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DROID Bionic Drops to Free From Verizon, Removed From DroidDoes.com

The DROID Bionic has easily had one of the roughest lives of any Android smartphone. After debuting at CES in 2011 as one device, it was transformed over a 9 month period to become something else altogether. Once launched, it never stood a chance as it contained older and thicker tech than the phones that its creator, Motorola, had prepared for release only a few weeks later, leaving it dead in the water. Tonight’s moves essentially show just that, as the device has had its price slashed to “Free” and has also been removed from DroidDoes.com. If there was ever a sign that a phone’s life has come to an end, this would be it.

Make way for the DROID Incredible 4G LTE and the RAZR HD

Via:  Verizon

  • mammamia

    I absolutely hate my bionic!!! Its the WORSE phone I’ve ever owned. I havent even had it a year and the darn thing dies within 3 hours of being unplugged ( this is not with playing time)…… its constantly foreclosing everything…. i will have full connection 4g and ALWAYS says no data connection…… im very dissapointed:( Im bummed because I was really excited about this phone!

  • JLM

    its too bad its gone, ive have the droid (replaced 8 times thru warranty) the droid x (replaced 7 times thru warranty) and the droid x2(rplaced 5 times thru warranty) and this was the only motorola that i did nt need to replace and never had issues with has worked perfectly to this day even with the cracked screen ive had since nov! not sure what to get next!

  • matt

    Anyone els noticing that this phone isnt even on Verizons site AT ALL now?

  • Noone

    My bionic runs great only down to %40 battery after running 10+ hours of pandora off its wifi. Its much better then my previous pone and it does what I need great phone for the price of free even if it is a contract =p I <3 my Bionic

  • cassi

    Bionic IS a great phone. Advertisers want you feel like you always need to buy a better faster thinner thicker quicker phone. They want you to buy buy buy. Then before you know it you have all these great phones piling piling up in your nightstand drawer.
    I like my droid and i am using it until i want to buy phone and not a day before.

  • realmoxies

    So much for Verizon rewarding or even recognizing customer loyalty! They screwed those of us who anxiously waited for them to finally release the Bionic, dealing with delay after delay with further promises of holding of the release to add more new tech. I know that in the world of tech the next best thing is always ready for shipment as one goes out the door but… The release of the Razer to be immediately followed by Razer Max… All I can think of is GREED!

  • allen

    My Bionic has been fantastic. Updated and loved by Moto. Unlike my GF’s Nexus…which has had ZERO updates.

  • therealjohnmark

    The Bionic had a rough start, but I love my Bionic with extended battery. And I wouldnt trade it for the Razr Maxx my wife has since it would be an even trade “tech-wise”, but you can’t get a decent car dock for the Razr Maxx. I guess if Motorola can’t make a full line of accessories for each phone, then I also have to make sure I can dock/charge the phone in the car before I upgrade in the future.

  • The Truth Of It All

    I resent this article and found it to be extremely disrespectfukl as a Bionic owner. We’ve had a bunch of updates that were extremely beneficial with fixing all the bugs, increasing battery like, and keeping a very very strong 4g signal. It does these things better than arguably ANY other phone out right now. Go to the razr or gnex forums… Bionic owners are currently the happiest of the three and the most satisfied with our radios and batteries.The Bionic will not be dead in the water at least until we have solid 2ghz quad-core, HD, nanotube battery-powered, razr-thin, unlocked, jelly beaned phones. Droid-Life needs to stick to reliably staying on top of the game with breaking news as it comes out but pieces like this exposes how truly unprofessional they are. Bionic rules all machines. At least mine does,,,

  • I’m extremely disappointed about the picture that Droid Life has painted for this phone, it’s so ridiculous it almost feels like a purposeful smear campaign against this device. When in fact Bionic owners are more than happy with this phone, myself included. The Bionic is an absolute beast in all aspects.

    • taglogical

      “Smear campaign…” exactly this.


    I went out and bought my droid bionic the same day they came out. I had to get it replaced two a month later because of the signal radio would not work. When I got my replacement droid I have not had any problems with the phone. Its my believe that the bionic is one of the best phones to date out of any cell phones I work on my droid the same way I do on my pc at home . I do not understand why the bionic is getting such bad remarks about it. I know at least 8 people who had the iphone and traded it in for a bionic when the bionic was released. Verizon network have a lot of problems with its lte network in Louisiana where i live. I feel that has a lot to do with any problems the phone might have. the Bionic is a smooth and fast running phone and i feel its a BIG DISGRACE to the bionic for what is happing to it. Also if the bionic is such a bad phone just take the phone out of circulation, why make it a free phone.

