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Wednesday Poll: If There are 5 Nexus Devices This Winter, Who Should Make Them?

A report out of the Wall Street Journal last week claimed that Google will potentially welcome in up to 5 “Nexus” or lead devices this winter to help launch Jelly Bean. Once launched, all of the devices will be sold directly to customers unlocked and off-contract (hopefully at reasonable prices too). It’s just a rumor at this point, but it makes a heck of a lot of sense for Google to go this route. They are sick of carriers interfering with updates, release schedules, etc. and this would give them ultimate control.

With that said, there has only be speculation at this point as to who will make what. Will we see 3 phones and 2 tablets? 4 phones and 1 tablet? All phones? Who will make them? Will HTC, Samsung, and Motorola produce the phones with Asus and Acer making the tablets? Maybe LG will get their first shot at a Nexus phone and Samsung on the tablet front?

In today’s poll, let’s discuss it and sell each other on what combination we think would be the best. Go!

  • CryptoNoel

    actually, i think the Nexus Q and the Nexus 7 are the first 2 Nexi out of 5.
    the rest will be
    1. upgraded Galaxy Nexus
    2. Sony Nexus
    3. LG Nexus
    but that’s just my theory 🙂

  • Well personally, after 2 Samsung devices, I’m really down on them (Charge and G-Nex. Yes, I had both). After my experiences with Moto phones however, including the OG Droid, Bionic, and now the MAXX, I have to say they would be my first choice for both a phone and tablet (love my Xoom). How can you argue their build quality, and the best radios in the biz? Even the cameras are improving. And as a Nexus? No brainer. So if we we go the 3 phones, 2 tablets route, I would say Moto, HTC (have had good luck with them too, and with a unibody, ceramic body? Oh yes.), and dare I say, maybe give LG a shot. Hard to argue with their displays especially after checking out the Spectrum. Now for tablets, again, no Sammy. I would say Moto again, along with Asus. Yeah, I know, given their past relationship with Google, Samsung will get something, but I sure as hell won’t be buying one.

  • CITYBOY8980

    I think we’ll see HTC, Samsung, and Motorola make the Nexus phones, and have ASUS make a 7 or 8″ Nexus e-reader and a 10″ Nexus tablet

  • djembeman

    Motorola!!!! Maybe one Samsung.

    • djembeman

      And Asus! Asus already makes a nexus basically. The Asus Transformers are amazing.

  • Tyler Chappell

    HTC for having a super nice sleek design AND a kickstand!
    Samsung for a super nice easily-viewable in bright sunlight screen
    Motorola for solid radios and a large battery
    LG for having the most squared off corners of any of them and the smallest screen for first-time smartphone buyers
    Asus for tablets.

  • 1) Moto
    2) Moto
    3) Moto
    4) Moto
    5) Moto

  • I would prefer Motorola. Ideal is 4″ screen, compact design, battery around 2500 mAh, nice design and materials. To me thi is the best potential phone. But nawadays we see screen wars. everyone present there new over9000″ screen devices, which are no comfortable. I have Moto Razr and the borders around the display are too big, though the screen is 4,3” and it is too wide and tall.

  • Non_Sequitur

    Asus Transformer Nexus
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus Tab

    HTC One Nexus
    Motorola Droid Nexus
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2


  • Droid Investor

    Here’s mine, Manufacturer & names…1. Motorola – DROID Nexus
    2. Samsung – Galaxy Nexus II
    3. Sony – Xperia Nexus
    4. Asus – Nexus Padafone or Nexus Transformer
    5. LG – Nexus Gamut

    HTC sucks.. they’ll probably put that wack HTC sense on it, and the battery will last only 2 hours.

  • Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung

  • HTC’s One X is one of the most solid feeling phones ive ever held in my hand, i love it thats why i own one. plus its dead sexy

    before i would have said samsung but im not buying a cheap feeling phone again

  • There must be an LG device between those 5. Also there should be a Sony Ericsson device between them too.

  • summit1986

    All of the major OEMs…. Let the games begin!

  • Martin Nilsson

    Samsung and Sony are more or less the only ones with their own hardware, so I would go with these guys. Sony (Ericsson) is also the manufacturer that has contributed the most to the Android source code. So even though they are almost invisible in the states I think they should be given a chance =)

  • reggie

    I like my galaxy nexus just wish the sound, signal, form factor was more on point; my vote is for MOTOROLA!!! Just use another processor I hate Texas instrument

  • Palmer Nyako

    Asus for tablets.
    seriously, everyone else blows at the tablet game.
    Shit, asus for everything for that matter.

  • An android usb stick pc would be great as a google tv device. Any maker as long it is supported by Google.

  • Nate Nakao

    I’m gonna go with HTC and Samsung as my obvious choices. I’d really like to see Sony Mobile get into the Nexus game, but I don’t know how likely that is. I know Sony is a member of the Open Handset Alliance, and thus has some stake in Android, but would they be involved in the Nexus program? I think ASUSTeK would be most likely to design a tablet, and my fifth choice is Acer for a second tablet. I’m steering clear of Motorola only because I could envision a scenario where Google uses the newly acquired company as a way to influence the other manufacturers. Maybe “influence” isn’t the right word. “Resource” and “equip” sound better.

