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Android 4.0.4 Leaks for the LG Spectrum as Build VS920ZV7

The first Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4) build for the LG Spectrum has been leaked this weekend over at XDA. The build number is VS920ZV7 (Android build IMM76D) which is only 1 build number higher than the last OTA update that the device received. It sort of seems unlikely that the Spectrum would see the jump to ICS so quickly after seeing a sizable Gingerbread update just over a week ago, however, we were promised “first half” of 2012 by LG and Verizon when the phone was announced at CES. That gives us a little over a month before we can start calling it delinquent. 

All of the files needed to update your Spectrum are available at the XDA link below.

For the Galaxy Nexus fans keeping track, this would put the Spectrum ahead of you as well, in the Android build game.

Via:  XDA | Phandroid

  • Buckgrad

    “we were promised “first half” of 2012 by LG and Verizon when the phone was announced at CES. That gives us a little over a month before we can start calling it delinquent.”
    We can now call it delinquent.
    If anyone had been able to create a decent ICS Rom from the leak, I’d root the phone. But since news of this (and anything else about the Spectrum) seems to have dropped off the planet, I’ll wait for the OTA…but I won’t hold my breath. Or, I’ll save and buy a different phone as a full price replacement.
    It’s a shame developers have not done anything with the Spectrum. The screen is amazing.

  • inboy81

    Cell phone company 🙂 can I pay you $30 dollars to stay with you and be your prisoner for 2 years? Cell phone company take my $30 “upgrade punishment” so I can give you $2,000 or more the next 2 years. Maybe if Im lucky I will get a droid that has alot of bugs and not thought out completely. Cell phone company I want to pay you so you can mirco manage me. Please cell phone company take my “upgrade punishment fee. All the other cell phone companies do it so we will to, you jump I jump. Lets make up any excuse possible cause the public will not waive. Can I please have a crappy droid to?

    • JoshGroff

      You could always buy one off contract and upgrade or leave whenever you wish. If you wait about 3-6 months to get a “new” phone, you can get a good one for ~300 used.

      Or, if you want, you can lock yourself into a contract for say double data or something (which is what I did, saves me $20/month) I could always ETF after 6 months and not worry about it since I profited ~ $200 selling my Bionic. But with the rate VZW is expanding their LTE, that’s not likely to happen.

  • mustbepbs

    This looks JUST like TouchWiz on GB. LG sucks.

    • …because that isn’t a picture of a Spectrum running the upgrade….

      • mustbepbs

        Really? Seems pretty pointless to include a picture highlighting the OS when it isn’t even relevant. Might as well include a picture of a fire truck.

        • well yeah but we all know Kellex doesn’t really give a damn about the skin, so it might as well be the old version

          • mustbepbs

            I hope he sees my comment and changes it to a fire truck.

        • Mike

          Its not a picture “highlighting” the OS….it’s just a stock picture of an actual Spectrum. Common sense seems to be lacking on Droid Life these days…

          • mustbepbs

            And your comment is pretty indicative of that. Why would I assume that a picture of the phone WOULDN’T reflect the article? Can you blame me for assuming that it’s a picture of the updated software? Since..oh, I don’t know..that’s what the article is about?

            Seriously? Did I have to spell that out for you?

  • PC_Tool

    Screenshots as soon as someone gets this installed….plz?

  • lg skin is beautiful

    • meh

    • JeffDenver

      LOL, are you high? LG managed to outdo Motoblur with the ugliest skin on Android. And that was no small feat.

      Motorola appears to have finally learned from their mistake…LG, not so much.

  • christina

    i want to follow on you my twitter when i click on your link then next window open and error

  • At this point I’m just hoping to be able to run jelly bean on my GNex

    • Or should I say receive jelly bean from Verizon OTA

      • 4n1m4L

        I went and installed the most recent leaked ota, and I’m pleased with it. It does highlight the need to cut the service provider out of the update cycle though.

        • michael

          The Nexus is 6 months old with JB out in November, shouldn’t it be getting JB if its not even a year old?

          • 4n1m4L

            I imagine jelly beans isn’t going to be a real big difference. More like fro yo to gingerbread than gingerbread to ics/hc