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Samsung Galaxy SIII in Pebble Blue Delayed?

According to a handful of reports, the Pebble Blue version (pictured above) of the Samsung Galaxy SIII has been delayed due to manufacturing issues. Samsung has apparently run into either quality or production problems and may have had to adjust the product, causing them to be behind as launch day quickly approaches. With the launch of the device happening in a variety of countries next week, the white model is likely to be the only one available until Samsung can catch up on production.

This is indeed unfortunate as the Pebble Blue version of this phone is by far the more appealing of the two (at least in our opinions). Its fake brushed metal look is quite beautiful as compared to the white, which we have seen time and time again on other Samsung products.

We took the blue model for a spin back at CTIA, be sure to check it out

Via:  Tweakers | XDAAndroid Community

  • AJ

    I already effin preordered the blue one, and I NEED A PHONE NOW! Does anyone know when it will be done?!

  • Guest

    I wonder what would happen if Samsung took all the wasted time and money to “make it a blue color” and invested in “make it a much better device” instead.

  • Guest

    > Pebble Blue version of this phone is by far the more appealing of the two

    The people at droid-life buy a new cell phone based on “what a pretty blue color”???

    Wow. Remind me never to take you cell phone shopping.

    • Charles Rogers

      Yeah i mean when a good phone comes in 2 colors only choose plain.

  • What did apple patent the color?

  • jaydub110

    IDC I like the white one anyway if it lives up to its specs I’ll be getting the S3

  • Just ordered Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III from Amazon: jmb.tw/s8b0

  • Michael Hall


  • blackguy

    am i the only one that could care less? I mean i always thought the white one was amazing and if the blue was black instead then i might of considered getting it…

    • Tim242

      *couldn’t care less*

  • Am i the only person gets that nails-on-chalkboard feeling when i see a phone resting on it’s screen?

  • kidheated

    I agree that the pebble blue is definitely better. I feel like the white is too bright and takes away from the screen. It would be nice to see a black brushed metal version if the blue doesn’t end up working out. But this might be a blessing in disguise as now they can possibly use this as an excuse to up the ram like the Japanese variant. Why it doesn’t have 2g ram off the bat is kinda ridiculous.

  • Tcali


  • ddevito

    the one in the pics above has scratches already. weak

    • Butters619

      Good thing the back is replaceable because it’s not going to look good for very long.

  • fauxshizzl

    Hopefully the delay will give them time to iron the inevitable bugs that will surface right after launch. But if there is no delay on the blue one I will be buying it day one either way. This Bionic is by far the biggest piece of crap I have ever owned, and I can’t wait to get rid of it.

  • adam

    I just upgraded my fascinate to a droid razr maxx. Should i keep it or not cause of the galaxy s3? I wanted to upgrade fast because i want to keep my unlimited data

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      That’s why you updated fast? They haven’t even officially announced when they’ll start doing that…. you kind of played yourself there… You may be stuck with your Maxx Unless you sell it when the S3 or the Droid HD comes along

      • hkklife

        Yup. I’m sitting on 2 lines eligible for an upgrade now.
        My plan is to wait until the very last possible moment before they announce the start date for shared data plans for upgrades. Then I can score 2 final subsidized handsets and extend my grandfathered unlimited plans a whilel onger.
        I’m hoping the GS3 or perhaps the Droid HD will be available prior to that date but I’m not counting on it. I bet VZW is gonna sit on all of the hot new hardware until after the family plan crap takes effect. So, worst case scenario, I’ll be trying to decide between the Maxx, G-Nex, or Rezound.

        • Adam

          I heard Verizon will be doing this mid summer so I just wanted to get the best phone possible. And I have no complaints with the Maxx. It should get ICS soon and hardware wise the S3 isn’t that much better, it will still be dual core right?

  • htc makes a phone in caca color

  • hkklife

    Yup, a simple matte black would be a quick, easy, and cheap fix.
    This will probably delay the VZW version ever further and make it arrive in December instead of September. Ugh.

    • Michael

      Being made in china, they probably just found out that all the phones have been painted in lead paint.

  • I don’t know about the rest of you, but I thought the white phone looked great. I’ll have to assume that this pebble blue looks way better in person.


  • D


    Ok, shot out of a cannon,
    free Galaxy Nexus or contract price S3, which would you pick? On Verizon of course.

    • S3 is newer, more powerful and actually has a camera that can take pictures. I’d go with it. As much as I love the G-Nex, the camera is an instant killer these days knowing that the One X and S3 have amazing cameras.

      • What’s wrong with the camera on the GNex, exactly? Mine works just fine.

        • PC_Tool

          If all of your subjects are less than 3 feet away? Sure.

          • snowblind64

            I would agree with you on 4.0.2 the Galaxy Nexus camera software has a hard time taking good pictures. With the latest 4.0.4 update I have to completely disagree, I am getting very high quality and well focused pictures now.

    • Butters619

      Qualcomm S4, bigger battery, expandable storage, better camera, and a better screen (supposedly)

      I’d go S3 and root/rom. You know the S3 is going to have major dev support

      • PC_Tool

        I can only hope the US version has on-screen keys…

        AOKP would rock on that beast.

        • RobMorris

          On screen keys aren’t neccesary for aokp? But I agree, either on screen or the normal capacitive that US samsung has, that weird home button is ugly.

    • CORYK333

      At this point I would go with the S3 for reasons stated by the other replies to u & Samsung devices are mucho dev friendly, so getting stock/rommed ICS on there is not an issue. I’m not really diggin’ either color of the s3 & actually think its not the best looking device, but everything else about it is dope.

  • And here we go again with the “Samsung has shit Build Quality” comments…