  • nooo its moto-oogle


    HTC ‘Note’ — Personally the one I would most likely buy.

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2

    ASUS Tablet — Priced at 199$, 7 inch, Kindle competitor.

    Samsung Note-xus 10.1 (please?)

    and lastly a Motorola RAZR Nexus.

    SO! Three phones– One high end (Samsung) one mid-to-high range with a bit more visual flair (Motorola), one Phablet (The HTC 5-inch phone).

    Two tablets– One entry level, priced affordably (Asus). One high end, 10 inch, with a few extras like the S-Pen and the Quad Exynos (Samsung).

    If I was going to say I was explicitly wrong in any one category, I would drop the Note 10.1, which Samsung likely thinks stands well enough alone, and stub in some sort of auxiliary device, ie. a Nexus Box for TV that everyone seems to think would be part of the Nexus Pantheon.

  • NexusMan

    3 Phones: HTC, Samsung, Motorola
    2 Tablets: Asus, Samsung

  • Motorola

    One of those has to have a qwerty 🙂

  • jvolt13

    HTC nexus one X
    Samsung Nexus Note
    Motorola Razr Nexus Maxx HD
    Samsung Nexus II
    Asus Nexus Tablet

    that would be the ultimate Jellybean group if it were that. I feel like LG has lost its love in the US and people havent gone gaga for them since the chocolates and enV days.

  • transamturbo350

    I would pay out the ass for Asus phone on Verizon. There’s just something about that company that makes me love them so much. Moto nexus would be amazing too. And If HTC can build a phone that has a good battery that that would be great to. Its going to be a hard decition….

  • Anthony Tiernan

    Motorola for a big screen phone.
    HTC for a slider phone.
    Samsung for a small screen phone.
    ASUS for a big screen tablet.
    Motorola for a small screen tablet.

  • HTC for a big screened phone (4.7 inches)
    Motorola for a Sliding phone (4.0 – 4.3 inches)
    Samsung for a smaller phone (4.0 – 4.3 inches)

    ASUS for the 10″ tablet
    Sony (yes, I went there) for a 7″ with an innovative design

  • ajavgeek

    ASUS should be one of them….

  • yazan hasan


  • Troubled_Asian

    Asus for both phone and tablet.

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    No disrespect, but who cares, if you are on Verizon or Sprint your pretty much beat and at very best you would have like one device to choose from.

  • pd240

    Kellen – what white case is that on your gnex.

  • Alexander Garcia

    As long as Motorola and HTC are in the game, I’m happy. In my opinion, Moto and HTC are hands down the best Android OEMs out there. Again… my opinion. Cheers.

  • ojaymayo22


    …one can dream, right?

  • dsass600

    I say Samsung with a large-screened phone, HTC with a mid-sized phone, and Motorola with a slider.

  • if 4 phones and 1 tablet i would choose, huawei, zte, k-touch, and ……, nexian, the tablet would be an ipad 2 knockoff.

  • Prime7

    They can use anyone they want, but I’m never going to buy a Motorola or HTC device.

  • BAoxymoron

    -Motorola needs to make a slider/tank phone reminiscent of the OG DROID
    -HTC needs to make a premium model for those who want the best screen, best audio all wrapped up in a high quality attractive body
    -Samsung needs to make a medium sized phone that is all screen and no bezel
    -ASUS… Premium tablet w/ keyboard dock… although I guess that goes with out saying
    -Samsung budget friendly tablet with good specs…

  • App4That
  • master94

    If there is a tablet then ASUS FTW.

  • MechaEx

    The only one I care about:

    Asus: Nexus Padphone

  • brando56894

    Moto, HTC and Asus. I don’t care about the rest.

  • iconwodan

    Samsung (High end phone)
    huawei (Low end phone)
    HTC (mid range phone)
    Asus (Tablet)
    and I guess a motorola something since they spent so much money on it, not that I would ever buy a moto phone or tablet but hey unless they want to repeat Hp’s mistake they had better use what they bought.

  • tomn1ce

    Motorola, HTC, Sony, Asus and Samsung…I put Samsung last for the wonderful job they did on the G-Nexus speakers…..I’m not too happy with the speaker quality…Hoping that with the update that should come in the next 5 months /s, that problem is somewhat resolved….and don’t tell me to root, I’m not into rooting…

  • Tyler

    1) 4.5+” HTC (or Samsung) Nexus
    2) 4.3″ Motorola Nexus
    3) 4″ LG (or HTC) Nexus
    4) 4″ Motorola Physical Keyboard
    5) Asus Nexus Tablet
    I fell there needs to be a variety of phone sizes to accommodate the different types of people. LG and Motorola don’t have a nexus device so i think they should get one, while Samsung needs to learn to make heavier duty phones so let them sit out on this potentially. Motorola should get both a medium sized phone along with a slider physical keyboard phone because they can make a nice thin slider using the same design that makes the droid razr so thin with maybe og droid look. But considering not everyone wants a keyboard the 4.3″ would be good for Motorola as well (Droid Razr HD?). LG could make a smaller potentially cheaper but yet still powerful phone to accommodate women and non-power users who wouldn’t have the biggest pockets or hands. HTC would be my candidate for the largest of the bunch with powerful specs and a great graphics card but also holding a significant battery to keep it charged. And for the tablet Asus would be a great brand who is fully capable of making a great tablet to compete with the iPad and hopefully surpass it.