  • Q

    Did it really contain older tech? Arent the guts and software essentially the same as the RAZR? Yes it’s thicker, but it’s not like the specs are the old since it’s got virtually the same stuff as the RAZR which is still being pushed today..

  • Aaron Fredricks

    this poor phone WAS dead in the water, despite the disagreements of so many supporters in this post.
    i agree that it definitely is/was a really solid phone with great build quality/features/design BUT the fact of the matter is that for the first 6 months of its life, it was completely nonfunctional.
    i went through 6 Bionics before i was forced onto a Blackberry. now, i refuse to pick up another LTE device from Verizon until im confident that the devices are made to play better with the sketchy LTE network.

    • BlueLetter

      My experience was the opposite. My phone shipped to my house and was operating on .893 for a week and a half before I realize .902 was waiting. I never noticed because I saw none of the problems that SOME people talk about. Though it helps that LTE in my city is pretty strong I’m sure.

  • At least none of you guys got stuck with the Droid3… That was the biggest tech mistake I ever made.

  • Jon

    Interesting…the 4G Samsung Droid Charge was free for a few weeks on Verizon Wireless website, now it’s back up to $99 while the Droid Bionic is the opposite.

    I think the Bionic is certainly the better deal of the two. The Droid Charge will never see ICS and it had slower processor and not a qHD display.

  • cantcurecancer

    The Bionic was a worthless phone, not even Motorola cared about it since it released the Razr a few weeks later. Everyone knows the Razr is better than the Bionic in every single way. I bought this phone, and immediately regretted the decision. If a 9-month delay wasn’t foreshadowing of bad things to come, I don’t know what is.

  • abitcloudy

    looking to upgrade from LG Revolution. which is better, the Bionic or the Razr/Maxx? i’m not techy but i alwyas have issues with the revolution…

    • Buy This

      I own a Bionic. If you have the money, I would say maxx. If not or you dont want to spend it, then I would go with the Bionic. I like slab phones with a little substance to them so the Bionic was perfect (its actually relatively thin and way lighter than expected) especially with a case. I used a family member’s upgrade when my DX crapped out early so I have mine coming up in a couple months but I will probably save it, especially if ICS development continues as scheduled. Basically a great phone for free or a bit higher end, bigger battery phone for a decent price.

    • Jon

      One thing to note is the difference between the Razr phones screen and the Bionic.

      As I understand it, the Bionic screen is a better rendition of Pentile and looks better than the Razr phones which tend to have a bluish / greenish color and you can really clearly see edges to text.

      I really liked my Bionic screen and it at least didn’t have off color problems like a bluish tinge. You can buy an extended OEM 2800 maH battery for Bionic for around $30 that will last you just as long as the Maxx, although not as thin of course.

      • Jon

        So that would add up to about $70 or less for you if you buy extended battery for bionic and accessories like extended battery protective cover ad screen cover. The Razr Maxx will cost you $199 plus the screen cover and phone cover.

        Also Verizon is advertising on their site $99 off any 4G phone and 2 yr activation. That makes getting a Maxx or a Nexus really affordable at $99.

        I think when the next version of Android is released and the Nexus gets it quickly, you may regret getting the Maxx.

        Even if Verizon takes it’s sweet time with updating Nexus, it’s an “open” device, and Developers will quickly get the latest version Google releases onto the device probably before Verizon will.

        The Galaxy Nexus has an unbelievable amount of Developer support and is incredibly easy to Root.

  • JohnPA2006

    All of you are Whiney babies, I am selling my iphone4 and bought a used gnex off eBay it will be here in the next day or 2 I’m happy to be back in a screen size I can actually see.
    Ice will be on the razr, razr Marx, and bionic soon enough.

    I left my og droid for the iphone4 and have never been more eager to get back into android and a larger screen. It’s been a year, I want to have flash again.

  • Bob Martin

    What’s a Bionic?

  • I’m going to say this for the millionth time – the Bionic was NOT “dead in the water” and did NOT contain “older and thicker tech” – whatever the hell “thicker tech” means, anyways. It uses the same SoC as the RAZR, the Texas Instruments OMAP 4430. The phone is thicker simply because it contains a traditional battery compartment rather than this non-removeable battery crap. If the Bionic is “older” tech, the 200MHz speed bump on the otherwise identical RAZR’s OMAP 4430 is “older” tech as well. Also, it is seldom pointed out, but these prices are generally only applicable to a NEW 2 year contract for NEW customers. If you try to get it at this price by extending your existing contract, they will laugh at you. This post seems like it is just another case of Droid-Life taking any shot they can at the Bionic. I don’t know if someone at Droid-Life had a bad experience with the Bionic or what, but its unfair to talk down a phone that actually sold relatively well and has alot of positive reviews on VZW’s website.

