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In-app Subscriptions Now a Part of Android via Google Play

The Android team introduced subscription billing to the Google Play store today, giving developers another way to monetize their apps. Going forward, developers can build in interval payment systems for premium content, bundled in-app products, magazine subscriptions, etc. and have Google Play handle the entire process. As a consumer, this doesn’t really affect you until one of your favorite app developers introduces some type of recurring product that they would like to charge you for.

Via:  Android Developers

  • cizzlen


  • DedliYeti

    Yay they are using my companies game for the example in the pic! Woot!

  • Anony Mouse

    I absolutely despise apps that use in-market billing. Let me just pay up front.

    • moelsen8

      agreed. i don’t like this at all. tell me your price and let me pay it once.

      • MikeCiggy

        Just because this is now an option does not mean every developer will use it. But think about a magazine application that charges $2.00 a month because they release a new magazine each month. Could be useful.

        • Josh Groff

          ^ This

        • moelsen8

          well definitely. i agree with that for magazines and stuff. when it comes to games, i’d rather buy it outright. same with in-app purchases. can’t support them (mostly since they don’t transfer between devices etc), but i would buy the game outright.

          • Granted

            That and by the time you’ve realized you’ve just paid $50 to grow virtual vegetables faster, well gee golly, you could have bought 50 quality games that don’t cripple the features to get you to pay for them out the anus. Sadly, many people enjoy paying many times over what a game is worth, only to have core features sold back to them at insane prices. It always reminds of the Pet Rock.

          • moelsen8

            hahahaha love it

    • Josh Groff

      I don’t mind in-app purchases that make the game easier, I just won’t purchase them and consider it a challenge.

    • Anony Mouse

      Oh and to reply to my own comment (lame, I know) I have absolutely no problem paying for a quality app/game. I do routinely purchase apps, so don’t think my comment was to allude that I’m a cheapskate.

      However if I buy a game/app, I do have a certain expectation of at the very least compatibility/bug fix updates. I’M LOOKING AT YOU, EA.

      • moelsen8

        worst game company ever

        • hkklife

          I agree, though Gameloft and Glu are right up there too (and probably too many others to count). I VERY carefully scrutinize any and every app I buy and I avoid ANYTHING that’s a Freemium title or billed monthly. For example, I plan on taking advantage of buying a nice chunk of the titles that I do not already own in the awesome “Because We May” promo.

          • moelsen8

            i checked that out too, but i’ve already bought most of them! some good ones there though

    • Jeff Tycz

      You are not forced to buy anything, if you dont want to buy then dont. Its that simple

      • Granted

        Yes, because the answer is truly this black and white folks! You pay your hard earned money for something, say you buy an app that is supposed to contain facts about World War 2, and you open it only to find that there is a picture of Justin Bieber on the toilet and that’s all the app is. Well, too bad, you have to take it as a loss, and never demand proper service, after all – you are not forced to buy anything.

        • summit1986

          Sad story is, high school girls would buy that app like crazy.

  • ocdtrekkie

    The huge difference between this and Apple being that Google doesn’t mandate it.

  • inzandity

    Wow. 10 bucks a month for a game? Gives me a bad feeling about what might be coming down the line….

    Please developers, still give us the option to pay a little more up front, one time, and own the software forever.

    • Josh Groff

      VIP gold is for in app purchases, it’s not required. Don’t have a heart attack.

      • inzandity

        Heart attack? Not even close. 10 bucks a month is still 120 bucks a year if you keep the game and the subscription. Twice the price of a full fledged PC or console game.

        • Josh Groff

          Let me again point you to “it’s not required.”

          Look at free to play MMO’s, you can purchase stuff to make it an overall “better” (easier) gameplay experience, but you are by no means required to do so.

          • Charles_Lee_Ray

            Yeah, and those games are terrible. Facebook “Pay to play” credits are the WORST. I refuse to spend money on such games, but when I do play them, I hate the waiting game for my “turns” to regenerate. I understand the “it’s not required” idea, but still I just hate that companies are making so much money off this model, it is just going to become more and more common, and more and more expensive.
            I always wonder who buys the $100 credits on the facebook games. If you do the math, they really amount to almost nothing as far as value goes…

          • Granted

            Ahhh, Charles, you bring me some hope about the intelligence of mankind not dwindling to a bowl of pudding.