  • Jwhap

    I would love to see something equivalent to the
    1. Asus Pad Phone (tablet and phone)
    2. HTC Phone
    3. Motorola Phone
    4. Samsung Phone
    5. Asus or Samsung tablet (200 dollar tablet)

    These would be my pics. I would probably have a hard time choosing between these options. Though if the padphone option was one that would be difficult to pass on.

  • Ryan Scott Miller

    HTC, HTC, HTC, Asus, Samsung

  • no one makes a better phone than motorolla, samsung just plain sucks,nice screen but all junk inside

    • will bartlett

      my gnex is wonderful.

  • why release jelly bean when they havent got all the bugs out of ICS yet, they are tryin to move way to fast, get one working correct,then move to the next

    • will bartlett

      what ics bugs are you talking about?

  • motorola has to create a nexus device preferably a droid with keyboard, I dont really care for the other 4.

  • One of them better have a goddamn sliding keyboard.

  • dan4patriots

    Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, Asus

  • sk3litor

    4 phones one tab. Give’em all a shot at doing the best job. Motor, HTC, Samsung, LG, nokia

  • Motorola with a sliding keyboard.

  • SammyRocker5150

    I hope HTC Moto and Samsung make the phones. Samsung allows for huge worldwide sales. Moto could make an LTE Version for us Verizon folk. Asus would definately kill with a Nexus tablet, as well as Samsung I’m sure.

  • Droosh

    Let’s get some new blood to see what innovations in hardware design can emerge. How about:

    & Moto will always be their anyway.

  • stubb

    HTC Nexus X ( one x meets pure jelly bean)
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus+ (5.3 inch 720p Super amoled plus. Note meets Nexus)
    Motorola Nexus Pro ( Razr design with sleek keyboard and business oriented)
    Sony Nexus Play ( PSP controls that slide out, Google Play evolves with games that can be played on a PSP or this device)
    Asus Optimus Nexus ( the king of tablets, quad core, 4g, jelly bean, 260+ppi Super IPS 10 inch.)

    LG……you’re not worthy!

    • Kevin Schotts

      Only if the Motorola comes with soft keyboard as well

  • ob Martin

    how about for just 1 phone Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and Google all work together to make the ultimate Nexus. And it can give u the ability on setup to choose what type of skin u use. whether it b touch wiz, Sense, Motoblur, or stock. and its unlocked with all the popular features from every manufacturers phones.

  • tonysam1

    1. high end Asus or Samsung Tablet
    2. $200 Asus Tablet
    3. Successor to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    4. Moto Nexus Razr
    5. Small Form Factor HTC Nexus

    I’d be so ecstatic for this line up I’d buy every one of them.

  • Bob Martin


    Let the flame war begin

  • C-Law

    Asus. I love their stuff. Give em a chance with a phone

  • Champlification

    Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung, and HTC.

  • sofunnytom

    Moto-Keyboard slider
    Asus-Convertible Tablet

  • Thing342

    Here’s what I think.
    3 Phones –
    -A low-end phone by Samsung (Nexus Mini, maybe?) for $99
    -A mid-range phone by HTC for $299 (With One series branding, perhaps?)
    -A high-end phone by Motorola (Droid Nexus) for $499

    2 Tabs-
    -A budget 7″ by ASUS for $299 (Nexus Play Tab 7)
    -A high-end 10″ by Samsung for $599 (Nexus Play Tab 10)

  • EC8CH

    I’d like to see an Apple built phone running stock Android.

    Their hardware is very nice… to bad about that app jukebox ui.

  • Josh Flowers

    their screens are the nicest, imo

  • chris125

    htc, sony, samsung, moto, lg

  • RedPandaAlex

    I want a nexus padfone more than anything

  • topherct

    5 phones: Samsung, HTC, MOTO, LG, and ASUS or SONY
    Then there will be a separate category for tablets (maybe 2 or 3): Could be Samsung, MOTO, ASUS or ACER

  • zhihaoquek

    HTC, Samsung, Sony….



  • DanWazz

    4 phones: HTC, Moto, Samsung, Sony
    1 tablet: Asus

  • Shawn

    Idc who makes what as long as it comes directly from Google I know my updates will be on time but I do have 1 request can one of the phones be like the note in screen size and have a pen ^_^

  • burpootus

    Anybody but motorola. Unless they change under Google’s ownership and become friendly to the developer community, they deserve to sell zero phones. All the press reports say there will be a firewall between the two companies. I hope moto goes out of business.