    • bakdroid

      Thank you. I have been saying this from day one. This site loves to hate on anything by GNex or Samsung in general. The Bionic is a solid phone now. Yes it had problems at first like all new phones do. It was redesigned and upgraded so that when it released it WOULD NOT have old tech in it. Once it gets ICS it will again be a top tier phone along with the RAZR. The GNex will be long forgotten still holding at 4.0.2.

      Haters gonna hate…

      • regbs

        Stuck on 4.0.2? Even unrooted stock Galaxy Nexuses got OTA’ed to 4.0.4 IMM76K in mid 2012. As an early adopter former original Droid owner, I feel your pain and self-delusion. Nexus devices will have Jelly Bean before you see even hacked ICS builds for your Bionic. My OG Droid was more solid than my replacement GNex, but Moto was a disaster at updating, made worse by Moto’s declaring dates, missing them, then refusing to respond to their users. Motoblur crapware is a dealbreaker for me. Google, please kick some ass at Moto and kill Motoblur. I like my ICS, but Moto is a better product as far as build quality and hardware performance.

        • bakdroid

          Wow! You had to wait almost a month after this was said to reply now that the Gnex update has finally rolled out. Typical Gnex cannot going back after the fact to change things. I feel sorry for you that your life revolves around this. Go have your mom get you so candy since you are so awesome…

    • Buy This

      Word dude. Its a great phone stock or rooted. If Nitro does an Eclipse ROM for ICS when it finally drops, I can’t even imagine how slick it will be.

      • Considering that he’s working Eclipse for every Bionic update so far (including several leaks), I’d say there’s a good chance. Especially with the guys over at DroidHive already having a stable and (mostly) working ICS AOSP base for the Razr ICS kernel (which will likely be very similar).

    • chris125

      actually the price is for new customers and upgrades.

    • Jon

      Not true. This is not just for NEW customers. It also applies to anyone currently on Verizon that is renewing their contract for 2 more years.

      I know because I just bought a Galaxy Nexus through Amazon.com wireless store for $149 with 2 yr contract. I was researching all of the prices, and this is not just for NEW customers.

      Although if you are a NEW customer, or starting a NEW line to an already existing family plan, you can get a Galaxy Nexus for $50 on 2 yr contract from Amazon wireles. Quite a deal.

    • taglogical

      My best guess: This site is bitter because they hyped it and it bit them with delays so they trashed it. DL is simply sleeping in the bed they made. Too proud? Not sure but It’s unfortunate.

      When ICS is released for Bionic, with Webtop 3.0 to boot?! It will be an EVEN BETTER phone and it’s already better than the Nexus imo.

  • Bionic

    LOL I paid $299 for mine, but only because I needed a phone BAD.

    • taglogical

      Me too! And a Motorola Car Charger, and desktop docking station, and a case, and Motorola GPS car mount, and an extra battery, and a extra desktop battery charger so that you can charge the phone and a backup battery at the same time. Was worth it imo : )

  • thekyguy11

    Again, I’ve had my bionic since January, and it has been flawless! Came from an OG Droid. Everything I do on this phone is very fast. This phone has made me love Android 5x more than I already did!

    • jorgegortex

      Same. From an OG Droid I got the Bionic when it came out b/c I had held out as long as a could before upgrading (OG was rooted and running a stable ROM, but phone was getting flakey.) I’ve had few issues here and there with my Bionic, but in general have been happy with its solid feel and speed. My main issue is with the crappy camera. When ICS comes out I will be able to sit pretty for awhile until the next generation of phones comes out. Hopefully with googles moto dept. cranking out some solid stuff.

      • Anon

        Just an FYI – The CameraZOOM FX app really makes the camera on the Bionic shine. I’m a lot happier with picture quality since I got it.

  • Guest

    Hyped for a year during the “OMG dual core beast” era, under supported by carrier within months, abandoned by manufacturer and Google, now given away for free within 1 year of release……sound familiar? Sounds like the thunderbolt, the galaxy nexus and so many other top dogs. This is why i left Android. please Google, lock things down with some uniformity, give me a reason to come back to you! #takingabreak #abusiverelationship

    • Tony Allen

      How does this even remotely factor in the Galaxy Nexus? The 4.0.4 update is out there.. and the Gnex isn’t free for sure.

