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Photo Walk Featuring Project Glass Gives Us the Closest Look Yet at Google’s Glasses

We have been following Project Glass as closely as we can after the Google X team introduced to the world back in early April. Since that first video of what it could look like surfaced, we have seen actual prototypes in the wild on some of our favorite tech characters. This week though, we received the most up-close and personal look yet, thanks to a photo walk that a group of Googlers went on. Rather than use cameras the entire time, each member of the posse was given a pair of Google Glasses to wear. 

As you can see from the pictures below, the prototypes are now coming in more than just that original black pair that we have seen a number of times. The photo walkers had blue and orange sets as well. Aside from colors, we have some close-ups of the mini screen which you can definitely spot things happening on as people peer into them. It’s tough to make out what is there, but in multiple shots, we have screen action.

Aside from that we have the picture directly below that shows them off-head, in all their glory. I see a microUSB port, a massive housing at the back-end for what must be the battery, and the fact that they are “Not FCC Approved.” The last thing you’ll notice in most of the shots is the dedicated camera button on the top of the glasses that everyone seems to be pushing. After all, this was a photo walk.


Video Sample (taken with the glasses):


Via:  Google+ [2]

  • What do you think? Do you want a pair of these Google Project glasses? Would you go to the difficulties of wearing contact lenses with pixels in them?

  • I’m quite excited for this, just like LeapMotion.


  • Michael

    Also none of the users wear glasses in any of the pictures with people wearing them. This will suck if it’s only for people who do not need corrective glasses. Not everyone can wear contacts.
    Can they make a double pair to give me bionic eyes?

  • dave

    every technological advancement for entertainment was developed with Porn in mind

  • Trevor

    Watching that video made me want to buy a bigass trampoline more than those glasses.

  • Glass is hella thick. But I’d still want them anyway.

  • Charlie

    Woah was not expecting the glass to be that thick! Lets hope they cut it down some when the first mass production versions hit the shelves

  • regkilla

    The pic of the Asian dude with the Google Project Glasses on is hilarious!

  • realfoxm

    He’s totally watching nyan cat in the first pic.

  • Liderc

    Still think these are about worthless, but have to say I’m pretty excited to see what new p0rn sites show up with these point of view videos.

  • eddieonofre

    This means better POV videos

    • ArmanUV

      I bet the porn industry is behind this

  • albertadds

    lol, “Not FCC Approved”

  • CivilDroid

    These are gonna make wasting time at work on Youtube sooooooo easy.

  • I want to see pictures/video of what they see in the lens itself, I’m intrigued to know what they’ve accomplished so far and what they plan to achieve when/if it launches.

  • chrisbox29

    Ran in the Bay to Breakers this past weekend and passed by a guy wearing those glasses, sitting under a tree in Golden Gate Park (recording? Taking photos?). Never thought I’d see that!

    • And you didn’t rob him? Or at least ask to play with them? Bummer

  • Does this make anyone else think of the movie Strange Days?

  • steve30x

    I wonder if the lens can be changed to the left eye instead of it being default in the right eye or some different versions to be sold for either eye..my vision is beyond the point of surgery to fix the sight..its not bad but its pretty close, so i wonder if google has any ideas on that situation.

    • I think you’re expected to wear them upside down…

    • JustTrollin69

      For what it’s worth, someone on another D-Life post had the same question. Someone responded that they had read something that Google did, in fact, think of that type of senario and will give you the option.

      • steve30x

        thank you..i would assume they would offer something especially those who cant help it. 🙂

        • low

          It’s pretty sad that there isn’t any cure for Duane syndrome

    • Droidzilla

      I was trying to answer your question (couldn’t find a hard link; sorry) and ran across this blog post:

      Awesome read answering some of the concerns surrounding Project Glass. I can’t wait to try it out!

  • Raven

    Great, it is a pair of wearable video camera glasses. “Spy” companies have sold them for years. What information can that tiny little display actually show you? What is its resolution? Can you actually playback and watch the video you just took on the glasses?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      You’re asking questions that they haven’t provided answers to yet… especially since this isn’t due to touchdown for months… I’ts a work in progress obviously.

    • They have said it is extremely limited right now, and it is a prototype. It can only take pictures and video from what I understand. They may have an image viewer on it, but only they know that. I don’t see why people get up in arms about seeing the development of something right in front of your eyes. If it bothers you, then you should probably not like anything google. I think all new tech should be tested in this manner as to determine real world bugs that a user may come aross.

      • Raven

        Boy, judging by the down votes that my last question got people really misunderstood the tone of my questions. I realize that this is only an alpha, not even beta device. I love watching new technology develop. I am just burning with curiosity of what this prototype is actually capable since no where have I seen any pictures of what that little display can actually show.

    • David

      What Grizzly Atoms said. Everything technological starts out in this manner. You are getting to watch the creation of a new technology. It’s not going to be all powerful from day one. I mean… look at car’s for example. They didn’t start out with self parking lexus’ or lambo’s or porches did they? No, They started with the model t. If watching a piece of tech grow from an idea to fruition in a prototype form is an issue for you, then you may want to find another hobby to get interested in because this happens with every piece of tech and software created. You can’t expect the first thing iteration of a device to be a device out of minority report or spykids or something.

  • O