  • dang, now i don’t want to buy an phone this Q

  • swagmar

    1. Asus
    2. HTC
    3. Huawei
    4. LG
    5. Xiaomi (the company who made MIUI and the Mi-One)

  • Trevor

    Phones: Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson (they have some cool-looking phones sometimes)
    Tablets: Asus or Samsung (for the Exynos processor)

  • Big_EZ

    3 phones and 2 tablets, or 4 and a tablet

    1. Motorola 4.5-5″ (same size or slightly bigger than the RAZR Maxx with less bezel)
    2. Motorola 4-4.3″ qwerty
    3. HTC
    4. Samsung

    1. Asus 7″
    2. Asus 10″

  • HTC, don’t really care who the other 4 are.

  • Mii

    would any of the carriers allow you to activate the phone on their service knowing they got no cut of the pie for it?

    • RoninX

      Yes, because they get your monthly fee and don’t have to pay OEM subsidies.

      If they said no, they would be turning down free money…

  • pd240

    Asus for the tablet, Motorola or Samsung for the phones. Kellen- what white case is that on the g-nex in the picture?

  • For phones: HTC, Huawei, Sony, Samsung, Motorola.
    For tablets: ASUS.


    Personally I think Motorola should release a DynaTac 30th Anniversary Nexus Edition. This is the phone that started it all, and the timing is perfect.

  • why do we need 5 nexus devices?

    • Brandon Sikes


      • but the whole point of a nexus phone is to be a developer phone. i don’t see the need to have 5 different developer phones. dont get me wrong. Im not complaining. the more stock android the better. i just dont see why they would make that move.

        • RoninX

          That was one of the goals for the Nexus One. The goal of the new Nexus line is to get more end users on a consistent, quickly-updated, vanilla version of Android.

        • Brandon Sikes

          Well let’s say that you are a dev and you only liked Moto. You liked Moto so much that you wouldn’t touch a Samsung or HTC phone. So instead of having to wait for a leak of ICS or the next version of android to come out, then getting everything to work right, you have ICS or whatever right there and available to you because Google was smart enough to make a Moto Nexus. Heck two of them one with keyboard one without.

  • Wednesday Poll: Okay, where’s the poll? Sounds like you’re just asking for opinions because I don’t see a poll…lol

    • Abu Laloque


  • Droidzilla

    I’ll go with 3 Nexus phones and 2 Nexus tablets. For phones:


    Moto and HTC are no brainers for phones, as are Samsung and ASUS for tablets. Sony is the wild card, but I think they have the potential to do great things in hardware but their software usually sucks. Nexus is the perfect answer to that problem.

  • Anybody but Motorola

  • gregmr

    How about an HTC phone body and camera with Moto radios, a Samsung screen and processor – and then a tablet made by Asus with a Samsung screen?

    • Butters619

      Personally I think the S-LCD2 looks better than the SAMOLED

      • stubb

        You say that without knowing how 720p super Amoled plus is going to look.
        Samsung is fixing the over saturation and other problems.

        • Butters619

          A 720p SAMOLED+ doesn’t exist yet, so I can’t take it into comparison

      • gregmr

        As you said it – (personally) – it’s a matter of preference. Pentile or not, I still simply cannot see the pixels on my G-Nex at such a density. So, I’ll take the black levels and viewing angles.

        • Butters619

          The S-LCD2 has great viewing angles, but I will admit the black levels on the G-Nex win easy.

          The pentile doesn’t bug me so much as the over saturation of colors. (Supposedly that has been fixed on the SGS3 though). However, if you hold a G-Nex next to a One X, the One X display definitely looks better.

          • nicotinic

            Seriously. My Droid X has great viewing angles and so does my Rezound. The viewing angles argument is moot. I’ll give SAMOLED the blacks but compared to the Rezound’s overall picture quality at 720p there’s no contest between SLCD and SAMOLED.

    • PC_Tool




  • Cliff Wynne

    One by each major headset manufacturer….ie HTC, Samsung, Moto, LG and Sony

  • indiecognition

    asus and moto

  • Moto (metal and gorilla glass goodness), Sammy & HTC for phones. for tablets then Sammy and ASUS

  • Samsung has consistently put their best foot forward.

    Motorola: Droid 3,4, X2, Bionic, Razr, Razr Maxx. All locked bootloaders. All sacrificed to the cut corners to save money god.

    Bionic: HORRIBLE SCREEN. If you can stand looking at this screen….go get your eyes checked. Same Reason for Droid 4.

    Razr/Maxx: Terrible, not removable battery in one, took a separate phone to get it correct. Both of AMOLED screen’s look oddly green for some reason. Other than that, its there best device (which isn’t saying much)

    Droid 3 and X2, both released last year, both short of the 1GB their counterparts have. Droid 3 was released maybe a month to month and a half before Bionic.

    Moto has decent tech at best, but the Exynos quad-core, Super AMLOED HD, Samsung should be making the mainline Nexus, instead of this awkward bastardization. HTC has turned itself around, they deserve a chance too.

    • Big_EZ

      If you work outside or are outside a lot the bionic is the best phone available. Personally the RAZR Maxx is the best phone overall out of every phone currently out.

    • Butters619

      “Samsung has consistently put their best foot forward.”

      G-Nex. Camera. Radios. What?

      • Take into consideration that Android is an ecosystem, and take into consideration that, while we are on a Droid website, which inherently means Verizon, that an HSPA+ G-Nex that has the support of tech (Read: NOT BEING CDMA) and is, in my opinion, the better option if it was available to Verizon users.