      • Guest

        Its out there, but verizon isnt making it a priority to give it to gnex owners, because gnex owners are yesterdays news already. However, I should have clarified that I was really referring to the imminent future of the gnex, not its history thus far (although its history thus far has possibly been even worse treatment in terms of updates than both the bionic and tbolt) The gnex will be dead to verizon in just as little time as the bionic was.
        The update is out there, but not OTA or pushed out by verizon. It may be an official update according to google (who is apparently distracted by making silly glasses or doomed tablets), but the fact that it still isnt pushed out shows the priority towards supporting gnex owners.

        Side note: the only reason that the gnex hasnt been 100% buried by verizon, its saving grace is only the fact that verizon didnt bother to keep pace with other carriers by getting the htc one X or S, which are both far superior devices and much more marketable (i.e. working radios and decent cameras, etc)

        • Tony Allen

          Well ‘guest’ the fact that you say the radios don’t work on the GNex and the camera isn’t decent completely make anything you say unintelligible.

          The radios work just fine, especially with the leaked radios, considerably better than the ones on my Bionic, I’m on .902 and I still have drops very frequently, this is my second Bionic. The camera isn’t that great in the GNex, but it’s more than sufficient for point & shoot style photography, which is all you’re going to be doing with a phone. It sure whips the shit out of the camera on my Bionic, not to mention that there is still a shit ton of shutter lag on the Bionic over half a year later.

  • jroc74

    What shocks me about many Bionic haters…..

    They STILL condemn it to this day….and some want others to install [insert update version or ROM version here] to have a better experience on the G Nex.

    TBolt same thing. Both of those phones are better now then when they launched….because of updates.

    Cant have it both ways….I have a RAZR…and for my wants n needs I meant to get the Bionic. Outdoor viewing and FM Radio. I forgot and got the RAZR, but the RAZR is a decent phone too.

  • moelsen8

    I enjoyed it while I had it. I’ll miss its form factor. I liked it much better than the razr/d4.

  • This phone should have been canceled. That said, I think motorola has actually been pretty good this year – we will be in June and they’ve really only released the razr and a refresh of the razr (the Droid 4 its a niche product at this point that we all knew was coming). Their ice cream sandwich skin looks top notch. I really like them.

    • Why? The Motorola XT875 was going to be released anyways had the original Bionic not been scrapped. It was being called the “Targa” in the early days, and simply got the Bionic name once the “Etna” (original Bionic’s codename) was scrapped. The RAZR was not meant to be a replacement for the Targa, rather a complimentary device in a different form factor. The thing that people seem to fail to realize is that not ALL people WANT a thin form factor with a fixed battery. I want something beefy to hold onto, that I can replace the battery on if needed. Maybe they should have called the Bionic the “Droid X3” since it shares the DroidX form factor. Then perhaps people would stop complaining about it existing. RAZR owners should be happy with their phones and leave us happy Bionic owners alone.

      • chris125

        I wish they would have kept the original design of the bionic I liked that much better than what the second version looked like.

  • Dudester

    I wonder how many people switched to I*hone because of this phone.

  • Cory

    I feel like i’m one of eight people that own this phone. I waited for it for year, had it for a year and still have the same conclusion…it’s not that bad. I really don’t understand the hate and lack of support from Moto. Two years ago this one of the most hyped phones while still in dev and now they’re going to act like it never existed.

    • Joshua L

      I had this phone and had so many problems with freezing force closing apps and have to constantly do a battery pull. I went through 3 bionics before they sent me the razr for free. Good move by motorola. Phone life IS dead.

    • BlueLetter

      There really hasn’t been any lack of support, there have been 3 so far with another one coming up soon in a soak test. and they’ve been pretty big so far…well actually I still have no idea what .901 did. I used to own a Samsung and what updates it did get never seemed to be as major.
      Anyway this phone is the best decision I’ve made all year, call quality is great, speaker isn’t as loud as the Razr I feel but I haven’t found a device other than that with a stronger one, it doesn’t reboot on me, and performance is still going strong,
      will have to pickup an extended battery for it sooner or later though.

