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Rumor: Google and Asus to Ship 600,000 Tablets Next Month?

According to the latest rumor out of DigiTimes, some higher-ups down the supply chain are outing Google and Asus to have about 600,000 tablets ship next month, with market availbility starting in July. Of course, Google or Asus won’t comment on such speculation, but this could actually pan out. At the end of next month, Google I/O will be taking place and that would be the perfect venue to launch such a device. At last year’s developer event, Google unveiled the special edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which then went to market shortly thereafter. In the end, this is still a rumor and we’re going to have to remain patient. Fingers crossed.

Via: Pocket Now

  • Maybe the wait it over. I’ll wait for the reviews!

  • Tyler Chappell

    I’ll most definitely be buying this if the screen is nice enough and an acceptable resolution, the built-in storage is either 16GB or at least has a microSD slot for expandability, and it’s thin and light-weight enough. I’ve used several 10″ and 7″ tablets and even with my 4.3″ Thunderbolt, I would actually prefer a 7″ over a 10″ if the resolution is right.

  • Dave

    If they go with a 7 inch tablet, then it’s pretty obvious that they’re going after the Kindle space. Especially with the introduction of subscriptions in the Google Play store. Personally, I’d rather have a 8.9 to 10.1 like Nexus tablet.

  • Jung

    A friend of mine is a software engineer for Asus, He has been working at the google office in montain view for the past 5 weeks along with a good portion of his team. (Asus flew a team from Taiwan over to CA, nearly filled up 1/2 of a large hotel).
    They’ve been working 16 hour days 7 days a week. He said they’re trying to get this 7″ tablet done for google i/o. it’s one of the goodies being handed out this year.
    It will have T3 cpu, 7″ display, and target is $199. He also said target is Android 5.0 but they are having issues so it may end up with a version of ICS at release instead. HW is done and is in manufacturing, they’re trying to work out the software bugs and will keep at it until the last minute.

    • Guest

      Any word on screen resolution?

      • Jung

        He said there were a couple of different screens on the prototypes. The one he has in hand had a 1280×800 resolution

    • picaso86

      Any more details? RAM? style?

      • Jung

        only detail I got out of him was 7″, T3 cpu, 1280×800 resolution, and goal is to release it with next version of android but they are having issues with the kernel and compatibility. He said goal is $199 or less.

  • Gary Patrowicz

    have a 10 inch tablet my buddy has 7 inch tablet he can fit this in his coat pocket where i must carry mine so 7 inch might not be so bad

  • MKader17

    I just don’t see Asus ever having 600,000 tablets of any kind ready for a launch date.

  • tvjrc603

    Really hoping that this tablet still has the Tegra 3…I would’ve been all over the MeMo tablet for $250, but I’m not sure that it will be worth sacrificing those specs for $50 less.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Just don’t see the point of a 7 inch tablet if you already have a 4-5 inch android phone. I’m sure it’ll be great for those who don’t have a smartphone, though.

    • mmoreimi

      yeah…..7″ kind of sucks….was hoping for 10″

      • Slappy Sam

        That’s what she said.

      • jbon

        all of the real players have a 10.1 and a smartphone, now we are looking for a T3 priced around 199 oh yeah 7 in. waaaaaaaaa

      • michael

        a 10 inch tab would cost more that 200 obviously. But it is a great start i believe. Once the technology catches up a bit more next year or the year after tablets will become cheaper do to the competitiveness of google getting in the tablet game.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      10inches is way to big for many people, since folks want something that’s portable and doesn’t have ridiculous smartphone battery life. there’s a big gap between a 4.6inch phone and a 7inch tablet.

    • Butters619

      Yeah the functionality of a 7″ tablet overlaps quite a bit with that of a 4-5″ phone, but doesn’t quite meet the functionality of a 10″ tablet.

      The main function it does best in is as an e-reader. But then why don’t you just buy an e-reader?

      • Abu Laloque

        yeah..7″ suit for reading purpose…as a gamer i prefer a least 8.9″. with T3 i dont think i can really enjoy my appetite on 7″ screen

    • hockeytownmatt

      If the difference between 4 and 7 is insignificant, then isn’t the difference between 7 and 10 the same? I have my fire rooted/rom’d and i love the size actually…more than I thought I would. It can actually fit right in my back pocket too, so that is a plus for me.

    • PhillipCun

      i played with a 7″ its just so much easier to hold. IMO 7″ is great for those who want to use it more on the go and outside of their homes. Have you tried using a 10″ tablet while walking around? it feels unnatural. The best thing about Android is that we have choices. 10″ 7″ even 8.9″ exist, and they’re all available for purchase :]

      • ddh819

        I think the weight is more of a factor than screen size. The ipad is a little to heavy to hold in one hand (while looking at it) after a while. I think the lighter 7″ devices are better for portability. But if someone makes an ipad screen size device that’s much lighter, that would be a killer product.

    • DaveTea

      I once thought the same thing until I purchased a Kindle Fire for $139 and loaded AOKP on it. I think that 7″ is a pretty ideal size, I get a ton of use out of it. I now wonder if I would even want a 10″ tablet.

    • Raven

      You know, I wasn’t too sure about a 7″ one before I got it either. I already had a 10″ ASUS Transformer and my wife and daughter always wanted to use it so I picked up a cheap Acer A100 for $190 for them and I honestly find that I use it way more. It is a nice size to hold and it is still small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or small bag. Now that it has been upgraded to ICS it actually outscores my Transformer in Quadrant. I can’t wait for this new higher end yet still low priced tablet to come out.

  • Dan

    I’ll buy if it is $199 or less

  • Palmer Nyako

    Yeee. I was hoping it would be asus making the tablets.
    Good choice, Google.

  • Jeff Tycz

    if its around $200 then I am buying one, I could use another cheap tablet to do testing on

  • I thought $200 was the expected price point. Although a 10″ version for $250-300 would rock! (would definitely need a keyboard dock ala the Transformer)

  • mmoreimi

    Is this supposed to be the inexpensive Nexus tablet that is expecting to retail around $250?

    • Josh Groff

      That was outed as $199 “recently.”

  • KLy

    Asus Nexus Tablet for $300 or less will be AWESOME!!!

  • Anthony Armando