited for the same reasons. However, you’ll have to wait till August to get your, ‘early access’. The dev is not allowing access until then. With the app actually launching in the Play Store in September.

      • Yeah I know, but I figure it is worth it, especially because I don’t mind supporting the developers so it actually gets completed.