        Radios is ultimately a wash, and Yes, it is unnecessary to complain about radios, when everyone is still running 1st Gen LTE tech. Bionic’s camera? Crap. Razr’s camera? Not a useful as the G-Nex’s (fast shutter speed over higher MP count anyday).

        • Butters619

          I wasn’t saying Motorola has the best, but saying Samsung always puts their best foot forward and doesn’t cut corners to save money is a joke.

  • Samsung, moto, Sony, Samsung , and Asus

  • omgitzjose

    LG should just stop making android phones. ive never heard anyone say anything good and the one i had (G2x) was the worst phone ive ever owned! i doubt they will be one of the Nexus manufacturers. prob be samsung (duh) moto and id love it if sony wold get there shit together and make a phone that isnt 3 years old.

  • If Verizon is getting them I don’t care at this point. They have completely disgraced the Gnex.

  • HTC Phones, Asus Tablet

  • richardsonadm

    5. LG
    4. HTC
    1. Motorola


    Motorola, Sony, HTC, Samsung, Asus phone & tablet
    What about Blackberry made phone, like the storm/torch running jelly bean?

  • Michael Johnson

    Sammy, Moto, and HTC, with 2 of them making a large-display option as well as a small(er)-display option

  • Jonathan Ofalla

    In order of most interested to least interested:

    Asus (Tablets specifically)

  • Ivan92116

    I’m guess that Google will release a $200 7″ tablet this summer (the rebranded Asus MeMO). In the fall they’ll release 3 phones, a 10″ tablet, and a 7″ tablet (the 7″ tablet would be a slight upgrade from the $200 tablet). Asus and Samsung for the tablets. Moto, HTC, and LG for the phones.

  • ocdtrekkie

    I love Motorola stuff, it’s all I buy. But I want them to play fair with Nexus, so hopefully Nexus devices will be balanced around a fair bit.

  • Guest

    ASUS for sure. Motorola will obviously get at least one. I’m sure Samsung will get one. HTC probably deserves a shot, too.

    • I don’t see how Motorola could release a Nexus without people screaming “favouritism” and “alienation”.

  • By the way, how many of these fully unlocked non-subsidised devices will be CDMA-enabled?

    And I highly doubt we’ll ever see a Motorola-made Nexus phone.

  • Motorola LTE nexus

  • I really want a Sony Xperia Nexus. The design of their 2012 lines look great and is different from everything else. Asus is great, too — not because of their designs, but their philosophy towards custom skin: less is more (but that wouldn’t matter if they are making a Nexus.) They also updates fairly quick and I loves their motherboard (PC.)

    My top 5 Nexus makers are:

    Motorola is not in my list, because they should never make a non-stock Android phones from now on — they don’t need to be in the Nexus program to make Google Experience phones. And, Google should update all Motorola phones just like how they update the Nexus.

    • Jwhap

      Are you a bitter Xoom LTE owner???

  • desiman26

    HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG. I would love to see what Sony & LG could come up with. (Hopefully a metal design and no more cheap plastic) For the tablet, definitely leave it to Asus to make that.

  • Mike_Cook7


  • I think Asus should… padfone is all in one… stock jb on one brain would just be awesome…

  • i want motorola x3

    • mmoreimi

      That phone kind of failed…and then failed again.
      it’s not getting ICS because it can’t handle the update. makes me not wanna touch the X….and some other variants of Moto products

      • me

        How did the original Moto X fail?

        • mmoreimi

          Because it sucked…
          Blur was horrible (Blur is a bit better now)
          The physical buttons were horrible
          I don’t think it has ever seen anything other than Gingerbread and couldn’t make the cut to ICS.

          • Tyler

            It saw froyo 😛

          • nicotinic

            It officially saw Eclair, Froyo and finally Gingerbread.

      • ray_420

        I’m running ice on my dx

  • kazelement

    1. HTC
    2. Motorola
    3. Samsung
    4. Asus
    5. LG

    • Knlegend1

      Asus #ftw

  • picaso86

    This is a stupid poll…sorry Kellex

  • Butters619

    1) HTC
    2) Moto
    3) Samsung

    1) Asus
    2) Samsung

  • New_Guy


    (In that order)

    • mmoreimi

      yeah i would be interested to see what Asus can do. I’m really impressed by their Transformer series and am REALLY interested to see what happens with the Padfone.

      • New_Guy

        I saw the video on the Padphone and just the phone portion alone outshines many phones on the market. I absolutely want to see an Asus (standalone) phone on the market, like now.

        • mmoreimi

          Yeah…that thing is ridiculous…. phone, tablet, laptop (via keyboard) and then a stylus that can be used as a phone while your phone’s docked in the tablet……all in one data plan.

          • New_Guy

            That stylus/bluetooth mic is friggin amazing!!!

            The MOMENT it comes to Verizon, it’s as good as sold…

  • jmasterj

    ASUS and Samsung for tablets, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung for phones.

  • Austin

    4 nexuses phones would be great, 1by Samsung, 1 by htc, one by Motorola , and one by lg, then a nexus tablet by acer

    • will bartlett

      acer? are you crazy?

