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Sick of Waiting for a 3-Pin Car Dock for the Galaxy Nexus? This IndieGoGo Project Might be Worth a Look

The line of accessories for the Galaxy Nexus has been nothing short of a disappointment. At the unveiling of the device, we were introduced to this fancy 3-pin connector on the side which would allow it to have all sorts of fun with accessories when docked. Unfortunately for anyone that actually owns the device, those accessories are either still being produced, were scrapped altogether, priced so ridiculously high that only idiot editors would buy them, or were made so cheaply that they couldn’t even take advantage of said pin connectors.

Enter the amazing modder community that hangs out here at Droid Life. After growing impatient with the lack of a car dock that utilized his G-Nex to the fullest, one of our readers grew inspired by a previously featured DIY dock and decided to not only create one for himself, but help the community do something similar. How will he help all of us? Through an IndieGoGo project of course. 

From what we gather, his goal is to use the money made from backers of the project to purchase the parts needed at a bulk discount. From there, he will send out the kits and instructions for you to make car dock magic yourself. The process involves some handy work with a Dremel and a soldering iron, however, if that sounds like too much, you can donate more and this guy will build it all for you. If you are interested, watch hit up the source link below.


Via:  IndieGogo

Cheers Oliver and Curtis!

  • Aspergillus

    Expansys sent my 3-pin cardock out on friday..si it shoud be here earky next week

  • Order one from germany or the UK? not that hard to get…

  • joe

    why waste anymore time and money on this pos

  • MKader17

    I commend them for this, but IMO the whole car dock is now overshadowed by the ability to wirelessly charge by the use of the Touchstone mod. The Touchstone can become a car dock that makes it painfully easy to grab your phone and go and I would say it is easier to make it look professional than it is to do this mod.

    The advantages that this has over the Touchstone mod is that you do not have to take apart your Gnex and you don’t have to worry about your phone dislodging from the dock.

    The advantages for the touchstone is that it cost about $15 for all supplies and you can buy another touchstone for $4 and have multiple wireless charging ports wherever you want.

  • When I saw those three pins on the phone I didn’t know what it was capable of nor did I ever EVER expect to use them.

  • I was quite literally discussing doing a Kickstarter project with my buddy last week that was exactly this, though our prices were going to aim a bit lower, given that for ~$90 you can import a fully functioning one. Good to see something start up, though.

  • Markuz

    This is stupid!! I need to get my update first then maybe i can think about spending more money on G nexus. F*** you again Big Evil Red!!!!

  • djjsin

    It seems completely rediculous that its come to this point. I’ve looked at the different threads. The demand is.there. I’m not the only one who purchased the god.for shaken US dock to turn around and return it the next day (actually I bought.and.returned 2 mine and my wife’s). Who ever designed the US doc….and then who ever approved the design need to he fired…..

  • SecurityNick

    I’ve been meaning to create a video and send it in to Droid Life, but I have a solution that doesn’t require any drilling/soldering. It’s not as elegant as this and doesn’t use the pogo pins, but basically I took the standard Samsung Mount (the one that’s way over priced from Verizon), popped out the square in the middle with the Samsung Logo on it, inserted a NFC tag that’s programmed to create various tasks on my phone, and the popped the square back in place. So now, when I dock my phone, the NFC tag tells it to turn WiFi off, turn Bluetooth on, start Car Mode, launch my Car Home app, and leave the screen on. Then I have to plug in my car charger and Aux cable if I want audio, but I have the mount with the phone in portrait view so it’s rather easy to just pop in those cables on the bottom. Also, I keep another NFC tag in the car that when I take the phone out, I wave the phone by it and it tells the phone to turn Bluetooth off, turn WiFi on, Exit Car Mode, and make the screen time out after 30 seconds. I like it, best thing to having the real pogo dock, and took me all of 5 minutes to program the NFC tag/insert it into the mount. No offense to this guy’s video, but I just didn’t have the time to do all that. But more power to you.

    • ericsorensen

      I set up Tasker so when I shake the phone vertically, it turns off wifi, turns on BT, starts car mode, and starts up GPS and car home app. I then put it in the cheap car dock. When I remove it, and turn off the screen, it reverses everything. I still hate plugging in those cords, though.

      I have to be careful so no one sees me shake the phone…they might get the wrong idea.

      • SecurityNick

        I left that out, but I actually use a combination of tasks that the NFC app can tell the phone to use along with it doing some things in Tasker, but all of that is activated by the NFC Tag in the mount.

    • thesaber2000

      Video? Soon?

      • JSIN

        he doesnt have time…. but he did have time to tell us how much better he is

      • iamcc88

        You don’t really need a video… Just look into programming NFC chips and “pop out the square in the middle with the Samsung Logo on it, [and] [insert] a NFC tag that’s programmed to create various tasks on [your] phone.”

      • SecurityNick

        I’ll try to make one soon. Been meaning to do it for a while, but the 2-month old I now have put a damper in my free time to play around. I’ll post it on this comment whenever I can get it done.

    • MKader17

      This is really not a solution to the problem they are solving. The problem is people don’t want to hassle with or wear out the charging port. I’m sure they used the NFC tag just like your setup, but what they are showcasing is charging via seashell.

      • SecurityNick

        I think from what I read is that the use of the pogo pins is supposed to launch whatever dock mode option (whether it’s car or desktop, etc), besides the fact that it’s supposed to charge the phone. So my NFC solution was (like I said, not as elegant as this) just to get the “dock” functionality with a piece of overly-priced plastic.

        • MKader17

          From the source.

