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Wednesday Poll: If There are 5 Nexus Devices This Winter, Who Should Make Them?

A report out of the Wall Street Journal last week claimed that Google will potentially welcome in up to 5 “Nexus” or lead devices this winter to help launch Jelly Bean. Once launched, all of the devices will be sold directly to customers unlocked and off-contract (hopefully at reasonable prices too). It’s just a rumor at this point, but it makes a heck of a lot of sense for Google to go this route. They are sick of carriers interfering with updates, release schedules, etc. and this would give them ultimate control.

With that said, there has only be speculation at this point as to who will make what. Will we see 3 phones and 2 tablets? 4 phones and 1 tablet? All phones? Who will make them? Will HTC, Samsung, and Motorola produce the phones with Asus and Acer making the tablets? Maybe LG will get their first shot at a Nexus phone and Samsung on the tablet front?

In today’s poll, let’s discuss it and sell each other on what combination we think would be the best. Go!

  • CryptoNoel

    actually, i think the Nexus Q and the Nexus 7 are the first 2 Nexi out of 5.
    the rest will be
    1. upgraded Galaxy Nexus
    2. Sony Nexus
    3. LG Nexus
    but that’s just my theory 🙂

  • Well personally, after 2 Samsung devices, I’m really down on them (Charge and G-Nex. Yes, I had both). After my experiences with Moto phones however, including the OG Droid, Bionic, and now the MAXX, I have to say they would be my first choice for both a phone and tablet (love my Xoom). How can you argue their build quality, and the best radios in the biz? Even the cameras are improving. And as a Nexus? No brainer. So if we we go the 3 phones, 2 tablets route, I would say Moto, HTC (have had good luck with them too, and with a unibody, ceramic body? Oh yes.), and dare I say, maybe give LG a shot. Hard to argue with their displays especially after checking out the Spectrum. Now for tablets, again, no Sammy. I would say Moto again, along with Asus. Yeah, I know, given their past relationship with Google, Samsung will get something, but I sure as hell won’t be buying one.

  • CITYBOY8980

    I think we’ll see HTC, Samsung, and Motorola make the Nexus phones, and have ASUS make a 7 or 8″ Nexus e-reader and a 10″ Nexus tablet

  • djembeman

    Motorola!!!! Maybe one Samsung.

    • djembeman

      And Asus! Asus already makes a nexus basically. The Asus Transformers are amazing.

  • Tyler Chappell

    HTC for having a super nice sleek design AND a kickstand!
    Samsung for a super nice easily-viewable in bright sunlight screen
    Motorola for solid radios and a large battery
    LG for having the most squared off corners of any of them and the smallest screen for first-time smartphone buyers
    Asus for tablets.

  • 1) Moto
    2) Moto
    3) Moto
    4) Moto
    5) Moto

  • I would prefer Motorola. Ideal is 4″ screen, compact design, battery around 2500 mAh, nice design and materials. To me thi is the best potential phone. But nawadays we see screen wars. everyone present there new over9000″ screen devices, which are no comfortable. I have Moto Razr and the borders around the display are too big, though the screen is 4,3” and it is too wide and tall.

  • Non_Sequitur

    Asus Transformer Nexus
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus Tab

    HTC One Nexus
    Motorola Droid Nexus
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2


  • Droid Investor

    Here’s mine, Manufacturer & names…1. Motorola – DROID Nexus
    2. Samsung – Galaxy Nexus II
    3. Sony – Xperia Nexus
    4. Asus – Nexus Padafone or Nexus Transformer
    5. LG – Nexus Gamut

    HTC sucks.. they’ll probably put that wack HTC sense on it, and the battery will last only 2 hours.

  • Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung

  • HTC’s One X is one of the most solid feeling phones ive ever held in my hand, i love it thats why i own one. plus its dead sexy

    before i would have said samsung but im not buying a cheap feeling phone again

  • There must be an LG device between those 5. Also there should be a Sony Ericsson device between them too.

  • summit1986

    All of the major OEMs…. Let the games begin!

  • Martin Nilsson

    Samsung and Sony are more or less the only ones with their own hardware, so I would go with these guys. Sony (Ericsson) is also the manufacturer that has contributed the most to the Android source code. So even though they are almost invisible in the states I think they should be given a chance =)

  • reggie

    I like my galaxy nexus just wish the sound, signal, form factor was more on point; my vote is for MOTOROLA!!! Just use another processor I hate Texas instrument

  • Palmer Nyako

    Asus for tablets.
    seriously, everyone else blows at the tablet game.
    Shit, asus for everything for that matter.

  • An android usb stick pc would be great as a google tv device. Any maker as long it is supported by Google.

  • Nate Nakao

    I’m gonna go with HTC and Samsung as my obvious choices. I’d really like to see Sony Mobile get into the Nexus game, but I don’t know how likely that is. I know Sony is a member of the Open Handset Alliance, and thus has some stake in Android, but would they be involved in the Nexus program? I think ASUSTeK would be most likely to design a tablet, and my fifth choice is Acer for a second tablet. I’m steering clear of Motorola only because I could envision a scenario where Google uses the newly acquired company as a way to influence the other manufacturers. Maybe “influence” isn’t the right word. “Resource” and “equip” sound better.

  • nooo its moto-oogle


    HTC ‘Note’ — Personally the one I would most likely buy.

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2

    ASUS Tablet — Priced at 199$, 7 inch, Kindle competitor.

    Samsung Note-xus 10.1 (please?)

    and lastly a Motorola RAZR Nexus.

    SO! Three phones– One high end (Samsung) one mid-to-high range with a bit more visual flair (Motorola), one Phablet (The HTC 5-inch phone).

    Two tablets– One entry level, priced affordably (Asus). One high end, 10 inch, with a few extras like the S-Pen and the Quad Exynos (Samsung).

    If I was going to say I was explicitly wrong in any one category, I would drop the Note 10.1, which Samsung likely thinks stands well enough alone, and stub in some sort of auxiliary device, ie. a Nexus Box for TV that everyone seems to think would be part of the Nexus Pantheon.

  • NexusMan

    3 Phones: HTC, Samsung, Motorola
    2 Tablets: Asus, Samsung

  • Motorola

    One of those has to have a qwerty 🙂

  • jvolt13

    HTC nexus one X
    Samsung Nexus Note
    Motorola Razr Nexus Maxx HD
    Samsung Nexus II
    Asus Nexus Tablet

    that would be the ultimate Jellybean group if it were that. I feel like LG has lost its love in the US and people havent gone gaga for them since the chocolates and enV days.

  • transamturbo350

    I would pay out the ass for Asus phone on Verizon. There’s just something about that company that makes me love them so much. Moto nexus would be amazing too. And If HTC can build a phone that has a good battery that that would be great to. Its going to be a hard decition….

  • Anthony Tiernan

    Motorola for a big screen phone.
    HTC for a slider phone.
    Samsung for a small screen phone.
    ASUS for a big screen tablet.
    Motorola for a small screen tablet.

  • HTC for a big screened phone (4.7 inches)
    Motorola for a Sliding phone (4.0 – 4.3 inches)
    Samsung for a smaller phone (4.0 – 4.3 inches)

    ASUS for the 10″ tablet
    Sony (yes, I went there) for a 7″ with an innovative design

  • ajavgeek

    ASUS should be one of them….