  • lightlong

    I’d like to see Apple join the mix. They make pretty good hardware 🙂

  • Mark F


    • New_Guy

      …only five dude…

  • Just a long-shot…..Nokia…. 😉

  • DroidBricker

    1) Samsung (Best hardware)
    2) Asus (Great hardware, some glitches *GPS dongle)
    3) HTC (Good hardware)
    4) ?
    5) Motorola (Locked bootloaders, FU)

  • Not in any particular order
    Samsung – HTC – Motorola – Sony – Nokia (this will obviously never happen)

  • Al

    Probably 3 phones and two tablets. Phones – HTC, Motorola, and Samsung. Tablets – Motorola and Asus. That’s my bet.

  • Cmrudy

    I would like to see an Alienware Android phone along with Samsung, Moto and either Asus or Samsung for a Nexus tablet

    • Jeff Tycz

      Alienware really? so the phone can be 20x more expensive that it really should be?

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and Motorola.



  • ph0oky

    samsung screen and design, moto build quality and radio, htc materials.

    • Right, Moto couldn’t design themselves out of a paper bag. Their phones are butt ugly.

  • Sqube

    Moto or HTC on the hardware for the phone.
    ASUS on the tablet.

    Is there any other answer, considering the state of today’s hardware design?

  • nwd1911

    If they were all phones, I’d like to see 1 or 2 from Moto, 1 from HTC, 1 from Sammie, 1 from Asus and 1 from Sony. I figure Moto can cheat since they can get permission from dad.

  • Levi Wilcox


  • Drone46

    Why would google have anybody other than moto make nexus phones?

    • Kevin Schotts

      Then they would be apple. Don’t get me wrong I do love that suggestion, but that would close the open source.

      • Drone46

        No, it would insure that the nexus phones were quality rather than the crap Samsung put out. The source would still be open to anybody who wanted to make a non nexus phone.

        • Kevin Schotts

          I do see your point in away, but if someone was to make a master device hardware and software that I’d far more superior than yours why would you even try?

  • RBI411

    Motorola, Samsung and HTC for phones and Samsung and Asus for tablets.

  • Jeff Tycz

    IMO there is really only one spot to fight for really, given the track record of google so far I would have to say that Samsung will without a doubt be in the mix, Google just bought Motorola so I find it hard to believe they would not be in there and this would be a great cover to make it seem like they are not favoring motorola. HTC had their first nexus so I doubt they would be left out and ASUS has already caught they eye of google so that means that there would only be 1 more spot open to whoever

  • Nicholas Vettese

    ASUS, HTC, Samsung, LG. Moto has shown that they have no clue, could care less, and screw their userbase with bootloaders that are locked.

  • jayray78

    Someone on another forum mentioned the possibility of a Nexus set top. I like that idea. So how about a 7″ tab, 10″ tab, a phone, a set top box, and possibly a netbook since 5.0 is supposed to merge between chrome OS and android. Right?

  • Hocky

    Motorola, htc, Samsung, another Samsung (once they have learned metal bodied handsets are the way to go), and then one more Motorola.

  • Captain_Doug

    Huawei, HTC, Asus, LG and Motorola. In that order.

  • mmoreimi

    1) HTC
    2) HTC
    3) HTC
    4) HTC
    5) hmmm…i forget

    • NO NO NO NO

      • mmoreimi

        HTC’s hardware is solid.
        Sorry GNEX users…I think sammy’s hardware is a bit plastic-y

        • Big_EZ

          I’ve owned one (and many replacements) HTC phone and the hardware was definately not solid. I went through 7 and all of them had problems within weeks. The aux jacks and hardware buttons (power and volume) messed up on all 7 devices. Also the sound quality was horrible on both ends of a call.

          • mmoreimi

            I’ve only had two HTC handsets…the Inc and the Rezound. I guess I’ve been luckier than you with them because they’ve both been fantastic phones. Call quality sucked on the Inc, but the Rezound more than made up for it. It doesn’t feel cheap to me. They have a little weight to them, which I like.

          • Big_EZ

            I baby my phones, they are one of my few hobbies so I take better care of them than most. I’ve never had any of these issues with Motorola, blackberry or Samsung (I did have poor reception with samsung though). The Aux jack was messed up when I recieved a couple of them. The HTC’s did feel pretty solid, but they weren’t

          • Jwhap

            I had the droid incredible and I would say that phone was practically bulletproof! Great phone

        • HTC is worse (at least until the OneX). Either way, I wanna see a moto nexus…but I’m not holding my breath.

        • PC_Tool

          …and plastic is a bad thing…right?


        • Kevin Schotts


    • New_Guy

      Hilarious =D


    1. Samsung
    2. Asus
    3. Sony
    4. Motorola
    5. HTC

  • paul_cus

    Panasonic (I can dream), Sony, HTC, LG for the phones. Asus for the tablet. Although I’m sure Samsung will end up getting a nod for one of the phones. I’m thinking Motorola isn’t going to make the cut due to accusations of favortism that might show up coming off the heels of the Google deal.