    • It’s not Moto, it’s sites like this one making the Bionic out to be a bad phone (which it isn’t). Moto never lacked support for this phone, and ICS is coming relatively soon. I think people simply have overblown expectations of Motorola simply because they’ve been in the cell phone game since the beginning. Their phones are still as rock-solid as ever, it simply seems like they have more issues because that is the nature of the smartphone beast. A more complex device running a more complex OS = more issues. Especially when you have forum threads full of issues, but people seldom report positive experiences.

      • I also want to add that the timing of the Bionic’s release may have been a bit unfortunate. It was released onto a network that is to this day a work in progress, and at the time of its release most of its issues were due to compatibility between Motorola’s LTE chipset, and the LTE base station equipment at the cell sites. Since it was the first phone to use Moto’s LTE chipset, it had growing pains.

        • jroc74

          I agree completely. The T Bolt was also a victim of coming too early in the LTE game.

      • hoosiercub

        relatively soon.. you mean AFTER the RAZR gets it right? Because my Bionic came out first. Order of priority bullshit. It makes more sense that we Bionic owners should get it first, not in the quarter after the RAZR.

    • chris125

      You haven’t had it for a year. Last I checked it isn’t sept yet…

    • My girlfriend got it after I pressured her into replacing her Eris. She still has it and doesn’t really complain that often. Battery life is absolutely horrendous, and software support is kind of lacking, but overall its still a good phone, it just had a rough launch and was left in the dust when the Razr came out a month later :/

      • I actually bought the Bionic for myself, and then swapped with my wife when she was having issues with battery life on her Charge. She couldn’t be happier with the upgrade, as it will last her an entire day of heavy usage, while the Sammy would die out twice in a day.
        I, on the other hand, am looking to get rid of this thing asap. Going from the Bionic to the Charge makes me almost physically ill. The things you do for love >.<

  • Jon

    Despite all the hate, the bionic is a pretty dam good phone. It performs great and blows away my Galaxy Nexus when it comes to phone speaker and call quality. The Nexus has a really poor speaker that sounds awful.

    I will probably pick one up for my wife in a week.

    • Absolutely agree. Phone is one of the better ones out there even trumping the RAZR IMHO. Never understood the negativity surrounding this phone. No regrets or issues after purchase. Still getting updates with ICS around the corner, albeit a little late.

    • ajcscan

      I agree 100%! My bionic work’s flawlessly and has proven to be an outstanding device.
      This is a great phone!

      • jfgordo

        Another 100% for Bionic!!! Works great and is still one of the fastest devices…lots of hate because of delays..reworked into fantastic device!!

    • Stingray

      Agreed 100%! The speaker and call quality is top notch on the Bionic. And after the .902 update all the data drops vanished (for me at least)…

      I recently made the switch to Nexus from the Bionic, and to be honest, Im not all that impressed. Moto phones just feel better in the hands….

      • Jon

        If it weren’t for my desire to be running ICS on a stable phone, I would still be on the Bionic. Those data drops on ICS Roms, plus camera and video playback bugs did me in and I decided to upgrade.

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    Because of that Bionic BS, and OG LTE XOOM, (Yup, got me on Both) I’m done with Moto, Google will have to do something really spectacular for me to even consider another Moto. For me G-Nex is where it’s at, every since the G-Nex and all the love from the developers, not even looking for another phone, AOKP has even brought life an love for my XOOM. Nah, Moto is out 4Ever for me, well unless Googlrola wows me.

    • Jeremy Martin

      What is the issue you had with your XOOM LTE?

      • moelsen8

        I have a Xoom wifi.. almost jumped on the VZW Xoom. Dodged a bullet there. Both waited forever for moto to activate the SD card. But it took another forever for them to upgrade vzw to 4g with the send-in-for-a-week crap. And the wifi will have had ics for 6 months by the time vzw gets it. They got shafted.

      • Droid4LifeDawg

        The problem was, it took 7 months to upgrade to 4g LTE, send it in for upgrade, two weeks in getting it back, only to have to send it back again, and up to now, still no ICS official upgrade.

        Sent From My Galaxy Nexus

    • jak_341

      I agree. Even nearly 6 months after launch, the GNex still is the premier phone on Verizon. Looking ahead, there isn’t anything that is coming close to it. In fact, it may have surpassed the OG Droid in terms of the iconic Android phone.

      • Bionic

        Wrong, I would say the RAZR line is the flagship phone of Verizon. Way more advertising behind it than the Nexus.

        • That’s because Verizon is taking advantage of the trend for electronics to become “thinner and lighter”. They seem to forget folks like me, who like “thicker and heavier”. Honestly, the world has gone to hell if a 5.57oz device that is a whopping 0.42″ thick (the size of my Bionic) is too much for people to carry. In that case, I will share my opinion – a 4.5oz device that is 0.28″ thick is too thin and light for me to carry.