          “You will also receive a programmable NFC sticker that you can hid inside of the dock (behind the “Samsung” cover). This will let you program your dock to do a variety of things once the phone is docked. It can launch apps, adjust settings, etc…”

  • Whats so hard about finding the Samsung dock with the pins, Sprint has them for $50.

    • Really, do tell where to find this mythical device, as apparently you are the only one in the entirety of world who has seen the LTE GNex car dock.

    • John Lagan

      It’s true…I have one. I thought everyone did…. Just. To to your sprint store

    • Sprints version is slimmer than Verizons.

      • Where did you get that from?

        I looked at the official specs of the devices and they are the same size. I’ve even looked at multiple other sites and they all seem to say that the Sprint and Verizon versions are exactly the same size.

        • I was under the impression that only Verizon’s was the odd ball. But it looks like I’m wrong. Also I think Chris has the docks mixed up. Yes Sprint carries the Multimedia Dock. But not the Car Dock.

  • Doug Dunfee

    +1 for AOKP 🙂

  • Christopher Heuer

    Why, Samsung, why? At this point, I would pay $100 to get a *real* car dock. Looks like I’m going to have to find a dremel…

    • Anon

      $100? Ouch.

      $100 got me a car dock, a home dock, and an extended battery for my Droid Bionic. All Motorola original gear.

      This isn’t to pick on the Galaxy Nexus, which is a decent phone, but I can’t believe Samsung does so poorly on accessories. For all the hate that some people have for Motorola, they get the accessory thing.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Sporting a nexus now but I.miss my car dock and HD dock for my Razr. Not impressed with the lack of support for the nexus. This is one of the reasons I.mightjump on the SGIII bandwagon. The support by third parties is going to be stellar.

      • Tony Allen

        Well, one thing that Motorola actually does get right, is accessories.

        However, there aren’t enough accessories in the world to make me love my Bionic more than I love the GNex.

  • Curtis

    This is a dead simple process and the price really can’t be beat!

  • Cam

    Meh, good job by the guy, but I was really hoping it would have USB and audio out, not just USB.

    • just drill a little hole for it. definitely not the same, but it works

    • 4n1m4L

      The signal for audio is eventually spdif coming from the center pin. You could…

  • The 3 pins have been like the 3 sea shells; I’ve heard they are awesome/useful, but I have no idea how to use them.

    • Doug Dunfee

      You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. “And the award for reference/analogy of the month goes to….. [[drum roll]]] BATHROOM GUY!!!!!”

    • David

      You know, when i first watched that movie I always wondered how they worked. Still to this day I cant quite figure it out. 😛 oh well, if that were to ever happen just cuss like a sailor and you’ll be good to go xD

    • 1LoudLS

      this made my day!

      Wait wait wait… all restaurants are Taco Bell’s?

  • John Ross

    Any plans to add audio out support?

    • Oliver Acevedo

      It’s in the works…

      • GNEX(MOTOX)

        it works in 4.0.4 but they haven’t released the dock compatible for our lte version. Its too big to fit in the gsm dock but ill give it a try anyways.. :).. i just want my f**** dock..

        • ericsorensen

          My LTE fits in the GSM dock, and that’s with the 2100mAh extended battery.

          • 4n1m4L

            Didn’t even have to shave any plastic off the dock??

  • sahilm

    Just installed my Seidio extended battery. I mean I love it and all, but I really feel I’m missing out on accessories.

  • pharmdy

    As much as I prefer Android to iOS, Apple knows how to support their products. This would not happen with the iPhone

    • sahilm

      More importantly, with one iPhone model, there are many manufacturers making accessories, so even if Apple didn’t do this, there would be 100s of people making others.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Accessory support is one of the things I really envy about the iPhone.

        • Devilsephiroth

          If you’re so envious, why are you here?

          • David

            Because android is the better OS in my opinion.

  • Oh wow! I didn’t expect my app (Car Dashboard) to be used in that video! Awesome!

  • Not for verizon…that sucks….never good news for us vzw nexus users.

    • bob

      this *is* for vzw nexus

      • “It’s not compatible with the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus and there are rumors that Verizon is not going to support the pogo pins so we may never even see this dock.” …. My bad, I was reading it real fast and I saw that and I just asumed since we always get screwed over. Thanks for correcting me.

  • 4n1m4L

    There is actually a lot more to getting the thing to charge with AC speed instead of usb. Either mod your kernel or get a simple micro controller to send the appropriate pulses to tell your phone its in the dock.

  • That is a great looking dock! Why can’t all docks be this beautiful and simple?
    It’s not rocket science…

    Kudos to everyone involved in this. Good work.
    Now, how do I get a good dock for my Kindle Fire? 😀 LOL

  • villian1998

    Dating Chinese lady? Yes please!

  • $15! or $25 for two! Yep. Bought one. Thats a good deal. Hope this goes through.
    Also what is needed to program the sticker?

    • Oliver Acevedo

      I used NFC Quick Actions to program it. It’s free from the market and there are other apps that you can use. There’s some that even integrate it with Tasker so you can do all sorts of things with it. Thanks for your support!

      • So you can program via GN? That’s awesome. I wanted to get some NFC stuff but the programmers are kind of pricey. Good to know i don’t need them 😀

        • Oliver Acevedo

          Yep, you can do it all with your GN. It’s really an amazing phone with a lot of potential. This docks mod has shown me some of the things I’ve been missing.

  • ChuckDz3

    I knew once I posted that link in the comments DL would be all over it 🙂 nice job! Good luck to this guy!