  • AndroidUser00110001

    My dream Nexus device
    Built by Moto
    4.3+ screen with an awesome physical keyboard
    Best screen possible
    GSM of course

    I think it is safe to guess that all Nexus phones will be GSM only for the foreseeable future, well until Google can get the proper license to distribute the CDMA files…

    • Butters619

      4.7″ S-LCD2 on a Moto build with a 3300 mAh battery.

      • AndroidUser00110001


  • Ethan Ash

    ASUS without question deserves a tablet, or perhaps two if they want multiple sizes. I’d like to see Moto do a keyboard phone, Samsung with a 4.5+ screen, and HTC with a 3.7-4.0 screen phone. Let them do what they do best.

    • Big_EZ

      I agree but I want to see a motorola 4.5″+ device

    • Imagine a 4.7″ Padfone Nexus with a 10.1″ tab to dock with.

  • Moto – for an unlocked bootloader, not sure I can get over the scorn we’ve been receiving for the past couple years though

    • Greg

      I would like too see:
      Lenovo Phone for something fresh, Intel processor?
      Moto just for unlock boot loader, expect a Razr maxx hd with a good processor.
      HTC for nice senseless hardware,S4 quad core with Adreno 320 GPU
      Sony phone something very small 3.5″ or less. think mini

      Asus tablet!

      Since I cant buy another phone on contract or I lose unlimited data this could be awesome…Sadly I doubt I will be able to use any of these on verizon. Expect GSM only.

  • PMAgent2013

    1. Motorola
    2. Motorola
    3. Motorola
    4. Motorola
    5. Motorola

  • VerizonWireless

    Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, Asus

  • Mapekz

    3 Phones: HTC, Motorola, Samsung
    2 Tablets: ASUS, Samsung

    • RGiskard


    • sc4fpse

      Motorola for a slider.
      HTC for a big-screen model.
      Samsung for a small-screen model.
      ASUS for a big tablet.
      Samsung for an itty-bitty tablet.

      • Bob Martin

        and Apple for just a block of wood that you can play catch with

  • Asus, Moto, HTC, Sammy, and Huawei (I know that won’t happen but I would kinda like to see it since they’ve been coming out with awesome stuff)

  • ceejw

    I’d love to see a Sony Nexus with the GX hardware design and updated specs.


  • saad

    The whole thing just seems like a waste of time. Just take the flagship phone from each top company, take all the extras off make it a pure android phone, set up a google site that sells them, and you now have 5 nexus devices.

    • MikeCiggy

      When Nexus devices are developed Google has its hands getting dirty with hardware design and all of the internals. They approve what the final device is or it can’t be branded a Nexus.

      • saad

        That being said the nexus s or galaxy nexus were not much better if at all than some of the other flagship phones that were already being sold

        • MikeCiggy

          The Nexus S had hardware that surpassed other phones of that time. I mean it’s running ICS now isn’t it. The Galaxy Nexus can still play with any flagship phone out there.

          The HTC OneX can not match the multi-tasking of the GNex.
          The RAZR and MAXX are still not running ICS.
          The GS3 has yet to be released but features hardware buttons many were hoping it wouldn’t.

          I think we can thank Verizon for downplaying the Galaxy Nexus in the US. The only thing hardware wise it should of had better was the camera.

          • desiman26

            I definitely agree about the Galaxy Nexus. Verizon has been downplaying that since the beginning. They have been heavily focusing on the droid products.

          • saad

            Don’t get me wrong I am not saying the nexus s or galaxy nexus were not great phones. I just don’t think they were so much better than what was already out. The first galaxy was much better than anything out on the market. The galaxy nexus was a very minimal upgrade from something like the s2 or even evo.

            I just don’t see why even waste the time on making a nexus device. Just let the manufactures compete vs each other with hardware and google can completely control the software.

          • Butters619

            It’s funny how you are talking about hardware, but all of your comparisons with the G-Nex are related to ICS software

  • Sony, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, & Huawei.

  • 4n1m4L

    3 Motorola, 2 HTC.

  • Moto, Samsung, Asus, HTC, LG

    In that order.

  • Brett Koger

    Samsung – 1 Phone and 1 Tablet
    Asus – 1 Tablet
    HTC – 1 Phone
    Motorola – 1 Phone

  • Oh man. The things I would do for an AOSP, unlockable, Motorola device. *shudder*

    • brando56894

      Ahh such fond memories of my OG Droid.

  • CoCoCalypso


  • SceneZombie

    1. Love Moto’s hardware since the OG Droid, hated Blur and post-blur after that. So back to a Vanillia/AOSP experience would be great 🙂

    2. After that I would love to see ASUS have a shot a some phones and more tablets.3. Samsung 4. HTC 5. LG….JK! lmao hell no!

  • RoadsterHD1

    Motorola: Phone (Nexus)
    Asus: Tablet
    Acer: Tablet

  • Definitely should be Motorola, Samsung, and HTC as the Big Three for phones. I would be very interested to see Asus and Acer break on to the scene with awesome phones of their own.

    Honestly though I can’t wait to see a HTC nexus phone again.