        • Tony Allen

          An advertising campaign doesn’t make for a better phone.

          • Guest


          • Guest


          • jroc74

            He said flagship phone of Verizon, not Motorola or Samsung.

            Whichever phone they put the most advertizing dollars behind will be considered flagship by Verizon. They want all that money spent on ads, marketing recouped.

            Apple has only one iPhone…so thats always their flagship phone. The latest version anyway. Moto has a Droid X1, Droid X2 and RAZR. Guess which is the flagship for Moto right now…

            Samsungs flagship will be the Galaxy S3 soon.

          • Tony Allen

            No, the OP said the GNex is the premiere phone on VZW, said nothing about company flagships.

          • jroc74

            I am talking about the guy ….you….responded to.

          • Bionic

            No but it does make for a “flagship” phone

      • I disagree. You have to compare these things from a non-enthusiast standpoint – meaning no rooting/custom ROMs/etc. From this standpoint, the VERIZON Galaxy Nexus is a big fat failure. Hasn’t seen an update since it launched. Note the emphasis on VERIZON. Theirs is the only version still running Android 4.0.2 – and my coworker says it’s a POS on that OS. In a way, I think Verizon is the problem, and NOT the device manufacturers. They would disapprove an update if the phone icon was the “wrong” shade of green, knowing them.

        • jroc74

          E x a c t l y.

          Take out bootloaders, custom ROMs, rooting,,,,think about the general public and ask them what they think. Battery life and reception…phone and data…would probably go to another phone not named Galaxy Nexus.

      • jroc74

        The G Nex is ..one of …..the premiers phones on Verizon.

  • Wyveryx

    i think the dumbest move I ever made was moving to the Bionic. Can you imagine waiting almost a full year just for ICS, plus how long before it stops getting updates from Verizon because they have a new shiny?

    • FLNiner

      Honestly between widget locker and Go Launcher EX I already have the ICS features I care about. Main thing I want ICS for at this point is to get rid of that stupid blue status bar

      • Wyveryx

        i tried that with my Bionic as well, but it just felt awkward and when trying the ROMs it was even worse, because I was either having to give up the BT or the Camera or other such thing. So I caved and got the gnex. To be honest, I loved the ruggedness of Moto and the radios, but didn’t expect a premier phone to be abandoned so quickly, looks like I got the shaft on that regard anyways.

      • Jon

        I agree that Go Launcher does help a lot, (Go Keyboard is surprisingly really good too).

        The things you can’t really replicate otherwise are the nicely improved Gmail App, Recent Apps button functionality, way better browser experience, Data use monitoring (a must have if you are on a limited data plan),

    • jorgegortex

      Yup, but that will be the case with any phone VZW puts out. They have to keep the hype machine running b/c it is all about sales. They really don’t care about having truly great products for their customers. Just good enough to get you on the bandwagon. It seems many electronics industry companies are doing the same thing… its about getting the prettiest, newest, coolest, thing to market before the next guy instead of waiting to creating products that are truly well done through and through. Nikon and Canon did it with their D800 and MkIII earlier this year… top tier cameras both with bugs and flaws.

      But as long as consumers continue to buy stuff as soon as its released b/c they have to have the next big thing, companies will keep doing it.

      • Wyveryx

        sad but true, even the Razr will face the plank eventually when quads come out, or sooner.
        I don’t have a problem with the hype or the higher prices, however, I do expect timely releases especially when they are for known problems. Seems that the carriers have gotten too much grip when it comes to software.

    • [sarcasm]Yes, because you could have moved to one of the DOZENS of phones on Verizon that DO have ICS. You’d have SO many choices.[/sarcasm]
      Guess you should have bought a Galaxy Nexus.

      • Wyveryx

        aside from the sarcasm, I did buy a gnex and at the time of the Bionic, I thought the the time frame to have it upgraded would have been sooner since at that time there were not a lot of choices for ICS.

  • I think the Droid 3 was rougher than the Bionic, aleast it’s getting ICS

    • xanaxdroid

      Ya, I just ended up giving my D3 away on Saturday and got a maxx

    • Sobr0801

      If it wasnt for the ICS by hashcode, the Droid 3 would have been a complete wash.

  • *sigh* at least Motorola seem to be releasing less phones this year, like HTC. Can’t wait to see the Razr MAXX HD.