  • Asus or Motorola (Tab).. Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Acer (Phone)

  • Well, lets assume there will be 4 phones, and 1 tablet.
    1 Sammy phone. I am very happy with my GNex hardware.
    2 Motos (one of them with a keyboard, one with stupid long battery life)
    1 HTC phone, as long as the battery is removable
    1 Asus tablet…they are dominant right now in the tablet game

  • Who cares? None of them will be on Verizon, and I don’t see my self switching to any other carrier since they all suck more.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    HTC for that PHONE! . . . everything else toss up!

  • moelsen8

    motorola is all i’d need. maybe one with a slider keyboard, one without. done.

  • Ian Wilson

    Moto, Moto, Moto, Moto, and Moto

    • Big_EZ

      I agree.

    • Jeremy Gentry

      seeing as how google just bought motorola, i see no problem with this being a reality. go motoroogle!

      • Mike


        • mjsplicer

          Sounds like a cheese

        • Bob Martin


          • hahaha he said “Moogle”

        • PC_Tool


          Duh… :-p

    • If that happened all the other handset makers would lose it, I’d say at most one Nexus device will be made my Motorola.

    • If this happens, there would be LOTS of anger everywhere — other manufacturers, consumers, component providers… BAD PLAN.

    • tonysam1

      At first i thought – NO NOT MOTOROLA! Then I remembered it would be a Nexus device, so moto can’t screw it up with their software.

      Therefore, I approve of your comment.

      • MicroNix

        And now Sanjay is out the door with a Google Exec in charge. There might be hope for that company yet…

        • Michael

          Now is the time to buy stock in motorola. Now we get our dream machine, a moto nexus. Now if Google could just make Moto phones in the U.S. and help invest back in The U.S., show other corporations that the U.S. can manufacture goods again.

    • LiterofCola

      Nice to see all the love return for Moto.

    • You beat me to it. {{-_-}}

  • HTC, Samsung, Moto, Asus and…Apple…seriously! (Hate on, lol)

  • Alan Paone

    Motorola! I want to love one of their phones again. Maybe that or a Sony. Pretty much anyone but Samsung again

    • Samsung screwed the pooch on the S. The Gnex is lightyears better.

      • Tweekex

        What was wrong with the S?

        • The glass they chose for the screen, the phone’s back. They look cheap. They improved with the Gnex…but this retarded obsession with curved glass borders on functional retardation. I dont think a single nexus engineer had overhead lighting or ventured outdoors.

      • Jason Frasier

        The S was fine for it’s time. In about 18 months or so the Gnex will look ancient, that’s the way technology is advancing right now. My wife has a Nexus S and it runs just fine, it will be better once it get ICS, but otherwise it’s fine.

        • 18 months? even less. the GN is nice and i love it for what it is, but its not all that it should have been. Another vote for Moto. Ive been a moto fan since my second flip phone.

        • Mr Smith 724

          it should have ics already. where you been?

          • Jason Frasier

            The Nexus S is my wife’s phone and she doesn’t really like me messing with it. When she leaves it lying around I pick it up and check for software updates but nothing is available. I have the Skyrocket and installed ICS back in March. Don’t have an answer for the GSM Nexus S.

          • Jason Frasier

            Nexus S on AT&T, that could be part of the problem…

    • shanklin07

      Oooooh a Sony Nexus device…….that could be interesting.

  • jynylr

    I want a moto, Htc, and samsung phones and asus and moto tablets.

  • Samsung or Motarola is my choice!!

  • Asus! Very innovative company.

  • Your assuming that they will be phones and tablets.

  • boybert

    I’d be happy with a Motorola QWERTY. Sony might be a cool entrant.

  • Victor Espinoza

    Motorola, samsung, HTC, sony and LG.

  • ceejw

    I’d like to see four phones and one tablet with HTC, Sony, Motorola, Samsung making the phones and Asus making the tablet

  • JosephMoreno

    Asus- Tablet
    HTC-phone…maybe tablet?
    (sadly)..Samsung-Phone.. hopefully no tablet because most of them suck.

  • Brandon Sikes

    If it is 4 phones and 1 tablet I would say 2 Moto, HTC, and Samsung for phones and Asus or Samsung for Tablet.

    If 3 phones and 2 tablets then Moto, HTC, Samsung for phones and Samsung and Asus for tablet.

    • slim

      I like that. A melting pot for Nexis. (Plural?) Let the consumer decide what one they want.

      • MrSteve920


        • tiptoptommy


      • quiklives

        Nexii, I think.

    • sk102704

      My thoughts exactly.

    • New_Guy

      Definitely Asus for the tablet. They are making amazing strides in the market

  • balagiwithak

    Moto – I like their hardware and have for a long time…but I don’t trust them

  • Asus, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG…Basically Anybody but Motorola

    • Droidzilla

      Yes, because a Motorola hardware phone with vanilla Android and an unlocked bootloader would surely suck.

  • Asus, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and Sony.

    • Captain_Doug

      forgot about sony, that’d be interesting.

  • first lol. samsung (obv) htc, motorola would be nice.maybe asus and lg

    • LG make a nexus? that’s like jewish people making ovens…. not cool man….. NOT cool